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Real World Key West For Speedo

Real World Key West For Speedo

Miami Beach, Florida :: Real World: Key West cast members Tyler Duckworth, Janelle Casanave, Jose Tapia, John Devenanzio, Paula Meronek, Zach Mann and Svetlana Shusterman (linked to their Real World: Key West MySpace and Friendster profiles) strutted their stuff down the catwalk yesterday at The Palms Hotel. Ocean Drive Magazine launched Speedo’s Axcelerate collection.  Many more pictures in the gallery!  Is anyone else bored stiff by this season of Real World?  ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Why is John rubbing his tummy and why is Tyler rubbed
 down with have so much body oil?  (Don’t tell anyone
 but I’d would love to rip out Tyler’s bellybutton ring.)
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real world key west speedo01
real world key west speedo02
real world key west speedo03
real world key west speedo04
real world key west speedo05
real world key west speedo06
real world key west speedo07
real world key west speedo08
real world key west speedo09
real world key west speedo10
real world key west speedo11
real world key west speedo12
real world key west speedo13
real world key west speedo14
real world key west speedo15
real world key west speedo16
real world key west speedo17
real world key west speedo18
real world key west speedo19
real world key west speedo20
real world key west speedo21
real world key west speedo22
real world key west speedo23
real world key west speedo24
real world key west speedo25

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  • Lohan Roberto

    What ever happend to the Real Work??? Back in the old days when it was good??? Remember Pedro from RW San F.??? Now they are just fu*ked up… i have not seen the RW in 8 years and won’t be watching it any more… Back in the day…

  • Beavie

    Is it just me or does Janelle look a million times better with straight hair. She kinda looks like Beyonce. This season is totally boring and Svetlana is so damn stupid.

  • OKAY

    Zack is HOT! I agree with Roberto, the real world was more realistic when it first began. Now it’s all the same shit every season

  • Joanna

    In that picture of Tyler with that girl not from Real World…does anyone recognize her? She was on a different show, i just cant place it. Please someone, help me out. Thanks.

  • screenname

    I used to work for Zach’s Dad. He’s a really nice kid, very handsome, but not the smartest kid I’ve ever met.

  • Suburbia

    Why do they look so……boring? Why would I watch a show with such boring looking people on it. What ever happened to Eric Neis, that cowboy in San Diego, and Puck?

  • Dana

    Wow! John and Svetlana got fat!!! Neither of them should be seen in a bathing suit!!!

  • Katie

    Joanna, that girl in the pic with Tyler was a contestant on that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition reality show. :)

  • Katie

    Joanna, that girl in the pic with Tyler was a contestant on that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition reality show. :)

  • Lisa

    The girl with tyler was on a show on NBC that was looking for the next big sports illustrated model.

  • Crystal

    Svetlana needs to go to the gym!!! She is looking fat in the picture with paula!!!

  • Sabrina

    i know svetlana for a very long time and she is awesome! her body is amazing and you are only jealous of her DDs.

  • Sabrina

    i know svetlana for a very long time and she is awesome! her body is amazing and you are only jealous of her DDs. and no shit she looks fat next to paula.. anyone does!!!!

  • MM

    I thought Svet looked really good in these pics.

  • Santeezy

    Paulas still bulemic i see. I totally agree, RW used to be about people who lived interesting lives that viewers were down to see. Now they have to give them something to do besides drinking and having sex.

  • emily

    hahahahaha oh my god I hate tyler and I hate him even more now that he has a belly botton ring in. Oh my gosh. Yeah this season sucks. I really only like zach. one reason I hate tyler is all wrapped up in one quote "I woke up at like 5am to work out just so I could eat this peice of pizza" argh.and svetlana’s hot but just so damn…..blank.

  • emily

    and paula’s not bulimic she’s anorexic…

  • Santeezy

    Takes one to know one? You mean theres a difference, just my ignorance I guess.

  • A Person

    Whoever Emily Is…Paula IS Bulimic because she DOES eat but she throws it back up…if she were anorexic she wouldn’t eat at all….and if u watched the VERY FIRST episode u would know she’s bulimic not anorexic cuz when they had to give those interviews to be on Real World Key West she admitted to be bulimic…so yeah Emily!!!!!!!

  • Cthomas

    The show really isn’t the same as before, but i’ve known John for 3years, we went to PSU and studied economics together, he’s a really fun person.

  • Sommer

    All I have to say is that JOSE is hot as hell, hes beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dennis

    whoa!! whoa! i just wanna say that i luv johnny bananas he’s a real hottie papacito!!!i just adore him so much!!!

  • Skye

    u guyz paula is a person juss like u and me so wat she eats and throw it bakk upif u kept watching the show she went to a dr get over your selves jeez

  • jessica

    hey just wanted to say that i love the real world ++ jose i was so happy it was in key west because i went to key west and also i got more excited because jose goes to fsu and my cousin just graduated from there and now my other cousin is going there well lots of luck byee

  • cynthia

    Jose is damn fine. Jose looked better than all those boys in the house. He might be shy by he is still sexy. I love Jose and he only live in Tallahassee and i live in Ocala.

  • james

    JOhn IS SOOO HOT! I wanna see him naked or shirtless
    i want more!

  • yevone lona

    i love real world !!

  • yevone lona

    KEY WEST <3

  • Leee

    Paula looks so gross….if that grl gained 20 lbs shed be pretty but the lack of nutrition makes her skin look bad and blotchy, her face is gaunt, her body looks horrible, even though she got breast implants which look ridiculous on her anorexic body. She embarrassed herself soo much i dont know how one lives that down.

    Svetlana was pretty but damn annoying….how could anyone stand to listen to that girl talk? But, she wasnt a bad person.

    I cant belive Joanna was on a SI contest. She is not sexy enough in my books.

    Zachs hot…..but trying soo hard to be all modelly in these pics which is hilarious

  • Leee

    anyone who says Sveltanas fat is probably anorexic like paula. She looks amazing… id kill to have her body. Paulas body is gross.