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Britney Spears Sweat Stains

Britney Spears Sweat Stains

Malibu, California :: Pop superstar Britney Spears, 24, looked bootylicious this past weekend as she worked on her figure and returned to the dance studio.  Britney’s rumored to have been working on new choreography for a new album.  After working up a major sweat, Britney put on her sunglasses and left the dance studio sipping a Starbucks iced green tea.  Notice the bottom lefthand photo of three dudes lined up taking pictures of Britney’s behind with their cameraphones.  Ha ha ha. Many more pictures in the gallery!

This past Saturday, Britney Spears showed how hard she’s
 working to bring her body back into perfect shape as she
 left a Malibu dance studio with sweat stains galore. 
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  • Double yuck

    Yummy, she and Fergie should get together.. crotch sweat and BS fake boobs sweat would make a yummy couple!!! She will never lose weight while she downs those drinks. I know I am in the weight loss business… before you all start screamimg!!! BS is a train wreck…

  • Jess

    She’s going to have to really work to get if off. It’s do-able.

  • KiKi

    Yeah, she can do it.. But everyone seems to think she is pregnant again.. after seeing these photos I don’t think so…

  • Lohan Roberto

    Why shes so fat with all the moneys she got???

  • mama cass

    im so glad shes getting back to her abfab bod but i still think shes preggers. hopefully she will prove my thoughts wrong and come back with her hot bod circa 2000 vmas. the strip tease perf was her best!

  • Niecy

    she still looks pregnant and her azz looks double the normal size in these photos. if she’s not pregnant, i really do hope that she can get back into shape and get her career and personal life out of the gutta.

  • Derek Hail

    It is about time she got back in shape. She is pretty attractive when she is in shape, but lately she has just ben disgusting. Lets see how it turns out.My Blog Hail’s Gossip

  • Rama

    That slut isn’t pregnant, she’s just gettin’ fat. Life with "Special K" must be a blast!

  • Vicki

    you can’t really call her a slut if she got pregnant AFTER her marriage – besides, I think she’s looking great.

  • Vicki

    you can’t really call her a slut if she got pregnant AFTER her marriage – besides, I think she’s looking great.

  • sweetvonna

    sounds like a bunch of haters to me! Would you rather her look like Nicole Richie? Most men would rather bang that than a flat assl

  • I Love Brit

    what a digusting bunch of ppl you all are… to say such foul things about another human being. Ever thought the so called boob sweat was mother’s milk… she just had a baby you bunch of f*ckin losers!!! and if you all think she is fat, then i feel sorry for you, what ugly views of life you all have… and i bet you dont even care!! Gross – you are all mean, black hearted gits.

  • Heather

    I think it is sad that people make such a big deal that she is fat. Just because she is famous doesn’t mean she has to be perfect. She is the actually a picture of "REALITY", most women are NOT ready to hit the beach in a bikini right after giving birth. I think it looks alot healthier than the pictures of Nicole. I mean how skinny does a person have to be to be accepted by society? Maybe more actresses should display the REAL life aspects of marriage, pregnancy, motherhood and maybe there would be less people dying of anorexia and all the other terrible things that girls do to be "accepted".

  • Megan harris

    Ill. Shes do fat and disgusting. she needs to hide.

  • kiki dee

    Well, I think she looks great and is actually a good role model (as far as her body not as far as driving with tater tot)

  • colormesticky

    She looks great to me. Her husband is the gross one.

  • cypher

    It is actually dangerous to lose weight too quickly after birth. Unlike all the other celebs who starve themselves and thrash obsessively around in the gym, she is doing it correctly – safely and slowly. Give her a chance – she’s getting there. Btw, I think she looks fine. Few women look fantastic after childbirth.

  • DUH #12

    Hey #12… you need to go back to sex ed class…. breast milk comes from the nipple dumb dumb.. not the bottom of the breast. GOD HELP your kids!!! Last I read you were the only one using vile language.. By the way.. Brit is only famous for her body.. she can’t sing or act so.. if she wants to get back in running she needs to CLEAN UP!! Not her weight as much as, her hair..her clothes.. her acne.. you can’t sell sex and look like a train wreck. She is not fat.. but she would never make the money she did before at this weight.. SORRY she sold her own image not me!!!

  • blah

    sad thing is she just wasted that workout by drinking an 800 calorie venti green tea frappucino. HELLO? who is her dietician?

  • blah

    sad thing is she just wasted that workout by drinking an 800 calorie venti green tea frappuccino. HELLO? who is her dietician?

  • Fin

    I think that is breast milk leaking, not sweat.

  • lafitz

    Her dietician? Ronald McDonald and Monique.

  • Jess

    Gosh people she’s only 24. She’ll snap back into shape quickly. She looks like most "normal" woman do after giving birth. It takes a good year to get the body back in shape, and you have to work at it. Or, you can be lazy and let yourself go. But , then people will just gossip about you like people are doing here. I agree with Heather that more actresses should show the TRUE aspects of having a child, the weight gain and feeling miserable at times. Then maybe there wouldn’t be girls starving themselves to literal DEATH.

  • b.m

    She’s not that FAT people! She is like a size 6 – normal!

  • Britney Rocks


  • questor

    It’s a shame that all anyone ever sees is a performer’s "outside". I like Britney’s singing and music. I like her attitude and success. Whether she gets back down to her former weight or not, I will admire her for the person she is and all of the joy she brought us in her music in the past. I just hope that the public’s obsessions with "looks" don’t kill her career …

  • blah

    actually it has 620 calories and 97 grams of carbs.. and 18 grams of fat.. via starbucks website

  • Special D

    She’s "fat" compared to what she looked like a couple years ago, but she’s in no way huge. Good for her that she’s working out and getting back in shape.

  • lala

    Wasn’t her stomach flatter than that like a month after she had the baby? Yeah, I think she’s pregnant but still working out. She’s not fat….its just her stomach that sticks out too much.

  • penfold

    harsh- she’s not fat! NEWSFLASH: most women gain weight when they have a baby (shocking, i know). she looks about a size 12, and the average size for women is 14-16, so…?

  • Mos

    Uhmmm…. Anyone who thinks she looks fat there is either a closet homosexual or a jealous woman. I don’t even like BS, but she looks great. Nice round ass, good body. Fat? Jesus, what are you comparing her to? 12 year old boys? Bunch of fuckin’ homos you all are.

  • Amber

    I think she looks fine. I’m going to laugh at all of you haters once she gets back into shape. Dumbasses.

  • Chubby_Cheekums

    She looks okay. Not fabulous, but certainly okay, and I’m pretty tired of the nasty comments about her size. Not that anyone cares about what I’m tired of!

  • edith

    britney is not fat!!!! she is in normal shape…or do you guys want him to look like anorexic???i just don’t get you.

  • cas

    Britney looks as expected– she just had a baby!!! Wait until you little children grow up and have babies– same thing will happen. She obviously has more important things to worry about other than her weight. (what a concept)!!!

  • angie

    Exactly how long ago did she have her baby? It can take a while to loose the weight, and a lot of that has to do with genetics! I’m not a Britney fan by any means, but give her a break!!! She’s working on it!

  • Tipsy Mcstaggler

    I guess when you get famous, one is no longer allowed to sweat. Weird. btw, where is the sleez bag.

  • Tipsy McStaggler

    Do some of you loser fools, wake up in the morning log on your computer, and just go to random blogs/threads and spew your hate. What a sad bunch of cowards

  • Leigh Anne

    I think she looks good! And she’s losing weight the safe way. So what if she has a lot of money…here’s a little medical info for you…she had a C-section which consists of cutting into the muscle tissues of your stomach. Getting surgey may make it "flat", but it wont stay like that…you have to build the muscle back up. And so what if she downs all those drinks? She’s dancing which burns the calories right off. As for her boobs, I dont believe they’re fake like someone said. If you’ve ever seen a pregnant woman who breastfeeds, her boobs will be big. Gosh, some of you people need to get a clue and do some research before bashing on celebs.

  • andrea

    those guys in the background are so funny having their camfones with them! cracks me up!

  • TerkaX

    What´s she wearing? It´s really very shocking and horrible!

  • TerkaX

    What´s she wearing? It´s really very shocking and horrible!

  • TerkaX

    What´s she wearing? It´s really very shocking and horrible!

  • laetitia

    britney is britney and she is always good look

  • justMe

    these are breastmilk stains. why wouldn’t she have sweat stains around her armpits or on her back if she worked out very hard??? oh and it proves she has no implants.

  • Iratxe

    I can’t believe that YOU people are so mean!!!!what happens here??? Britney Spears is not fat!!!! she is a very normal girl, a girl that you can find in the streets. what do you want???? that she gets anorexic?????? like Lindsay Lohan got???? or Mary-Kate Olsen!???? PLEASE!!!!!! Anorexia is not a game!!! It’s a very serious illness!!!is everyone that has written here that Britney is fat or that she should lose weight slim or thin or .."perfect"????? I dont think so. I think that you are very jealous, always criticizing. If you are all so beautiful and so perfect…well, I dont think you are, because if not you weren’t criticizing a girl who is not fat!!!!! I don’t have anything else to say. think about that.MEAN people.

  • irina

    She will be in shape again. Too bad she’s pregnant again but i’m sure she will be right back on her feet after the second baby.Godd Luck Britt!!

  • Isachar

    I think shes still beautiful, what a pity his husband! That guy sucks!!. By the way , I think that ass is better than the one she had before become pregnant¡

  • amy

    god dont be so mean she has just had a baby yeah shes put on some weight but you cant blame her .i like to see you all after you’ve had a baby!!! thats not even fat for god sake shes just curvy. and shes expecting another baby and im sure she has more things on her mind like looking after her son and new baby not things like losing weight for all you nasty heartless sods!!!!! just leave her alone havent you got anything better to do than calling someone fat!!!!!! i suggest you get a life.

  • jacky

    britney is a beautiful woman ,she is a mother and a wife and people who talk shit are dumb jelouse idiots who have nothin better to do but talk shit, i have a baby too and shes 5 months and breast milk always leaked out and it looked like sweat but it wasnt and i lost my weight fast because i practically starvrd myself, so its so good that she is loseing it the right way and she dont care what people say about her. i love her