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Katie Holmes' Engagement Ring

Katie Holmes' Engagement Ring

With Adult Pacifier

Star Magazine is reporting that, Katie Holmes may not have freedom to scream while giving birth, but she will have soothing music, cardboard signs and a specially crafted adult "shriek-reducing" pacifier to stay calm and silent. Their source reveals, "Tom commissioned an adult-sized ‘binky’ for her to clench between her teeth, hoping that it’ll squelch her screams. In keeping with a Scientology silent birth, Tom is prepared to do whatever it takes to muffle Katie’s moans and groans during the delivery." Cruise’s publicist Arnold Robinson has dismissed the reports as nonsense. Above is Katie Holmes, who is expecting her baby with fiancé Tom Cruise "any minute," shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills yesterday.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, some images had to be removed!

Katie Holmes proudly wears her Edwardian-style oval-
shaped diamond ring of about 5 carats in a pave setting.
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katie holmes wedding ring02
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katie holmes wedding ring10
katie holmes wedding ring11
katie holmes wedding ring13
katie holmes wedding ring16

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  • helenbedd

    WTF has happened to this chick? Oh yeah – the crazy Elf has swept over her with his uh well magic stick? Does ANYONE believe these two actually had sex? And the ring looks fake!!!

  • slj

    Her belly looks funny. I wonder what kid is that going to be?

  • eko

    She looks huge!!

  • Tipsy Mcstaggler

    Ahh, The belly looks kinda strange, like, ahh, err, Well you all know.

  • mmom

    She must have had the baby and replaced it with a pillow-She is an attractive Girl but I get the feeling TC didn’t want her to look stunning because it may have take the publicity awa from him-I culd be wrong, but she and BSPears are #2, and #! for tackiest dressed woment while pregnant

  • mamamia

    its a shame, she was in some good movies and now i can barely stand to look at her..what a waste

  • forget the binkey

    She should turn her head and bite his c**k off in the middle of labor..Her parents must be dying seeing her stuck with him Rosemary’s baby~

  • I don’t believe it

    Does anyone know how long she’s been "pregnant"? I think they adopted a baby.

  • Michelle

    Oh my god, when are they gonna give up the charade. Katie keep those straps tight or your little secret may fall all over the side walk.

  • nic

    That belly looks mighty fake, I belive she had the baby already perhaps late march, that belly is a prothesis, you should see the video , she walks like she is glading instead of wabbling like she should that far along in pregnancy…this is a lie , why TC thinks people are so stupid, that be belive anything?

  • Frenchy

    Fabulous ring! Can’t she get a maternity coat for her belly/pillow? According to the tabs, they are getting married right after MI3 opens worldwide.

  • Why?

    Why would they fake this? I believe this does look fake but I don’t get the reason why – I mean what purpose? Maybe they don’t want people hounding them, like they would, if the baby was born? She looks thin in the face and yes, that belly is very weird.

  • libraesque

    This photo has been photoshopped. I saw the real photo in a ragmag and it didn’t look like this at all

  • Nic

    Libraesque, that phono has not been photoshoped, look at the actual video, then you will be convinced….

  • 26

    That pic is crazy! The pillow moved

  • I Smell Sham

    fake belly……

  • please

    Are you kidding? Still the fake belly talk? It’s clearly just the wind in the last two pics.

  • please

    Are you kidding? It’s clearly just the wind in the last two pics.

  • Whatever…

    Come on people. Can you really not see that in the last couple pics her shirt was blown up by the wind? Look at the rest of them, the shirt is loose and draped in folds across her belly. It looks strange in the last two because it’s just her shirt, not her stomach at all.

  • Tiny Dancer

    This woman has lost all sense of fashion. Who the hell would wear something that makes you look so awful? she is so huge, it makes one wonder if it isn’t twins! Or a super huge scientology alien fetus.

  • Why?

    # 19 has solved the puzzle – its true, this has to be the wind …but still…that does look weird and her face looks thin – my face was all bloated with the water retention. Lucky girl – I think she looks gorgeous.

  • Idatrvlr

    She’s still carrying VERY high for being due and whats with the CZ ring? Can’t TC spring for a real ring?

  • Idatrvlr

    She’s still carrying VERY high for being due and whats with the CZ ring? Can’t TC spring for a real ring? Fakkkkkkkkkke all around

  • gigi

    Totally photoshopped, especially the side view.

  • Emma

    It only looks so odd because the coat she is wearing emphasises it – most pregnant women don’t wear regular coats buttoned to just under their breasts! My bump looked just like this before I had both my daughters -right at the end you do look so pregnant you looks like you’re about to explode. The baby hasn’t dropped yet though, but might not til just before its born.

  • LoungingLizard

    I’ll give y’all the "wind" in the last two pictures, but the third picture on the next to the last row is NOT wind. It really looks like the pillow is about to fall out. Hasn’t she been pregnant a year already?

  • haha

    do you understand how rich these people are? if they were trying to pull off a fake pregnancy, i really don’t think they would be using a ‘pillow’ or anything that looks fake. movies make chicks prego all the time, and it usually doens’t look fake.. if they were trying to fool us – we would never know!!!!

  • what??

    # 20 | Tiny Dancer Are you kidding? i think she looks great!! i love the coat, and nothing is cuter than being pregnant. i think she looks great and hope i look like that when i am about to pop!!!!

  • eko

    I think she looks chubby in her face like any other pregnant woman, compared to what she looked like before she was pregnant. I don’ know how anyone can say that she is faking it.

  • sandy

    She’s not pregnant. Look at this video of these pics. It’s the POSTURE. Look at her walking. If she was that heavily pregnant her back would be very bowed. It looks straight to me. But most of all, notice how easily and quickly she gets into the car ! This is a fake pregnancy. Just click on "video" in the "login" box, and there gonna be a page with different videos. Katie’s one is there.

  • Iliana Niarchos

    Sandy I have to agree with you, my sister had easy pregnancies and she never managed to move like that a week let alone a month before my two nieces were born. If you see pictures from KH attending that basketball game last week I also don’t know any pregnant woman that can lean forward with their elbows on their knees while sitting down at 8 months, does anyone here?

  • micdus

    How long has she been pregnant? I really want to know because she seems to have been pregnant for longer than 9 months. At this rate she’ll be giving birth to 1st grader. Anyone know?

  • JLS

    These comments made me laugh tonight. When I first saw the pics I had the same reaction-(what the?) and concluded it was the wind. When reading that others of you think the same, I ‘m pretty sure we’re right on this one. No matter what we think of TC–he loves money too much and has too much of it for this whole love & baby story to be fake. I’ll admit. . .strange, but true.

  • What the?

    Maybe the rumors about her already having delivered the kid and wearing a fake belly are true! That belly is sticking out oddly. I’ve never seen that before! And she’s looking thinner.

  • What the?

    And yes I know about the baby dropping down in the womb as it gets closer to time of delivery. But I’m still suspicious, especially since she looks thinner.

  • Tiffany

    Yeah, why is she getting skinnier towards the due date? She’s seemed bloated in previous pictures but now she’s skinnier. WHY?????????

  • What the?

    I thought it was the wind too, but looking closely at the curve of her belly showing through from the front when the shirt sticks to her belly (or fake belly), I don’t think so.

  • FAKE

    I just watched the video – and she IS NOT PREGNANT!!! she walks normal and gets in the car with no effort at all.impossible when you are that big and that far along!

  • pooh

    I have never seen someone carry that high in their 9th month ever. There is always some sort of girth to the lower abdomen, and she’s flat as a pancake. That is fucking bizarre looking!

  • Tipsy Mcstaggler

    eko – What are you even thinking.

  • Lucy J

    It is none of your business, what these people do they can do what ever they want that is why they live in the good old USofA. Back off and let them live there own lives. And if you have a life, you have way to much time….on your hands.

  • winter

    oh my god that video!! no one helps her down the steps, and she doesn’t even hesitate before sliding into the backseat! no one even helps her get in the car!

  • please

    Pregnant women can walk and get into a car all by themselves. I saw my cousin two days before the delivery do all these unbelievable things. You talk about pregnancy as if it was an illness.

  • katie has no dignity

    It’s not the wind because nothing else is blowing like her hair, jacket or otherwise . I saw the video , the strap on is not properly put on. FAKE!

  • please

    She has different hair in every pic and here we are not talking about a storm, but a little wind. In the splashnews video you can see the shirt flying when she comes out from the store. Beside, what is the theory? that she has a fake belly that changes in sizes from moment to moment? Shouldn’t be the opposite? Wind or not, it’s clearly her shirt.

  • duh

    Holy moly – there is NO WAY IN HELL that she is pregnant. I actually thought she was ’til I saw those pics….who in their right mind would think she looks pregnant??? Too funny….

  • OMG!

    That’s hilarious. I’ve never seen a pregnant woman look like that. This is so fake.Her fingers would be swollen big time by now – but she still has tiny fingers and is wearing her engagement ring. She is too thin to be ready to pop a baby out any minute. Her boobs would be bigger and her stomach would have dropped by now.

  • meg

    i dunno, but are you supposed to wear tight jeans on your third trisem? (the baby can risk being deformed, right?) and look at how the ‘tummy’ just ‘disappears’ into the small waist of her jeans. i’m not saying thin women can’t get pregnant…jeans… omg. if the baby is real, poor baby. if the baby is not real, poor katie.

  • rememer the truth

    Loved the "Rosemary’s Baby" comment! It’s what I’ve been thinking all along, and it really creeps me out. This whole thing, from the rushed courtship to the fake, over-the-top pronoucements and playing the whole thing out in front of the cameras — it’s got a Rosemary’s Baby feel to it. He was looking for a woman to breed him his own devil spawn, and found someone naive enough to do whatever he wants her to.

  • jessica

    I think these are real some of them look fine and the others look weird because the wind is blowing up her blouse causing it to look fake.