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Smallville Mercy

Smallville Mercy

"Mercy" Synopsis :: A masked tormentor (guest star Ian Tracey) takes Lionel (John Glover) hostage and orchestrates a series of elaborate games that Lionel must win in order to stay alive. After Clark (Tom Welling) tells Martha (Annette O’Toole) that Lionel knows his secret, she sets out to confront him, but inadvertently becomes a pawn in the tormentor’s game and ends up fighting for her life. The role of "Oni Demon/Lincoln Cole" is being cast, as is a "Limo Driver."

Smallville gods, please have mercy.  Why has your show been sucking donkeys so much lately?  I seriously don’t know why I watch anymore! Smallville episode "Mercy" airs on Thursday, April 20 @ 8/7c on The WB.  More episode stills in the gallery!

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  • I hate smalleville

    I agree. Smallville has gone down hill since the 2nd half of Reckoning.

  • i hate smalville too

    YES! the show has been crap ever since Reckoning.

  • anaKonda

    IMHO, the show started to go downhill during the 4th season, most of the storylines were crap and with the 5th season, nothing has improved…!

  • nerd

    LEXMAS and ONYX best episodes ever – Lesson? More ROSENBAUM less crap.

  • CrazyBella

    I Agree!

  • ML

    I have to agree too! I haven’t watch another Smallville episode ever since Pa Kent died. What happened to his other best friend Pete? He never made it back to the new season and they didn’t bother to explain why he disappear.

  • jaromir

    I was once a huge fan of the show. But all they do is mind fuck with people, normally it would be good, but the show keeps making stupid decisions regarding plots, characterization, and the ever so boring secrets.

  • J

    i have to disagree with everyone. i actually started watching smallville again this season after not watching since season 2 and i think its been great this season….especially yesterday’s episode where clark’s dad pretty much tells him he’s going to become Superman……awesome…

  • kelly

    Tbh smallville has always kind of sucked even though im a fan of it and still i continue to watch. This season for me has been the best ever it’s like watching a completly different show even though the last few episodes have been crap but thats the way it is in smallville sometimes you have to watch alot of crap to get to something good which will probably the season end

  • Jack

    What are these writers doing? Clark is being portrayed like an insensitive coward giving in to his fears and breaking up with Lana in such a HORRIBLE way…and now Lana is being paired up with Lex talk about frivilous….Why? Why are they making Clark and Lana look like idiots when we should be rooting for the "good guys" to succeed….it started off great this season with Clark and Lana’s relationship FINALLY moving foward but now it seems it is back to the same crap…this show is depressing to watch….these characters are constantly abused it is not even funny…..that, and it MAKES NO SENSE….Ugh!

  • A

    Seriously. I haven’t watched Smallville since Reckoning. The second half of the season sucks….and it seems like the ratings are reflecting that as well.

  • Arelis

    Smallville got better towards the end of the 4th season then the start of this season… they killed it with the second half of the 100th episode.It was so awesome having Lana knowing but of course we can’t have that, so they screw it that up and now broke off Clark/Lana and now Lana running to Lex… um, that’s suckage for sure.All the Buffy actors in the world couldn’t save this series.

  • bluepaintred

    we have been watching smallville since almost the first episode ( where we are they are in the middle of the fourth season LOL we are soooo behind the rest of the world) and we just love it, its sort of become a family tradition for us, me , hubby, and orur two oldest boys stay up every saturday night ( they are six and three and bedtime is 8) but we stay up till ten to watch the show ( sometimes the 3 yr old fallsasleep LOL) we have popcorn and snorgle on the couch together in a heap , we love it, all week long we look forward to smallville, maybe that means we are borning, but i dont see how episode five can be as bad as everyone makes out, i saw a comment earlier that said lana and clark broke up again WELL DUH! they are not ment to be, clark will ultimatly end up with lois lane … ??? how can we not know this people?? and as for lana finding out and then forgetting it, well duh again! no one can know clarks secret and still remember it cept his one love … thats a no brainer of course they cannot let lana know about his powerts. the poor story writers have to write this story and still they have to keep with certain things like pa kent dying and clark with lois and no one knowing hte secret! have aheart people , smallville rocks

  • Truth

    Bluepaintred, you don’t know what your talking about. If you read the comic, you would know that Lana was the first person Clark told his secret to of his own will and showed her he can fly. Get a clue, before you post next time!!!!!

  • Listen up

    If you watched all of the seasons, It DID say where Pete went, he moved to Witchita because of one of his parents jobs! I think Smallville is great, and teaches people a great listen in life, to look for the good in people. Smallville is getting better and better I think, they are changing things up in the show so it won’t get boring, I LOVE smallville!!!

  • Derek Hail

    Smallville needs to get some new writers as of late. I don’t watch it mind you, but I have been hearing a lot of my friends complain about it.My Blog – Gossip

  • design_officer

    yeah, pete got a send-off in an ep you must have missed. there were two seasons that were extremely bad, 4&5 i think. the season with jensen ackles and where lana was a witch. that was a horrible horrible season. the first 4-5 eps this season i couldn’t even finish, just wasn’t into them. but now i think that it’s getting a little better. rest assured that whatever the problems is it will be resolved by 847 and the happy peaceful music comes on. still love me some smallville no matter what.

  • Tom & Alyssa

    God, how frickin hot Tom Welling is. Why does the idiot have to go get engaged? Fool. Probably old fashioned and conservative. Anyway, they shoud make him more sexualized in the show. You know who would be hot together? If Alyssa Milano from Charmed got together with Tom Welling on Smallville SOMEHOW. OMG, gimme summa that axn.

  • Lohan Roberto

    Tom Welling is so cute!!!!

  • Lorena

    Smallville sucks ever since they broke up Clark and Lana AGAIN, and what’s up with all this Lexana crap. KILL ME.

  • angelo

    Lana ( and actress Kristine Kreuk) do not deserve this horrible and sucky storylines. JUst kill OFF Lana or Send her away like PETE, anything better than this. I cant watch Smallville anymore because of this. TOTALLY UNFAIR!

  • angelo


  • whitaker

    i think this season is being true to the movies, clark doesnt get with lana until later on in life.

  • Jordan

    I don’t think the show sucks either, I think people are so facinated with those sucky ass reality shows!! I’m sick of them and tired of hearing the fans complain about smallville. If your a fan you stick with it no matter what, I can say maybe 2 eps a season they could do without but it’s not as sucky as people make it sound.

  • Julie

    well im so fed up with smallville its crazy i mean the way clark broke it off with lana gay as all hell!! and everything with clana bring them back clana made smallville wat it is!!! smallville was great with clana Mortal and hidden were the only to good eppys

  • Jordan

    I’m sorry but the episodes have been great not all of them but they didn’t suck, i’d much rather watch smallville than any other show on thursdays! I just don’t see how you guys hated it so much, so many complainers on this board! All shows have dry spots.

  • Jasmine

    OmiGOSH! You people don’t know what your saying!…well most of you.Smallville is the best show on television! It has everything you could ask for in a show! as for the whole Clana break up…GET OVER YOUR STUPID SELFS! It was going to happen sooner or later!Sure, i’ll except that it wasn’t the greatest break up..the writers should of wrote it better. But still….it was going to happen! aaa…hello LOUIS! No i’m not a expert and i don’t read the comics but any moron who knew something about superman would know that! Gezz!So ya…stop complaining..Smallville don’t like don’t watch and don’t waste other peoples time by writing how much it sucks! WE DON’T CARE! You just have nothing better to do with your sorry lives!

  • karla

    ola me encanta el programa de smallville
    komo me gustaria ke me agrueraan o tener el correo del actor pricipal es muy actractivo le mando besos y saludos a todos los actore s de ese programa