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Wentworth Miller Phone Number

Wentworth Miller Phone Number

Hollywood, California :: The PB gods have been shining down on you all week and today is no exception! 33-year-old actor Wentworth Miller of FOX’s Prison Break walked around town sipping his frappe-latte-chino (or whatever) and yammering away on his cell phone. Looks like the 1995 Princeton graduate bought himself a new pair of kicks…  Only four more days ’till all new Prison Break episode "Bluff" airs this Monday, April 17 @ 8PM ET/PT  on FOX.   More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Betsy

    God, I could post for days about WM and PB Jared! But needless to say you have made my day once again. Only 4 more days until Monday! Woo Hoo.

  • Betsy

    And how much do I love his attempt to go incognito and how nice it is to see him out of the prison-issued blues. Alright I’ll stop.

  • ErinMarie

    Jared! I f’n love you for these! What a great way to start my long Easter weekend! Went looks amazing.

  • geniass

    Love you Jared!! *THUD* Too bad he still has those pants.

  • louveciennes

    All hail the Holy Hoodie!!

  • Adrian

    It’s just nice to see him smile and laugh! I love these pictures of him. Everytime we see him in pictures he’s always scowling or have a serious face.

  • Thanks!!!

    I love you Jared! Thanks for the great pics :-)

  • Mink

    Oh hell! What great pics! Thanks JJ! But Went babe, the hoody ain’t foolin’ anyone. Just stop trying to hide! LOL

  • angelina mmm

    Now that he is becoming more famous will see more of him in real life :)))stalker in luvre

  • Lisan

    Oh wow Jared, you just made my day! Well, you and Went, of course ;)

  • Minnie

    He.Is.Perfect. That hoodie *fans self* I love that he’s smiling he looks so beautiful…I’m in love. I hope he does movies soon. Jared I think I love you too, thanks for the pics

  • witchoo

    Oh no he i’int wearing blue/grey/brown! You just know he’s wearing a black or green belt under that!I know I told you you had to post a John Krasinski pic to earn you a permanent makeout spot with me – but I will make an exception for Went candids. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!Pick the time. Are you a morning or nightish person? =D

  • Shan

    I wonder who is he talking to…

  • katejones

    Thanks Jared! Love to see him looking genuinely happy! Must be the So Cal sunshine.

  • Lohan Roberto

    He is not that hot, but i would still hit it… Why so many pubs of him???


    Wish it was me he was talking to!!!!!!!!! : )That would be awesome.

  • Hi-Heeled Hotties

    sooooooooo hot. Love him!!

  • Becca

    Jared you (and PB) are my new obsession! I love you!

  • christina

    He’s so adorable. I wonder who he’s talking to….Thanks Jared.

  • Millay


  • zainab

    my heart thumped when I saw that.=) so hot. yum yum (just improvising on the yum part)

  • Miriam

    I think he is just beautiful. What makes him special is that he is still so low key. I would love to have his babies or just bask in his smile. Jared, I think you have a new love in me as well. Thanks

  • sonia

    he is so hot..;*Thanks Jared !…

  • chris

    He sure has full pockets. Wonder what n em’ not that I was lookin in that area. no way jose. heheheh I love u jared u are my fav blog site! Just because of all the wentyness lol

  • k

    just one word….YUMMY!!!!!

  • Mayra

    You are the greatest for posting pictures of my future husband ;)

  • me

    Have you wondered who he is talking to? would you believe me if i told you heheheeh

  • tori

    Thanks for the pic, I love the scuff on his chin. I love his fashion too. As a fashionista, I like this sloppy preppy look with the baggys pants, and the blue button down and kicks. I think him and I would make a perfect couple.

  • Meemee

    What a beautiful man! It’s nice to see him laughing and smiling!

  • Dana

    JJ thanks so much!…ure awesome for always posting pics of went and PB!…my eye candy for the day…yummmmyyyyy….he looks so happy…keep all the goodies coming JJ!

  • dee


  • justMe

    wow he looks really god in those. I though he used to be extremely hot, then not so much but now when I look at those pics…the simle, it’s all back :)we need more guys like him in the streets :)

  • Nikko

    Delicious, Tasty,Hot,Wonderful,Cute. All these words describe him right there and the frappacino. Thanks Jared. You rock

  • anne

    Thanks for posting these pics. My heart skipped a beat when I saw these with his hoodie and stubble combined Went is too delicious. Nice to see him happy and relaxed and able to go about his day too day life ignoring the photographers. Wow he is gorgeous and just so down to earth looking with his casual, preppy look.

  • anne

    Thanks for posting these pics. My heart skipped a beat when I saw these with his hoodie and stubble combined Went is too delicious. Nice to see him happy and relaxed and able to go about his day too day life ignoring the photographers. Wow he is gorgeous and just so down to earth looking with his casual, preppy look.

  • prisonluv

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…he’s beautiful

  • nicki

    Thanks for posting these pics. I love Wentworth and I live in San Francisco and will be visiting L.A. this summer. Me and my friends have vowed to stalk every Starbucks and Subway until we "bump" into him. Everything about him is sexy from those gorgeous lips to those piercing eyes. i personally think a man as gorgeous as Wentworth does not have to worry about what clothes he wears, but I want to see his face, so maybe he could give up his hoodies. I can’t wait until the next "Prison Break" and I hope more paparazzi start taking random pics of him for us to drool over.

  • Annea

    How can I be so infatuated with a persoI have never met????? Intelligence is the biggest attractant and he’s got it. Plus, he’s got a universal face, like he could pass for about 60% of the world’s population. My TV is set for Monday night because I’ve got a foreign policy class……..



  • Boxergirl

    *THUD* Great pics Jared – I heart You!!These made my day after a long weekend with no access to the Pretty – oh, I mean, computer….

  • Katrina

    I think he is absolutely adorable with that smile, and the way they talk about him makes me think higher of him like his sweet attitude would make him an excellent husband or even a father; I so badly want to have babies with him.

  • sapphire

    Damn, he is a hot one. I think if my husbasnd had his body, I would fall in love over and over again. Wentworth is my second husband. Ha Ha…..

  • christina

    i am his #1 fan.i love him to death.seriously..OMGGGGGGGGGGGG most beautiful man.

  • pretty boy

    I love who ever he is talking to just for making him smile like that.

  • crecelle970

    i love a brilliant mind behind a pretty face.

  • Loes

    But you keep wondering.. With is he on the cellphone.. Cause it looks cozy..

  • ana

    Wentworth is driving me mad into obsession and intense infatuation.Instead thinking of my husband in bed i always think of Wentworth now,what’s wrong with me hahaha.I don’t mind him as my second husband hahaha.

  • rawya

    i love wentorth miller he is my dear

  • mimi

    hey miller you have beautiful eyes

  • grace

    i love wenthworth miller so much!!!
    i want to be his friend and his wife!!!
    i love you went!!