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Tom Cruise Mother

Tom Cruise Mother

Beverly Hills, California :: Mary South, mother of actor Tom Cruise, was driven away after visiting her granddaughter Suri Cruise at her son’s home yesterday afternoon.  Just 12 hours after Katie Holmes had given birth, Tom, 43, and Katie, 27, used a series of decoy cars to leave St. John’s Hospital.  Three identical Ford Excursion SUV’s left the facility at the same time, one decoy going to The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles where Suri is rumored to have been baptized as planned under the tenets of the Church of Scientology. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: JJ reader Jack writes in, "I’d venture that’s exactly what’s going on. Notice the odd antenna on the vehicle’s roof, midline. That’s a directional beacon, as in Tracking Device. Something very important inside. The whole damn thing is too creepy."

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45 Responses to “Tom Cruise Mother”

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  1. 1
    EEKKKK Says:

    Yuck, she looks are STRANGE as Tom Cruise. They look like very STRANGE!! I wonder if KH went into labor while out on a shopping trip. Gee I wonder why she did not stay home. I don’t believe any of the stories.. something is up with these two. I just hope they go away and the REAL hollywood CHERUB.. BRANGELINA.. can be born soon.. GO AWAY TOM CRUISE.. GO AWAY!!!

  2. 2
    EEKKK Says:

    Sorry I meant to write AS STRANGE. I was in a trance by her wild look, I did not go back to read my comment. SORRY!!!

  3. 3
    Lena Says:

    Uber-creepy – the entire lot of them.

  4. 4
    Tatiana Says:

    I thought it was Laura Bush O__O

  5. 5
    clowermom Says:

    Doesn’t his mother live there? Why would she have to be driven away after visiting? Does anyone know what the baptism procedure is for the Scienos? They are definitely freaks.

  6. 6
    Brad and Angie Says:

    I’m scared of these people!!!loooneyyyyyyyy

  7. 7
    Marlene Says:

    Come on now people, can we grow up? Now we’re attacking TC parents wow your lives must really be empty. TC acts weird so every one thinks it gives them the right to say nasty hurtful things about an innocent child and the rest of his family like if you know them and you’re a part of their daily lives. Geeez, GET OVER IT ALREADY. if you cant stand him then dont read about him, watch his movies write about talk about him if he and his family make u people so sick WHY ARE U HERE?

  8. 8
    Maddox Says:

    I think Tom is too much into scientology… I think he wants to make himself as Jesus or Buddha…

  9. 9
    #7what??? Says:

    # 7 are you kidding. TC open this flood gate by talking and acting crazy!! Who the hell does he think he is? His family supports his antics? Of coarse he is their cash cow!! My life is not empty thank you, is yours defending a nut job? Are you involved in the cult as well? Why are you here? Go to TC offical fan site if you want to read prepaid, and preapproved letters to Tom Cruise. This is the real world and the real deal!! Tom and Katie are fake and up to something. How much did they pay the hospital to say KH had an epidural? BS this guy pays everyone to keep his lies going.

  10. 10
    sterling Says:

    Where are katies parents? Strange for being such a CLOSE family…. i heard they are in Florida! Why? They new she was due to deliver. I bet they loathe Tom and his Scientology crap.

  11. 11
    Betsy Says:

    That whole family is weird…love that game you posted yesterday Jared.

  12. 12
    Rox Says:

    Yeah Jared… you can try to play Perez from time to time. But really…. that’s not your best man. People (and a bunch of other reliable sources) reported Suri left the hospital directly to her home. No stop. No baptized (at least not yet). I wonder how do you feel having this bunch of weirdos posting at your site… is that what makes you popular? A bunch of addicited to TomKat who post a couples of times under differents names (always with the same old ****)?

  13. 13
    Tiny Dancer Says:

    #12 Rox, your post makes no sense. JJ is our favorite!!! Most of us don’t just read about one "star" as weird and as fascinating as TomKat are–just like watching a train wreck about to happen…we read the whole column daily. Most of us have our favorite celebs, but we post on several different articles. So Roz, exactly what is your problem. Your writing structure is good, but your main idea and subideas are poorly put, so we are left scratching our heads in wonder.

  14. 14
    whatever#12 Says:

    #12 Rox you post here. Wow, you track other sites? I just come here… who is the freak now? POSER

  15. 15
    Whoa Says:

    LMAO She looks exactly like Tom. Big smile and all.

  16. 16
    Whoa Says:

    LMAO She looks exactly like Tom. Big smile and all.

  17. 17
    kenny Says:

    Do we have any proof whatsoever that she actually went to a hospital? Besides Tom’s word, that is. No pictures at all, and yet the paps were planted in front of the house night and day.Since I don’t believe she actually gave birth, I doubt there are any pics.

  18. 18
    jennifer Says:

    The baby was already at the scieno center ! Tom went there simply to pick it and bring it back home as "his" baby.Or maybe katie had the baby awhile ago and it has been kept in a scientology chamber for programming.This is so bizarre and disturbing situation.

  19. 19
    linaa Says:

    Is Nicole Kidman also a member of the scientology??and connor and isabell?

  20. 20
    waldo Says:

    She looks like the Grinch who stole christmas!!!

  21. 21
    whattheF Says:

    What happened to the home birth and the signs of being quiet? This is all BS. KH had the baby a few weeks ago and they staged the whole thing. To all you "Oh you are such a hater" blah blah.. what the F is the big secret than? Everything TC does very suspect and BS. KH had an epidural? After he bashed Matt for being Glib about medication. I swear that cocky little midget thinks he is smarter than people. Yeah yeah TC we believe you…. you little freak of nature… we are worried for ANY CHILD YOU RAISE.. whether you adopted them or paid for them. Yeah ok than…I am a hater…hate to be lied to.. to be used for his $$ gain. NOT ME SORRY!!!! Go pay your cult to be king!!!

  22. 22
    Knows better Says:

    They are all whacked. And yes, to whomever… The entire family is in the cult including TC’s mom and sister and kids!

  23. 23
    houston Says:

    «« Three identical Ford Excursion SUV’s left the facility at the same time »»Not only one car, but THREE, went unnoticed by everyone? And I don’t recall any pap pics os those cars… Fishy. Someone trying to make us believe something that might not be true.

  24. 24
    TCALOSER!!! Says:

    Tom Cruise pays to many people to like him so he thinks this SHI^ is believable. YEAH RIGHT!!! I hope the truth comes out and evryone sees TC for the little fraud, gay, cult ring leader he is. Lets hit him where it hurts.. MI3.. :)

  25. 25
    mickey Says:

    Katie Holmes’ parents are probably so disgusted by the whole house of lies about this baby that they stayed away. I don’t think Katie went to the hospital and if she was ever really pregnant at all she probably had the kid weeks ago, when her mother was with her. I hope someone in Katie’s family will speak out on all this foolishness, but since those nutty Scientologiist operate like the mob, the Holmes family is probably scared of what they’ll do to Katie if they speak out.TC needs to go far, far, away with his fugly lookalike mother and wacky cult.

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