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Angelina and Maddox At Legoland

Angelina and Maddox At Legoland

and Maddox for $3,500

Here’s your chance to purchase a piece of Angelina and Maddox!  Up for grabs is an original photograph of Angelina Jolie, 30, and her son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, taken with a Ride Cam at Legoland Windsor, one of England’s most popular theme parks (it re-opened again this year on March 25). The photograph is being auctioned off on eBay for a minimum bid of $3,511.78 USD and was taken during one of their trips to Europe back in October 2004. So far, zero bids have been made as of 10:30AM EST. The winning bidder will receive a "new" 3.5" x 2" photograph.  Get your bid on!!

PS :: I’m not the seller of this photograph nor do I know the seller.

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  • kristen

    I didn’t think it was legal to make money off of a celebrity image without their consent?Or is this money going to a Charity Angelina supports?Just curious.Great site btw. I’m addicted.

  • 81

    They looked so happy together!!! Thanks JJ!

  • yay

    She smiles!!!!! Been a while since anyone has got a shot of that… she is beautiful!!!!!!

  • angelina mmm

    Maddox is precious and cute.

  • Betsy

    They must not have the 48′ rule across the pond.

  • DD

    OMG, Maddox is so cute. Mother and son together time and beautiful!

  • Moi Jade

    Angelinia is such a good & devoted mother. Love these pic. Thanks JJ.Look forward to the news of the new arrival. She is Beautilful!!

  • jjoy

    # 1 | kristen yeah…i am wondering also if this is for charity!! i think it’s a personal profit for someone… and son looks so happy and mad is a cutie pie!!

  • Medulla

    Nice pic,thanks Jared for BAMZ+1 pick me up.Guys, I read on Namibia news that the familly has arrived there , nobody knows just how long they are going to stay but, the press is speculating that Angie wants to give birth there.Let’ s wait and see.

  • Passing Through

    For any BAMZ+1 Supporters who haven’t already seen this on the "Brad Pitt Documentary" blog. According to Lainey, there’s no trouble between Brad and Angie. Also, news reports from early this morning say that they arrived in Namibia at 6:30am this morning. If I can find the article I’ll come back and post here, to. & Angelina: Happy in FranceThank Goddess for you smutters in France. But before we get into this EXCLUSIVE sighting, let’s backtrack a little and address all those rumours. As you know, the Pitts haven’t been photographed together in over a week, prompting rags on both sides of the Atlantic to proclaim an imminent split. The British tabloids are the latest to jump on the breakup wagon reporting that Brad is fed up with Angelina’s demanding behaviour, that things are tense, that they are arguing, that she is kicking his ass…blah blah blah. Amateur gossip, y’all. I’m telling you – all leaks to these two have been sealed. And as much as I love the English dailies, they’d be the last to dig up any reliable goods on the Family Pitt, you know what I mean? However, I do understand some of the concerns coming out of “Brangelina-land”. Angie has barely cracked a smile and Brad looks morose and haggard at best. But apparently that’s just the face they put on when cameras are attacking. Because according to 2 French readers out there who saw them today/yesterday (I never understand the time difference) the hottest couple alive is still alive. And holding hands. Stephanie L and Therese B were both in Paris and saw Mr & Mrs Smith at the Georges Pompidou Center hands clasped. According to Therese, Angelina was laughing about something and at one point when there was a little more foot traffic, Brad walked ahead of her, still clutching her hand, as if to block her from any intrusion. “They seemed very comfortable together and I didn’t see any photographers either so maybe that’s what they were relaxed but his skin is dry and she is even more gorgeous in person but thin and both not as tall as I thought. Not short but not tall.” Obviously not the same story the rags want you to believe but hey – scandal and split is always way more interesting than a boring couple bringing up babies and holding hands, just like the rest of us. In this case however, there really is no need to panic (or rejoice, depending on your flavour) about the status of the Pitts. They are together. They are happy. And as I was the first to report several months ago, they will likely be having their kid in Africa. Stay tuned y’all. And again… beware of amateur gossip.

  • Passing Through

    Here’s the article on BAMZ landing in Namibia -MEGA stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived in Namibia at the crack of dawn yesterday. As far as The Namibian was able to establish last night, the couple have reportedly brought their two children – Maddox and Zahara – with them.It is unclear how long they will stay in Namibia, or what the family’s plans are while they are here.At the weekend, wire reports emanating from overseas speculated that Jolie, who is pregnant with Pitt’s child, was coming to have her baby in Namibia.Alternative reports have suggested that the family is just on a visit.Both stars value their privacy and are very protective of their children.The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation radio news yesterday quoted immigration officials confirming that the Jolie-Pitt family had arrived at Walvis Bay at around 06h30.Sources in Europe earlier told The Namibian that the couple had flown out of Le Bourget airport in Paris in a private jet on Monday night – believed to be headed for Namibia.Jolie is no stranger to Namibia.The Oscar-winning actress spent time in the country in 2002 during the filming of the international feature movie on refugees, ‘Beyond Borders’, at Swakopmund.Namibia is believed to hold particularly fond memories for Jolie.It was here that she took legal custody of her adopted Cambodian son, Maddox, in March 2002.At that time he was seven-and-a-half months old.Last year Jolie adopted a little Ethiopian girl, Zahara, an orphan.ACTIVE FOR AFRICA It is not known if Pitt has previously visited Namibia.However, he has visited South Africa and Ethiopia, and shares Jolie’s humanitarian concerns.The couple are said to have fallen in love with Africa.Much of the focus of their humanitarian commitment is directed at the continent, as well as Asia.In 2001, Jolie was asked by the United Nations High Commission to become its Goodwill Ambassador.She has also been awarded the UN Correspondents Association’s Citizen of the World Award, which was presented to her by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.In addition to Namibia’s Osire refugee camp, Jolie is reported to have visited refugee camps in Tanzania, Congo, Thailand, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Kosovo and Ingushetia.Pitt and Jolie also constantly advocate the plight of refugees and those caught up in conflict on the world stage.SPACE ‘RESPECTED’ In an interview with The Namibian when the actress left Namibia after shooting ‘Beyond Borders’, the producer, Lloyd Phillips, quoted Jolie as saying she had had a great time in the country.Phillips said Jolie had felt very comfortable in Namibia "as people respected her space completely".He said Jolie and her two co-stars, Clive Owen and Noah Emmerich had felt very connected to the country.Although Jolie was rarely seen in public, many of the crew members and extras who worked with her or interacted with her on the movie set commented on how open and accessible she was.She was not fussy about the food she ate, she made a point of greeting people on the set and played with the extras’ children between shoots.Jolie also made a special effort to thank all the people she worked with during the last week of filming.

  • Original jpf

    Love the pic, but what a beyond ridiculous price for a picture! I wouldn’t care if it was the whole Jolie-Pitt family I wouldn’t pay dare that for it.jpf

  • Passing Through

    I would say that this Namibia trip lays to rest those bad rag articles that Angie had her mother flown to France so her dying mother could be there for the birth of the baby. If Angie’s mother was really sick with cancer I doubt she’d be flying so much – Cali to France to Namibia.

  • Medulla

    #11, thanKs for posting the article,for the BAMZ+1 fans.Angie and Brad are happy together as any first time expectant parent will be, as for all the propaganda, I say let’s just wait when the baby is born and we will see their green eyes filled with envy!!!!

  • lookwhaticando

    She looks great

  • 26

    Angelina is so pretty and she’s fun. She enjoys life and it shows.

  • safa

    là on deconne trés grave hein une photos à 3500 non mais ils sont totalement fous les gens je ne l’acheterai meme pas pour 1 euro pourtant ke j’adore angelina jolie et j’aime bien brad aussi mais je pense quand meme que c’est trés exagéré

  • safa

    là on deconne trés grave hein une photos à 3500 non mais ils sont totalement fous les gens je ne l’acheterai meme pas pour 1 euro pourtant ke j’adore angelina jolie et j’aime bien brad aussi mais je pense quand meme que c’est trés exagéré

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ…even an old picture, we still love to see Angelina and Maddox smile.

  • Frenchy

    I"ll tell you what would bring in that amount of money….The infamous W magazine that featured Brad & Angelina. It’s gonna be a collector’s item. As with anything on ebay, verify & authenticate everything including the seller. There are so many fakes on that site. Selling this picture for that amount of money seems fishy and it’s not even autographed (which would need to authenticated).No thanks. I’m enjoying the picture right here on JJ for FREE!.

  • the real tita

    They look so happy in that picture. Angelina has the kind of face who amps her beauty when she smiles. There’s a lot of pretty women who looks good in repose but loses something when they show their teeth. Maddox I think is trying to suppress a giggle. He so is enjoying the ride!

  • apple

    Angie and Mad look so darn cute.

  • WTF???

    Who the hell gives this person the right to sell pictures of AJ and her son? This is beyond stepping over the line.. I don’t care what the reason/cause.. these are personal moments between a mother and son. I hope nobody bids on them!!! This is stalking!!!

  • Mona

    Angelina has such a nice smile.

  • Iolee

    awww that photo is too cute! reminds me of myself and my 5 year old son. If I had the money I would purchase it only if it had a consent from Angie and I’m sure she would donate the money. If there’s no consent, it would feel like I’m buying something that’s been stolen.

  • Lori

    Yeah I agree that whoever is selling this picture is pretty pathetic. I feel celebrities should have the same respect as any other parent on that ride. This person wouldn’t try to sell the picture of the people in front of her so he shouldn’t feel it’s alright to sell hers’. Although she probably is pretty pissed that someone at Legoland would sell such a private moment she wouldn’t waste her time sueing this person. I just hope noone bids on the picture. It supports the whole stalking thing the paparazzi do.

  • Tatiana

    Awwwww… that pic is so cute. That’s all I have to say.

  • lovah


  • ken

    Love BAMZ+1 also. Hope and wish the very best for the family.

  • Tipsy McStaggler

    Great picture. They both look so very happy. Maddox is on lucky and blessed dude. Angelina is beautiful, however one would have to be out of their flamming minds to purchase a snap shot for that much money.

  • haha

    The pic is adorable, but that’s expensive. Why would I pay for it when I can just save the one Just jared posted?

  • nickybja

    okay let me first stae that i love africa , i think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world but coooooooooommmmmmmmee onnnnnnn people who the hell leaves france a first world country with less turbulent conditions and more sterile hospitals to go have a baby in Nambia(if the sources are true)People in Nambia dont even want to have their babies in Nambia!!! I’m all for being ACEPTING AND VERY OPEN TO OTHER CULTURES BUT THE BIRTH OF A CHILD IS NOT SOMETHING YOU MESS AROUND WITH .IT IS NOT CASUAL.IT is not what uu want but what is best for the baby, and travelling to nambia when ur due to have a baby inless than three weeks does not sound like the best interest of th echild to me.Tattoos and that stuff find but when u r infringing on the lifes of others i think we should think a liitle more logically.I hope that she is not going to nambia and that she is at home resting or doing some breathing exercise or something !!!Nambia not necessary.

  • crybabyAniston

    What a lovely picture of Angie and Maddox…I love this family.

  • haha

    Sometime this month will be the 1 year anniversary of the first African Beach photos. maybe they’re just there to celebrate their Anniversary? I just don’t think they’ll be staying in Africa for too long. then again if the repotts are true and she is planning on giving birth in Africa… since they’re there already I guess the baby is on her way sooner than I thought. YAY LoL

  • Just wondering, Ive never been pregnant

    Arent women who are pregnant not suppose to be on rides? Or Flying to other countries? I know she was fine at 6 months or even 7, but 8months? Isnt that a bit risky?

  • claire

    Awww….That’s only what I can say. Angelina’s smile is so precious. Maddox can not be cuter.

  • helenbedd

    She has never looked more beautiful and satisfied!

  • nickybja

    u r coorect ,women that far along in their pregnancies are advised to stay grounded no pun intended.i just hope this child doesn’t end up having brain damage or any such cognitive deficiences. all that cruising in the air is bound to catch up to her and that would be a shame because it was avoidable.let keep our fingers crossed.

  • malibmom

    piture of ride was taken in 2004-AJ WAS NOT PREGNANT-Flight was on PRivate Jet (probaby with doctor aboard)-Personally I wouldn’t do it-but it’s AJ and PB that are the parents-Much love to them

  • claire

    # 32 | nickybja, you sound so concerned even more than the unborn baby’s parents. The truth is that you are probably not that "sweet". Purrrrlease.

  • you

    Pregnant women do go for regualr check-ups and scans. These tests help you keep up with what’s going on with the baby. I’m sure all is well. Katie Holme has been with Tom Cruise travelling and she’s closer to giving birth. These people love their children and would not do anything delibrately to jeopardize their health.

  • haha

    they talkes about flying while pregnant on one of the entertainment shows. There is nothing wrong with flying while pregnant esp on a private plane. The doctor advices the pregnant woman too walk the aisle every hour though. that is all

  • Mary

    Isn’t funny how the same people that were happy a few days ago that they were splitting up are now suddenly worried about her baby’s well being. Every body has become an expert in all things Brangelina, when she should smile, fly or walk or even where to have her baby. So if they are in Namibia that means they did not split, and may be, just maybe, the paparazzi will leave them alone for a few weeks. I still think the baby is due in June, and it is a boy hence they have both spent so much time with mad.I wish them all the best in what ever choices they make. And may she get back in abundance all that she has given to the poor, weak and oppressed the world over. Their humanity and grace under fire gives me faith in human race even though sometimes after reading some hatred on these blogs, that faith is seriously challenged. And for the hypocrital christains, is one of God’s teachings not about taking care of the poor, and if that is the case God’s love and blessings will be with them abundantly.

  • Porgie

    I agree with #32 about not messing with a child’s birth place. No matter what the feelings the parents may have for a third world country, first world countries have many advantages, health, lack of susceptibility to prejudice, immigratio, etc to name a few.My younger brother and myself were born to British medical doctors who loved, lived and worked in East and Central Africa in the 1960′s.While they may have enjoyed their time there back in the liberal and affluent 1960′s of the time (British Colonies, etc), we have been born into a nightmare of prejudice, negative associations (usually untrue) and a struggle with a sense of hereditary identity. Even what should be the relatively simple process of obtaining a copy of a birth certificate takes 3-6 months in African countries, you just don’t know how many other people are using your birth certificate and partly because of that, you have to beg, wait and finally threaten to simply get a copy. I won’t even begin to mention the difficulties encountered when it comes to Immigration procedures when settling/visiting first world countries, albeit usually down to ignorance/prejudice, although I’m sure celebrities and their spouse may be somewhat exempt from those particular difficulties.Whatever the case and inspite of our mutual love for Africa and third world countries, given the choice, we would much rather have been born in Europe or any first world country, in hindsight!It would have made our lives so much easier!

  • kerchy

    I think they are just visiting . IMO You would think that Brad would want his THIRD child and his FIRST biological child born in the US closer to his family. I don’t care where she has the baby as long as it’s healthy and Angie is healthy. ROCK ON BAMZ+1

  • Estelle

    # 44 | Porgie -actually the law in the US have change in past years regarding children with both parents are US Citizen. It does not matter where the child is born, he/she will be automatically a US citizen. So I don’t think the baby will have any problem at all. I am sure, the parent will have all the legal paper works ready. My goddaughter was born in France last November, it only took 1 week to get her US passport.

  • Arora

    I just read on another thread that BAMZ is booked at the resort in Namibia for 10 weeks. BAMZ+1 rules!! Africa’s fine to have a baby — if not what about those who live there? What exactly are you saying? This will focus attention on the continent. AJ is truely a saint.

  • Passing Through

    People, ya’ll need to quit acting like they’re going to be living in the bush with the natives. They are at a RESORT, for God’s sake. There will be plenty of medical help there if necessary. Clearly AJ (and hopefully BP, too) feel it’s important for all of their children to have a kinship beyond blood. AJ took custody of Maddox in Namibia, adopted Z in Ethiopia and probably wants her biological child to have that same tie with her adoptive children. It’s not that unusual in families with adopted children to do something to help the adopted children realize that they are just as important as a biological child and to help the biological child bond with the adoptive siblings.

  • kerchy

    The place where they are rumored to be staying, is absolutely beautiful. There are medical facilities in the area! Africa is where they first hooked up. Pretty cool, if they decided to get married while they’ll there…….Another rumor for the TABS!

  • 81

    Hope the family finally gets some of the privacy they deserve now that they are in Africa.They looked relaxed when they first arrived in France but subsequently they must have been considerably stressed the way they were hounded everytime they have to step out of their apartment. It can’t be healthy especially for the children.I watched a video of AJ at some event in the US last Dec and it was scary the way the papps were pressing in on her. It was so aggressive and I just can’t imagine what it must be like to have face this everytime a person steps out. And haters please don’t say that she’s a mediawhore! Reckon you should watch the clip just to get an idea of how terrifying it can be. Both these clips are on for those interested.So I just hope BAMZ+1 can finally get the chance to live normal life whilst they are in Namibia since it’s gonna be a media circus once the baby arrives and they will eventually have to return to HW.BTW you can catch an interview AJ had with Ryan Seacrest in which she mentioned that she was in Namibia when Maddox was brought to her from Cambodia.