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Nelly Furtado Loose Download

Nelly Furtado Loose Download

"No Hay IgUal" Lyrics

Quiero tesoro, no hay algo mismo
Por eso espero, duele mi cuerpo
Tu me encantas, el tiempo pasa
No quiero otro, no hay igual!

No hay igual (Que hacemos?)
No hay igual (Que hacemos?)
No-No-No-No No hay igual

What it is? Ven y mira lo!
Venga y nunca va con mi dolor
Loco para ti por favour, y ya conozco tu olor
What it is? Mucho gusto senor
Cuando estoy contigo siento tanto calor.
me pongo loco con tu amor
Y ya entiendo tu valor

El hambre que tengo tienes que matar
Mi cop decia tienes que llenar
Pues noches ojos tienes que capar
Dime que nunca me vas dejar (What it is?)
Pero no demoras. Cada dia mi cuerpo llora
cuantas cozas quiero esa senora
Quiero que yo quiero, y lo quiero ahora. (What it is?)

Ni levantas cuando cantas a mi nombre (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Ni levantas cuando cantas a mi nombre (oh-oh-ohhhh)
Ay que lindo, es mi chico tengo listo (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Ay que nino, necesito, tu sonido (ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhh)

I want a treasure, theres nothing equal
For that I’m waiting, my body hurts
I really like you, the time passes
I don’t want another, theres no one the same
There’s no one the same (What do we do?)
There’s no one the same (What do we do?)

"No Hay IgUal" Translation

What it is? Come and look at it!
Come and never leave with my pain
Crazy for you, please, and I already know your smell
What it is? My pleasure, sir
When I’m with you I feel so much heat
I go crazy with your love
And I understand your valor (honor)

The hunger I have you have to kill
My cup says you have to fill
The night eyes you have to cap
Tell me you’re never gonna leave me (What it is?)
But don’t be late. Every day my body cries
How many things, I want that lady
I want what I want, and I want it now (What it is?)

Don’t get up when you sing to my name(oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Don’t get up when you sing to my name (oh-oh-ohhhh)
Oh how cute, is my guy, so fine (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Oh that boy, I need your sound(ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhh)

Feel free to make corrections in the comments section and I’ll change it accordingly.  Nelly Furtado’s album "Loose" drops in stores nationwide on June 20th, 2006.

DOWNLOAD :: Nelly Furtado – No Hay Igual [mp3]

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  • lisa

    thanks for sharing!

  • Brittany

    i heard this the other day at Aurgasms@LJ. its so great. nelly furtado is just fabulous sexiness

  • jaromir

    Can’t wait for this, her music rocks. Also heard there was a nice colaboration with Chris Martin and Timberland.

  • J!NX

    When the hell did Nelly become the sex?? No complaints, I always thought she was cute… she’s just been upgraded to hot. MILF!!

  • kalex

    i`ve always liked her but people never really paided much attention to her its nice to see they are know, and also its not that the translation its wrong its just that it doesn say exactly the same but that happends `cuz in english there are some words that dont exist in spanish so eventhough it says a different thing its cool jared lol who did the translation??

  • Threetwojuan

    Way to take the lyrics & translation I wrote out 3 days ago, and copy them completely, and not give me credit, JJ.

  • crazyaboutnelly

    I LOVE NELLY….she is just too hot for this world…and her music…she has such an amazing voice…the most beautiful i’ve ever heard! Nelly rocks!!

  • inadailycoma

    All of the songs leaked so far off her upcoming album are hot! Too bad they’re hard to find but luckily, I found them ;)

  • What the?

    She needs to lose weight in her stomach. And what’s up with the Portuguese? sp? Who cares about your Portuguese roots? Only the Portuguese. Not even the Spaniards and Hispanics care. She’s a little fake.

  • What a fake!

    And she has a nasal, mousy voice. But she’s so fake. She’s kinda similar to Fiona Apple. Not in their fakeness. Maybe they should get together. Weirdos.

  • Threetwojuan

    Hey, thank you for putting up the source, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it before. This makes me love you even more, and feel like a douche. Just Jared is Just Awesome. Sorry again, guys-

  • eve

    OMG Nelly deserves jail for killing spanish!!! It’s my native language, and the song makes absolutely NO SENSE to me. Did she write it and then translated it with Babelfish or something?It really, REALLY sucks. It’s not a bad translation, it’s just CRAZY spanish put together…Let’s see…"quiero esa señora"…means "i want that lady" she bisexual now? I don’t understand. It’s fucked up…Shame on her…

  • No Espagnol

    lol. eve! i dunno about portuguese, but it’s different from spanish. if anybody killed the spanish language, it’s…..

  • Nylon Bunny

    Nelly is back, baby! i’ve always loved her and now it’s time that everyone else knows why!

  • P

    # 9 | What the? Apparently she does! What´s your problem? Don´t want don´t listen you looser!

  • P

    # 9 | What the? And you stupid thing: Spanish is not Portuguese. Go to school again, maybe this time you will learn something asshole!

  • Leonardo

    Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!! Send me the song!!! I cant get it anywhere!!!! Please, please, please, please, please, please,… my mail is Thankyouu!!!

  • J

    NEllY is back..i am canadian and south american…and i thank nelly for showin respect to spanish ppl…it might not be the greatest…but i didn’t see anyone bashing 98 degrees with "give me just one night"… she is a portuguese woman..who is paying respect to her latin cozins…enjoy the song…feel the beat…and shut ur mouth!!…and many ppl care what her background is…no matter if they are blk/ white/ asian/latino…they see she respects not only where she came from….but other ppl around her!!!

  • Mark

    Just a little changes:Quiero tesoro, no hay algo mismoPor eso espero, huele mi cuerpoTu me encantas, el tiempo pasaNo quiero otro, no hay igual! No hay igual (Que hacemos?)No hay igual (Que hacemos?)No-No-No-No No hay igualWhat it is? Ven y miralo!Venga y nunca va con mi dolor Loco para ti por favor, y ya conozco tu olorWhat it is? Mucho gusto señorCuando estoy contigo siento tanto pongo loco con tu amorY ya entiendo tu valorEl hambre que tengo tienes que matar Mi copa decia tienes que llenarPues noches ojos tienes que taparDime que nunca me vas dejar (What it is?)Pero no demoras, cada dia mi cuerpo lloracuantas cosas, quiero esa señoraQuiero que yo quiero, y lo quiero ahora. (What it is?)_____________________________I just wonder who write that nonsense, you can’t write spanish sentences as if it were english, it’s more complicated than that, there are hundreds of errors there, no to mention the misses of genders.By the way, the english translation is waaaaay bad too.

  • F YOU

    yeah I did that exact translation and it made no focking sense to me either. I’d still bang her though.

  • MOrenito

    oye! Loca this is some crazy spanish. it makes sense in a weird way. Ya tu sabes Nelly. Puerto Rico Siempre!!!!!!!

  • uriel

    Those arent the real english translation to no hay igual. This are and it makes sense.’Theres No Other’What it is? Come and look at it!Come and take away my pain Crazy for you, please, and I already know your smellWhat it is? My pleasure, sirWhen I’m with you I feel so much heatI go crazy with your loveAnd I understand your honorChorusI only want you , theres nothing equalFor that I’m waiting, my body hurtsI really like you, the time passesI don’t want another, there’s no otherThere’s no other (What do we do?)There’s no other (What do we do?)The hunger I have you have to killMy empty cup you have to fill My lonely nights have to endTell me you’re never gonna leave me (What it is?)But don’t be late. Every day my body criesMany things I want from that ladyI want what I want and I want it nowYou wake me up when your singing to my name (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)You wake me up when your singing to my name (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)Oh my love I need you sound (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)Oh my love you’re my boy, everything ready (ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhh)

  • Amos Brown

    I am in Love

  • Erika

    Anyone know where there is a translation of the other song Te Busque?

  • ariella

    Seriously, no ones forcing you to listen, unless you can sing better, you have no right to criticize. and f.y.i songs do not always have to make sense, many songs nowadays dont mean anything and still sound good, maybe you all should start writing your own songs if you are THAT good to criticize.

  • cindy

    podias- me dar o teu mail?bjinhus cindy

  • http://cINTHYAPEREZ Cinthya Lucia PEREZ

    HELLO Nelly I am Nicaragua , Cinthya