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Katie Holmes' Wedding Invitations

Katie Holmes' Wedding Invitations

West Hollywood, California ::  Will there be a Soolip wedding for Tom and Katie?  Looks like somebody was doing some wedding invitations shopping yesterday afternoon at a specialty paper boutique.  Katie Holmes, 27, went shopping at Soolip Paperie and Press where she picked out photo albums in sophisticated silk-screened Japanese Yuzen papers, imported decorative papers and a few handmade cards for the special occasion. No strange bumps forming underneath Katie’s shirt this time.  But we have our eye on you, Katie!!  Many more pictures in the gallery!

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  • WhatTHEf?

    FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE.. I can’t stand the PR bullshi@ these two are trying to play. Tom brings her everywhere with him to "show they are SO in love" (sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little) but now she is due any second and she is out looking at wedding invitations by herself??? I wonder how much of a pay bonus she got for that picture? This is the fakest couple I have ever seen!!! Who cares if KH is pregnant or not..had the baby or didn’t. They belong together… someone who seems dazed and confused, KH during her Parade interview, belongs with this nut JOB. Tom we ALL know your secret.. you are such a loser if you think we believethis stunt… it is as good as your dramatic acting.. NOT!!!!!

  • Me

    She definately IS adorable. She looks so cute here. I am happy for her, regardless of what the "haters" are saying. And what IS so strange about her looking at invitations by herself? How many men actually do that anyways? My Husband didn’t give a rats ass what the freakin paper looked like. Get over it, if she wants to be with Tom, then leave her alone.

  • whatTHEf

    Please… I would not even say I gave enough to HATE them. However..TC did himself a great disservice by going on nation TV and ranting and raving. He is a CELEB, not a Dr. I think he has played one to many roles in his life.. he memorizes pages of words for god sake… THAT IS IT!!! These people hire YES men to agree with whatever they say and then they have to come into reality and people see them for who they are.. hence the PR stunt of KH. Do you have children #3? Do you support a man/cult telling you you can’t hold your child for something like 3 days. Are you NUTS??Have a baby and then tell me you would let someone keep the baby from you. That is cruel, there has been tons of research done on mother and child bonding the first few days of the babies life so… please don’t even question it!!! If KH is for it.. well than I hope she gets everythig she deserves. A baby whom she hands over to a PSCHYO man and his cult. You are right.. she looks so happy..yadda yadda yadda. Live your life with blinders on #3. I am not falling for this PR shi% anymore. TC is gay and if he can’t handle it well I will go out of my way to tell EVERYONE to not help support his movies or give him money to spread his cults ideas. He can start his own TV channel than..Plus, yeah right he would even let KH pick out the invitations.. I’m surprised he was not sucking face while they looked.. to show how much in love they are. This is all BS!!

  • whatTHEf

    Sorry.. I meant to write national t.v and PSYCHO.. I wonder.. how many people out there believe this is real or a stunt?

  • melanie

    Honestly..I feel so sorry for her being harassed endlessly while 9 months pregnant. If you have never been pregnant then you cannot possibly imagine how miserable it is…its completely exhausting then to have photogs in your face 24/7…even I, who have little tolerance of whiney celebs feel bad for her. And you all are full of total shit if you do not believe she is pregnant. Educatae yourselves..she is pregnant…its a stupid theory that she isnt’ and makes all of you look like idiots who believe she is not.

  • heyyou

    Oh I believe she is or was pregnant.. I doubt that they had sex to get pregnant though. And I bet they will announce the birth around his MI3 opening.. again after she had the baby…. using yet another PS stunt. This guy is GROSS!! Oh plus.. I was pregnant 2 times so I am sure that the last few minutes of her pregnancy.. as Tom said in an interview.. I was not shopping at the mall. BS!! She had the baby and the cult is doing something strange to it. Plus, she knows the PAPS want pictures shouldn’t she be home where it is quiet?? WHATEVER PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!! I think it is so funny how he thinks he is fooling people. TC grew up by where I live.. it is well known he liked his own sex!!!

  • Betsy

    So what is the deal with this bump? One day it looks huge and then the next day it looks another way and so on? I don’t get it. She is due to pop anyday and Tom is off in Germany…what a publicity show these two put on.

  • junebug

    How the hell did she get out??

  • zeka

    what happened to her cell phone/sidekick, anyone notice she has never been seen with one since she met Tom. the last time she had.. was the time with the Herpes loaded pics. ????

  • cj

    # 4 | whatTHEf |"Please… I would not even say I gave enough to HATE them"Sure seems like you care!!!hahahaShe is so cute (and pregnant), i just don’t get what everyones problem with her is. i’m denying that he is insane, but whatever makes you happy i guess!!!

  • cj

    hahaha… i mean… i am NOT denying he is insane. he is ridiculous, but i still say leave the little girl alone.

  • shana

    her appearances seem to be just to confirm that she hasnt had the `baby`. I guess if Tom get rumblings that there could be a baby announcement in the tabloids he sends her shopping coz he knows the paps are parked outside his house. crazy midget!!!

  • dana

    2nd from below line, first photo…anyone notice the size of the bags under her eyes…..ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. that girl hasnt had a good rest in a loooooong time for sure…

  • it’sherlife

    she looks beautiful.

  • whatTHef

    Hey #CJ.. I see your point however she signed up for this crazy PR thing. I know for a fact that he summoned her from the editor of 17!!! He is creepy and she is now a nut job. I don’t hate anyone.. I do hate the fact that they are trying to decieve us for a profit. She can have 10 implanted babies with the shrimp if she wants.. however planning it around his MI3 is just plain SICK!!! Trying to hide he is gay is sad and the fact that he now has her keep quiet during interviews.. whom EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT HOW CREEPY it was!!!.. that is because she is not a seasoned actor like TC and she would blow the cover by speaking if someone asked her a question. You explain everything than? She gets what she deserves by trying to fake this.. not the pregnancy, I believe that.. I would like to see a DNA test though.. I bet 1 million it was a dish made baby and almost half that it was a donor. Yeah she looks so happy too? I think her eyes saw $$ and movie star status, and now she realizes she can’tget out ifthis. You wait and see… I am sure she too signed a contract to keep quiet. He will destroy her if she talks. That is why NK kept quiet.. TC is dangerous with his thoughts and comments…he will do anythin. I believe, to keep his secrets.

  • nk

    As much as they are weirdos, Kate is very much still pregnant for real. There’s no insane reason for them to have had already given birth and then stuff her tummy with pillows… common..

  • gimmeabreak

    For so many people that dont care, you sure do post alot about tomkat,. And go to numerous boards posting your rhetoric. Dont care my foot. And she is pregnant, get over it.

  • #18 READ a little

    yeah I do care…do care about being used and lied to.. SORRY YOU DON’T!! To make a profit off of the public by this PR stunt. Yeah I have a BIG PROBLEM with that! Love Brad and Angie.. real love.. real life… not for money or to hide in a closet. TomKAT was made for the press so they are going to hear from the public!! We don’t believe the BS. For everyone that believes there are real there are about 300 that don’t. You don’t like that I will not let TC use the media for his platform. TO BAD!!! Don’t read my stuff than. You love KH so much? Big Dawson fan huh? Give me a break. He picked three girls out of the 17 mag. KH was the only one that needed the money or the PR or whatever!!! I have family in the business #18. You don’t like the truth well than stick to watching HBO. As for me caring… yeah it is about time these people are held accountable for their actions and stuff they say. POWER of the people not to see MI3!!! I hope it bombs. TC is a fraud and he should be called on it!!!

  • Suz

    I wonder if she is still paying with checks from the church of scientology as was reported on TedC ? I think she has had the baby already also. I don’t think it is Tom’s but R.Hubbard. I also think she is out and about with the pregnant look on pupose. There are people who will bring books of samples to your house for you to make your choices ala decorators with facric swatches . If one has enough money, one never needs to go out shopping as it is brought to you….Lawyers and condifidential contracts that Cruise makes everyone sign have scared everyone. I wonder if Andrew Morton feels fear for his life considering that he is penning an expose about Cruise and the church?I read on the socialitelife something about a phone recording that the FBI confiscated from that private investigator that apparently both Tom and Nicole are scared to have it made public. I see Tom career manipulation etc. as a house of cards that will eventually topple down. Don’t feel sorry for Katie. She sold her soul to Tom for a fast track to stardom etc. Her parents aren’t that devout that they did anything to save her except of course her attorney father making sure that she gets a good financial pay-off as a result of this PR scam. What Tom Cruise as well as publicist in Hollywood have not really caught up with is that we are not as limited to information as it used to be, Now we have the internet and sites/blogs such as this. So, of course they cannot control what is said about their clients.

  • whatTHEf

    I think it is funny how everyone was so pisse% at that guy Frey for writing a fake book but passing it off as real. He went on Oprah to get ripped a new one… but no one calls TC out when he lies about what makes him money!!! Where is Oprah’s outrage with the jumping Tom on the couch?Hmmmmm. KH was a good investment, to bad nobody buys it though. He knows it that is why he drags her around like a puppy. Oh Tom…. so so sad…. so sad… sad…

  • suz

    #21 I agree with you. I think that being #2 Scientologist has given TC the idea that he is a god/ Unfortunately he does have the church of scientology behind him which if you have read anything on will scare you too. After all it is the religionn of greed and justifies getting it at any cost. Including murder. Just google and read. It also makes one wonder if they control so much of Hollywood, what is their worldwide agenda? Specially since since supposedly they consider homosexuality as a disease they can cure? Given that the Gay Mafia controls another part of Hollywood and they both seem to work well together? What is all that about?

  • Rox

    I don’t get it. Why is she doing that is so wrong? She’s just living her life. Live the girl alone! Why do you have to constantly pick on her??

  • whatTHEf

    Suz… I am going to google it and read up on it. Sounds great! LOL I think it is funny how Tom Cruise and John Travolta (two men accussed of being gay) have found scientology. Hmmm I guess they wanted to be cured. So sad.. you are what you are. This cult sounds down right SCARY!!! What is wrong woth these people? To many yes men in their lives I guess.

  • L

    I think she was pregnant before she met TC, so it was perfect timing. She got a career boost (or so she thought) and a gay boyfriend, and the tiny barren man got an insta-straight-family for the and a high-profile convert to Scientology.


    She is so not pregnant! If she was, she’s already had the baby. Her face looks much slimmer than in weeks past. WTF! And she has such weird facial expressions and her eyes look clouded over and dead. She looks totally stupid when she smiles. Katie, put back your sunglasses and stop fake smiling you robot ! Tom must be so embarrassed. Kat-bot is the biggest PR mistake he’s ever made.

  • houston

    I’m with you L. What if she was already pregnant when she hooked up with Tom, and he went along with the charade to look like he has really had sex with a woman? Soooo, yes, she HAS already had the baby sometime in the past month or two and is continuing to look pregnant for awhile longer so that the timing would indicate that it is Tom’s.

  • cj

    # 25 | L | # 27 | houston They started dating in April of last year. i can guess, with some certianty, that she was not prego before him (12+ months of pregnancy???). If you have been looking around, there are lots of pics that you can actually see her belly… she hasn’t had it yet! For your theory to work… she would have had to have the baby in Jan….

  • umbridge

    ella es una tremenda PUTA

  • Katie’s no pregs

    Look at this video of her shopping at Lullop : is NOT pregnant anymore. At one moment, she bend down to the second shelf from the floor to reach some papers, as easily as a ballerine. And look, at the end of the video, how without ANY efforts and quickly she gets into the car. WTF !? So fucking fake !

  • what?

    my sisters due date is April 20. i spent last weekend with her. what do you think i wrong with pregnant people?? they aren’t disabled. they get in and out of cars just fine (and drive), they bend down to pick things up, they are HUGE when they are about to have a baby. Why does everyone think this is fake just because she has kept in good shape and is able to move around like any other person. good on her…..and she looks great. love her coat!!

  • JC

    Just watched some video of her shopping. I noticed that she can bend down and get back up without much trouble. I don’t care how tall you are, getting down and up when you are far along as she is difficult if not impossible. But she is reaching up and bending down with no discomfort and she never puts her hands to her spine to ease the pressure from the baby. And she looks absolutely flat-chested. Heavily pregnant women just don’t look like this.

  • NO !

    She’s not even putting a hand out to balance herself–she just bends over and stays in that bent over position for quite awhile. I really don’t think that’s possible. These shopping trips this week are an obvious p.r. ploy to get this supposedly pregnant monkey pictured. Most pathetic famewhore ever.

  • jennifer

    WOW!! She looks awful in those new pics. And given the lack of swelling in her face, which was there a while back, she has definitely had that baby. That swelling doesn’t go down until you have actually given birth. Not the mention the freakish bending. No way, no how, can you do that in your last month. You can’t breathe at all if you even lean forward because the belly is just too big and presses down on everything, and bending over exacerbates that.

  • whatTHEf

    Wow, I just saw the video as well. BULL SH%^ she is still pregnant. She had tha kid and the cult is doing its vodoo on it. Where is Tom while she prances around BH? You would think she would be worried her water would break and all the PAPS would get the picture. BULL SH$%. Her body guard was on the phone with TC telling him they are here and they are getting enough pictures. TC is a gross gross little troll and he makes me sick. If KH had the baby she is the WORST mother in the world to leave her child at this stage in that cult!!! I bet she had the baby because the cult does something with the kid for a few days.. she will have the baby after the cult is finished and nobody will say anything because she will be with the baby. Instead of having the baby and being away from it for a few days/weeks. THEY ARE BOTH SICK AND I PRAY FOR THIS BABY!!!

  • OMG

    TomKat brings publicity whoring to a whole ‘nother level. What do they call and set this mess up? Smoke and mirrors with these two. Smoke and mirrors.

  • whatthef

    PLEASE nobody go see MI3!! Lets hit him where it hurts!! He thinks we are stupid huh? Lets show him….. TC needs a reality check, he is no better or above ANYONE!!!!

  • OMG

    I believe like some that she was pregnant when they brokered the deal for her to be Tom’s stepford wife. If that means that she already had the baby, then she’s faking part of the pregnancy to give the illusion that the little elf actually fathered it. It would also explain why her belly seemed to get larger and smaller at times that didn’t necessarily coincide with the month she was supposed to be in. There is something very strange about this pregnancy. She has been pregnant for far too long. Yeah it’s a crazy theory, but Cruise is a crazy maniac who will stop at nothing to prove that he is a big strong virile man. For all those who keep crying "Leave her alone," please give me a break. She signed up for this. They want this attention. You reap what you sow.

  • melanie

    Very interesting how so many of you know so much about tom/katie. So far I haven’t hear her whine or bitch about her situation…she isn’t bemoaning her fate so leave her alone. The only reason I can tell most of you are so hateful is your own insecurities and jealousies. Bottom line…most of you know NOTHING about the two of them..beyond that who cares.

  • yes

    # 39 | melanie |Couldn’t agree more!!!I think most of you are insane…no offense. but seriously – you don’t know them!!!!!!!!!

  • melanie

    thank you:)

  • Momof3

    The only thing that I think is a dead give away is that she never is pictures with her hand on her stomach. I have had 3 kids and I was always patting or soothing my stomach. Even when I walked I would put my hand on the baby. She NEVER does that in any pictures or video.

  • That’s as simple as that !

    Tom Cruise is totally gay, he made Katie his beard. Katie is gullible and have been sucked in and became a brainwashed puppet in the hand of Scientology, and have been impregnated with L.Ron Hubbard frozen sperm.And she has delivered already and is now FACKING.

  • That’s as simple as that !

    I mean FAKING.

  • Gina

    You got it! Screw the movie premier. I can honestly say I will NEVER go watch another movie in which he stars. Enough is enough.

  • Gina

    You got it! Screw the movie premier. I can honestly say I will NEVER go watch another movie in which he stars. Enough is enough.

  • pinky

    She looks pretty..I mean, PRETTY FAKE!!!Well she does look nice because she is beautiful, but that belly is just UUGH!! It really looks fake.

  • ladymom

    this stuff is so funny, I was out shopping for the entire last week of my first pregnancy. Drove my hubby crazy.. I kept thinking of things I needed, projects I had to start "now"….

  • MizLiz

    Anyone who has not read "Rosemary’s Baby" really ought to. We’re seeing the exact plot in real life, and it’s no less scary. TC wants a child to prove he’s not gay (as if that would) and also to raise a $cientologist Messiah.

  • Hilary

    It is so fake, people. I hear Tom is the laughing stock in Hollywood!!About what’s in the video: Does Tom know she is ou and about bending down, reaching up, spinning quickly, etc…? He is going to be pissed.