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Maddox Wears Nail Polish

Maddox Wears Nail Polish

Paris, France :: Brad and Angelina briefly crossed paths yesterday afternoon at their Paris apartment.  As Angelina Jolie, 30, was returning home with 4-year-old son Maddox Jolie-Pitt from a supposed photo shoot, Brad Pitt, 42, was leaving for another business trip.  Maddox enjoyed more face painting fun similar to his trip to toy store Au Nain Bleu (The Blue Dwarf) with Angelina back on February 22. Many more pictures in the gallery!

Maddox had his face similarly painted over a month ago but
this time, Angelina let him wear bright red finger nail polish.
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maddox nail polish06
maddox nail polish07
maddox nail polish08
maddox nail polish09
maddox nail polish10
maddox nail polish11
maddox nail polish12
maddox nail polish13
maddox nail polish14
maddox nail polish15
maddox nail polish16
maddox nail polish17
maddox nail polish18
maddox nail polish19
maddox nail polish20
maddox nail polish21
maddox nail polish22
maddox nail polish23
maddox nail polish24
maddox nail polish25
maddox nail polish26
maddox nail polish27
maddox nail polish28

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  • xxxxx

    Wow, busy people–maybe he is coming to NYC since Angie can’t make it.

  • Sesame

    Aren’t these old pictures? Maddox is bigger than that now. You never see her holding that baby girl or taking her out for an outing. never.


    no, these are new!!!!!! the face make-up on maddox is similar from the old pictures but these are definitely new!!!! yay!!!!!!

  • 81

    Thanks for the pics JJ! Love them but am sure the haters are gonna descend on them like a pack of vultures!

  • Jennifer

    Fingernail polish on a boy? This kid is going to be so strange.

  • sad

    I hate angelina but it makes me sad seeing these pictures espy the pic of Maddox. Oh God, what is she turning him into and what has she turned Brad into.

  • Marie

    I do hope that all is well with Brangelina…mainly for the sake of those lovely children. I just get the sense that perhaps Brangelina are not that happy. I hope I am wrong…those kids deserve a happy family life!

  • Sunny

    yeah she doesn’t like the baby girl you can tell that. Wait till her own biological child arrives. She will be ALL about that baby and forget the girl child. Another Mommy Dearest in the making.

  • sad

    whatever rough patch they are going through, it seems to have taken a toll on Maddox. He looks so clingy and so insecure. Give him a proper family AJ and just marry brad!

  • eddiewifey

    I bet she lets Maddox wear her makeup and try on her high heels also. I also dislike the way she dresses Zahara. She never wears pretty girly clothes! Her hair is long enough for ribbons and small barretts. I don’t know many men or women who would polish the nails of a 4 year old boy or girl! Good luck to them but I foresee a E! True Hollyweird story in the future.

  • pats

    i thinks its going to be a biy and they know it so you know that Z is going to be the little princess but Mad is probably going to feel a little neglected, probably…

  • 81

    I think everyone’s looking kinda miserable in these pics cos of the strong wind blowing. Don’t you guys kinda scrunch up your faces when you’re walking along the street with a strong cold wind blowing against you? I do for sure! And if you look around you’ll find that most people on city streets do look like that on cold and windy days.

  • 88

    What’s Brad doing constantly going on business trips when he’s got a pregnant Angelina Jolie waiting for him at home. As much as I like these two, it seems like something’s up, I hope I’m wrong. Angelina looks unhappy all the time. I think she should have stayed with Jonny Lee Miller.

  • Jess

    They need to have a permanent home with a predictable routine for this child, with other children to play with, a yard and some animals, pets. That’s my take. This child is precious, even though I can’t stand the mother.

  • yummymummy

    It seems Angie’s wardrobe spans the colour spectrum from black all the way to gray.

  • Lynn Campbell

    It does seem like things aren’t quite right, and with a baby on the way I hope that’s not the case. It’s hard to imagine that Brad hasn’t done everything possible to make this relationship happy, seems like it’s more something with Angie(who knows?)

  • Jess

    Does this woman smile in private do you think? Maybe her Mother is getting sicker. Does she ever wear a coat? Everyone else is, it has to be cold.

  • Oh Boy!

    Oh boy, I guess the early vultures do pick the longest worm….or in this case the stupidiest ones. All right, carry onPick PickPounce PounceHave a fun, fun time picking this family apart. Just tell us when you are done. Frankly, it’s getting silly having to do our song and dance number every single time new pictures are posted. You guys, go on have your time.

  • anon

    Where is Brad going?

  • think positive!

    How do we know that brad is going for oneother business trip?Maybe his going somewere in France and his will be back soon.Angie can’t go with him cause she is very pregnant right now,thats why she’s waiting back.Brad’s living only for a couple of days and then he comes back again.That would be very tiring for angelina.She needs to rest.Brad just have to take care for some buissnes.That’s the nature of their job.And they have learn to live with it.We are seeing just one moment.We can’t judje their whole life of that.

  • anon

    Brad has to earn a living. He has 3 (soon 4) mouths to feed.

  • sad

    why did she have to have his face painted like an animal complete with red nails and that mohican hairdo. He looks like a wounded animal. Aaarghhh…stupid bitch is screwing up everybody’s lives. She can do it to Brad but not to the kids!!!Karma’s moving in fast…BAMZisers shut your abusive mouth abt Jen before Karma bites even more bitterly into BAMZ!

  • guest

    I swear, the haters post the stupidest comments.

  • anon

    Brad is caryying a smaller bag. Probably, he will just be away for a day or 2.

  • genggeng

    18 | Oh Boy! | April 3, 2006 09:43 AMI was getting worried for a minute with all the negative comments about Brad leaving Ange and Ange not smiling — then I read your post and realized that we are seeing a ton of pictures of maybe 5 minutes of Ange’s time, and so with Brad and we have absolutely no clue as to what is really going on. has a good take on the Pitts right now, and I have to agree with her.

  • sara

    I love angie but she is weird. That kid is going to be spoiled. I bet Brad as no say in child rearing that boy.

  • Be sane

    In this picture Brad lost his so-called "beer belly" in one day. Where did it go, huh, haters?

  • 88

    I was watching a special tonight on Princess Diana, does anyone think Angelina reminds us of princess diana? Like icon, beauty, style, humanitarian wise, the way they look after their children? It’s something to aspire to what these women accomplish. They seem cut from the same cloth.

  • I knew it!!

    I heard the rumble of a break up!! Judging by these pictures I ,unfortunatly, believe it!!! It was to good to be true. I liked them as a couple so much. Angie looks sad… like I signed on for a team not ALL ME!!! Maybe JA was right. BP is missing something… like he has to help a little. Plus I am sure all the PAPS don’t help. I hope I am VERY WRONG!!

  • Carol

    For Gods sake don’t let a Brit here you compare Princess Diana to the American Whore.What’s wrong with you? They aren’t anything alike. One did it out of the kindness of her heart and the other is a PR whore.Grrroooooaaannnn, you people are naive.

  • the one who laughs last laughs the loudest


  • Be sane

    # 31 |I tend to agree with Lainey, since her predictions have all come true. I also agree with her take on Aniston/Vaughn today: "And at the end of the day, in spite of my Aniston hateration, they do make a lovely mediocre couple, don’t you think?"

  • anon

    # 30 | Carol | April 3, 2006 09:58 AMA PR whore would not donate 1/3 of her salary to charity.

  • think positive!

    #29.Yes honey i think your RONG cause Cindy Guagenti,Brad’s publisists dinied any rumors of a break up.Brad is carring a very small bag.That means he will come back soon.Maybe he is back already.Does anyone know the exact date of that peactures?

  • sara

    they look misarble!!please… those photos are they entering or leaving the apartment.

  • Chart Toppper No. 1

    a loving composition by BAMZ fan that somehow got lost and found its way in Jen’s forum. Finders aint keepers…returning it back to where it belongs..~Here’s the story of lovely Angie lady,Who was bringing up two very cute kids.One of them had hair of mohawk, cut by his mother,The youngest one in curls.Here’s the story, of a man named Braddy,Who was busy with problems of his own.He was sick of, living together,with ugly B actress Chin.Till the one day when the pretty Angie lady met this hot Brad fellow,And they knew that it was much more than a hunch.That these hot two would somehow form a great family despite Chin’s pity party and vindictive ways.That’s the way they all became the Braddy Bunch (despite Chin’s whining).The Braddy Bunch, The Braddy Bunch.That’s the way they became the Braddy Bunch (despite Chin’s whining)

  • Ella_

    Get OVER IT!!!Brad and Angelina are in LOVE, and they are raising their family together!! Angelina is a free spirit and so is Maddox by the looks of it when he fancies something like a face paint and for them to paint his nails to go with his Zebra face paint let him. He probably loves the Lion King or something but his a boy and a very interesting little guy who is having a blast with his mom.The only people comparing Angelina to Diana is the reporters and the media, she has never compared herself to her or anyone else for that matter. If they see a similarity it’s because of the passion they have for family and humainty.For all the haters; Brad has left Angelina to return to Jen…has that made your life that little bit bearable???GET OVER IT!!! We don’t know how long it was when Angelina & Maddox arrivied home, they probably had a kiss and cuddle, Maddox told his dad what he got up to and he had to go.He has a career, they both do and that has not stopped. What other famous pregnant woman is working as hard and as much as Jolie. She’s just in DEMAND!!I hope her mother is getting better and getting to know Brad more and more. And it’s Springtime, so Paris must be just fine. She’s having fun with her growing bump and she looks great and she’s SHOWING IT OFF, LIKE SHE SHOULD BE!!

  • angelina mmm

    Don’t know about you but these pics melt my heart. She seems like a very loving mother.Maddox is always clinging on to her and I don’t see it as something unusual. That’s what boys do. He is only 4 years old don’t forget that.

  • 88

    # 30 | Carol | April 3, 2006 09:58 AMUsing your language wasn’t Diana one too, all things considered? Seriously going around calling people whores etc, it’s really in bad taste. I’ve actually done some sociology subjects/ research on whoredom and the usage of the term whore. Do you realise that whoredom in the past was a sentiment used by men and church hierachy to degrade, supress and weaken a whole society of women? It was also used to supress advancement of women. I’m seriously tired of hearing women calling other women whores. When it’s a term/sentiment used by men to supress women into thinking they’re below men.

  • Anon

    I think Z is sick (colds, maybe) that’s why we don’t see her out and about lately. My kids tend to get the nastiest colds during the change of season (winter to spring).

  • carla

    Brad Pitt went to take flying lessions.

  • sara

    In this picture Brad lost his so-called "beer belly" in one day. hahahaha…so true.

  • Pauline Ling

    Think these pics might be old. I wouldn;t carry a 4 year olfd if I were 7 months pregnant!

  • Picasso

    BAMZ fans just refuse to accept the truth. Hahaha…they choose to believe Lainey’s words than real pics…A picture paints a thousand words losers!!!

  • MM

    I guess Mad was sleeping in the car and still in the sleep when AJ carrys him. Seems he was exited playing in the toy shop and tired now. You were same when you were at his age .

  • rudedog

    # 30 | Carola little early in the a.m. to be having orgasms I would think…

  • rudedog

    # 30 | Carola little early in the a.m. to be having orgasms I would think…sheesh this is a target rich enviroment…hmmm where do I start…lol

  • think positive!

    #44 The truth is that Brad went for Flying lessons.And he is still in Paris.Loser!

  • learner

    Angelina had adopted Maddox long before Brad came into their life (3 years??). The bond between her and Maddox sometimes will make Brad in a difficult position when it comes to teach Maddox how to behave or what he should do or not to do. Before she could just pack and hold Maddox went wherever she wanted and did whatever she wanted to do. Now Maddox + Z + unborn baby + Brad is not equal 5 but 6, 7, 8……… Family life is much more complicated than the life she had with Maddox. Angelina is a very smart and open-minded lady. I hope she would allow Brad and herself more time and patience to adapt their new life.

  • matchmaker

    Better to be a mediocre happy looking couple than to be a beautiful miserable screwed up looking couple.