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Asians On The OC!!!

Asians On The OC!!!

Wah!  It’s going to be one huge AZN block party on The O.C. next week (that’s the same Asian in the background here). Yeah, mooncakes all around!  (Some screen time is better than no screen time, eh?) Above, Summer (Rachel Bilson) enlists the help of Volchok (Cam Gigandet) to liven up the senior prom while Marissa (Mischa Barton) has the task of actually getting Volchok to enjoy the prom. The O.C. episode "The Party Favor" airs this Thursday, April 27 (9PM ET/PT) on FOX. More pictures in the gallery!

One of this season’s American Idol finalists and real-life Orange
County resident Lisa Tucker will also guest-star in this episode.
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  • alice kats

    what is your problem with asians? so what if they appear on the oc? its about time they’re represented in the entertainment industry. and its not like you hear everyday "OMG its a black person on 24!!!!"

  • fan

    yeah exactly! Putting in a mix of ppl of different races would just make the show more real!

  • Penny Woods

    I think the post is directed to the lack of Asian people found on the OC (let alone primetime TV). I don’t think the post was meant to offend.And, uh, the President and his wife on 24 are Black. (Correct me if I’m wrong–I keep thinking the President is not on 24 anymore; I don’t watch 24.) That’s why no one would say "OMG, it’s a Black person on 24!"

  • vicky

    Even if the author of this post was asian, it’s not cool to call Asians FOBs which means Fresh Off (the) Boat last time I checked. FOB is as offending as N***** and many Asians don’t like to be called a FOB by anyone.

  • jonathan

    jared! see, you are offending your yellow fans!I think you need to do a PSA about azn pride now.

  • poohbear

    well its frankly about time i say! after all us asians do make up more than enough of the world’s population! its nice to see we are not yet again, being pigeon-holed into ‘martial arts’/stereotypical baddie/exotic bond girl roles but can also pull off being overpriveleged rich kids in the oc! yay!

  • Asian Ann

    Ahahaha of course this starts up such a scandal. Yo, when I see random Asian people get lines, I get very, "ZOMG AZNS!" out of glee. FOB, I don’t mind (my cousins especially use the turn proudly, so try not to generalize us into one ideology, vicky, thanks), but come on, JJ! Not all us Asians eat mooncakes. Pinoy pride, baby. Rock on.PS. That Asian dude up there has some killer style.

  • Alice

    Hell, yeah, the yellow kids are taking over, bitches. There are a lot of Asians in the actual OC (hell, I’m Asian, and I was born there), so why shouldn’t there be more on the show?Not that I watch the show.

  • j4r3d

    Alright, well, I switched out FOB for AZN. Even though I call myself a FOB sometimes. ANYWAY — what do Pinoys eat if not mooncakes? Have another pastry in mind for all Asians?

  • geniass

    Bahaha mooncakes! Soo gross!Uh…banana sauce? sponge cake?

  • j4r3d

    Haahaha. Oooh, sponge cake! I can work with that if everyone else can, hehe.

  • Jude

    Me, watching last night’s episode on DVR: "OMG! Honey! Honey! Pause it! Go back! That’s an Asian! Hey, he’s talking! He has normal dialogue! Hey! Another Asian! OMG! I love this show again!"Call us whatever you like as long as they keep putting us on shows like the O.C. in characters like the guy from last night’s episode (the roommate of the guy at Berkeley). A decent, normal, non-accented role–and O.C. is the one where the principal(?) of Harbor is (was?) Asian, right? Asian power all the way!Forget about the pastries. It’s all about the dried cuttlefish.

  • j4r3d


  • Steph

    Those nasty bean paste buns seem to be pretty damn common. I don’t think there’s a general food that all Asians eat though. I mean, even rice is only popular in half of China.

  • cha

    i’m asian. Calling someone a FOB is offensive, if you’re not one. it’s the same when blacks call each other the N word but they can holler it out to the others.

  • vicky

    I’m asian and I don’t like to be called FOB, chink or any ghetto slang. Guess I’m not into that ABC ghetto and AZN pride thing. But it is refreshing to see Asians on TV who just blend into the crowd without striking any martial art pose.

  • fran

    WTF thats an ignorant ass post.. along with your other asian posts… it ain’t funny, get some new material

  • superjosh

    this post isnt offensive. you guys just dont get the humor. jared’s making an accurate observation about the lack of asians in the OC and making fun of the fact that after three years, now they’re finally showing up.

  • superjosh

    the FOB part though was probably bad judgment.

  • TBN

    That was a funny riff on the lack of AZNs on television, and specifically on "The OC". Nothin’ offensive about that.

  • TBN

    And the inclusion of FOB was parodying how AZNs are widely perceived as not Americans.I’m an Asian. I get the "nah, where are you REALLY from?" question all the time from strangers. I’m glad Jared is bringing this up in a witty manner.

  • lingofranco


  • j4r3d

    Q :: So where’re you from?A :: New York.Q :: No really, where you from?A :: New York.Q :: Where are your parents from?A :: New York.

  • Jude

    Jared,Precisely.I tell them I’m from Uzbekistan or Syria or some place like that."You mean, you…you’re really…you’re not Asian? Not at all?"

  • Asian Ann

    I was only joking about the mooncakes thing, baby. I just forgot the ;) Besides, everyone knows that Filipinos eat pig heart in pig blood and all wish we were Spanish ;) and and and …let’s just agree on starches for Asians. We could never go on the Atkins diet.

  • apple

    I love mooncakes especially the expensive one.

  • Susie

    Mooncakes….nah I like my daan taat (egg tarts). You mean there is an Asian on the show?! I thought the only Asians on television was on Gilmore Girls and Lost. What really gets annoying is when people ask, "wow you speak English very well."

  • ahhh.

    hey. um who cares. no ones mean to asians at skools ne more..Theyd draw a funny pic of u or theyd just ignore u because theyre too damned smart! lol, who cares. he was tryin to be funny. relax!!! who cares ahat JJ says when CAM GIDGANDET Is in these…woooo, that boi is FINE AS HELL!!!

  • 9

    I get that JJ was just trying to make a joke, because we all know the OC means = only caucasion (i love best week ever)

  • Kyotoyoshi

    FOB is not equivalent of the N word (especially considering people from other countries besides Asia can be referred to as FOBs, the term isn’t asian-specific). There’s actually a word that’s equivalent…which I’m not going to post but you should probably know it.

  • Duude

    I don’t think the post is offensive, I think the show is actually offensive. The character that Summer brings to the prom is OTT sterotypical asian. And she pretty much is embarrased because of this.

  • Teresa

    SO, moonpies weren’t in any way meant to offend asian people? Are you guys freakin kidding me? Of course it’s offensive because not every asian person eats moonpies! Also, even if people what?! It’s all a matter of preference. It’s like saying to black people.."Yeah, let’s pass the fried chicken around."The post is funny because it’s true but the moonpie comment was uneccessary, it is completely ignorant.