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Keira Knightley in Silk Movie

Keira Knightley in Silk Movie

Latina, Italy :: Here are the first pictures of  Keira Knightley from the set of François Girard’s SilkKeira, currently at waist size -5, spent last Friday filming Silk co-starring Michael Pitt, 25, and Alfred Molina, 52, Kôji Yakusho, 50, and Sei Ashina, 22. Keira’s boyfriend Rupert Friend was always close by, lending his support to the 21-year-old actress on and off the set. Silk is based on the 1997 Alessandro Baricco novel, which tells the story of 19th-century French silkworm smuggler Hervé Joncour (Pitt).  Joncour travels to Japan to collect his clandestine cargo and begins a forbidden romance with a concubine of a local baron. Without speaking the same language, they communicate through letters until war intervenes. Their unrequited love persists however, and Herve’s wife Helene Joncour (Knightley) begins to suspect.  Thanks, Lisa! More pictures in the gallery!

Keira and Rupert spent her Silk film breaks snuggling on the sidelines.

Previously released pictures of Michael Pitt, Kôji Yakusho and
Sei Ashina (mistress) filming in Japan earlier this year.
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keira knightley skin01
keira knightley skin02
keira knightley skin03
keira knightley skin04
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michael pitt sei ashina skin01
michael pitt sei ashina skin02
michael pitt sei ashina skin03
michael pitt sei ashina skin04
michael pitt sei ashina skin05
michael pitt sei ashina skin06
michael pitt sei ashina skin07
michael pitt sei ashina skin08
michael pitt sei ashina skin09
michael pitt sei ashina skin10
michael pitt sei ashina skin11
michael pitt sei ashina skin12
michael pitt sei ashina skin13
michael pitt sei ashina skin14
michael pitt sei ashina skin15
michael pitt sei ashina skin16
michael pitt sei ashina skin17
michael pitt sei ashina skin18
michael pitt sei ashina skin19
michael pitt sei ashina skin20
michael pitt sei ashina skin21
michael pitt sei ashina skin22
michael pitt sei ashina skin23

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  • j-a-simpson

    Keira looks perfect in all of those pics, and if anyone disagrees….I will come to your house ….and I will cut you(jk lol)

  • j-a-simpson

    Keira looks perfect in all of those pics, and if anyone disagrees….I will come to your house ….and I will cut you(jk lol)

  • Lee

    This movie looks good! Japan is so hot right now!And Rupert looks like he could’ve been Orlando Bloom’s long lost twin.

  • Jess

    How can anyone not love Keira? She’s a marvelous actress, so accomplished for such a young woman.

  • What is a silkworm?

    WHAT IS A SILKWORM????? Is it someone who buys silk?Sorry, I’m dumb.

  • +greenpeace+

    silkworm is a worm that make the silk. so, now you know that silk is made by worm…

  • Dorothy

    Dear gawd. Anyone else think Rupert is secretly Orlando Bloom’s twin?? HAHA

  • gary

    i love keira!

  • Vinci

    Keira is stunning! She’s a natural beauty. Her boyfriend looks like Orlando Bloom though. She’s obviously into pretty guys. After all, her ex-boyfriends include Orlando Bloom and Jamie Dornan. She’s beautiful and talented. I adored her British accent. Why is it all the British girls are so beautiful. Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and now Keira Knightley.

  • rachel

    oh yeah! he really looks like orlando bloom from the front, but his cheekbones are shaped differently. he has a sharper face, i think.

  • Derek Hail

    He does look a little like Orlando Bloom from the front.

  • lostinnyc

    I adore Keira and can’t wait for this movie – she’s so perfect in period costume movies – what a truly fine actress

  • L.A.

    Yea Rupert does look like Orlando. But I think Keira, although nice to the papz with a good personality, is not the best. She doesn’t look good with too much eyeliner. She’s always looks like she’s pouting out her lips. And she’s too skinny. In these photos, she looks like she hasn’t eaten for days. Disgusting. I bet you she’s going to turn into an arrogant Brit, like Kate Moss & Sienna Miller.

  • marco

    This is a blog! We can say whatever the hell we damn well please.

  • blooming hell!

    Orlando Bloom is UGLY! But Rupert’s cuter. Orlando needs someone like Kate Bosworth, if he’s going to have children, he’s so ugly. And how come all these actors, like Orlando, are Buddhist or Dyslexic?

  • +greenpeace+

    From far he might look like OB but when you look closely, he is so NOT!

  • Amy

    She is so gorgeous! I love her! I can’t wait to see this film, or any of her future films. I can kinda see the resemblance but Orlando is my husband! j/k He is gorgeous no denying it. But they look cute, she totally likes pretty boys. She isn’t that skinny just because she isn’t Pamela Anderson doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat she is PERFECT, her body is healthy looking. And P.S. marco the 1st poster j-a-simpson was just joking. Moral of the story Keira Rocks.

  • Sarah

    MICHAEL PITT IS HELLLLLLLA HOT!!!!! I can’t wait until this movie is out. DUMP RUPERT and go for Michael Pitt

  • asslick

    kiera sucks! She is ugly. and to the first poster, I will kill you with my chef knife. go ahead, bitch!

  • Carla Imolesi

    OH MY GOD olly and Rupert do look alike thats scary. Maybe she think sof Olly when she kisses Rupert lol

  • tammytrauma

    ummm….the japanese girl is MUCH MUCH more beautiful. No wonder pitt goes for her in the film :D just compare their facial features (nose lips eyes, cheekbones, jaw, facial shape etc) and you’ll understand what I mean ;)