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Babel Movie

In New Orleans

Enjoy this new still from Brad Pitt‘s upcoming film Babel, opening October 6, 2006 (limited release). The Associated Press recently interviewed Brad on the announcement about his New Orleans design competition.  Listen to the audio of Brad being interviewed by AP below via silverthoughts!  Here’s the article — Brad Pitt called Thursday for people to submit proposals for an environmentally friendly design competition he is sponsoring to rebuild parts of New Orleans devastated by Hurricane Katrina.
"Our goal is to kick off the rebuilding effort. It’s certainly long overdue and I can only go from the reports that we get … that it’s behind, absolutely. People are frustrated," Pitt said by telephone from Namibia.

"We could possibly build something that was better and took into account the historical traditions of the city and the voices of the people and turn this into some kind of good," the actor added.

Pitt, who is currently in the southern African country with actress Angelina Jolie and their children, is teaming up with Global Green USA, a national environmental organization, on the design project. (continued after the jump)

(continued before the jump) Pitt will lead a jury made up of architects and local leaders to choose designs by six finalists who will then work with local neighborhoods on more detailed proposals for environmentally sound buildings.

The open competition will focus on the Holy Cross neighborhood in the impoverished Lower 9th Ward. Designs will be submitted in June and the finalists chosen in July.

Pitt described his reaction to watching the scenes of the devastation caused by Katrina. "Truthfully, I dare say we witnessed, to our shame, the fact that there’s a portion of our society that’s being dismissed and that needs to be rectified and I thought that was a real casualty overall from the event."

Pitt said it was both the humanitarian and design elements of the project that interested him.

"Good architecture is not about building a pretty box and putting it on a piece of land. It’s about the needs of the people inhabiting it. It’s about the sun, wind, the temperature of the place, their well-being, their quality of life, they go hand in hand. Good architecture cannot exist truthfully without good will," he said.

Pitt said he has a huge interest in architecture.

"I am a bit of a junkie. It’s inexplicable really. I believe we creatures are very susceptible to our surroundings. They can actually improve our mode of life and I personally am very affected … when I walk through an intelligent building. It inspires me," said Pitt. "To me it’s like walking through a piece of art and, coupling that now with the green movement of the smarter architecture — of the healthier buildings with great design — is a very exciting prospect to me."

Matt Petersen, president of Global Green USA, said that Pitt had "really educated himself not just on architecture, but green design as well. We’ll probably have a vice-chair as well on the jury to help Brad. There will be a lot of experienced people on there as well as Brad."

The impetus for the competition stems from both a desire to help rebuild the devastated city, and to ensure that at least some of the reconstruction occurs in an environmentally-aware manner that reflect a vision of New Orleans in the future.

"As the rebuilding process in New Orleans begins in earnest we want to ensure that the designs and construction embrace principles of sustainable design and green building," Petersen said.

"What we’re doing can help provide a spark for the rebuilding of New Orleans and to do it differently. If we build the right buildings now, we’re not going to have to tear them down. They will be more disaster resistant," he added.

Anyone can pre-register from today for the competition although final details on the jury and the brief will not be released until mid-May. The finalist presentation and jury review will take place before the first anniversary of Katrina on Aug. 29.

Global Green, the US arm of former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s Green Cross International, is providing technical assistance in green standards for 10,000 buildings in New Orleans. The standards include energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, clean energy sources and healthy building materials.

Pitt declined to answer questions about the upcoming birth of his biological child with Jolie. "Absolutely not," he laughed.

There is widespread speculation that Jolie intends to give birth in Namibia and that the couple plan to marry there.

Pitt would only say that he had a warm welcome there. "Namibia’s just a country we’re very fond of. It’s a beautiful land and hospitable people and a place that we want to be for the time being," he said.

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  • trullesand

    my god, i wanna give him a hug.

  • Poison_Cherry

    For the first time in my short life here, I think I’m first. I can’t not wait to see that movie. I wonder if Angie and Brad will be together at the Cannes Festival?Morning to all of you BAMZ + 1 fans.

  • fiona

    Am I first? Thanks JJ, looks like Babel is a good acting vehicle for Brad. I hope he get nominated in the awards shows this year.

  • Lynn Campbell

    I can’t wait to see this movie, thanks for the great picture.

  • Lola

    I am so looking forward to this movie. Also, I’m so happy that Brad is doing to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

  • can’t wait

    I 2 can’t wait to see the movie, that’s good acting can’t wait can’t wait..

  • radrose

    i hear the inervitew bard was very happay he lough alot when they aske him about newbaby i think he will answer all Q in rite time i whish it came very soon i can’t wait for birth news and i think and hope it going to be boy brad pitt jr. can any one tell what babel concept is.

  • African Girl

    I am in awe of this person. Goodness, I don’t know what to say. I pray God gives him the strength and wisdom to complete this project.One question, the last pix with the guy on the phone….is that BP? A definate must see for me.Poison _cherry and Fiona, sorry guys that you aren’t first. Better luck next time guys (lol)

  • BradShitt

    Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Fight Club Reaches Namibia By Jesse Smith Apr 21, 2006 Maddox, Angelina Jolie’s oldest adopted child, is learning what money can buy. He has listened to Mickey Brett, their bodyguard, verbally threaten people with cameras sitting in public cafes and walking on public beaches. He has witnessed the often painful pepper spray dousing of a paparazzi on a public beach and the physical assault of another trespassing on private property. Would not the appropriate response have been to detain the trespasser and summon the local police rather than to beat the pap to a pulp? *** Apparently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the support of the governor, mayor and local police chief when it comes to taking the law into their own hands. This is what large charitable donations to a region can buy. The rights and freedoms of locals and tourists have less priority than largely imagined security risks to these humanitarians. Swakopmund is a peaceful community of law-abiding citizens. *** There is no physical threat to these stars that justifies the use of former members of an apartheid-era counter-insurgency force. And the breaches of privacy are to be expected by public figures who court publicity at other times.

  • gitane

    Dear Brad,On behalf of Katrina displaced BAMZ fans all over the country, I thank you.

  • BradShitt

    Wow African Girl- No offense to you, but Brad makes some announcement for publicity about "sponsoring" something (after Jolie by the way told America Africa was more important than Katrina) and you are "in awe"??? You seriously must not have many people to admire in your life. If you are "in awe" of these two publicity manipulating jackasses who now are endangering their unborn child by giving birth in Namibia just for attention and to be cool, rather than at a first rate hospital, you need to read more and get out a little more. Fortunately the general public is on to these two dimwits and their fraudulent PR campaigns. Expect more of this when the baby arrives, to deflect attention from when she conceived. Hint- he was still married. Unlike you fanatics, the rest of the world finds them repulsive. They are total hypocrites, using former apartheid gorillas as cheap labor to harass people. Seriously, what a couple of self-absorded egomaniacs. I hope for your sake you find someone more worthy of your "awe". I’m kind of sad for all of you at how much you’re going to be hurt and let down when these two start cheating on each other and break up. What ever will you do? Who will you fawn over?By the way, I heard your beloved Angelina just signed on for another Womb Raider movie. I guess she either needs the cash or can’t find any serious roles besides cartoon characters. Maybe she’s not so in demand any more? I think the public is done with these two, so I hope they don’t run through all their savings too fast- it gets expensive all these private jets, islands, entourages, armies, entire resorts, etc. I heard they spent over $300,000 on this trip alone. What was that Jolie was saying about how stars spend too much on themselves for unnecessary luxury items? Can you say "hypocrite"!!LMAO

  • pitt bull

    this"PUSSY" is trying to do anythink for having on "oscar"!!stop dreaming puppy you’re not talented like george clooney ! and you can never be johnny deep ! you are just an idiot !and you will be forever!! stop wasting your time puffy!!!

  • sad

    It is so sad that people like people "pitbull" are full of such hate? Why can’t people wish everyone the best….I wish brad much success and jen much success …shit happens , let it go people.

  • ashley

    wow # 11 your life must suck, you have to post on a site of someone you hate? nothing better to do with your time? what a loser.

  • Be sane

    # 12 | pitt bullyou’re not talented"Brad Pitt was already NOMINATED for an Oscar, which means it’s a matter of time and the right role to come along. Now that he is with an OSCAR WINNING, REAL MOVIE ACTRESS his future is brighter than ever.

  • Sierra

    I’m glad Brad’s doing something to help. NO and other areas hit by the hurricane are still in shambles. Not much has been done since the hurricane hit. Thanks Brad for caring.

  • Enemy

    The question about his upcoming fatherhood was so funny, "Absolutely not!" and the both laughed wholeheartedly. "I had to ask" ROFL

  • so pathetics!!

    oh good acting ! good acting! how do you know if it’s a good acting ? did you see the movie? or maybe you’re a which! just as your mistress whichlina who knows

  • sad

    How can some people , have so much hatred for people they never met, we don’t know these people, we read magazines and interviews , but we don’t know these people…It is quite sad and shows that behind the hateful words thrown around, things are lacking in these haters lives, I would never want to be judged by people who are clueless to who I am. It is the same situation with brad, jen , angie, vince…How anyone could say hateful things toward anyone trying help their fellow man is beyond me…what horrible human beings fill the earth,, that is why so many problems are in the world , haters need to get off their asses and do some good in the world.

  • Be sane

    # 11 | BradShittDo you own a car? That money builts three schools in Cambodia. Shame on you or your family for driving.

  • Sierra

    # 19 | sadI really don’t think the haters can help themselves. To write the things they do even behind the safety of a computer screen tells me that they have no heart and that their lives are filled with hate and unhappiness. You’re right. It is sad.

  • Angieshitt

    #11 BradshittYeh, sock it to these bitches hard!!! When truth glares at them in the face, all they can do is shout "hater"!

  • African Girl

    #12/ PittbullHey, no offense taken. You know I was going to tell you why I am in awe of this man but I realized that boiled down to the essentials, you are like a child playing with alphabets……on offense of course. So, anyone is that Brad Pitt on the phone coz he looks like Clooney in Syriana or is it just me?

  • Lola

    African Girl,That’s Brad in Babel.

  • radrose

    no matter what bamz haters will say & keep saying only the time will tell the ture for exmple magzine said alot and wrote alot of negitve thought about B&A but the time brove them worng BP voice in the interview show how much he is happay in nambia with his family & ready for they baby arrive .for JA i think she should move on and think many time befor she take any new step in her life i wish all to be happay & get what they wont in this life .all BAMZ don’t care or give hetars any attantion best way is ingor them at all.

  • lorie p

    haters cannot moved on,they simply hate brad for leaving his x…..when is brad gonna have a child of his own?when his 80?he might have parkinson by then.give him a break haters,go away.

  • Me Again!

    Thanks JJ for the video/verbal interview.I read about this last week and I’ve starting call all my connections to see how I can get involved with this project and see if Brad (and if Angie and the kids will be with him) stay at my hotel. Finally some rebuilding in New Orleans! If you’re not from here you can’t imagine how or what things are like. We have an election this weekend and everything is crazy…if the US Gov. can let our soldiers vote while in Iraq the question is why can’t they set up satelite voting stations throughout the US for our NO residence? Getting a new Mayor or someone who wants the fame and fortune in office is not the best thing. Our city looks like Iraq…all the low income areas are being forgotten about…only the rich or middle class can afford to live here without the everday stress of how am I going to pay for this or that.I think it’s a great idea for Mr. Pitt to come down and help or give some money and PR to the rebuilding of New Orleans. I think when he ACTUALLY sees the area..he may think he has taken on too much…the area he’s focused on doesn’t look anything like downtown…at all.All in all…any help is help. Glad and happy to listen and he sounded very happy…can’t wait for baby Jolie-Pitt!!!

  • African Girl

    My post was for #11 Bradshit. Fearing that I had refered to some one who didn’t deserve, I looked at #12 and thought oh well still applicable. #12, you can have any leftovers…if any, from #11.

  • 92122girl

    Is it me, or has this guy TOTALLY evolved into more than just a pretty face. It is so great to see the deepth behind him. I love what they are doing for EVERYONE!! I wish them the best and I can’t wait to see the CHERUB they produce. What a happy story they bring to Hollywood.. no matter how they got there to all the haters.. it is so refreshing to see a HAPPY, REALLY IN LOVE, GENEROUS couple!!! Much success to EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH!!!

  • "liar infidel dog"

    why are playing this comedy little dog you are so shameful for what you did huh ! you trying to be nice and save the poors ouhhlala what a hero !! why you didn’t that before huh! oh exuse me "THERE WERE NO POORS BEFORE AND AFRICA WAS RICHE!!!!"we all saw your real face now!don’t try to do somethink else for your nice image !! you’re too late! oh yes i forget that you have no personalty next week whorlina gonna change her self into a man please! please! don’t do that stay as what you are!! you’re so funny!AND SHE GONNA SAVE POOR ALIENS ON "XCOUDOF" READY GOOOOO! GOOO! YES!! GOOD BOY!!!

  • lylian

    In response to #9 BradshittFirst of all, the fact that apartheid era counter insurgency force being used is a matter of tabloid reporting or speculation which may not even be true. My recollection of the article which made this allegation did not even refer to a force but rather to an individual who was allegedly a member of the apartheid era enforcers.Secondly, even if a person was a true white supremacist during the apartheid era, many have changed their views. Perhaps the changes aresuperficial but they are trying. My neighbours are South Africans and good friends. but her father in law was a Bible thumping, dutch reform church true white supremacist because that is what he has been taught since the day he was born. However, since the fall of apartheid he has learnt to change his views. He has acknowledged his allegiance, first as a South African and then as a white. He realised that south african hasn’t after all fallen apart when the indigenous africans took over. Do I refuse to shake his hand when he is introduced to me?? Thirdly, and most importantly, in south Africa, people who have been actively involved in persecution in the name of apartheid have been held accountable in the truth and reconciliation court which was led by Bishop Tutu and sanctioned by President Mandela and members of the ANC itself. Those who have participated are now reintegrated into society. I will respect the will of the South African people to forgive the oppressors and to create a rainbow nation. If they can forgive and move on, then I will not judge those who participated in apartheid’s oppression. I’m not forgetting the crimes of apartheid and they were horrendous. The utter degradation apartheid tried to impose on black south africans, the christian justification of the repression (the dutch reform church were full participants in apartheid and provided the religious theological underpinnings of the oppression) is indescribably awful. I am myself an overseas Chinese and grew up in South East Asia (consider Indonesia, Malaysia) and have an idea of what it is to be a second class citizen with fewer rights to the majority. But nothing I’ve ever experienced comes close to apartheid. I was shocked when I learnt about the injustices of the apartheid system. But I will take my cues from the Africans who have been the victims of apartheid and now live side by side with their former oppressors.This is why Nelson Mandela is a great man. thanks to him, South Africa has managed to stave off, at least for now, racial riots, blood shed. Had a massacre happened, I would not have blamed the black South Africans. The injustices, the oppression, the deprivation of choices for the black south african (do you know that black south african did not have a university in south africa till the 1980s?? what a waste of talent). It is truly wonderful that they have been able to at least try to build a rainbow nation and forgive. If that’s what they want then the least I can do as an outsider is not point accusationary fingers at apartheid era enforcers.

  • gitane

    #27 Me Again!how are things in n.o.? i haven’t been back since my grandmother’s funeral in late october.

  • alero

    #11Endangering their Baby?***Please there are places in the US were a newborn is more endangered than where BP and AJ are.

  • Mandy

    Pitt and Jolie are happy, and living their life the way they know best and some people are sad because they are happy…….please haters, by all means, channel your energy to something more positive for your own development……..

  • Alexanderina

    Hey fellow BAMZ+1 fans, There are some people in here that forgot to take their Meds today, such vicious comments. I came to the conclusion that the haters in here cannot function without bashing BP & AJ, that is the only thing in their miserable and pathetic life that keep them going and that is sad real sad

  • im laughing

    how about you"REAL HATERS" when you wishe death to jennifer and puts your shits and blame others celebrities huh???????

  • thats right

    They’re married already. He is wearing his wedding band. I thought they were already married. Congrats to the Gorgeous family.

  • Alexanderina

    Hey #36, please tell us where we wish death to JA and where did we blame other celebrities

  • liar infidel doofus

    # 30 You can’t write, you can’t spell, you can’t express a coherent thought. And you’re drooling.

  • lylian

    In response to those who predictably call Brad a hypocrite for helping in Katrina:If those living in New Orleans who will be helped by this project are happy and grateful, who are you to judge whether his help has merit or not?? Let those who are affected be the judge. If the New Orleaneans (is that what they are called) say they don’t want Brad’s help coz he’s a two timing hypocrite (and they can coz these are Americans and have access to the media and the internet), then fine. Otherwise, who are you to talk for your fellow americans (assuming you are americans). And if you are not americans, who are you to say anything at all about Brad helping the people of New Orleans. They may actually be happy and grateful for the help and media attention. After all, it looks like not like a lot has been done for them in the last 6 months has it? No more telethons to raise funds, no more George bush touring the area looking concerned.

  • gitane

    #40 lylianwe’re new orleanians. and, i, for one am grateful. although i don’t live there anymore and don’t have plans to return, i would like to see the city rebuilt and thriving.

  • remember the truth

    #9 and #11 Believing every word of an article written by reporters angry they can’t get to B&A is naive and printing pieces of it here to stir up trouble is a ridiculous attempt to get your own attention. There people have not courted it at all. And the locals and the government are behind them — not one has said one bad thing, only cameramen and trespassers and frustrated gossip reporters. Hint: If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie conceived while he was still married, she would have been pregnant for at least 15 months by now! Maybe you need to study human genetics and not gossip news.

  • yo

    wow i can ‘t wait to see this movie brad looks so

  • remember the truth

    #11 What do you mean by "cheap labor"? Do you know how much they are getting paid? And in one breath you say they are spending too much money, the next they are employing cheap labor. Make up what little mind you have!Besides, you are boring. You have nothing really to say, so you are flailing around as we appreciate something you can’t. Don’t you have anything new or interesting to say?

  • A blessing

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitt family. For all their kindness and love for others. I love this family.Brangelina fan

  • alero

    If more locals were upset in Namibia than we would be hearing more stories. The story that keeps being told is from last sunday and not even from a local newspaper. With so much interest in BAMZ the Associated Press or Reuters would pick up a local story if it were about BP and AJ. Also most of the complaints were coming from the paps not the people living there.

  • remember the truth

    #33 Alero You make a lot of sense, which people who thrive on negativity cannot understand.Some people are so provincial as to think the U.S. is the only place where anything that counts happens. Only hospitals in the U.S, are good enough, only birthing in a big city like L.A. is the correct way to go. They can’t fathom that there is medicine just as advanced and oftentimes better than in the U.S. elsewhere in the world. If these people actually think that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have dedicated themselves to helping people, especially helpless children, would endanger their own baby, then they cannot possibly understand big, abstract concepts like relationshps, world affairs, humanitarian efforts without a personal agenda, etc. That is why they cannot understand these two people. Alero, you can make all the sense in the world, but that is something that eludes the haters.

  • lylian

    OK, last thing I’m going to write tonight. I hate having to refer to Africans as blacks. whether it is black south african or black americans or black brazilians. I would not like it if I was referred to as yellow and have never referred to myself as yellow. I hate referring to anyone but the colour of their skin. That’s why as far as possible, I prefer to type African American. I know African Girl and others are African or have African blood. Do you mind? Shouldnt you mind? I really liked it when Tiger Woods firmly refuted that he was "black". He said he was thai/jamaican,african american. (he made up a name for that which I’vve forgotten"). Your thoughts please.

  • lylian

    Oops, sorry, I wanted to edit my post #48 to say, I don’t like referring to "whites" either.

  • remember the truth

    #23 African GirlI thought the same thing! Very Clooneyesque looking! But on closer examination it IS Brad. And you are right — he is AWEsome and deserves your respect! Jeez, people now angry over his helping Americans. What next — angry that they hold Maddox’s hand? Angry that someone sent a card to their mother on Mother’s Day?