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American Idol 5 Top 8

American Idol 5 Top 8

Was anyone else not surprised by the bottom three this week?  Mandisa (African-American), Paris Bennett (African-American)and Elliot Yamin (Jewish-American).  As Kia so poignantly expressed, "Isn’t it funny that tonight’s bottom three consisted of the three ethnic contestants? America don’t like those ethnics singing their sacred country music. Racists."  Ha ha ha. Power-house Mandisa got the boot last night, if you missed it.  Above clockwise from bottom left: Ace Young, Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks, Paris Bennett, Bucky Covington, Kellie Pickler, Katherine McPhee and Elliott Yamin.  More pictures from this week’s episodes in the gallery!

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  • Char

    Dude I totally am surprised Mandisa was given the boot she was my favourite, I’m from UK so don’t get to see it ’til tomorrow. Taylor/Chris must win it!!

  • Jude

    I haven’t been watching this season, but this picture caught my eye. Isn’t there some kind of age limit imposed on the contestants? What’s going on with that Taylor Hicks guy? What does he have, some kind of disease that ages him extremely rapidly? Because he looks about 55!

  • crybabyAniston

    As a black american I thought Mandisa had the worst performance this week and she should have been better since she comes from the south and heard country music before…she picked a bad song choice. Also she was interested in Gospel music and did not really want to be AI. She has been putting out in the media what type of career she wanted and it was Gospel music.Also her little speach last week about coming to Jesus and helping with addiction, lifestyle..etc, pissed off many of her fans…from reading on other sites. Although I liked Mandisa, I didn’t think she would work hard on her weight issues to become this year AI, and this was a way for her to get a Gospel recording contract that she truly wanted.

  • What the?

    GOD, AREN’T THEY TIRED OF SMILING ALREADY IN THOSE STUPID RIDICULOUS PHOTOS?? Well, i guess they’re made to. What people will do for a star… And yes I know this may have been a friggin magazine photo, but as years go by I am so sick of fake pics. They look like the team on Saved By the Bell.

  • Sister Sister

    I am Black and I can say Mandisa sucked. Too much screaming and not enough feeling. I think she deserved the boot.Paris, on the other hand, is really really talented!

  • Ariel

    Mandi. is gone yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesHopefully next is Ace, Kelly, Taylor, and Chris

  • doo-bah-de-dooo

    Elliot Yamin to win! He’s wicked, cool yet somewhat quirky :D … if not him silver Taylor or Paris … personally i think the rest don’t take no risks and its same old same old bull plop Oh oh also Randy is annoying he’s not consistent with his comments he’s all "daaawg i didnt hear no difference from the original you gotta do it different" then to next person "nah u didnt really change from the original but it was hot!" come on now… finally i noticed how last week Katherine and Ace didn’t clap for the ppl who were safe while Elliot, Lisa and Bucky did…how rude…so what if they upset :p Thats all… 4 Now!!!

  • Phatzchance

    Simon always say, it’s a singing contest. Now we know it is not a singing contest, because Mandisa got booted off. The best voice of the group. It’s a media popularity contest.

  • orsyn

    I’m white and I say they all sucked … Race doesnt have shit to do with the fact that they all picked crappy songs that they had never heard.. its nothing more than bad karoke really.. Dont bring the race shit up… there have been equal number of black idol WINNERS as whites , so stick that shit up your asses.

  • Marie

    Why do you think Elliot almost got the boot? He’s a terrific singer. And, please, WHY does Pickler keep making it through to each round? Why are people so loyal to her? Thoughts?

  • rachel

    i think mandisa made the wrong song choice. but she’s a terrific singer! it’s really a pity. i think pickler just has a loyal following in the south. she just did well this time because it was country. bucky too. ace should have been booted. his performance was totally lousy and i don’t know why people actually bother voting for him. it’s ridiculous. i’m not an american so i guess it’s not my fault.i think in general most of the contestants didn’t do very well, since country was not something they were familiar with.

  • Jess

    I want to know how the hell Bucky is still in there? He is horrible! Much worse than Mandisa, who, in my own opinion, just had one bad week.

  • Trey

    i know what you mean about the racist angle. I’m tired of white people getting all the breaks, like Ruben and Fantasia.

  • ros

    I’m black and I thought Mandisa sucked this week. She should stick to gospel. I’m sick of Kellie too.

  • jdb

    Hey Jude…. Taylor is NOT 55!! He just turned 29 yrs. old. He has premature graying.. that does happen you know. His grandma says he started to gray at age 16. I think he looks rather distinguished myself… I think he is a breath of fresh air compaired to the same ‘ol country boy/gal, rocker boy, crooner boy/gal, R&B boy/gal we’ve seen on idol in the past. We need someone who can sing with soul and you can feel it when he sings. His lastest performance was not that great because Country Roads was not his first song choice. AI nixed his first song choice… so his "soul" wasnt into Country Roads and you could tell. But he still sang it well. He’s got talent, that’s for sure and of course he’s from the south. Those southern folks listen to their mommas sing from the womb and it just clicks with them. Something about the south and great music!!

  • Aboyne

    I really hate that when someone not white is voted off, that it must be racism. An illiterate black woman WON last year … can’t we move past this race thing … please!

  • Indio

    Amen Aboyne!

  • Jaehon

    I think katherine has everything it takes to win AI she’s pretty and actaully has more natural talent than almost everyone in that competition. her voice is raw. I want her to have my love child. Katherine will you marry me!!!!!