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Angelina Jolie Shiseido

Angelina Jolie Shiseido

Paris, France :: Angelina Jolie left her apartment yesterday morning to shoot an advertising campaign for cosmetics brand Shiseido, the first cosmetics producer in the world.   I don’t ever recall the cosmetics giant ever having a celebrity spokesperson, at least in the USA, so these advertisements should be interesting.  And why not, Angelina has  great skin!  The 30-year-old acctress left the rest of her family — Brad Pitt, 42, son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1 — behind to do the Shiseido publicity shoot.  More pictures in the gallery!

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angelina jolie shiseido05
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  • Mary

    Hey JJ, thanks. I have been checking the board today to see if you updated. Could you also please find the picture of Brad back in Paris with a lot of goodies for the family.I think I got the first post for once. Yay!

  • Anton

    Has anyone else ever noticed that Zahara doesn’t smile and never seems very engaged. She should be walking by now, shouldn’t she?

  • Alexanderina

    Thank you JJ for the pictures

  • Agnirszka

    Thanks for new pics! One of the first to post here – yey! :)



  • Winston Churchill

    On the average, children begin learning how to walk anywhere between 9-15 months of age. She probably finds the random barrage of flash bulbs & camera clicks & paparazzi shouting whatever they shout at the family nothing to smile about. The whole family looks tired of it when they go out.

  • angelah

    thanks j for the pics.



  • alero

    Zahara does engaged with people. The last pictures at the airport she was waving at someone. All children are different just because Maddox loves the spotlight does not mean Zahara has to. Since we only see the kids in the airport lately who knows she could be walking.

  • julia

    I thought she was coming to NY for the UN fashion show monday? Hmmm.

  • 88

    It’s great she’s doing photo shoots for shiseido. I think everyone loves Angelina right now. She’s huge in Asia and Europe. She’s getting work left right and centre. What a lucky girl.

  • Not a Doctor

    # 2 | AntonZahara was adopted when she was 6 months old and was very malnurished. I fear she might have some brain damage.And no this isn’t a joke/troll post, i really fear this might be true.

  • Diana

    thanks J for the pics! I wasn´t aware she was also publicising Shiseido.


    WHAT IS Shiseido LOL??

  • kerchy

    Thanks JJ for the pix. She does not look happy. Although she handles the paps amazingly well, it looks like they are getting on her last nerves!!!! It’s only going to get worse when the baby is born…….I guess she’s not coming to NYC tomorrow…..Heard Brad bought some treats for his kids while he was in the DR. Such a good a dad. He is relishing fatherhood. You know he can’t wait for the new baby to get here! Glad to see the man get exactly what he wanted out a life: a beautiful partner inside/outside and beuatiful children. A family! ROCK ON BAMZt1!!

  • Estelle

    oh…my day short an hour…or gain an hour?…depend if you are an early riser or not…Thank you JJ…she looks beautiful.

  • Uyen

    Jessica Alba has done commericals overseas for Shiseido. You can check it out by searching for Jessica Alba on Celebrities like to do commericals overseas so they don’t get press in the States for being a SELLOUT and a money WHORE!!

  • Suzuki

    Wow Shiseido cover girl is great ! Shiseido is one of the most popular comestic in Japan and part of asia. I love thier skin care range and would stock them on my asia trip. Ya! The marketers know who can sell products and Brad and Angie are a hot item in Asia. As a sidenote, MMS rolled in almost 30million box office in Japan alone in the last 2 months.

  • Jeannified

    Shiseido is an expensive cosmetics line sold in department stores. If anyone has a link to the pictures of Brad bring home goodies for the fam, I’d love to see them.



  • Mary

    Has anyone else ever noticed that Zahara doesn’t smile and never seems very engaged. She should be walking by now, shouldn’t she? # 2 | Anton | April 2, 2006 06:48 PM How would you know if she is working or not. Are they supposed to let her walk at the airport with throngs of paparazzi following them. Have you seen her in thei private time to know if she is walking or not. And she is engaged, most of the time she is shown pointing to people or pointing something out to her dad. As for smiling, I don’t know how many kids that will not look puzzled with all that flash light going out on their faces.I think they are adorable family with a hard working mom and dad. Love them.

  • freida

    WOW!! SHISEIDO is one of the world’s leading make up company.Even this late inher pregnancy, they still want her. She really doesn’t have to work at once after birth. JUst take care of the kids. GOOD LUCK

  • Piper

    # 2 | Anton | April 2, 2006 06:48 PM no, i haven’t noticed.

  • 88

    Asia is big on all things family + children, like Beckman family they were huge in Asia until David cheated on his wife. Now I think Brad and Angelina have taken over as the new most popular family.

  • Keanie

    YEAH…ANGIE is not going to the UN show on April shows that this woman takes her baby making business seriously. Oh some serious stuff, Baby. Seriously, I was worried when I heard that she is supposed to show up in NYC tomorrow

  • whore

    angie looks great? hahaha she looks like she just got off the bed and just put a jacket on. look at her top? and im glad she has an older guy for a bodyguard, if it was a younger guy, that wouldnt be too good for brad. after all this girl is known to hook up and get involved with men who get close to her. these two have been spending too much time together, so be glad he’s older. but then again does that really matter? after all she did hook up with ugly billy bob. bweheheh! hahaha.

  • ???????


  • j

    how would a person know thats where she is going? Does Jared have inside info?… cool.

  • Hell ya!

    Her bodyguard is HOT. Seriously. Think Inspector Morse kind of hotness. Brad SHOULD be worried about him.



  • Kernie

    #27 – around the time when she divorced Billy and adopted Maddox, she started to turn her life around. One of the things she said that she did was stop smoking and started eating healthy – less fat and more protein. She has been on it all these years.But I do recall her eating pancakes&eggs when they were both in Canada. Brad eat a french toast

  • ?????


  • ?????


  • Arora

    # 26 | whore ok enough all you jealous skanks and other trolls. AJ is the most beautiful pregnent woman I have ever seen. Z’s perfectly normal– in fact she reminds me of myself as a kid.BAMZ+1 rules!!

  • crybabyAniston

    Wow thanks Jared for all the BAMZ+1 photos, I love your site.As an Angie fan first I’m catching up alot about Brad and his life but I have a question: I’m glad to hear that BAMZ+1 is very popular in the Japan and in Asia. But wasn’t Jen also popular too and did that have any affect on how they view Angie for a time?

  • Cheerios

    In one of the magazine photoshoot, Angie wore a necklace Maddox made for her was cereal ..either cherio or fruitloop. It was sweet of her .. she was all make up and glam but still wore that necklace in the shoot. Love Angie . If I find the photo will post the link later

  • Courtney

    Yes! Thats exciting!

  • to #27

    # 27 | ??????? | April 2, 2006 07:18 PMHer favorite food is probably vitamin pills or Slim-Fast.

  • ???????


  • Piper

    # 35 | crybabyAniston | April 2, 2006 07:37 PM i honestly don’t think she’d care. that’s what great about her so don’t worry.

  • AddictedtoBAMZ+1

    #39 @ 8:08pm… HI Chanel, is that you? It kind of looks like your style. I read before she was pregnant that she liked red wine, and she eats protein:chicken, beef, cheeses. She isn’t one to sit around and go to lunch with friends at the Ivy, so it isn’t easy to know everything about her. She does drink tea, though. Why are you so anxious to know?

  • Estelle

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  • piper is a diaper

    To piper the diaper, i honestly think you are the one who’s jealous.diaper

  • chanel

    to:#41i just want to know about her lol well thnx 4 telling me what angie likes to eat lol

  • chanel

    to#41 do you have msn?

  • chanel

    to#41 do you have msn?lol

  • truth shall set you free

    she does not have great skin!! Just spend 5 minutes looking for pics of her and you’ll find tons where she’s got acne.

  • loriep

    oh chanel angie bodyguard is ugly?doesnt matter at all,he spoke 5 languages…thats what matter with angie.

  • Shea

    I’m sure Shiseido found her to have terrible skin and bad acne. That’s why they hired her to represent their high end skincare products. You idiot.

  • Piper

    # 43 | piper is a diaper | April 2, 2006 08:11 PM my first insult! i feel so special lol. of whom am i jealous of? gorgeous AJ, most definitely. JA, most definitely not.