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Katie Holmes Shopping Again

Katie Holmes Shopping Again

Los Angeles, California :: Katie Holmes, 27, went shopping this weekend in West Hollwood yet again. But this time she dropped by Melrose Place designer destination Maxfield located at 8825 Melrose Avenue.  Maxfield is filled with "expensive fashion and high-priced trinkets for those with discriminating taste and inexhaustible bank accounts."  Inexhausible?  You betcha!  More pictures in the gallery!

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katie holmes maxfield01
katie holmes maxfield02
katie holmes maxfield03
katie holmes maxfield04
katie holmes maxfield05
katie holmes maxfield06
katie holmes maxfield07
katie holmes maxfield08
katie holmes maxfield09
katie holmes maxfield10
katie holmes maxfield11
katie holmes maxfield12
katie holmes maxfield13
katie holmes maxfield14
katie holmes maxfield15
katie holmes maxfield16
katie holmes maxfield17
katie holmes maxfield18
katie holmes maxfield19
katie holmes maxfield20
katie holmes maxfield21
katie holmes maxfield22
katie holmes maxfield23
katie holmes maxfield24
katie holmes maxfield25
katie holmes maxfield26
katie holmes maxfield27
katie holmes maxfield28
katie holmes maxfield29
katie holmes maxfield30
katie holmes maxfield31
katie holmes maxfield32
katie holmes maxfield33
katie holmes maxfield34
katie holmes maxfield35
katie holmes maxfield36
katie holmes maxfield37
katie holmes maxfield38
katie holmes maxfield39
katie holmes maxfield40
katie holmes maxfield41
katie holmes maxfield42
katie holmes maxfield43

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  • Brandon

    Looks like she had one too many beers. I know the bloated belly look well.

  • Charles

    Katie Holmes sure shops a lot. Every week, there’s pictures of her shopping. Don’t she have anything else to do? Tom Cruise must be really spoiling her, giving her tons of money to go on her daily shopping spree. Lucky. See? That’s what you get when you’re pregnant with one of the world biggest movie star.

  • Greek Girl

    Pregnant but with NO BOOBS AT ALL???????? ??

  • Tiffany

    they shrunk in the wash

  • kristine

    Katie Holmes is sure to popBut all she does is shop shop shopShe has no boobies in her topWill her marriage be a flop?sorry I was bored xP

  • Charles

    Awesome poem, Kristine. It’s very cute!

  • jemma

    Is this the longest pregnancy ever? When is she due? The baby bump has looked different each time its photographed…

  • Charles

    Katie’s about to pop. Her baby bump keeps on getting bigger then smaller then bigger. She’s getting ready to give birth when Tom’s Mission Impossible III comes out. Then they’ll be able to promote two things at once! LOL!

  • Natalie

    wow! she looks great! and she’s due any day! her belly just keeps getting lower and lower!

  • junebug

    The boobs come after the baby is born.

  • Alien baby alert

    No way! The Boobs get bigger towards the end of the pregnancy. I don’t know what happened to hers cause in the last pics of her shopping she had bigger ( .) (. )… Her pants look so uncomfy and her belly button is HUGE. W.T.F?

  • Color me Skepitcal

    I think she’s about 1 week/2 weeks late.I haven’t been on the fake pregnancy train, but i may jump on if she doesn’t pop this week.

  • smartgirl

    She’s smart, keep spending TC millions, she know HW marriage is unpredictable.

  • Linaaa

    i think she goes shopping cause she doesnt want to give a silent birth.when she gets the baby in a shoe-shop she is allowed too cry beaucse everybody would cryyyy… haha the whole KH and TC storys are soooo HAHA

  • Arelis

    you people are awesome… i’m tearing up from laughing so hard at all of your comments!

  • whattheF

    And the BS continues… Her body guards look very SHADY. I bet they are in her cult watching her. Why would she need 3, picture 25, body guards. It is so she can’t run..or maybe it is at each angle of her to make sure the fake belly does not show. All you can this not looked staged to you? Here’s one… why would they be putting up signs in her house..move slow be quiet, and than she is out in LOUD,DIRTY, fast moving LA? This is SUCH BS!! KH is a bad actress so she is just not convincing. To bad Scarlett J was to freaked out by TC to take this career ending role!!

  • MamaBella

    When I was that far along in both of my pregnancies I could hardly get out of bed, there was no way in hell I could go shopping unless it was online. I call shennanigans!

  • yeahright

    YEAH RIGHT!!! This is such a PR stunt. She looks like a mess. For someone who is shopping so much, she sure is not wearing anything she buys huh? Same jeans in like 20 different outings I have seen of her. Maybe they hold the FAKE belly the best. Twins will be the out come. Via her or a surrogate. Most dish made babies come in pairs!! Did you see his reaction when Diane Sawyer said people said it was not his baby. He was so FREAKED OUT!! Most men would be like WHAT?? hahaha.. HIS ACTING IS SOOOO BAD!!!! he was so not convincing.

  • terri

    It’s obvious by these pics why Holmes hooked up with Cruise. She, too, is an attention whore. Furthermore, she must be a frigging monster. Although I’ve read conflicting information, the last I read stated that she will not have contact with her child its first week of life (so that she doesn’t inadvertently speak to it). I cannot imagine any mother finding that arrangement acceptable.

  • Rox

    She looks good. Cute shirt!She’s probably shopping that much, just to get ready for all the MI:III events coming next week. Besides it’s also a good exercise to induce labor.

  • Lisa

    She really does need to see an orthodontist. Her teeth are just dreadful

  • tina

    just wondering if anyone has noticed the she has fever blisters all the time on her lips. she said it was from stress. any little girl infatuated like she is with the man of her dreams growing up will let him control everything. I think it is rather sick how control he is of her and sick of her to let him. She will learn one day when he is done with her and moves onto the next little girl. Do any of you wonder about this? He was married to mimi rogers and she never got pregnant and to nicole for 10 years no children(even though it was rumored right before their divorce she lost a baby) and he met katie and a month later she is pregnant? all to weird for me….katie was alos with chris klein for 5 years and they didnt have babies….i think there is more going on here than meets the eye. :)

  • Lisa

    Agreed tina. It’s called *hiding the fact that Tom is gay*. Katie’s parents must be beyond horrified.

  • Vivi

    You people don’t seem to know a lot about pregnancy if you actually think she’s faking it. That belly is real and she’s ready to pop. My normally large boobs shrunk during both my pregnancies but doubled in size shortly after giving birth. She can zip her jeans all the way up still because they are low waist jeans which I also wore. My feet grew a whole size and didn’t go back to their original size so I had to get all new shoes. As for the never ending shopping spree, you’d think she’d have a personal shopper to bring her a selection of shoes, or whatever, to choose from. But maybe it’s the only activity she’s found that Tom doesn’t insist on supervising. Although it looks like he has some goons with her at all times to make sure she doesn’t make a break for it.

  • notomfan

    #22 Nicole even said she got pregnant by Tom. It was widely reported that she miscarried shortly after he left her for his good buddy Penelope. Maybe Katie used birth control with Chris Klein?? Too bad she didn’t use it this time. Maybe she would have given this whole relationship more thought and would have gotten out before it was too late. She’s stuck with him forever now.

  • Lisa

    It was my understanding that Nicole was pregnant by the seed of another man. Not that one could blame the poor dear. He’s such a fraud !!!

  • piyutra


  • whattheF

    What a mess this girl is in. What the hell was she thinking? Where are her parents? Really how much money would you take for this???

  • movie fan

    Junebug, many tabloids will admit when they obsessively go on baby watch with a couple, it’s the boobs, not the bump, that is the first giveaway. Look at Madonna, Debra Messing, Britney, Michelle Williams, etc — all got huge while pregnant. Madonna was already good-sized, but she blew up to look like Dolly Parton when she was at the Oscars and pregnant. Katie Holmes …. flat as a pancake.

  • Tom will decide

    She is Puffy (last week she was too skinny)He looks Miserable (how do you define misery? Because there are some things out there that I’d be in utter misery doing but someone else would be in heaven)They are media whores (keep in mind that like any normal parent, they are just having fun outdoor…..with their children) And my all time fav, his hair is terrible, I wouldn’t do that to my dog. Oh Goodness, these comments are too funny. Jeez, do you guys have any fun? He probably cut the hair in a moment of playfulness. That hair cut….that very terrible haircut tells me that BP has more depth than people give him credit for. He probably knows it looks bad but he doesn’t care, what matters is his little boy can look at him and say "me and daddy are sporting the same haircut". Once I heard a father tell his son "you are my hero" that sounded weird because I thought it should be the other way around but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense, this father wants to be a better person for his son. This man would rather look like a fool in the eyes of the world just so his son can look up to him. Remember when you were a child and you made this ridiculously ugly pictures, remember how you felt when your dad/mum framed it and displayed it proudly for the world to see? What you probably didn’t know was that everyone that saw that picture wondered why anyone would be so proud of that crap. I made an anklet out of cowries for my mum when I was really young and she wore it for a while. She wore this mishapen cowry made anklet with her nice outfit. I don’t remember when she stopped wearing it but looking back now…with an adult eye, she probably looked silly to her friends but it makes me happy that she was willing to look silly for me. If this doesn’t make sense, then I really feel sorry for you….I mean genuinly feel sorry because you don’t have anyone will to look stupid for you. Don’t take life too seriously or you won’t be able to enjoy it. It is just hair in will grow back in less than 2wks but the memories it has generated will last a lifetime. Come on, if you are going to put him down let, do it with something substantial or you can’t because there really anything substantial?

  • junebug

    Pregnancy affects different women in different ways. My boobs didn’t get bigger until 2 days after my babies were born. Maybe her boobs just look “flat as a pancake” because her belly is so massive.

  • Blahblahblah #30

    Here we go again huh? Tom has his CULT reading the blogs to stop the chatter. Well Tommy Boy you can’t hide the truth no matter how hard you try!!! Maybe you can threaten or SCARE your little mindless followers but not us. Is it are fault no one has believed ANY of your women relationships? Why do you think that is little TOM?? Hmmmm lets all think now. I guess the Sciencult has invested to much in TC to EVER let the truth come out huh? From what I have read they would use any means to stop someone. I don’t blame NK or PC for not talking about TC now. TOM IS A GAY LITTLE MAN!!!

  • doctor

    I think she may be pregnant for real. Is they have impregnated her by artificial insemination or IVF, they would have probably done it at the end of July, after all the promos for their movies was finished and after they came back from Rome, where TC was filming MI3. And she has not been seen in August, which would be because after an IVF impregnation or an artificial one, the woman has to stay very quiet for 1 month up to 1 1/2 month. Those artificial inseminations make the pregnancy more fragile than natural ones, at the beginning. So if she was impregnated at the end of July, or at the beginning of August, she would be due in the next 2-3 weeks. Also, if they have impregnated her, they would have try to get a delivery as close as posible from MI3 opening.This way, it would make sense. She was artificially impregnated at the end of July or at the beginning of August, they announced it two months later, and she’s gonna pop in the next 2-3 weeks.

  • WTF??

    #32 your phonics are absolutely painful to read. Go back to school babycakes. :-)

  • Hey 34#

    You might need to learn how to count sweetheart. Please share with me my mistakes.

  • #36 requires help

    Its "OUR" not "ARE"- babycakes – shall I continue?

  • Kate is NOT YOURS!

    #35… you are only making my point!! This is a cult and you guys would do anything to stop people from finding out the truth. Her parents named her Katie.. let me guess her new cult name is KATE now? It makes sense the dish made baby theory. TC is gay! GAY GAY GAY!!! KH should be at home where it is calm and peaceful no? How are 50 plus PAPS screaming and taking pictures peaceful? TC can’t even get that lie straight!! Katie we see your are trying to SOS.. hopefully someone in your family won’t be so MONEY HUNGRY and try to help you!!!

  • 37 you are so smart

    Please continue. I would LOVE to see you put any type of thought together. Wow, I really must have hit a nerve with my comment huh? Go back, sweetheart, and read some of the other blogs. I guess I am getting the cult pissed huh?

  • #39 Thanks, I know.

    Why would I waste my time reading blogs from you – when clearly you are unable to write. Perhaps you should consider some schooling instead of waiting on tables? Bye for now – it’s time to continue my daily task of actually contributing to society – ta ta, babycakes. :-)

  • #39 Just an FYI

    Also – you need to address your use of "to" when "too" is required. Ta ta – back to work babycakes. :-)

  • #40 right

    Didn’t think so little girl. Recess over? Au Revoir… yeah I bet you are well schooled. How many languages do you speak? From your post I can tell a lot about you, and where you are from. Nuff said. :}

  • #39 is too funny

    #32 also has HUGE punctuation problems. But this is to be expected from a useless waitress.

  • #40 is so SMART

    Perdant partent! Avez-vous des amis ? Le plus likly pas. Vous n’etes pas meilleur que d’autres, meme si vous pensez. Does this one work? TA TA #40… sure you work. That is as believeable as TC and KH!!!

  • mavenue

    I find it strange that now that she’s about to pop Tom Cruise isn’t with her. They used to spend every second together, showing their love for each other, and now he’s nowhere to be seen.

  • movie fan

    Some of these no-life haters that troll these blogs can even make you think Tom Cruise is SANE compared to them!

  • #42 YUP

    Hit a nerve on where you are from huh? NUFF said. Do you bow to Xenu as well? :} A waitress. Hahaha..whatever gets you through the day sweetheart.

  • whattheF

    Girls girls.. lets keep this about Katie. I don’t think anyone cares what either of you do. #32 and # 35

  • DK

    Most of you sound waaaay more screwed up than you THINK Katie is. Leave them alone already and move on to some other celebrity. All of your rants about these two are SOOOO old!! Why don’t you read up on what you are putting down and actually learn something called the truth.

  • ursula

    They are either faking a pregnancy, or she was turkey-bastered. Tom’s dick would NEVER come NEAR a woman’s vagina.

  • beautifulmoon

    All this about her belly changing, no boobs…I can only say one thing…SHE’S NOT PREGNANT! It’s all fake…fake fake fake.