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American Idol 5 Top 6

American Idol 5 Top 6

Ace Young, a 25-year-old from Los Angeles, CA has been labeled a diva by tabloids and was sent packing last night.  Ace defended himself to reporters today saying, "Last night at my farewell dinner, (the producers) told me that I’m the easiest person to deal with in American Idol history. They love the fact that I was in by curfew and I did everything that they needed as far as the rules. I think it’s just something (for tabloids) to talk about."  But I heard from a little birdie that Ace didn’t let the Idol stylists touch him or tell him what to do with his look…  come on, listen to the professionals!!  Ace also commented on his suit from Tuesday saying, "That’s the first suit I ever bought in my life – it was $2,000," he said. "I got dressed up for America and they got to see a new look." Still, he added, "My hair is still there."  Who’s left now? The American Idol Season 5 – Top 6 Finalists are Elliott Yamin, 27, from Richmond, Virginia, Taylor Hicks, 29, from Birmingham, Alabama, Kellie Pickler, 19, of Albemarle, North Carolina, Katharine McPhee, 21, from Sherman Oaks, California, Chris Daughtry, 26, from McLeansville, North Carolina and Paris Bennett, 17, from Fayettesville, Georgia.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Tina

    Katherine is going to win. She’s the best up there left.

  • Peter

    yea i agree i want Katherine to win!

  • Peter

    yea i agree i want Katherine to win!

  • Big Jim

    Katherine’s sincere style as well as her great voice and charisma make her an outstanding American Idol. I vote for her as the winner also!

  • Shannon

    I couldn’t believe that Chris was in the bottom 3! He is the most authentic artist in the competition! (Katherine is good too, but I want Chris to win!).

  • Chatey

    Katherine is great but I’d have to give it to Chris. He has been able to show his personality in every song he sings…Hard to believe he was in the bottom 3.

  • g

    open your ears people!! elliot is the man!!! he is nothing but talent!!!

  • cathy

    I do like katherine, but Paris can sing also. I wish they’d quit dressing her like a little girl. I’ve never gotten to hear Chris really sing. Is he any good?

  • zas

    exactly, elliot is just that, pure talent period… no showmanship, he’s a boring performer. i love his voice, charm and down-to-earth attitude but he’s not for AI. hope he does an album after tho….. the remaining bunch can be divided into two for voters: boring and annoying, with elliot and pickler at opposite ends but i think katherine will win just cause she’s in the middle of both. they’re all good singers, so now it’s a matter of likeability. i wanted mandisa to win tho…

  • me

    katharine can sing but she is boring. boring broadway showtunes singer. paris has a great voice and so does chris. i like elliot also. but chris and paris are the bomb. get rid of katharine and that southern blonde oh lord!

  • Yeah for Paris

    Paris all the way, she has my vote!

  • rachel

    next out is..kellie and taylor! my heart is with elliott. muacks. :)

  • derek

    chris, all the way, man.

  • Derek

    I thought that the last two were going to Ace Young and Chris Daughtry

  • snoopy

    I have to say that I have watched every year and this is honestly the first year that I have not called the winner since way back at the auditons. It could be anybodys game at this point, although I am rooting for katherine, chris or elliott. Besides, everyone knows that 3 or 4 out of the 6 will end up with a record deal anyways as usual. They are all winners for making it this far! glad ace is gone and please before you throw stones he wasn’t as good as he thought he was. besides im sure he will make it somewhere along the lines. If not, it wasn’t meant to be.

  • Jan

    I like them all BUT Chris. You can’t say he is authentic. He is like every other rock singer out there. And he goes sharp most of the time because he is straining his voice so much! I will be happy if Paris, Taylor, Katherine, or Elliott win. Pickler can is next to leave. Unless she is like another Nikki McKibbin or Anthony Federov.

  • cher

    I really like Chris. I hope he wins but I dont think he has that Bo Bice magic in him. I dont see anyone else up there that I would want to win other than Chris. Katharine, hmmm…there is just that J’ne sais quoi(sp?) about her…I just cant figure her out. No doubt she sings good, but everything tends to sound the same–Broadway-ish. Elliott, great voice but just not much there after that, he doesnt really have the mass appeal in the looks dept and he really hasnt shown much personality up on stage. Taylor, I just cant stand that guy. I dont know why but he bugs the sh*t out of me. Kellie has the same effect on me that Taylor does only Taylor can actually sing. Paris is a good singer but she is like watching a High School musical sometimes. I dont know, not enough mass appeal on her part either. SO that brings us back to Chris and maybe Katharine. GO CHRIS!!! ROCK ON!!

  • raebee

    Taylor’s gonna be the man this year…he’s the MOST original and unaffected member of the group right now. He’s got soul and love of music just OOZING out his pores and you can tell he LOVES sharing it with us! Go Taylor and Soul Patrol!

  • Nikale

    I don’t care who win because I like all of them except for Kelly Pickler. Is that girl really that dumb or is she just playing up the Jessica Simpson angle.

  • Nikale

    I don’t care who win because I like all of them except for Kelly Pickler. Is that girl really that dumb or is she just playing up the Jessica Simpson angle.

  • Nikale

    I don’t care who win because I like all of them except for Kelly Pickler. Is that girl really that dumb or is she just playing up the Jessica Simpson angle.

  • haylie

    i love kellie. i was really shocked she wasnt in the bottom 3. i love her a lot. and want to see her win but i was like omg. because i figure she was gonna be in the bottom 3. i am shocked chris was in the bottom 3

  • cheryl

    This show has turned into a JOKE! It’s not about talent anymore.Why wasn’t Kellie standing next to Ace? Chris in the most owesome singer.

  • jannho

    anyone is the same, my fave is still Mandisa. She should’ve made into top 3. i want to hear what she sang during the standard night or love songs night next week

  • Lili

    My vote is for Elliott, he is great a little shy but thats what makes him so great. VOTE FOR ELLIOTT!! please ; )

  • George

    I like Chris a lot, but he wasn’t that great singing the ballad. He should find a way to stick with the hard rock. I think they are all good, but Kellie is probably the weakest singer left. Even so, it doesn’t seem like Paris has much of a fan base left for some reason, so I think she might go home next week. I think anyone except Taylor could go home next week. It’s hard to tell. Taylor seems to have a huge fan base, and I expect him to make it to the finals. Taylor is probably the most consistent performance wise of the bunch. There has probably only been one time where he put on the best performance, but he always seems to be one of the top three performers, week after week. Or at least that is what it seems like to me.

  • ingrid

    elliott, elliott, elliott!! i love elliott, i think he has the talent. GO ELLIOTT!!

  • shia_fan

    Elliott’s great!!! I think he should have win… but I guess if he was pushed through to the finale and katherine was eliminated then taylor wouldn’t had win…