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Demi and Ashton in Paris

Demi and Ashton in Paris

Paris, France :: Why was Ashton passing through a Paris airport yesterday?  To meet his wife, Demi, of course! Husband and wife Ashton Kutcher, 28, and Demi Moore, 43, met with another felllow Kabbalah following couple for lunch earlier on today in the City of Lights. (Lead singer of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Anthony Kiedis an unidentified woman.)  After lunch, Ashton and Demi enjoyed a nice stroll down the streets of Paris and grabbed Starbucks before heading back to their hotel.  More pictures in the gallery! On an unrelated note — GO RED SOX! (Don’t hate me, I don’t even follow sports.)

Demi Moore spent most of her time text messaging on her Sidekick
during lunch (left) and sitting on a park bench with Ashton (right).
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demi ashton paris02
demi ashton paris03
demi ashton paris04
demi ashton paris05
demi ashton paris06
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demi ashton paris09
demi ashton paris10
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  • tamandbay

    that’s iggy pop

  • jstore

    they are in paris and having starbucks coffee!!! tell me that ain’t so!

  • Katie

    Anthony Kiedis! And woman.

  • Rox

    Anthony Kedis and Heather!

  • everyone else is

    is she pregnant?

  • j4r3d

    Thanks, Katie and Rox!

  • Hype

    Is it possible that her career is over? She seems to have dropped out of sight.

  • Pug

    Heather Tom from One Life to Live? I don’t see her.

  • ladybugbelle

    I don’t see Heather Tom either. She was on Young and Restless for many years also, now on One life to Live. That’s not her with Anthony.

  • cje

    What’s with all the grimaces on Demi’s face? She doesn’t seem all that happy to be in the City of Love. Kudos for Ashton though. He looks to be trying to make her smile by pretending to be a bunny.

  • Jen

    Who wants to see Ashton or Demi? Give me more ANTHONY!

  • sonia

    They were lucky because the weather was absolutely wonderful today !! And hot also…aaah Paris…

  • balzac

    Demi Moore is a walking proof that PLASTIC SURGERIES (c’mon look at her, we have to be frank with each other) leave a huge trace. she looks actually terrible. thank god that her daughters look pretty normally

  • Erin Leigh

    Jared, is that suppose to be a joke or something? (’cause that sure don’t look like Heather Tom to me)

  • just asking

    thank god that her daughters look pretty normallyUm, have you seen pics of them lately?

  • just asking

    Maybe Heather Tom had plastic surgery..Not feeling Demi’s green shoes, by the way.

  • POETS Day

    That is not Heather Tom with AK – you are wrong! And let me just say that Demi is looking FUGLY!!! I agree that no matter how much plastic surgery you have it can’t hide original ugly…plus she smokes up a storm which can’t be a good thing for preserving whatever plastic surgery you get

  • london

    such morons. there are what about 2 starbucks in all of paris and they managed to go to them. so tacky.

  • weird

    why is Demi’s face look so crooked and deformed???? Maybe the botox didn’t even out – she looks so rather wicked and old….

  • mamakraft

    That doesn’t look like the Heather Tom I know of .. long time Y & R actress .. now OLTL. All I could think was, what happened to Demi’s face .. it looks twisted .. scary!

  • MamaBella

    Why does Demi’s face look so nasty??

  • rachel

    demi moore looks yucky! so grouchy!

  • jlh

    You would be surprized to find Starbucks all over Paris! Quite a few for such a small area. Popular as well

  • not saying

    Demi must have finally found out that Ashton is bisexual! oh come on like u didnt know

  • Well I’m Sailing….

    Anthony Kiedis is the MAN!ROCK ON!

  • Parisienne-n-proud

    THERE ARE MANY STARBUCKS IN PARIS!!WAKE UP AND SEE OVER USA! there’s other continent guys!

  • JensMOMLivesINCAR


  • trullesand

    i used to be in love with anthony when i was 12 (1991) and after that pic i think i probably shouldn´t have changed my opinion. he looks so small and too healthy, anyway i am glad his hair will be long again.and please fuck that idea that they all fly to namibia. i am sick of this nonsense.

  • trullesand

    …still demi looks horrible!!

  • movie fan

    Oh come on, people. Obviously Demi is making faces, it isn’t "twisted" in repose. Don’t you people ever move your face? If you had candid shots of you all the time I’m sure you would be horrified at what your face ends up looking like! That is not the ravages of plastic surgery. I have lived years in areas where plastic surgery is the norm, and she doesn’t look like a woman who had too much. She looks disgruntled, though, don’t know if it’s just sun in her face or seeing the paps. Look at pic 12 and you see the face of a woman in her 40′s who happens to get high-end facials and works out a lot, and, as someone said, smokes. Notice the deep lines on either side of her mouth and the face being pushed down by her sunglasses. Women at her age who have facelifts (that’s too young an age for a facelift and it shows badly when they do it) have much tighter faces and their mouths are pulled horizontally tight, ever so slightly. She looks normal. Might have had Botox on her forehead, but that’s nothing. And yeah, that’s not Heather Tom.

  • sandi

    It looks like the right side of Demi’s face is falling down in comparison to the left side. And she seems to have her tongue poking at it, like it was frozen after a dentist appointment. Wierd. Something is up there for sure. That’s not a face. When her face is in a relaxed position, it’s all sagging.

  • tll

    Maybe it’s just his baggy t-shirt but it looks like Ashton is getting a bit of belly.

  • schaudenfraude

    she looks awful! like her face is collapsing! like the cryptkeeper!

  • Lei

    Gramma put down your sidekick and pay attention to your grandson lol

  • amr

    not a single comment about the fact that you gave a shoutout to the bosox. you rock.

  • jen

    I think u guys are so mean and criticle. if u were photographed as much as them u would have some pretty crappy pics too. so what shes human and acts like it!

  • jen

    I think u guys are so mean and criticle. if u were photographed as much as them u would have some pretty crappy pics too. so what shes human and acts like it!

  • jen

    I think u guys are so mean and criticle. if u were photographed as much as them u would have some pretty crappy pics too. so what shes human and acts like it!

  • jen

    u guys r so criticle. shes not bad concedering that she is out on an average day and doesnt want her pic taken. im sure u would look the same.

  • Anita

    What’s wrong Demi’s face? she seems a hit.