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Brad Pitt Documentary

Brad Pitt Documentary

So America’s not doing enough to combat global poverty and disease? I’m not saying that. I’m saying we don’t know enough. It’s just not on our front page. What I like about the series is not only does it make the humanitarian argument, but it also makes the self-interest argument—that we should be paying attention to global health because diseases can certainly spread. We’re all sitting in the same petri dish…hold on…one of my kids’ toys is going off… OK, I got it.

Are you planning any more humanitarian trips right now? What’s next? No. My plan right now is to have a child…

Right. Congratulations! So can I ask— [Laughs] I’m absolutely not going to talk about that here.

OK. Well then, congratulations on doing a good thing and on getting yourself educated about some issues. Yeah, who’d have thought?

Brad Pitt, 42, tackles global health and poverty issues in a new PBS documentary, a television event that chronicles leaders who battle the most critical and emerging threats to global health and who, against all odds, deliver the goods. The Hollywood hunk talks about his real hereos — extraordinary people who are saving lives around the world.  Rx for Survival — The Heroes premieres on Wednesday, April 12 on PBS. Continue reading the full TV Guide article after the jump.  More pictures in the gallery!

Brad Pitt’s Biggest Passion

TV Guide April 10-16, 2006

Brad Pitt is calling from France, where he’s living with Angelina Jolie and their adopted kids, Maddox and Zahara, to talk about a project close to his heart. No, not impending fatherhood, or his upcoming movie about Jesse James. Instead, the 42-year-old superstar is pumped about a PBS documentary, Rx for Survival—The Heroes, which profiles people who have found solutions to world medical crises. "We wanted a celebrity who had done work on global health and poverty issues," says senior producer Lisa Mirowitz of her search for a narrator. "He was down-to-earth, patient and very educated about these topics." We couldn’t agree more.

You’re a $20-million-a-picture superstar. Why stop to do this project?
The ultimate reason, of course, is that everybody matters equally. There’s a great imbalance when you see so many people dying—especially kids—from mosquito bites or diarrhea. It tells me more should be done. And the main reason is that these kinds of issues don’t seem to make our print and airtime. We’re not getting this information. And our society has great ingenuity and great empathy and we could create more change.

So America’s not doing enough to combat global poverty and disease? I’m not saying that. I’m saying we don’t know enough. It’s just not on our front page. What I like about the series is not only does it make the humanitarian argument, but it also makes the self-interest argument—that we should be paying attention to global health because diseases can certainly spread. We’re all sitting in the same petri dish…hold on…one of my kids’ toys is going off… OK, I got it.

The documentary is about humanitarian heroes. Who are your heroes? The survivors. The people who are fighting every day under horrible circumstances to provide for their families.

Was there a wake-up moment for you? Well, for me, someone who’s so fortunate, it became a question about equality. We may have all been created equally, but we’re not born equally.

What have you seen that breaks your heart? You hold these children, who have already lost their parents to these diseases—TB, AIDS, malaria—and you know how vulnerable they are. And I look at them and I can’t help but ask, "What is their future?" And my response is, "This is unacceptable." But I don’t limit it to children—it’s the families that really break my heart.

So what can people do? It’s more than just witnessing it and saying it’s a terrible situation. This should be our focus: the solution. This is where Bono has been very successful. Bono is a wonderfully dedicated beast unto himself. I find him very inspiring. But the Web site related to the documentary——provides links [to] ways for people to get involved.

Did you learn anything from Rx for Survival? I did. I learned about how simple some of the solutions can be, like adding vitamin A to a child’s diet prevents river blindness. As the documentary shows, vitamin A costs 2 cents for a dose. A bed net [to prevent malaria] is a third the price of a CD. These things aren’t out of reach.

Are you planning any more humanitarian trips right now? What’s next? No. My plan right now is to have a child…

Right. Congratulations! So can I ask— [Laughs] I’m absolutely not going to talk about that here.

OK. Well then, congratulations on doing a good thing and on getting yourself educated about some issues. Yeah, who’d have thought?

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  • Estelle

    Thank you JJ….I am so glad that you post this….more people need to know about this….you have a heart of gold JJ…yes you are….

  • You can’t hide for long!

    I completely understand what Angelina is going through. I know what it’s like to be gossipped about and have false rumors spread about you and to be scrutinized by people, even by people who do not know you. I know that her job is a stressful one and she is strong.But if you’re going to get pregnant by another popular actor, i suggest you atleast explain to your fans what’s the deal. Atleast, if not for yourself, for your childrens’ sake. They may suffer from the humiliation or stigma of it all by others. I mean it’s just like your next door neighbor getting pregnant by another neighbor’s ex-husband. Neighbors are going to be shocked and think, what the hell! What a bitch!Angelina looks bad in front of alot of people’s eyes right now. No matter what humanitarian work she does, she’s not going to rectify the nasty rumors about her and Brad.How is she going to spend the rest of her life in this industry, trying to avoid the personal questions? Especially a question about why she did what she did? It’s not really the norm to go do what she did. She’s not some actor’s wife, where she doesn’t have to answer to anybody.

  • mrs. smith

    Thanks JJ. This just melts my heart even more for BP. To think that about a year ago he was just another plastic figure from Hollywood for me. Now, I see someone with a heart of gold,and gorgeous as hell! I love that part where he says to ‘hold, one of my kids’ toys is going off.’ Wow! Beautiful inside and outside. I’m now one of his biggest fans. Who would have thought……..?

  • Lori

    I think it’s great to see someone so passionate about helping people in dire need. He’s right though about not seeing all the poverty and health issues around the world but I wonder if other countries focus on that also. My question is this .. If we help these people right now and their governments are corrupt and don’t care will all this ever find an end?

  • anon

    What a wonderful man! This is what makes BRAD sexier than ever!

  • Estelle

    # 2 | You can’t hide for long!-go away, this post is not for your negative opinion…AJ does not need to explain anything to you or anyone. She is not in hiding…she is living a large in the most romantic city in the world…and if you don’t know’s Paris, France…the other side of the world…everyone knows where she lives, where she eats, where she shops…we have pic of her almost everyday posting here by JJ….she is not hiding… and please don’t start with me with her children…they will be far more educated, wise and loving then you are ….they will dine with world leaders, talk in world forum and will be more popular than you…please use this post to educate yourself on the subject.

  • apple

    I heart this man. I am looking forward to watching the documentray.

  • a

    # 2 | You can’t hide for long!How judgmental, hypocrital and so unchristian! Have you not heard of repentance, forgiveness and and christian love!

  • NO Empathy Here!

    That part where he said hold on my kids’ toy is going off was so staged! He could’ve just said ‘hold on.’ What a prick! This interview was all a publicicty stunt. You go and get another actress pregnant, leaving your wife? Please, dick, bite me!

  • What a fake!

    He’s pulling on the heart strings of dumb women like you!

  • Zahara Fan

    # 2 | You can’t hide for long! | April 4, 2006 01:26 AM They don’t have justify themselves to the public. It’s not nobody business but their own and good for them. People just live their own lives.

  • Jess

    OH PLEASE here we go again, another LOVE feast on all things Brad and Angie. Jared pleaseeeeeeeee…’s getting Boringggggggg. All we hear about is these two do-gooders ad nauseam. Even you BAMZ fans must suspect that SOME of this is just PR to improve their terrible images from this past year. OH who am I kidding?! of course you don’t. Your out of your minds with a love fever for these two and nothing, I mean nothing, will put a tiny dent in your tiny minds. They’ve sold you fools hook, line, and sinker.Well have at it BAMZs fans all seven or eight of you who post over and over till you reach 1000. It just gets too boring to stick around.

  • ntt

    AJ is not hiding. Only to people who are dead set on not seeing or hearing like #2. She was seen and heard throughout all her public appearances (too numerous to list). Just lately she was on Nightline on ABC. I have a feeling the rumor last year about her talking to Barbara Walters may not be false at all. BW probably had picked her as one of the 10 most fascinating people of 2005, but changed her mind at the last minute to spare JA’s feelings, so that she would not be accused of "missing a sensitivity chip". Come to think of it, more people were fascinated with AJ in 2005 than a lot of people that were on the list. Just MHO.

  • Jess

    Oh one more thing………Zahara fan, that’s right they don’t owe you a damn thing, good fan that you are. They don’t owe their fans anything. Just make sure you pluck down 10 bucks to see their terrible movies and then shut the hell up and go away. That’s their attitude. You REALLY make their skin crawl!

  • Unforgiveable

    It’s so sad that a woman has to drop everything just to please a man. Jen did a good thing by giving him the divorce. She shouldnt have to give up her body to fulfill his dreams! So, what does Brad do? He goes for a richer woman who CAN have his baby! What a selfish millionaire will do! Jen will go on with her life. Sienna Miller was right about not being the victim and saying that Daisy, the nanny who had sex with Jude Law, should be afraid if they crossed paths. If Jen passes by Angelina in their hollywood world, which I am sure is inevitable, she should remind Angelina that she is nothing but a husband stealer and needy for other women’s men.

  • A

    Oh yes, let’s pat Brad on the back for deciding to become a humanatarian as soon as he was about to leave his wife for his costar. He jumped into damage control, image overhaul and now he’s a globetrotting humanatarian who gets snapped sitting there alongside his girlfriend looking bored shitless while some world leader is talking about important issues. Give me a fucking break, he’s just like the rest of them who use Africa for good PR, Jessica Simpson, George Clooney ("Let’s get in on the Africa game"). Brad’s a self confessed Zen master when it comes to the press and what looks better for a man accused of cheating on his wife then some Charity and photo op’s with the lovers children so he looks like a down to earth, good natured family man. It’s all about PR people, get in the know. Brad needed something drastic to fix his image and he did whatever he needed to do to fix it, including parading poor innocent children around in front of the paparazzi to make himself look good.And I’ll just talk about "my kids" so people see that yes, I have kids now, look at me, the daddy. How staged is that. He may as well have said "Oh yes, I’m nursing my child as we speak. Rock a bye baby" as if he’s not sitting in his quiet office while he’s on this business call.News for ya Brad, Angelina can take those kids to Timbucktoo and there’s nothing you can do about it because you are not their Legal father and especially not even any closer to becoming their legal father while you’re living in another country instead of being in the United States where the adoption is being processed and undergoing all the visits and home checks from Social Services and the rest of the red tape. So if Angelina wakes up and decides she’s off, there’s nothing Brad Pitt can do about it. Those children have his name but they are not legally his children. He has no rights to those kids whatsoever.We all know by now the BAMZ fans have nothing better to do with their lives then sit here striving for a 1000 post count, discussing Jennifer Aniston, bagging Jennifer Aniston and slipping further into their deluded worlds where they tell themselves Brad and Angelina are the King and Queen and no one will ever not like them and the whole world loves them because they just rock and omg, we’re nearly at 1000 posts, holy shit, we made it, group hug! Sad, but true. So funny! Get a fucking life you bunch of sad headcases. And yes, anyone who disses Brangelina in this thread, you will be called an Aniston fan, they will start talking about Chinny and Maniston and all those immature names so bear that in mind if you dare to share your opinion and it is negative, the label is Aniston Fan.

  • kk

    They are a family in every sense of the word, as a family learns from each another, and grows closer and closer with time. I don’t understand those who are so bitter about BP and AJ. Live your own life as they are doing. Find something to be happy about, try to find someone who completes you as BP and AJ appear to have done. Who knows when or where one will find love. JA seems happy. Life is too short to be unhappy. BP and AJ are good and caring people and parents. Mad and Z never act out even when crowds converge on them and their parents because they feel safe and loved with BP and AJ. Isn’t that what family is? "One of my kids toys" says it all, BP loves the kids and their mom. How many people, men or women, whole heartily express in words and actions how much they love two small children (and one who will soon be born). BP is a good guy! AJ is a good woman!

  • Liza

    He’s so inspirational. I love that part about "one of my kids’ toys is going off." It’s so cute to actually hear him say "my kids." And I think it’s awesome that he’s dedicating himself to this cause. He and Angelina are trying to use their celebrity to save kids and it’s such a noble goal. If only the rest of Hollywood followed suit.

  • Amazed

    Wow, what bitter, bitter bitches. I used to not care about Aniston, Pitt, or Jolie. But now, I’m def on Pitt-Jolie’s side, mostly because I don’t want to be associated with you pathetic fat loser cows. Yeesh, breath and get over it. Yes, we get it. You really identified with Aniston and creamed your pants when she got Brad. I mean, jeez, if an ugly, boring, talentless (she doesn’t act, she whines and moans) pld hag can get someone so out of her league, there was hope for you, too? Right? Wrong. He came to his senses and realized what a fugly loser she was (and face it, you are, too). Deal with it. Move on. Crazy, bitter, hysterical bitches.

  • Nikki

    Personally, I like the BP/AJ hookup. For all of those who have so accurately quoted the article….he has served his purpose, to make you aware of the poverty and problems that exists beyond your own four walls. The solutions are often simple and cost less than a can of soda here in the US. I commend him and AJ for shedding some light on these issues. As for their personal lives, that’s their business. Who are we to judge another individual? I wish them nothing less than total happiness as individuals and as a family unit.

  • remember the truth

    Unbelievable. AJ has been doing this kind of thing for years before she even met Brad. Brad has been part of Bono’s One organization since before Angie, but it’s all PR for their bad images? What bad images? Their movie was a huge success. I think all of JA’s movies combined didn’t reach what their movie did. All the PR that Jen has done is just for herself and her career. If Brad and AJ are just seeking PR, at least it’s about helping others.

  • anon

    BRAD is so kind, loving and warm hearted. WE need more people like him! GO BRAD GO

  • Jess

    A…….I have to say that last paragraph was a hoot. I am lmao!

  • Zahara Fan

    # 2 | You can’t hide for long! | April 4, 2006 01:26 AM #11 Correction They don’t have to justify themselves to the public. It’s not nobody business but their own and good for them. People should just get on with live their own lives.

  • BAMZ Fans r Stupid

    ‘vitamin A’ can cure river blindess…. r u kididng me? Does he not know anything? What did he learn… he learned nothing! He’s still an idiot! I’ll give you two cents… and u BAMZ fans can shove it right up his gay ass!

  • anon

    BRAD is socially relevant.Jennifer only wants to socialize (drink margaritas … you know!)

  • Deal With It

    #25 is a jealous white trash loser who will never have as much money as Brad.

  • -

    Oh please KK. Do you live with them, do you know how they’re good loving and caring parents? Have you witnessed it. Are you in the house with them? Were you in bed with Brad and Angelina when they conceived their love child. Did Brad say to you "Yes, I love that woman". Did Maddox tell you how safe he feels being walked in front of the paparazzi. Did he tell you how much he loves his Mommy for calling the paparazzi 3 years ago and telling them what Park she was going to be in so they could come and photograph her playing with him so she could look better in the divorce between her and his first Daddy? Did Zahara tell you how much her Daddy protects her from the big bad cameramen who’s flashbulbs blind her eyes as she’s being walked past them and how much she appreciates it when Daddy winks and encouraged the people to keep taking photos at the Funfair in France making them say to the press ‘Yeah, He didnt mind at all’. Talk about living in a dreamworld, talking about these people as if you know every little detail about their love and everything in their lives. And dont bother saying "yes, they’re in love because they’re having a baby", no. People who have sex have babies, people who say 20 times over "I never want to get pregnant" and are careless with their contraceptive pill have babies, people who fall pregnant accidentally and are faced with the choice have babies, men who impregnate women stand up to their responsibilities as a sperm donor and have babies, people who are in loveless marriages but still have sex and get pregnant have babies.

  • Keeping it real

    #14You come to almost everyone of these blogs spitting your nasty breath all over the place. Get over your sad pathetic life and yoursorry ass failure to accept you idol JA lost a man so great. Nobody cares what you think. You are so redundant and you are the one who is so Boringgggggggggggggg! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee get a life that has some meaning to it besides spitting your green scum on people who are actually making a difference and do something for the world. You are just plain evil. When are you going to EVerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shut the hell up and go away? Oh I forgot you are a Troll. See you soon.

  • Jess

    #21 who the hell was talking about Jennifer Aniston? Just you. And A…….you were absolutely correct. Here they go…… on Jennifer again.

  • anon

    # 25 | BAMZ Fans r Stupid |Vitamin A is good for the eyes and it may cure river blindness! Watch the documentary and you will learn!


    Brad needs to get a reality check. Humanitarians don’t cheat on their wives dude, Co-stars are not replacements for your wife.

  • Jess

    Wow #19 you BAMZ idiots dish it out and when we dish it back you can’t take it!! Listen to all of you, calling us the most vile, disgusting names you can think of. Sad really sad

  • anon

    # 31 | anon | April 4, 2006 02:19 AM Sorry about that … Vitamin A prevents (not cures) river blindness … as BRAD says

  • moonbeams

    I absolutely, totally, heart Brad and Angelina! Who people love and how they chose to love them is a personal decision and NO ONE’S business. The marriage was over by the time he started working on TROY.No one knows what goes on between two people but the two people involved.They’re film actors. They owe us a performance. If you want to see it fine, if not fine. I’m glad they use their celebrity and their money for good causes. I feel bad for them that they have no privacy and are constantly harassed by the media, intruding on family time and private time. They can’t even raise their children normally. I feel for Maddox. It must frighten a four year old to be constantly wary whenever he steps outside his front door. It’s sick.

  • #32 is OWNED by Brad

    #32, what does it feel like to know Brad Pitt has total power over you?You hate the man, but you can’t stop reading about him, commenting on him, thinking aout him.How does it feel to know that he has that effect on you, but NOBODY on the planet cares about you, or even knows you exsist?

  • anon

    # 32 | BRAD IS A PHONEY BITCHBRAD is an honest man. He never cheated his wife. He kept his marriage vows.Jennifer is the one who cheated BRAD … not keeping her marriage vow of procreation.

  • Jess

    You know KEEPING IT REAL I was going to go away ,butno, I think I’ll stick around just to BUG the shit out of you! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • #33 Jess = CUNT

    #33 Jess is a FAT UGLY SLUT who gets off on eating SHIT. And her father is into BEASTIALITY.

  • cindy2

    "But if you’re going to get pregnant by another popular actor, i suggest you atleast explain to your fans what’s the deal. Atleast, if not for yourself, for your childrens’ sake." # 2 | You can’t hide for long! | April 4, 2006 01:26 AMThey don’t need to explain anything to anybody. They aren’t accountable to you. If you don’t approve of them, fine, don’t support anything they do. They’ll do fine without you. # 4 | Lori | April 4, 2006 01:30 AMThe organizations need to step in and distribute the supplies themselves to ensure the proper end-users receive the goods. Don’t let the governments even touch it. # 8 | a | April 4, 2006 01:45 AMOr simply to be humane? Probably not with the sub-human hater. "It just gets too boring to stick around."# 12 | Jess | April 4, 2006 01:54 AM So why do you? Jennifer is too shallow and such a void to stick around with her. "Just make sure you pluck down 10 bucks to see their terrible movies and then shut the hell up and go away. That’s their attitude. You REALLY make their skin crawl!"Oh sorry, even Jennifer’s bombs can separate you from your vise grip with the 10 bucks to support her movies. Jennifer’s crawling skin monitor is still going off the charts with you. # 16 | A | April 4, 2006 02:07 AMThere’s nothing better for you, Maniston fans to do than carpet bomb a BAMZ thread as the Jen-Vin threads have a trip wire to self-destruct itself. # 19 | Amazed | April 4, 2006 02:09 AMWelcome to the camp. Those Aniston loons are crazy, for sure.


    That’s because HUMANITARIANS DON"T DO NICE THINGS TO GET FAMOUS OR GOOD PR.Wake up and smell the doo doo.

  • Jess

    SEE #39 is a classic example of a true BAMZ fan.You can dish it out, but you explode if you get back the same.

  • cindy2

    # 38 | Jess | April 4, 2006 02:26 AMThere you go, Jess, has found a calling. To be a proud asshole. Congratulations!

  • Jennifer Aniston Fan

    Jess, i hope you mother dies of AIDS after she gets gang-raped.

  • :) :)

    And there’s the insults. Anyone who doesnt like Brad and Angelina, you’re either an Aniston fan or you’re boring, fat, lazy, a cow, a bitch, a whore, a slut, you have no life, you are redundant, you’re evil, you’re a troll and did I mention fat or anything else they want to come up with because only people who are boring, fat, lazy, a cow, Aniston fans, whores, sluts, evil, have no lives, live under bridges like trolls could ever dislike Brangelina. So that’s it, you’re labelled OK and dont you ever forget it. You’re being labelled by the so obviously immature idiots who prove it every time they type something and hit post, labelling someone they dont even know as being FAT or a SLUT or a WHORE. But everyone who dislikes Brangelina and gets labelled, just think about it and laugh ok because you’re not the sad little one calling a person you cant even see fat or ugly. And laugh at the Brangelina fans who just absolutely cannot deal with the thought of someone not liking their precious angels and get so worked up over it and tell themselves "It’s only an Aniston fan". They may just find themseleves in the looney bin one day, committed because of their irrational thoughts and obsessions over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.And correction to those who are misinformed, Brad’s interest in humanatarian issues began in late 2004 after months of affair allegations and scandal right before his marriage ended and in time for him to take up with the woman accused of being the reason.

  • Angelina is a Heathen

    Bitter? How are we bitter? Because the majority of the world thinks that leaving your wife to go get another woman pregnant is wrong? And who is Jennifer to us? Jennifer can lick my butt crack! It still doesn’t make it right that Brad leave his hard working wife to go get some sex addicted heathen pregnant. Oh yes, let me go to Africa tomorrow to give them my two American pennies, so I can rectify all the whore like things I’ve done in the past! Oh wait, there won’t be any papparazzi to take my photo, so forget it. I think I’ll just go get another tattoo, maybe this time on my big bump with a picture of Brad or think of my next date to set to get pregnant again. Maybe it won’t even be with Brad this time! Maybe I’ll do it with my next co-star! Oh, Johnny Depp, would you like a Jolie baby..?

  • BAMZ + 1 fan

    I saw this posted on another forum and it seems appropriate since the the BAMZ haters have continued their hatefest. I hope Lazarati wouldn’t mind me re-posting this.1. lazarati said: Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 11:08 am Post subject: 6 steps to being a Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hater!To be a Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hater it takes very good evasive answers as well as the ability to look your way around any type of fact.Firstly! Always ask for the actual article to prove the statements were made.Secondly when they can’t produce such items, put it down to them making it up and talking rubbish, then get all the other haters in on it, to back you up. then follow that up with more hateful comments on that particular conversation at that time.Step 3: If the articles of proof are produced, you must strongly denounce all Articles as being fraudulent and unreliable, Never let any positive facts go unchallenged make sure they are undermined and scoffed at. make things up its easy. Even if the facts are from the horses mouth, just deny it, no one can prove you wrong.Step 4: Always think the worst in a photo, or point of view from another. never give their positive thoughts a chance. if they start getting in to facts, just call them names, and start ignoring what their saying.Step 5: When looking at photo’s always give it a story behind it, maybe the way their eyes looked, or the facial expression at the time, always use that and assume the worse, with thoughts of what they are thinking, or why that look is on their face, make it up as much as you can, and as bad as you can, if you are a true Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hater! you will love seeing it! and help your fellow haters by reassuring its authenticity, by adding your agreement, and your own additional negative opinion on top, just to get the ball rolling a bit more.Step 6: When threatened by other’s who make valid arguments, that make it near impossible to argue with, ignore them, then make up stories about them! use their nicks throw in some ugly photo you found on the net and post it! then claim it to be that user for all to see, that’s it, you have to hate them too because they are the enemy! do what ever is necessary no matter how low or dirty it is!! because we are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt haters!!! the best of the best! at hating all things great and small! we are an eleet group who savage and maim, nothing can stand in our way because we are what hate is!The end.-I wrote this post as a bit of a stir, and posted it, After running in to many nasty user’s on a forum i came across "Femalefirst", after arguing with them about what’s right or wrong, and what’s truth or lie’s to no end, then reading the hateful posts wishing death and AIDS to Angelina’s children, and Jolie her self, including Brad. with endless lie’s, and made up stories from the haters towards Angelina and Brad. Reading countless article’s of the facts my self. which were definitely not anything they were posting, to which they clearly didn’t want to know the facts, and found something nasty in everything good about Brad and Jolie, i thought it only fitting to write down what they are doing, and how they do it, from what i saw, if you wish to show your support and stop the awful hateful posts about Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt, which are uncalled for! join this link and post your say about it Or visit other forums who are having the same nasty user problems, give them hell! stamp out the hate and lie’s!

  • remember the truth

    Went over to the Jen thread to see if it was more civil. It was mostly BAMZ fans! The Jen fans were as rude there as here, only a few talking aout how good she looked (and she did look good). What is it with Jen fans? Why so rude all the time? And why are there so few of you?

  • anon

    # 41 | BRAD IS A PHONEY BITCH II Brad does not do humanitarian work to get famous ‘coz he is already famous. I think that since he is very famous all humanitarian efforts that he is concerned with now gets more attention and scrutiny all over the world. Thank you BRAD.

  • Keeping it real

    #38 JESSEveryone knows you have been on these blogs forever defending your Jennifer Aniston Bullshit, You think by degrading Brad Pitt & Angelina that gives your cause some upanship. You tell everyone to shut the hell up while you post over and over and over the most hated comments. You were not going to go away. You thrive on eating your pathetic glory of being a royal bitch by being condescending and extemely uniformed except to you own personal bias.#39 Right ON whoever you are.