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Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn Break Up

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn Break Up

Chicago, Illinois :: Here are more pictures of on-and-off-camera couple Jennifer Aniston, 37, and Vince Vaughn, 36, re-filming scenes for The Break Up.  The happy couple had no problem PDA-lovin’ on set — Vince even gave Jen back massages during film breaks (pictured after the jump).  The Break Up opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, June 2.  More pictures in the gallery!


Aniston is so GANGSTA

Jennifer Aniston flashes the universal gang sign for Vaughniston yesterday on the set of The Break UpJen is so thug!!!!  Inset :: Vince Vaughn zips up during a regular XYZ check.  Is the zipper half-up or half-down?  

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  • kookoo


  • whatever

    I still don’t think they are a real couple, it ‘s just for the movie publicity. They don’t look right together.

  • dave

    !!!!!!!!!! SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kookoo

    I prefer Brangelina……sorry!!! They’re just so much prettier

  • Aaliyah

    i think she looks great….. they look good together, would say she is well over brad,

  • kookoo

    I prefer Brangelina……sorry!!! They’re just so much prettier

  • marcie

    These are stills from the movie. They are fliriting for the film… I think behind the scenes they have different partners. It’s all publicty.

  • Jess

    She DOES look Fantastic. Thanks JARED!!!

  • Angelina Jolie

    Yes, she looks gorgeous !

  • isabella

    Don’t they look GREAT together?! Happy for her and glad she booted that 2 timing husband out the door. AJ can have him. Look what she has in Vince! He adores her!

  • x

    Jen and Vince look extremely happy together…they actually laugh together! Let’s leave it (the triangle) all behind…it’s history.

  • observer

    Is this supposed to be a scene of them shopping together or she bumped into him on his shopping trip? Why couldn’t she lend him a hand for all those bags on him! If they were supposed to be shopping together, why couldn’t she carry some of those bags! It’s unreal, unless that’s what a "lady" is supposed to do, or not to do.

  • anne

    aw. they are adorable together (he looks better with a beard) and just because they are doing a few reshoots, doesnt mean the movie sucks, mr and mrs smith had reshoots too. until i see the finished product i wont judge, all actors have bad movies under their belt though…but i love them both so im sure i wont be dissapointed. i cant wait!

  • sas

    they belong with different partners, but I’m sure the movie will do well.

  • Kayla

    Jared I’m loving you! Thanks. Great pictures! Plenty of PDA between these two. Jen looks so happy and I’m happy for her. Vince is such a doll. Yeah, I like a BIG man and he big!

  • How nice

    Why do they look any faker than Brangelina? I think JA looks pretty and very happy. Why can’t everyone let the hole BPAJJA thing go? The faster the pro BPAJ move on the faster the JAVV will move on. Lets just be happy that both couples look happy!!! This is a thread for JAVV… I hate seeing her name in a BPAj thread just as much as I hate seeing a BPAJ in her thread. COME ON STOP trying to start fights by throwinga BPAJ are better comments. They are both good in their own way!!!

  • angie

    I agree. They do need different partners, they look a bit odd together. This is obviously an ON SET publicity photo shoot.

  • Anonymous
  • angelina mmm

    it’s all about sex between these twoaquarius+ariesfirst they sleep than they talk

  • alys

    she looks wonderful!!!and they are cute togehter!!

  • alys

    she looks wonderful!!!and they are cute togehter!!

  • angelina mmm

    he was fatter at the begining of the moviepeople will notice that he lost weight

  • Be sane

    Oh I see Aniston still has the I-will-hide-your-face-with-hair-Chris MacMillan on tow.Mr. MacMillan, an actress needs her face to be seen on the big screen. You just featured yourself in Rumor Has It, so that audience couldn’t see JA’s facial expressions. Please do something different for change. For her sake and for the movie’s.

  • KiKi

    its all for SHOW, just for the movie.. how convenient that they are now in the public eye more often, right it time for the realese of their m movie

  • yowzas

    Vince is looking SO good!

  • Anonymous

    Of course they are KiKi. So is any actor/actress who has a movie soon to be released. It’s called Promotion. They all do it.

  • Cindy

    I agree, Vince is handsome and manly. He looks good here. Yum!

  • Aaliyah

    They look like they are having fun, if she didnt break up with Brad they wouldnt be together, so i think everyone is happy, Vince is mad about Jen, dont ya think!!!

  • Jess

    They seem very happy together. Yes, Vince does seem to be mad about her, and protective also. I’m happy for them.

  • Ca

    She looks gorgeous!!!! They look like they are having alot of fun together and IMO they look good together. Good for you Jen and Vince. If this is all for "show" then I’d say she’s a great actress!! It’s genuine.

  • anon

    BE sane— BE gone– go back to BAMZ

  • anonymous

    If they are filming scenes this close to the opening it means it didn’t go well with test screenings. Looks like another bomb for JA.

  • ok

    she looks her usual self. i hope the movie does well because if not…..

  • earlyscreening

    Here are some of the early reviews from the pre-screening . These reviews were copied from Vince’s fan site. It’s interesting to note that Vince’s fan do not care for JA, actually most seems disappointed and feel he could do better. On the hand, JA fans seems to want her to attach some someone..anyone as a matter of fact to show that their IDOL is still bankable LOL Anyway, here are some the screening commentI saw the very first screening of the movie. It has not been shown anywhere else. I have a friend in the biz and they know my love for Vince, so they hooked me up with tickets. It was in Los Angeles.There were about 300 people there, industry execs included. No stars. At the end of the movie they handed out questionaires for everyone to fill out. We rated every aspect of the movie-very detailed. I got to talking to the people around me and every one seemed to feel about the same…"it was okay". During the movie obviously you can tell it’s not getting the laughs they wanted. The middle of the film moved so slow, there were no reactions for long stretches of time. Again, it’s not all comedy. They really tried to put love story in there, but it just didn’t work. Perhaps after the feedback, they will change/re-shoot some stuff in time for the June opening.I just saw "The Break Up" at a special advanced screening in L.A. I was so excited and then….. totally disappointed. It was actually pretty boring. Vince does his rifts of funny here and there, which are great, but too few and far between. Jennifer looks fabulous, but her performance is bland and they have no chemistry at all. It’s really just okay. Pretty slow. If it weren’t for my love of everything Vince, I’d be totally bummed.

  • mau

    She looks happy and they look good together. I’m glad she got rid of Brad. Vince is so much better for her. He’s a man!

  • marinez

    Well, i´ve read reviews of the breakup and that´s the only bad one i´ve read

  • observer

    I don’t suspect those reviews tell the truth about the movie. Too bad. JA’s reputation, personal as well as professional, probably would have been much better if she stay with television. Guess it’s the bigger money and fame that attracted her to the big screen. Guess it’s also lack of good judgment about herself and meaning of a good, happy life….Maybe she is truly happy just the way her life has been. Who knows!

  • Always4Jen

    Everyone has their opinion about movies. So what if the early reviews are bad? If you don’t want to see the movie, do it because you don’t not because of reviews. Thanks Jared for the pictures. Please does anyone know which part of Chicago they are?

  • tif.

    she looks great! I dont care what people say , Vince looks inredible too. To me, he has the whole package, he’s EXTREML funny (wedding crashers) and he seems like a down to earth guy. And he’s pretty decent looking too. He’s lost weight since he’s been w/ jen. Im glad for both of them. They make a very cute couple.

  • observer

    Has anyone noticed she’s ALWAYS smiling in al these pics/ and in pics w/ vince??? I think she’s finaly found THE guy. brad & her probably had alot of fun too, but i dont think ive ever seen her smiling this much before…

  • erin


  • c pat

    You go Jen and Vince– you both look great!!!!

  • Alicia

    I love her trench, its so chic….if I didn’t have anything better to do today I’d go to the set and stalk Vince, but alas I’m going to see………..COLDPLAY!!! Hells yeah!! :)

  • Zahara Fan

    Aniston you failed at movies. Please stop. It’s just not your thing.

  • ceci

    Angelina’s much prettier!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • observertheoriginal

    pls note the observer who posted #37 (which is me) did not post #40. From now one, I’m going to call myself observer#1.And coincidentally, or not, I don’t agree that mere showing of smiles on one’s face is a conclusive indication of one’s happiness, especially for an actor/actress.

  • Chinnifer Brokeback

    Brad is saint staying with Chin Chin for 7 years.Poor guy.

  • Cat

    They both look great in these pictures…but in some pictures JA looks like a really ordinary person not a movie star. Vince is no Brad Pitt but his personality makes up for a lot…..and with his hairline receding, he will need a huge amount of personality.

  • Andrea

    No, I think they’re together for real. There was a photo of them lying down on a beach towel in public amongst people at a beach and Vince was hugging her tightly in his arms. I don’t know if that was a movie still but I think I remember reading it was a real life pic, something about them vacationing. And they weren’t wearing any makeup like they would on a movie set.

  • yyy

    Run Vince Run.