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Katie Holmes is Scientologist

Katie Holmes is Scientologist

Here’s a quick rundown on what Tom Cruise revealed to Diane Sawyer on Primetime last night —

  • Katie Holmes is a Scientolgist — "No.  I mean, you can be Catholic and be a Scientologist. You can be Jewish and be a Scientologist. But we’re just Scientologists. Katie, too."
  • Tom loves Katie‘s tongue — "Her smile drives me crazy in a good way. She has this thing that she does with her tongue when she smiles. When she’s really laughing when her tongue sticks out … and it’s the cutest thing.  But when we’re riding motorcycles, I tell her look, please don’t stick your tongue out. If we hit a bump or anything I get a little bit nervous."
  • Tom wants Katie to be his wife ASAP — "We were just talking about it last night.  She has this beautiful belly, this glowing woman… We were walking up to bed, and I just, I can’t wait till we get married. I can’t wait till I can call and say, ‘Hey, you know, put my wife on the phone.’ "
  • TomKat‘s baby will not have a Catholic baptism even though Katie was raised Catholic

More pictures in the gallery of Katie Holmes shoe shopping at Neiman Marcus (again) yesterday in Beverly Hills!

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  • celestial


  • Arelis

    I can’t get over how retarded Katie looks nowadays…

  • cici

    I think TomCruise is really getting nuts. I don’t know anything about Scientology but it seem driving T.C crazy.

  • Agnieszka

    One of these days when Katie matures and understands the world and people better she’s going to realize how manipulated she’s become. She’s still young and impressionable, especially by someone she loves, which I believe is the case. She’s going to get hurt but she’ll survive. Mark my words.

  • Rox

    She looks good and huge! Hope everything is ok with her. She’s probably late and taking this shopping trips as a exercise to induce labor. Give her a break! Would be too much to ask?

  • Rox

    I can’t get over of how retarded most posts here are…

  • Mary

    I can’t believe how judgemental the world has become. I love Brad and Angelina, and it pisses me of when they get criticized unnecessarily, that is why I will not do the same to Tom and Katie. To each his/her own. Live and let live

  • Beth

    That girl is going to pop soon. I feel for her. I was huge too when I was pregnant and if she is small bone like I am it is really hard on the hips and joints. She will lose the weight easy. It is the most amazing thing, how fast you lose weight after you have a baby no matter how big you are if you take care of yourself after the birth it will slide right off. Breastfeeding helps tremendously also. Helps the uterus contract and shrink.

  • minx

    TC is a controlling PR-conscious lunatic; this girl’s family should grab her before the baby is born and hide her from this man. He is insane.

  • pinka

    Doesn’t this poor girl have any friends? She’s always with her security gaurds.

  • aveeno1

    did anyone else find that primetime piece weired? even his denials of many of the things were just not convincing, he was trying to laugh too had about everything to make it seem like nothing…but there was just a weired vibe from it. I don’t think he was truthful at all but hey time will tell

  • d.c.

    She gave up Christ for this crap? Oh boy!

  • charlatan

    be totally frank – how many pounds has she gained? it looks like TomKat are expecting twins, let alone triplets. she looks healthy, its crystal clear, healthier than Angelina Jolie, but she used to be so tiny as a woman. it would be hard for her to lose all this weight, and dont say it wouldnt. whats more, i dont know why but i believe Tom that hes mesmerized with her smile etc. shes such a lovely girl, no matter how much she weight. they deserve happiness even as a freak scientologists, its none of our buissnes

  • whattheF

    That primetime piece was PRICELESS. TC is SO GAY it is not funny. Anyone who believed him is just as nuts as he is!!! His laugh was fake.. oh and I LOVED the blackberry.. look look she really likes me shi%! What an ass. He was so quite about his Scientology because Diane Sawyer read the book. His passion about MI3 was more believeablethan his love for his paid baby maker. She is going to have (or had) twins… BP and AJ are the real deal.. these two are a PR’s dream gone bad. That is why people can’t believe him.. plus, TC is DANGEROUS by using the media outlet to spread his CULT crap. He is getting all the negative press he deserves. KHTC GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • DRMK

    A religion based on a scifi-novel – how on earth can he seriously say or honestly believe that? I’m sure it’s all the brainwash, they can make you believe in yodeling cats and flying cows as well. The next time we get a new religion maybe it’s based on "Harry Potter".

  • jhbmw007

    Just in time! TomKat Bobbleheads on eBay:, L. Ron Hubbard was a douchebag.

  • whatthef

    Rox and Mary.. you two must be on TC payroll or something. This guy is a NUT!!! TC problem is not us it is his mouth. If he going to lie.. well than he will be called on it! NOBODY BELIEVES HIM and he can’t seem to get it. His laugh was fake.. his look was fake.. he is not a good DRAMATIC actor.. that is why he is an action hero. Maybe if he was hanging from a train I would have believes his interview more. LOSER TC WE KNOW YOU ARE GAY!!! I feel bad for KH family. For her to drop them that quickly.. she is as shallow and as big a loser as TC. Looks like KH has some depression no.. never smiling and being tracked by her cult I mean her body guards.. I can’t wait to see this play out!!!

  • minx

    The right-hand pic of KH above says it all: She’s sold herself to this douchebag for expensive shoes and toys. No wonder she looks so depressed.

  • alice

    hey, does her bump on the seventh and tenth photos look weird to any woman out there who’s been pregnant…?

  • shirls

    i think that just her top alice. i agree with #6+7, if you don’t like the idea of them they why read about them, i bet things would totally change if you met them.

  • OMG

    I’d probably dislike them more if I met them. We don’t have to "leave them alone" because they are the ones using the media to shove this crap down our throats. All of these staged shopping trips–puh-lease.No one should question why anyone posts on any messageboard if they too are posting. That’s what these things are for. The people who truly don’t care, don’t bother posting. I find the TomKat scam to be like a car crash, it’s awful but I have to look and I’ll keep posting about them as long as they keep their little charade going because it makes me laugh.

  • shirls

    ok, i was just saying lol. anyway i suppose your right in a way :)

  • Mai

    I bet she’s shoe shopping all the time because her feet have grown during pregnancy. Mine did as well. Great excuse for new shoes but if she’s not careful she’s gonna give birth in one of those shoe stores.

  • tzu

    She’s buying tons of shoes because of these 2 more weeks of pregnancy?

  • jbl

    I dont know why everyone making a big deal about her choosing to change her religion people do it all the time from being a catholic to convert to being Jewish it is exactly the same thing no matter what religion it is.dont be so judgemental leave everyone to make their decisions they are ADULTS leave them ALONE.

  • Karen

    Well, Scientology actually is more cult than a religion. One, that denies many medical achievements – just think about the psychopath who’s killed his own mother because she was told by Scientology not to allow her son any kind of psychotherapy. This is dangerous!

  • Karen

    Well, Scientology actually is more cult than a religion. One, that denies many medical achievements – just think about the psychopath who’s killed his own mother because she was told by Scientology not to allow her son any kind of psychotherapy. This is dangerous!

  • whattheF

    First of all JBL.. it is not a religion. Didn’t even TC say you can be Jewish and a sciencult person at the same time? How can that be a religion than? I will say what I want. You don’t like it than why read the threads? I have more formal education than TC does. Watching TC you would think he degreed in something in the medical field.. the guy JUST MADE it through HS. Sciencultogy is as much real as Lord of the Rings was. Tom Crusie is GAY and is trying to mask it. Using Scientology was a stupid mistake because now everyone is really on him. Isn’t Nicole Kidmans dad a shrink? He is a LOSER LOSER LOSER LOSER… Katie is as well… anyone that would give their baby to the cult for a week after birth deserves ever misery she is feeling now. You know who is laughing… her ex Chris. # 25.. people are passionate about this because TC is an idiot spreading dangerous views. God help anyone who believs this moron and stops their meds. I hope they come looking for TC before they could potentional hurt themselves or someone in their own families.

  • So Not True

    I saw it. I heard it. He was lying. Don’t know if anyone else could tell but he lied to Diane on about half of the questions she asked him. Its a body thing he does when he’s lying. For example, the thing about her dad? Lie. Did you notice that he didn’t answer the "how did katie get pregnant question?" We all know he shoots blanks, seriously. He might as well admit it. I don’t even think he’s gay. I think he is sad and desperate and until Scientology was lost. Sorta like the alcoholic who finds AA.

  • Mai

    #24 If your feet grow during pregnancy, they don’t shrink back to their original size once the baby is born.

  • Original jpf

    She’s more like a Shoptologist! Everytime a see a picture of Katie Holmes she’s thisclose to a purchase.jpf

  • can’t beleive this!

    hey minx and agnieszka what the fuck are you doing here !!!!and why you put your shits her !!!! stay in your weird planet with your freakin people bomz bamz or whatever the fuck it is !!! don’t be suprised when you gonna see haters now in your alien world bitches!!!!!! you are the real haters!!! enless tom is a man not a pufyy or a litlle dog like brad i don’t care in what he beleivesif he’s a muslum or jewish or in buda like your dump ass of brad!!! it call freedom everybody is free to bleive in what he wants and we have to respects the diferents confessions ! and he’s not so insane as your freakin lesbiena bisexula darknissa of whichlina just care about your self and give advices for your adams family !!!!!!

  • Original jpf

    # 29 | So Not True | April 15, 2006 03:14 PMI’m not by any means a TC fan, and to be honest I’ve only ever liked one movie of his "The Firm". That aside, I do have to ask you about your post. You state the man lied in his interview about this and that, but you’ve offered no proof of how you know this, what the real truth is, and what that’s based on. How do you know he "shoots blanks?" How do you know that her fathers feelings haven’t changed? I do recall reading that both TC’s & KH’s mothers attended her baby shower "together." jpf jpf

  • Original jpf

    # 32 | can’t beleive this! | April 15, 2006 04:04 PMIs that really necessary? And also, you can be just as vile and childish in lower case as you are in UPPER. No need to scream "profanity is profanity and idiocy is still idiocy loud or low."jpf

  • can’t beleive this!i

    don’t tell me to loud or low im free to do what i want to do!! you got that ! if you don’t like it got the fuck out here and stay whit your aliens!! i think now i begin to understand jen fan’s your just an addicted people whitout life!! and whitout personalty wasting your time to fight and hate others people better than you and your freaks actors!

  • Derek Hail

    Wow, she use to be much more attractive. What hapepned to her. She is disgusting now.What, she comes out as a Scientologist, probably pisses off her catholi parents, and becomes 1000 times less attractive than she usually is? Wow…My Blog – Gossip

  • bushco

    She’s already had the baby(babies). What 9+ mos. pregnant woman wears tight jeans zipped up all the way?Free Katie!

  • yeah

    Katie is 26 years old, she is not some naive teenager. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She knows what she’s doing. She has tom’s millions to spend and I think she’s probably obsessed with him. I read that her wish was to marry him when she was a teen. Well her wish is coming true.I don’t think they did the "deed" if you know what i mean. I think Tom is asexual. He doesn’t like getting it on with anyone.

  • yeah

    Katie is 26 years old, she is not some naive teenager. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She knows what she’s doing. She has tom’s millions to spend and I think she’s probably obsessed with him. I read that her wish was to marry him when she was a teen. Well her wish is coming true.I don’t think they did the "deed" if you know what i mean. I think Tom is asexual. He doesn’t like getting it on with anyone.

  • valery

    "SO NOT TRUE" i agree with ORIGINAL JPF!!!!!i got a question for you : why all this hate ? you hate "brad pitt now tom cruise "what did they done to you ! why are you jealous sweetie it’s not so serious you know they are just celebrities! we don’t care ! just have fun in your life and care about the people that you love and you too "WHATTHEF" i know that you are good inside stop wasting your time for hate PEACE

  • Original jpf

    # 35 | can’t beleive this!i | April 15, 2006 04:18 PM You might want to re-read my post. Nowhere did I "tell" you what to do. I asked a question, and I offered an opinion but I did not tell you what to do.jpf

  • Derek Hail

    It is funny when people get uppity about their celebrity gossip.

  • Original jpf

    # 42 | Derek Hail | April 15, 2006 05:14 PM Isn’t though?jpf

  • Banjo Betty

    Katie Holmes, poor thing. I must admit she really looks pregnant here for a change, not to say I believe she is, just looks it

  • huh?

    Well, I hope she enjoys all that shopping because she sold herself to The Tiny Douchebag in exchange for a platinum credit card.

  • whattheF

    I like BP and AJ.. what do they have to do with a KH thread? The difference is TC is a LIAR and a fake. He wants OUR money based on his lies!! He spreads a dangerous messages when he goes on FREE TV to spew his CULT VIEWS!!! I never had PP after my kids but what if someone does. It is hard enough to have kids but to deal with PP at the same time. He is an idiot. I bet money they say KH has PP and TC says vitamins worked for her just to keep his lies going. I have my own feelings about medication and children. HOWEVER I WOULD NEVER go on TV and tell someone they are GLIB because a FAKE OUTER SPACE author said so. Lets ask TC how much money he has given the COS? Hmmmm the more you give the higher you get. He is a crazy man that just buys everything he wants.. his CULT STATUS.. his fake baby and girlfriend…This guy had a MAJOR problem as a child and now money can just mask it for him. He is no better than Michael Jackson in the sense of reality.Paying YES MEN AROUND YOU can go to your head don’t you think? FACE IT.. he is running from being GAY and talking out his A^&. The guy is A LOSER!!! My heart is filled with LOVEthank you. However these CELEBS think they can do or say whateverthey want. NOT ANYMORE. Thanks to these blogs and the internet..TC can’t keep his lies straight. Oh, BRad and Angie arethe real deal.. please don’t even compare the two. BPAJ are living their lives..They don’t need to do an interview ever other month… TC keeps going on TV to prove he loves KATE.. hence why no one believes him. His PR team has jumped ship.. TC is OVER!!!!!!

  • justme

    ahh!! poor kid. last year she was celebratin’ easter…This year shes giving "silent birth". i dont get that. the bay can recognize voices while its in her tummy, wtf is the differece?FREE KATIE!!!we should start a petition…

  • Lohan Roberto

    Someone shoot it now before it’s too late.

  • :)

    I dont know which is funnier…TC on Diane Sawyer last night or the "#33/#34" bitches showdown. Pathetically hilarious….please…continue

  • :)

    I dont know which is funnier…TC on Diane Sawyer last night or the "#33/#34"sl*ts showdown. Pathetically hilarious….please…continue