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Wentworth Miller Shirtless

Wentworth Miller Shirtless

Prison Break episode "Bluff" recap courtesy of geniass!!  Over 100+ screencaps in the gallery!  Here we go… Previously on Prison Break, Michael has trouble remembering the missing part to his tattoo. Pope demands to know who burned Michael or he’ll throw his ass in solitary. Brinker gives Kellerman a verbal smackdown. LJ discovers Kellerman’s real identity and shoots him. Haywire throws up his pills when he was Michael’s cellie. And in the Whack Shack, Haywire can’t remember who Michael is and boy does he look worried.

Michael attempts to trigger Haywire’s memory. Haywire gets a little too close to Michael as realizes that he was the one who stole his toothpaste. Michael refuses to take his pills when the Nurse comes by; Haywire gleefully takes his insisting it’s like candy.

Bellick and C.O. Geary are examining Michael and Sucre’s now abandoned cell. Bellick claims he knew Michael was going to go J-Cat soon. Did the fries tell you something, Bellick? They realize that they can auction the prime piece of real estate off to the highest bidder.

The Nurse and another orderly Carter warn Michael to take his pills or it’s going in the “rear door.” Defeated, Michael takes his pills only to spit it out when they leave. Michael wants Haywire to remember. Haywire still looks like he’s in Lala land.

Mojo takes a look at the Michael and Sucre’s cell and offers $200 to Geary. However he notices the toilet is leaking and maintenance will have to fix that. T-Bag overhears and gets worried that the hole will be discovered.

Over at Westmoreland’s cell, he and C-Note bond over their daughters. Westmoreland is looking at a picture of his daughter in a golden fob that he carries and is saddened by the fact that he might outlive his daughter. C-Note looks distressed. T-Bag lets them know what the deal is. C-Note isn’t worried. He’ll be able to get the money. C-Note goes to Geary and gives him a counteroffer; $500 or nothing.

Back at the Whack Shack, Michael plays with play doh. When he’s sure no is watching, he takes Haywire into the diaper room. Before you know it, Michael backs Haywire against the wall, telling him he has something in his teeth and stick his fingers down his throat. Haywire gags and the two pill he took are promptly ejected. Michael reminds him that the pills are “invisible handcuffs” and that Haywire doesn’t like them. (continued after the jump)

(continued before the jump) Back in the SHU, Lincoln gets a call from his son. He’s furious that LJ did this to himself but the younger half doesn’t give a damn. Veronica tells Lincoln that LJ is in for a triple whammy. His only hope is to get tried as a minor and for him to show a little remorse. Lincoln knows that he’s the only one who can get through to his son and that he needs to see him. Nice acting here, Linc.

Kellerman is still wounded as he is driving under the El when he is stopped by Brinker and her entourage. She tells him that he is not to make a move on Burrows and that he is off the case and back to being Owen Kravecki.

Michael continues to prod Haywire to remember but doesn’t seem to be getting anymore. As Haywire is being led away to group session, he whispers, “It’s a path.”

C-Note goes to visit the Trumpets in the yard to round up outstanding debt. The Trumpets are pissed that C-Note has left the CPT and joined up with T-Bag. They refuse to give him his money. C-Note gets one punch in before the Trumpets take him down with the socks stuffed with batteries. Ouch! Where’s the money gonna come from now, C-Note? You figure with a name like that, he’s gotta have a few hundreds at least, come on!

Back at the Whack Shack, Michael sighs as Haywire takes his pills again. This time, he motions for Michael to follow him into the diaper room where he automatically makes himself vomit. Phew! For being spared Michael’s attempt at turning Haywire into a bulimic. Michael disrobes his upper half to jar Haywire’s memory to see the pathway. Haywire freaks and insists it’s a “pathway to hell.” Michael corrects him, “it’s just the opposite.” Haywire looks closer and he seems to remember!

C-Note, looking bruised joins Westmoreland and T-Bag in the cafeteria. T-Bag notices that the “Bank of Africa” isn’t allowing any more withdrawals. T-Bag snits that D.B. could give them the money. Westmoreland retorts that A) he’s not D.B. and that B) there’s no visitation today so they can’t get money from the outside. T-Bag knows of another way to get the money—to get in on the Kitchen Game. To get in on the card game, they’ll need $50 to sit in.

Michael leads Haywire to sit down on a bed and hands him a pen and pad to draw. He disrobes once again (Michael, what are you doing to me!?!?) and tells him that he needs Haywire to fill in what’s “broken” on his back. Haywire can’t seem to remember and this frustrates Michael. Manche or D-Cups as I’ll affectionately refer to him for the rest of this recap comes by on laundry duty. He seems to have put two and two together when he sees the burn on Michael’s bag. Michael see D-Cups and tells him to pass a message on to Sucre that he’s ok and he’s working on filling the blanks.

Westmoreland gets a tour of the cell up for sale. He gets in and notices the bible where he had given Michael a hundred dollar bill to prove that he was D.B. Cooper. He offers Geary $100 for the cell and gets brutally rebuffed. Yay for continuity! The bible is gone and he passes it on to T-Bag who walks over to C-Note telling him that he needs to buy both of them into the game so they can cheat. T-Bag will be in charge of dealing while C-Note has to bluff his way through the game. C-Note looks worried as he notices all the Trumpets staring at them.

Nick is at the local Verizon store trying to find the matching charger to Quinn’s phone. Creepy Verizon guy comes up to Nick and asks him how his “girl” is. He reminds him that he shouldn’t have to come down to Nick for info and that he needs to remember who he works for. Nick needs to keep an eye on Veronica and not to anger Creepy Verizon guy into calling in on his favor.

Back in the Whack Shack, Haywire leads Michael into the Diaper room. Hmm…another tryst? Nope! But this time it’s Haywire that backs Michael against the wall, remembers everything and is angry for the time that he set him up and sent him back to the Whack Shack. Haywire reveals the finished drawing and waves it in front of Michael. He’s figured out that he wants to escape and starts to slowly tear the paper down the middle unless Michael tells him where and when he’s doing it. Michael tells him that the plan starts in the basement and eventually ends up at the infirmary. Haywire isn’t buying it but Michael convinces him that when he escapes, he’ll come back and get him out too. Haywire relents and hands over the map while threatening to kill Michael is he screws him over again.

Nick is sitting in the apartment looking dazed. Veronica enters with the same jacket…she had three years ago. Writers, get the woman a new jacket! She filed the petition to get Lincoln visitation rights to LJ. She notices that Nick found the charger and wonders why he didn’t plug it in. Veronica quickly starts the charging the phone and finds his entire phone book. Jackpot! Or not.

Cue Kitchen Game where there are 4 players at the table. Jesus, the leader of it all, C-Note, T-Bag and the only Asian con ever, appropriately named Ping Pong. He does not speak however. Why am I not surprised? Going with T-Bag’s plan, C-Note is winning.

Kellerman goes to complain to the VP and explains to her that the company’s agenda is not the same as theirs. If they don’t put Lincoln to the ground, it’s the VP who’s going to lose. VP decides that it’s time to “pull rank” and do things their way.

Warden goes to see Lincoln and tells him that his petition has been granted and that he’s allowed a one hour visit to see his son. The Pope comments that he’s never seen one approved before. Lincoln thinks he has a great lawyer. The Pope begs to differ. Linc, Veronica only graduated from the middle of her class! How great can a real estate lawyer really be?

T-Bag and C-Note’s plan is almost foiled when one of the cards is revealed and they have to deal again. It’s not looking good for Team Escapara until C-Note manages to bluff his way out and win the game.

Haywire is revealed to have multiple copies of the map he drew Michael. He snits that “Michael thinks he’s smarter than me,” and attempts to escape on his own. The second he touches the door, the alarm is rung and Haywire is captured. Foiled again! Michael smirks from his cell at this scene as Haywire is screaming, “he’s trying to escape.”

C-Note gives Geary the $500 only to find out that the asking price has risen to $700. Seeing no way out, he asks Westmoreland to give up the gold fob (what is with the Asian references?) to cover the rest of the payment. Would he rather have a picture of his daughter or see her in the flesh? Westmoreland gives it up tearfully. C-Note hands Geary the fob only to find out that he had no intention of giving him the cell. He tells C-Note, you’re S.O.L (s*** outta luck).

Dr. Sara visits Michael in the Whack Shack since he wanted to talk. On morphine again? What is up with the uncombed and unwashed hair? Michael offers her a seat on his bed and tells her he made her something. He gave her an ashtray to which Sara replies, “I don’t smoke.” He tells that that he didn’t peg her as the macaroni necklace type. Always take the jewelry, honey. Sara gets back on topic and asks Michael what he wanted to talk about. He tells her how they both know that he doesn’t belong here. Sara reaches out, squeezes his arm, and urges him to tell Pope who burned him; it’s his only way out.

D-Cups is back on laundry duty and visits Sucre and relays Michael’s message. Sucre tries to send a message back (so much cellie love!) but D-Cups won’t have any of it. He knows that Michael was the reason the uniform was burnt and he wants to know what’s going on. Sucre can’t tell him the truth. Luckily Linc is a few cells down (what is this? A sleepover) and calls D-Cups over.

D-Cups goes over to Team Escapara’s table and reveals that he can get the fish out of the aquarium. Who would have known that the brain trust would consist of Sucre, Linc and D-Cups? T-Bag is pissed that everyone is getting on the A-train. At this rate, how many inmates will still be left in gen pop? Westmoreland, the voice of reason lets D-Cups in who warns that the plan may work but it’s risky. Cue D-Cups redoing the burn on a C.O. uniform and then tossing it into Westmoreland’s dumpster as he heads over to another C.O. breakroom to plant it in a C.O.’s locker.

Michael wants the Warden to ensure that he’ll be protected to nothing like will happen again. Warden just wants a name. Geary, the tricky C.O. that will take the con’s money.

Veronica and Nick are dialing numbers only to reveal that all of them have been disconnected. V is frustrated that these numbers seem to have no common link as they are from all over the world. Nick offers to take the burden off her hands in finding the link between the numbers. V expresses her gratitude.

Back in C.O. breakroom, Bellick saunters in to his locker. Not even a few seconds later, the Warden storms in and heads straight towards Geary’s locker. Geary looks dumbfounded as he searches it to find C-Note’s $500, Westmoreland’s fob, and a burnt guard’s uniform. And Geary’s out! And so is Lincoln as he leaves in van with many officers and cuffed to see his son.

Nick watches Veronica working while he makes a phone call to presumably, Creepy Verizon guy and tells him, “She’s here. I’ve got her.”

Michael is readmitted into gen pop and Westmoreland is welcoming him back into the cell. Michael sits down next to him and gives him back his golden fob to which he quickly puts his daughter’s picture back in. Michael looks sad when Westmoreland leaves.

More scenes of Lincoln driving into the country. He looks happy to be out, taking in all the scenery. An officer warns him that he needs to play nice and asks him what he’s looking at. “Everything.” Their smooth ride is interrupted when a huge steam truck comes perpendicular to their path and crashes into Lincoln’s side overturning the truck! BAM!

Next time on Prison Break, Lincoln is left for the unconscious and presumably left for the dead. The Pope tells Bellick, “You have 2 hours to find him before I call the press.” Our favorite mob boss returns. Michael and Sara kiss and he tells her “I need you to do something for me.” Abruzzi offers T-Bag a truce. Kellerman tries to shoot Lincoln.

And that’s all! The things that bug me: How the hell did Michael’s hand heal so fast? No insulin? No pugnac? Discuss!

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