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Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn In Chicago

Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn In Chicago

Jennifer Aniston and best beau Vince Vaughn are back in town for a few days of re-shoots on ”The Break Up," the Chicago-made film that first brought the couple together last summer. Most of the retakes are being shot in the Loop and other downtown sites — particularly around Millennium Park, where the duo were spied filming Wednesday. Seems the park’s famous Bean sculpture was still wrapped in a number of background shots during the film’s principal photography last summer. Obviously, Vaughn and his fellow producers realized that would make the film look dated when it’s released on June 2 — and wanted Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate revealed in all its glory.

Chicago, Illinois :: It’s not been all work and no play for Jennifer Aniston, 37, and Vince Vaughn, 36. The happy couple were spied — looking very happy — grooving to the bluesy tunes at Kingston Mines on North Halsted Tuesday night to celebrate Vince‘s 36th birthday.  Last night, the pair dined at Costa’s Greek Dining & Bar in Greektown (pictured arriving above) located at 340 S. Halsted. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Derek Hail

    I wonder how long they are going to stay together. There was a lot of speculation saying that Jen’s friends were telling her to ditch him already, but apparently she’s still with him. I wonder what will happnenMy Blog Derek Hail’s Blog

  • lookwhaticando

    Thank God Vince is in this movie, it is the only thing that will make it profitable at the box office. If It where a less known actor, without Vinices Talent. It would be just another Jennifer Aniston Flop. I am sure this will be the last movie producers and Directors will allow her to "act" in.

  • XX

    Hair up like Jolie – they look tired and haggard. She must have been chinning him all night.

  • VR

    Her ass looks big.

  • Hey there big fella!

    He looks a little loose in the wrist – is it possible? Does Vincy prefer to ride the poop shoot and not AJ?

  • Alicia

    Leave my home town Jen, what are you doing here, they’re not even supposed to unwrap the bean until April 17, are you gonna be here the whole time? Please don’t stay here

  • Shut-UP

    Can you say Movie PROMOS>

  • Always4Jen

    I Knew It! I knew you guys will be here. So what we are going to abandon the other thread? Oh, we have a new shiny toy, forget the old one? Wjat is wrong with you people. Look I don’t mean to Yell but we have a goal, we are at 517 now, pass the half way maker. We can do this, we can. Who is with me? Huddle: We are strong, we will do this, we shall overcome. GO!Oh, my bad. These are the haters…..whatever. You guys are also invited. Yes, we are having a party on the other thread. Anyone who posts 4… 10 times gets a prize. It is exclsusive but you can still come.

  • Jen4Always

    #8 Always4JenHi, stranger. I just read your post and what you say is true. You said it so well. I am glad you have taken leadership of the other thread. You sound like a nice person and I think I love you for your intelligence. GO! Always4Jen GO!!!

  • inhisdream

    so Jen what are you trying to hide ? and Vince too. Why behave like criminals ? guilty of spewing bad press about others ? well if you have no shame.. lift up your head & shoulders and walk proudly. Fancy 2 over grown adult acting like little kids. apparently the advance screening had such a bad review from viewers that they have to reshoot it at this lat stage. Incredible how they try to emulate everything that Mr&MrsSmith did . Jen and Vince are paying themselves $20Million ea ..that’s $40 total for this movie, and that’s excluding cost of production and advertising. They must be cold sweating now .. how to recup the numbers. small kids with ambitous dream … Dream on…..

  • vaughniffer sucks

    hahahah! They realized the movie sucks ad have to reshoot scenes!

  • eddiewifey

    AJ is not the only actress/woman in the world who wears her hair up. The style is probably for the movie. I love Jen’s scarf it must be a favorite because she wears it often. Also, Vince is looking slimer and I like the beard. Actually, Jen is looking really thin! Maybe, it’s love, She finally seems relaxed. I am sure if VV is half as funny as he is in the movies he is a great boyfriend/partner even if this is temporary.I LOVE AND MISS CHI-TOWN! Jen will always get my vote for loving the Windy City!

  • eddiewifey


  • kiki

    Awwww. They seem happy. More power to the couple.

  • whatever

    I don’t think they are a real couple. I think it’s a smoke screen. I wish her well.

  • RunVinceRun

    This movie has a good chance of tanking at the box office. Maniston is box office poison. Poor Vince.

  • kiki

    I saw them shopping in scottsdale, arizona last thanksgiving. They seemed happy and relaxed with no paps around. That would be a very very very elaborate "smoke screen."

  • kiki

    By the way, WTF is up with Always4Jen. What thread has more than 500 posts? Why are you bribing people to post? Is it a thread on this site?curious…

  • Gaydar

    I still think he’s gay. My gaydar goes off everytime I see his picture.

  • oo

    You BAMZ fans are insane you bitch and moan if anyone says anything remotely negative about them, but yet you come here and talk shit on Jen and Vince. By the way the Maniston, Chinnifer shit is about as mature as as a 12 year old. And you’re right I bet she put her hair up to be like Angelina I bet she goes and gets skanky ass tatoos all over her body too, and learns how to fly and adopts a bunch of kids. Oh I’m sorry that’s what Brad is doing Jen is living her own life her own way.

  • angelah

    #19. I had to laugh…hehe

  • 88

    This will Bomb at the box office, yeah I agree they are trying too hard to emulate the Brad and Angelina intrigue.

  • Alexanderina

    Why is it okay for JA Fans to bash BP&AJ but when BAMZ+1 Fans say anything negative about JA you guys complain STOP IT ALREADY YOU GUYS DON’T BASH BAMZ+1 AND WE DON’T BASH JA SIMPLE AS THAT

  • 4JenAlways

    Hello #8 & #9I am glad you are doing this. You two are very, very good people. Why Yes, we will make sure that the thread gets 1000. Glad that you are a leader, I too believe I am in love with you for your intelligence.Oh, Hi Kiki, I recognize you as a fan. I see you are on the pictures but we musn’t forget the other thread. It is such a nice thread.

  • peace

    Peoce, people, peace.

  • kiki

    No, 4JenAlways, you have me confused. I’m not a fan or whatever, and I still don’t know what the heck other thread you are talking about. but, becoming even more curious

  • Chinnifer Brokeback

    Vince must regret ever hooking up with chin. The mofo looks stressed. Too bad he can’t dump her ass until after the movie.

  • Anonymous

    Vince is so attractive with a beard. I bet they have a blast together. He just doesn’t care what people think and I bet he makes every tense situation into a joke. I hope they stay together, what a cute couple.

  • Be sane

    The difference between JA and VV is that he doesn’t need this particular movie to do well—he is so talented, hilarious and his professional future is so bright. JA on the other hand, truly needs this movie to hit the jackpot. I’d say, good luck—if the reviews are good I might rent on DVD, who knows!JA fans, rather than trying to "reach 1000" on some thread, what you truly need to do supporting your idol is to pay $10 and go see her movies. Maybe $10 x n times even.

  • jade

    The breakup looks like it going to tank big time at the box office. Universal has a disaster on it’s hands. Was not well recieved in test screenings, they had to reshoot.

  • Hmmmm

    I don’t think they would have been together this long if it was just for that movie. Both these people have enough money to last the rest of their lives, they don’t have to be with each other & they obviously enjoy each other’s company. I wouldn’t hang around somebody I don’t like for even 20 bucks, much less 20 million. Just because some of you have ugly brown eyes & ugly hair doesn’t mean you have to knock the golden girl every chance you get. She can’t help it if she is beautiful. What gets me is that even though people have been knocking her down for the past year and a half, she still keeps going with a big smile on her face and Vince by her side. She has a lot more going for her than all you fat ugly freaky Angelina lovers.

  • fans of none

    Excuse me? Can people stop being so fucking paranoid?Apparently if you criticize one of them you’re automatically fan of the other side.Vince looks like shit for instance. He should get a haircut, shave and get a good night sleep. I still think this relationship is completely staged judging by how they came out with it and if they don’t break up before The Break Up, they’ll do it after.It’s normal for studios to do reshoots but normally they do it because audeinces don’t like what they see. I don’t know if the movie will tank, but if it isn’t funny it certainly will. Vince doesn’t have box office power. He was the leading man in a good movie but that doesn’t mean that each one of his movies will be funny. Don’t forget that Jen has a box office curse which has been proven twice already.

  • Always4Jen

    Nice Pictures. Jen looks beautiful and Vince is handsome. How can You say he looks like shit? You don’t even know what shit looks like or may be you do. Whatever Man! don’t bothere replying on this thread because I will be in the other thread. If you wanna reply, come over there. Please Mr. Fans of none. Yeah Right.

  • Early Reviews

    Here are some of the early reviews from the pre-screening I saw the very first screening of the movie. It has not been shown anywhere else. I have a friend in the biz and they know my love for Vince, so they hooked me up with tickets. It was in Los Angeles.There were about 300 people there, industry execs included. No stars. At the end of the movie they handed out questionaires for everyone to fill out. We rated every aspect of the movie-very detailed. I got to talking to the people around me and every one seemed to feel about the same…"it was okay". During the movie obviously you can tell it’s not getting the laughs they wanted. The middle of the film moved so slow, there were no reactions for long stretches of time. Again, it’s not all comedy. They really tried to put love story in there, but it just didn’t work. Perhaps after the feedback, they will change/re-shoot some stuff in time for the June opening.I just saw "The Break Up" at a special advanced screening in L.A. I was so excited and then….. totally disappointed. It was actually pretty boring. Vince does his rifts of funny here and there, which are great, but too few and far between. Jennifer looks fabulous, but her performance is bland and they have no chemistry at all. It’s really just okay. Pretty slow. If it weren’t for my love of everything Vince, I’d be totally bummed.

  • Jen4Always

    #33 Always4JenHi, stranger. I just read your post and what you say is true. You said it so well. I am glad you have taken leadership of the other thread. You sound like a nice person and I think I love you for your intelligence. GO! Always4Jen GO!!!

  • lookwhaticando

    16 – RunVinceRunYes, I agree, i truly feel sorry for Vince, He is a good Actor, with hit movies under his belt. Blockbuster hits. Althrough I know this movie with Jennifer will not ruin his career, it is not going to help. Jennifer is indeed poison at the box office. I hope Vince comes to his senses, and leaves, She is only using him.

  • crap

    di u see how the Bamz fans are always the ones who gets here first. they always the one starting things up, no matter which pictures it is, be it brad’s pics or angie’s or jen’s pics. they are the first ones to make post. always. is it because they have nothing else to do? is it because they dont have a life outside these postsT is it because they live and breathe loving and worshiping their "idols" and hating their counterparts? you know like a pack rabid hyenas always looking out for prey? pleasseee. it is so clear all these people do is stare at the computer 24/7 and what for new pictures. Keep it up you guys. You are clearly making this shit into a career. Good job. but then, how pathetic.

  • jade

    I knew it, Universal has got a tanked on it’s hands, I think they were banking on the whole Vince and Jen romance, that’s why they released in June. But I don’t think it’s going to work. JA is no Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts. Were Universal the ones that signed Aniston to a 5 picture deal? I remember sometime ago she was signed on a 5 picture deal with some studio. Which ever studio that’s sitting on that must be reeling on the regret. Now we have to endure atleast another 10 Aniston movies.

  • Always4Jen

    #37 Crap. Hi, I was wondering if you could visti the other thread. The Jen in classic black thread. It is really important. Thank You.

  • anonymous

    her ass does not look big…it’s just the way she’s stepping onto the sidewalk..i think it’s pretty impossible for jennifer aniston’s ass to look big being that she has one of the best bodies in hollywood

  • anonymous

    her ass does not look big…it’s just the way she’s stepping onto the sidewalk..i think it’s pretty impossible for jennifer aniston’s ass to look big being that she has one of the best bodies in hollywood

  • spankthe monkey

    I really like Vince Vaughn, but how can you say he looks good. here? More like really rough looking! He looks like he just crawled out of bed after an all night bender. Please folks lets get real.

  • carrie

    I feel sorry for Vince, sharing the bed with old Jen is not easy. Her mouth smells bad since she is a chain smoker. lol

  • Chinny Chin Chin

    Yes, Jen, please hide that huge chin with the scarf, thank you. And stay out of the Windy City, thanks again. You look 57 not 37.

  • anonymous

    I smell another Aniston bomb! The woman had better get to infomercials, and fast!

  • bitch hater

    #44 u dont own the town bitch! u leave!

  • ohreally

    i think people forgot how good aniston’s comedic timing is. and with vince vaughn in this, i actually think people will want to see it. he totally carried the wedding crashers. aniston is awesome as part of an ensamble cast, but alone…i just don’t think people are interested, they could just watch friends reruns…

  • Always4Jen

    # 46 Bitch Hater….Could you please go to the other Jen thread please. There is something intresting you should see.Thank You.Oh, You haters think you can talk hun? Why don’t you bring it to the other thread! come on! Come On!

  • jade

    I don’t think good comedic timing is really that important on the big screen, it is on sitcoms only. When there’s laughs every few minutes. Big screen needs lots of charisma and personality, screen presence and bigs warm smiles like Julia Roberts for romantic comedies. I don’t think Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan are known for their impecable comedic timing. Either way Aniston’s days are numbered.

  • biloxi

    This past weekend, I saw the trailer for the Break Up in a packed theater. The laughs just weren’t happening. A few here and there but not the kind that you would expect. It was the classic case of the trailer is probably funnier than the actual movie. It better not have any major competition opening weekend or its dunzo and the aniston curse will continue.