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Jennifer Aniston Slapped By Santa

Jennifer Aniston Slapped By Santa

I caught a rerun of Jennifer Aniston on Late Night With Conan O’Brien that I never saw before (first aired on Tuesday, November 8, 2005).  I was amused to hear that Santa slapped Jennifer Aniston! Here’s what she said if you missed it too — "SANTA SLAPPED ME.  There was a homeless guy wearing a Santa‘s hat.  I was walking down Broadway (NYC) after a dance class and I was with my girlfriend. I basically saw this guy standing in the middle of the street and I just happened to be passing him right at the time that he went BEEHHHH!!! [motions slap] And backhanded me.  Really hard.  I was stunned.  I was like, what the hell are you doing? And nobody stopped!  I don’t what you’d expect people to do, like go beat up the homeless Santa? Very strange. It’s fun growing up in New York."  Ha ha ha.

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  • ashley

    IS THAT BEN WALLACE? major love. detroit pistons. m/

  • ew

    ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!btw,am i first???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    Wow! When was this picture taken? She looks so skinny.

  • ew

    JA ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justme

    Santa should have beat her with a tire iron.

  • XX

    Good thing she covered her face with her hair – she always looks better when we can’t see it.

  • jen


  • muff

    I think Santa was just trying to slap some sense in to her – too bad it didn’t work.

  • j4r3d

    Good eye, Ashley. That is, in fact, Ben Wallace!!!

  • liv

    man whorlina gonna suffered to death to got that body hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ErinMarie79

    lol, omg, that is kind of funny. I would have bitch slapped ‘Santa’ back though. I would not let someone slap me and walk away, oh no.

  • Kk

    liv, are you drunk again?

  • Nana

    Her swim suit looks like it is made from a curtain in my Grandma’s home.

  • kelly

    iLOVE jen’s HAIR so beautiful and sexy !!!! i wish got hairs like that!!

  • ck

    JA knows how to make someone look bad. Do I hear another pity party against Santa. hahahahaha

  • Jeannified

    Is that a real picture of her or has it been photo shopped? How come I’ve never seen this picture of her before then? Especially since its so flattering of her. Hmmm…something smells fishy!

  • anon

    She is a sexy girl with a great sense of humor.That’s why we’re still fascinated with her. Also, she was once married to you know who.

  • Tealeaf

    She doesn’t look sexy at all, being really skinny with a stripper outfit isn’t attractive. Also I noticed her face is covered as usual…There is a reason Magazines ALWAYS cover up that face.No matter how much her fans are in denial, she isn’t a pretty woman. She looks like a transexual getting ready to perform a strip tease. Dustin Huffman in Drag!

  • toot toot

    Well at least JEN didnt use HEROIN to loose weight. HOBAGELINA has man arms and big viens they have to photoshop.

  • Poor Jen

    You know that everyone must really hate you when even Santa wants to slap you.

  • toot toot

    Yeah that’s why she’s always in magazines and covers cause she is so popular i mean "hated".grow the fuck up.

  • anon

    She may not be as beautiful as Angelina, but she certainly is not ugly. A lot of people find her attractive.

  • Kurk

    JA ( aka "jack ass" ) lost weight to try to look as good as Angelina – She’s a classic case of insecurity.

  • wow

    those legs are way too skinny! i bet her knee is just as wide as her thigh!not nice

  • FYI

    She’s in mags and on mags cause she has a good publicist – everyone knows that. I doubt you’ll see many more – her stock is plummeting lower than her chin.

  • JA

    Notice we never get a rear view of her – wonder why? I KNOW WHY, CAUSE JACK ASS DOESN’T WANT US TO SEE THE TRUTH.

  • me

    is there any reason why ben wallace is your santa?

  • Tealeaf

    No Jennifer smokes pot to lose weight, also Angelina is a good mother, and dedicated charity worker…not the symptoms of a heroin user. Alot of people find Jennifer unattractive, especially when she pulls away her hair, and exposes her jawline. She is on magazine covers because people were interested in her marriage/being dumped by Brad Pitt, if she is sooo popular why the hell are her movies flopping!

  • bloggers

    Its funny that this blog is the same as all the others – nothing but negative about poor Jen Jen. God i hope she read this stuff – it may be the reality check she needs.

  • Poor JA

    Jen is a flop – period. enough said. let’s talk about AJ she is far more interesting. And, no, I don’t care this is a Jen blog – she is not blog-worthy, and should therefore be removed.

  • #30 is dead-on

    I agree #30 we should boycott her blogs, like most people do for her movies.

  • excuse me?

    Nothing but negative things about Jen? Hey maybe you’re the one smoking pot LMAOJen is beautiful and funny and by the way for that poster taking a cheapshot about backshots–Denise Richardson says Jen Aniston has the about best butt in in Hollywood.Hey don’t believe me…..just look it up. Maybe it’s a tabloid source but hey most of the crap posted here is too.

  • curious

    hey, did anybody ever find out of Just Jared is connected to that Jared who freelances for page 6?Somebody asked in another thread by nobody responded.

  • oops from curious

    forgot to say – JEN ROCKS! Anybody know the source of this photo.

  • bingo

    I think she looks good in the pic – although it is air-brushed, however, I just don’t like her. She really doesn’t contribute much except to keep high-priced hair dressers employed, tanning salons open, and talk-show hosts bored to tears.

  • butch

    If she had a great butt – knowing miss-show-off – it would be plastered all over mags. Its frumpy – I’ve seen side views – we all have. I’ve seen better legs on a pool table.

  • Yeah I said IT!

    IF you find having a big nose, beady eyes, and extra pointy chin…"Beautiful" be it. Far as her butt…she looks flat to me. Looks like she starved off her butt. Denise Richardson is super skinny also, seen 12 yr old with more curves then Jen or Denise…two of the many Hollywood actresses who are obesses with being sickly skinny! I think that pic is several yrs old from Rolling Stone!

  • Michelle

    Chicken legs ha ha

  • anon

    I really had no idea how many haters are out there. What has she done to you all?

  • Good one Jen

    Sorry I think she looks hot. And I love a girl with a sense of humor.

  • Good One Jen

    And becasue I know how childish some of you all get here–let me amend that. I don’t mean I’m sorry she looks hot. I mean sorry to disagree with some of you here…but JEN LOOKS HOT!As in sexy.

  • jstore

    it is funny how she covers her face in every pic. whatever she does, we can still see the nose and the chin.

  • another anon

    Anon – I don’t think there’s that many people who hate Jen. Think about the people you know in the real world and you’ll probably see that.But this is Just Jared where negativity about Jen Aniston is encouraged on a regular basis so that’s what often happens here. I’m a long standing fan of Jen’s–pre-Brad in fact–and I drop in here sometimes to make the point that she has plenty of fans elsewhere.

  • I love Xmas

    They didn’t use enough airbrushing. I mean, I’m no fan but I’ve seen better pics of her. HELLO people, this post has nothing to do with Angelina. Wtf is wrong with you?

  • Jackie

    Jenn looks great. I love her and Angie. Both are great women. People that comment on her looks are probably ugly inside and out.

  • Yeah I said IT

    The reason people comment on her looks is because she is constatnly in their face, through tv, magazine covers.. etc. Every celeb get comments on their looks, just because some people don’t found her features attractive, doesn’t mean they are means they are giving an opinion. Their are several celebs I think are beautiful, and she isn’t one of them.

  • What?!!!

    #37/ Yeah I said itWhat?! How dare you? Skinny, how can you say she looks skinny…look at her again. Does she look skinny to you? Take it back now, say you don’t think she is skinny. Open your mouth and say Denise is not skinny.Oh, btw I totally agree with you, Jen is skinny.

  • Ass wipes

    Denise’s ass is not the only thing she has in common with JA – they are both lousy actresses who are nothing more than the men they marry – then end up divorcing. Both B,crappy wanna-be, actresses.

  • Jackie

    Its in poor taste to comment negatively on someone’s looks. Argue with that but its the truth.

  • Roses for Oprah

    She’s probably giving those flowers to Oprah – we al know what a brown-noser she is.