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Jennifer Aniston Paparazzi

Jennifer Aniston Paparazzi

Hollywood, CA :: Jennifer Aniston, 37, tried sneaking out of a Tex Mex restaurant late last week without the attention of photographers but was forced to play a little game of paparazzi hide-and-seek.   Paparazzi did a mighty fine job of seeking but Jen did a better job of hiding, using her scarf as a shield.  Now, the paparazzi only exist because they provide the public with what they want, so c’mon Jen, give us what we want — more pictures of you! As always, more pictures in the gallery!

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  • j

    hmmm, why so shy Jen? Sort of odd behavior don’t you guy’s think?

  • JHell

    There are comments on all the Aniston boards that she is definitely pregnant.

  • ashley

    what Pregnant? Oh my god Brad begs and Begs for years, and NOW she finds it time to get pregnant, unmarried and with a party boy? Wow, un f***ing believable.

  • ck

    JA only wants glamour shots on the red carpet. She open her mouth too many times with her snide remarks about BMAZ, the paparazzi are hounding her. Doesn’t she ever wear a bra?

  • creativegirl

    If she’s pregnant she’s an even bigger Bozo than I thought. Poor kid- mommy had to get preggos to prove to the public she really does want kids after all. Nice publicity stunt. Unless she has realized that once Friends with Money bombs she won’t have anything else better to do. Too bad Brad wasn’t worth more to her than 5 failed movies in a row. I’ll believe it when I see the bump.

  • Santa Angelina

    The best shots I have ever seen of her. Her hair COMPLETELY hiding her face. Looks great Jen!Trying to get pregnant? hummm would not hav eanything to do with Brad leaving you to start family with gorgeous hot actress Angelina, would it Jen?What a copy cat and a whining one too!

  • ell

    she was always jealous about Gweneth.P. She knew she is not the big love of Brad. That’s why she never wonted a kid with Brad.

  • princess_dork

    I don’t think that she’s pregnant, because hollywood has baby fever right now, so the rumors of celebrity is being pregnant is booming around.

  • ladybugbelle

    Needs her privacy??????????I can’t remember the last new picture there was of her, not that old santa one. A new one with her out and about recently. I think she has privacy,no?

  • Moi Jade

    Well all I can say is that if she is pregnant, which I find very hard to believe, that would be about the stupidest thing she could have ever done. It is for all the wrong reasons. A PR suicide . I really hope it’s not true. For a woman who has "timing" as such an important issue you know it was no acciedent. She is so jealous of AJ if it’s true.

  • Be sane

    JA fans and her PR realize it’s becoming rather "fashionable" for A-listers getting pregnant. Poor JA, if she doesn’t want kids, why should she? Right, ANYTHING for publicity, I forgot.

  • iced nip

    If she is pregnant, I pity the child. poor thing, bring into the world all for the WRONG reasons . Once again it’s her selfish self .. trying to prove something to the public ? Gosh this is all so wrong. When is she going to learn ?I hope she will never do that . What happen to her high mighty morals that she will never get pregnant without being first married ? Speak about putting her foot in her mouth.Oh so you just ICED your nipple i see. :)

  • passingby

    Just one or two people are speculating she is, but if you read this weeks OK magazine it is said she was at Tex Mex with Courtney Cox and they had margaritas. But if she was prego what’s the bid deal, she is 37 years old, she & Vaughn have been an item for almos a year now and said to be living together. So what does Jolie or Pitt have to do with this, should she stop living because of them.

  • april

    JA’s face looks beautiful in these pics.

  • Just that

    What’s the big deal?…………um, knowing she is pregnant, if she is, and having margerita"s".

  • Santa Angelina

    yeah, she needs her privacy:going on oprah, talking to mags, whining and blabbing to the media on et and insider, oh yeah she needs her privacy , uh huh, jen needs her privacy.someone please stop forcing her to give interviews on leno and the likes. she needs her privacy. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • FuckJJ

    All the Jen hating on here is fucking stupid. Like she gives a fuck what any of you sad bastards think of her.

  • FuckJJ

    All the Jen hating on here is fucking stupid. Like she gives a fuck what any of you sad bastards think of her.

  • Moi Jade

    # 13 | passingby | April 20, 2006 12:51 PM |C’mon she hasn’t even come out and said they are together. She was just on Oprah squelching marriage rumors and has been in the media about this whole thing for 16 months. If and I say IF she was pregnant you don’t think the public who have been following her would think this is a bit strange in light of the fact she is so media involved? Ya know "Bermuda Triangle" "makes my skin crawl…….blah blah blah? Don’t get me wrong. i want JA to be happy and think she could have been a lot more so if she had just dropped the whole thing, but since she didn’t , it’s hard to imaginge if and I say IF again she was pregnant it would be such a publicity tragedy for her.It screams just one thing to me.

  • mar

    Okay, seriously? If she is indeed pregnant, what do any of you have to do with it? Better yet, what do Brad and Angelina have to do with it? The world does not revolve around them, FYI. Leave the woman alone.

  • JA iced tit

    I agree with #5" Too bad Brad wasn’t worth more to her than 5 failed movies in a row. I’ll believe it when I see the bump."JA doesn’t want kids to ruin her so call career, her PR has to keep her name in the spotlight and so they spread all these rumors about her. One of those pics of her looks like "cousin it."

  • anon

    What happened to her movie Friends with Money? Does anybody know? Was it a hit movie?

  • Be sane

    Aniston is one of the most unfortunate woman in Hollywood. When she was married to Pitt every magazine speculated on her weight changes and pregnancies. Now even after the divorce the pressure from her fans and media don’t stop. Her fans want her impregnated–they absolutely won’t rest until she walks out of a hospital lovingly gazing her baby. If I were her I wouldn’t want to get pregnant for the pressure alone.

  • Get real

    Okay, seriously? If she is indeed pregnant, what do any of you have to do with it? Better yet, what do Brad and Angelina have to do with it? The world does not revolve around them, FYI. Leave the woman alone.**************************************************Right! Leave the woman alone. She is milking every daytime and nighttime guest appearance she can. Did 5 movies, the Oscars, on & on to many to list and we should leave her alone? I don’t think that is the way she wanted it. Now maybe she is taking some cues from her ex? Talk about morphing!

  • Tealeaf

    I don’t care if she is pregnant or not, I just hope her kids don’t have her facial features….

  • ken

    I was wanting to know the same thing about her movie "Friends With Money". I saw on tv ,it had not been released yet and only in select areas. It should be released Friday 21th.

  • Tee

    I wish she would leave us alone, I can’t go to the grocery store without see her mug on the cover of every magazine..with references to her divorce. Now that Brad is hiding from the press.. suddenly she has to hide too…Jennifer probably reads every tabloid to see new pics of Brad, also I doubt she wants kids, even though she claims to want them every yr.

  • ghg

    now hated a baby that unborn only because jen would be the mother

  • ghg

    now hated a baby that unborn only because jen would be the mother

  • ghg

    now hated a baby that unborn only because jen would be the mother

  • ken

    You guys notice JA seems to be putting a lot of time in her relationship with VV. She’s flying all over the place to be with him while he’s doing his Wild West shows. She even went to his home town to give him a birthday party. If she had put this much time into her marriage with Brad, maybe she would still be married to him.

  • Anonymous

    #31 Ken,you learn from your mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    #31 Ken,you learn from your mistakes.

  • Becky

    It makes me sick reading this stuff. Before you go bashing someone you don’t even know why don’t you take a look at yourself and imagine all the sorry things people would say about you if the public followed every minute detail of your life and saw pictures of you every single day. Even if you’re a great person and beautiful, people would nit-pick at things to bring you down. It’s sad.

  • A fan of Aniston

    If she is preg. congrats. Maybe she finally moved on. Seems her so called fans that enable the pitty me image are stuck in the past. I wish the woman well, and I wish she gain more class and a bigger heart in the future. I cant hate on her b.c she’s only human. I wish that in the near future she get all that she desires and I hope what she desires is a full life with meaning and not simply focus on herself and career. You dont have to have kids to be centered in your life or to be fullfilled. There are other ways. I hope she finds them. And I truly hope in 2006 her bitterness can finally fade and she can become the grown up, mature woman she should be. The bitch, gossip obsessed, callow and shallow Jennnifer Aniston is not appealing to me. Or to anyone. Maybe since she and Oprah are supposed best friends O can show her the way out of this pitty-victim trap Aniston put herself in and was forced into by the media. I hate to be 37 and be treated like a fragil, defenseless, victim child. That would be a shame. And it is. Because as of today that is who Aniston is. Hope it changes.


    #17 / Fuck JJHey, watch your mouth. This is no Perez Hilton where you bash the owner of the blog. If you have a problem, then stay away from the site. Now aplogize before I come over there and give you the ear twisting you deserve for that remark. Didn’t your mama teach any manners? You don’t go to someone’s place and insult them. Not cool at all and so uncalled for.

  • Tealeaf-to Becky

    If it makes you sick, don’t come in and read it. Not everyone likes Aniston and their not going to type sweet things about her to make you feel good. I don’t care for Aniston and her PR people have tried to manituplate the people with the constant interviews.. to make Chinnifer a victim , well her bitterness and fakeness came shining through. I wish she would just GO AWAY!

  • Alexanderina

    #34 Becky, that is how the BAMZ fans feels when JA fans and haters are bashing AJ.

  • mar

    #38, sorry to break it to you, but those BAMZ bashing people are not JA fans. These are the people that taint the fan base. Same goes the other way around.

  • ck

    My guess is that the paparazzi will hunt JA every day until Brad’s and Angie’s baby is born. Since the paps can’t get close to BMAZ+1, they’ll go after the next side of the "Berumda Triangle." JA gave up her privacy when she interviewed with Oprah, Leno, etc. and gave "her side"of this soapopera. The majority of pictures I seen of her out in public she’s always hiding her face. It tells me she’s not confortable with herself.

  • visitor

    # 36 | BLESS JJ yep…go and twist her ear….she has no manners, insulting her own host….lol…she should be kick out of the house….he! he!


    *yawn*I read on another blog, Nicole Kidman wished Katie Holmes and her new baby well. She did not mention Tom’s name. Wonder if Jen will do the same thing when Brad/Angie have their babyMemo to Jen: This is what a CLASS ACT is!

  • jj

    jen will make a great mum if angie can be a mum after all her mistakes then why can jen not i have seen her with kids and she smilees alot when she is around them jen has always said she wanted kids and i hope she has them and after all she went throuigh with her mum i can assure yu that she would try avoid making such mistakes jen will be okay guys yu all wait and see and by the way has anyone noticed that vince acts more matured nowadays and brad said it was not because of kids they got divorced why do yu guys still mention this as the reason it took brad less than six months to impregnate angie so why the fuss and jen is beautiful go and look at her baby pictures and yu will see what mean and have yu seen her father is very handsome so yu know what they kids will be fine loved and beleive me appreciaated i wish jen the best and i hope and praay she finds happiness love peace and satisfaction in life she deserves it she has been let down by people she loves so much that i just feel this is her moment and let her enjoy it vince has been good to her infact amazing it takes a real man to walk the lowest mopment in your life with yu and he has been ther he has seen her at the lowest and they walked through it together and i am sure he will be there at the highest moments amen thankyu to all whom abuse her because yu just show that when she finds happiness it willl feel so good and so right and well deserved i wish brad the very best and i wish jen all the happiness in the world i am waiting patiently to see how everything turns out i hope well for everyone involved as jen said there are no mistakes in life only lessons and she as learnt the harder way yu go baby girl i am praying for yuyu can hate her but never ev er critise the way she looks because yu guys can create nothing so yu have right what soever and by the way have yu all ever thought that faith as played his way through the lives of everyone corncerned brad has a famly jen as a loyal friend

  • Becky

    I like to read this gossip as much as the next person and I usually just ignore these comments, but I just finally felt compelled to say something. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I just think you should have some type of valid base to them. If you don’t like their movies/acting/singing whatever that’s one thing, but like I said before, you don’t actually know these people…but whatever my comments just riled up more hate so I’ll stay out of it. To Alexanderina – I get it. I’m not even a particularly huge JA fan, I just think a lot of these comments are unfair and I feel tha same about things said about Angelina.

  • petergabrielfan

    To respond to Becky’s comment about Maniston being left alone…If she truly wanted to be left alone, she would not be on tv pimping herself and foisting her crappy movies on the world. Celebrities are public figures, and thus do not have to be loved by anyone. Some people like her, some think she sucks. Get over it.

  • anonimo

    after 2 june all will be over. The film THE break up will be a flop enourm, VV dumped JA and she quite to act forever. BP and all hater and the "real friends" too will laugh of her misery. BP will have the deserved success with job and private life.JA retired in house forever. NO more pics, no more chat in talk show, no more friends, family and job. Alone with herself. Nobody care if she is alive or dead, neither god neither human. She will pray night and day since the dead will come to free her.Countdown 42 days at the end of a woman unneccessary, selfcenterd, selfish, untalented, and ugly

  • The real lou

    #35 A Fan of Aniston,very well said.I wish both JA and AJ fans would move on.I wish them both well.

  • respond to # 46

    You really need help, Watch what you say about nobody will care if she is dead or alive, that may just happen to you one day.

  • fiona

    Its best for her to get pregnant too and marry Vince and move on completely. But I think she will wait for Brad and Angie to get married first, so as she would not lost her "victim/martry" stature. If articles are to be believed, she wants B & A to marry already. I think the reason being, so then she can have her own wedding and still be the agrieved party in the bermuda triangle. Just my take…

  • helen

    anonimo or whatever yu are called alll i can say is we will wait ansd see and i can gurantee yu jen is not going to end up like this never ever no she is not selfish if she was there would be no friends some she has known for up yto 20 years and she is talented if she she was not she would not have won an emmmy, golden globe, showest , screen actors guild awards and no friend will laugh ay her misery because ther will be none and finally i wsh yu back all that yu wished her because yu are just plain wicked to wish such evil deeds even a person that has killed is not wished this then why wish jen such let jen be