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Tobey Maguire Hiding Face

Tobey Maguire Hiding Face

Los Angeles, CA :: Tobey Maguire, 30, hid his face from photographers this past Monday while leaving Arclight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome located at 6360 W Sunset Blvd (between Vine and Ivar, with DeLongpre to the south). His next film Spider-Man 3 opens in theaters nationwide on May 4, 2007.  Some pictures may interest you (most probably fake) of Spidey in a black suit have surfaced .  More candid pictures in the gallery!

Tobey Maguire even hid his face from paparazzi while driving away.
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tobey maguire hiding face01
tobey maguire hiding face02
tobey maguire hiding face03
tobey maguire hiding face04
tobey maguire hiding face05
tobey maguire hiding face06
tobey maguire hiding face07
tobey maguire hiding face08

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  • Joy

    Why is he hiding his face?

  • lily

    maybe he got a pimple

  • sugar

    ugh i really dont like him. i like many celebs most ppl hate, but this guy just annoys me. i wish someone else would play spidey instead of him, i really love the movies.

  • sweetface

    What an ass. He works hard to get into highly publicized movies, becomes a big star, then resents it when people wonder about how he spends his private time. What an ass. Respect your role – you asked for fame, this is part of it fool.

  • sweetface

    What an jerk. He works hard to get into highly publicized movies, becomes a big star, then resents it when people wonder about how he spends his private time. What an jerk. Respect your role – you asked for fame, this is part of it fool.

  • apple

    I think that girl next to him is his gf.He looks silly covering his face.

  • handslover

    What lovely hands he has.

  • soa

    he probably had plastic surgery! oh oh oh man!

  • susan

    May 4, 2007 is when Spider-Man 3 opens, which they are filming now. I doubt he’s had plastic surgery. And yes, those sm photos have been proven to be fake. Sorry.

  • cjniqo

    The actors are lucky. They act in comedy or drama. If laugh or cry; but in the real world the people is forced to act roles don’t comfortable for them. The life is a stage but the roles aren’t dealed good.Good Night!

  • bored

    i think he’s covering his face cuz he’s embarrassed to be seen with that human blob in picture number 3

  • FriendlyPerson

    GOODNESS People LEAVE HIM ALONE! No matter what one does for a living….THEY DO HAVE RIGHTS to be left alone outside of their JOBS!! REMEMBER it is a JOB Following someone and taking pics is STALKING! How would you no matter how much you make and how you make it like to be harrassed….REALLY Think it out!

  • cifallover

    maybe he’d just been crying?

  • rottenapple

    bored – omg you disgusting person. how could you judge other people about their body looks. you are probably fugly and only said that to make yourself feel good. ugh!

  • susan Poindexter

    I just love toby and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing spiderman.He has a right to his privacy just like anyone else.

  • tomer

    rottenapple must be fat.anyway, Toby must think he is as famous as his friend Leo, who covers himself all the time. TOBY, you are not, so get over yourself

  • Magnum

    Wow, he hasnt done anything wrong. I would be pissed too if people were constantly flashing cameras at me. The flash must be annoying after a while. And he might of been crying, would you watn the whole media seeing you cry? I wouldn’t.

  • Megan

    I would hate to have people swarming me to make money off of some goddamn pictiure of me. I would have my face trademarked so if anyone used it i could sue!

  • Mateo dddee

    Someone needs to tell Tobey the "hiding their face" from the paparrazi isn’t cool anymore. Thats so a 1997 celebrity trend.

  • Jody Palmer

    Can’t imagine anyone else other than Toby playing Spiderman!! Leave the Guy the Hell Alone! He has a right to His privacy!!

  • danderfidget

    C’mon people…he’s a kid. 30 is not "grown up" by any stretch of the imagination. He deserves his privacy. He is not Spider-Man; he simply plays Spider-Man. And does a damn fine job of it too, I might add. Let’s not start projecting how we would act if every facet of our lives was up for grabs by every person with a camera. Maybe he just hates having his picture taken. What’s wrong with that?

  • SLCLadyPoet

    Why hate on someone who doesn’t want to be stalked…I have been "known" in my own community, that’s about as famous as I want to get because people just can’t leave you alone…You can’t enjoy a day in the park or walk without someone identifying you and wanting to talk to you. Is someone supposed to hide indoors? It not an easy life to be famous, it comes with a high price, now if you seek out the paparazzi that is different but they sought him out. So he has every right to hide his face. So I hope if you ever get the chance to be known or famous you show your face all the time…..Peace!

  • TheRealTruth

    Why is he hiding his face? See that girl next to him? She’s only 13 years old and it’s his date. No wonder he’s hiding….jailbate anyone?

  • TheRealTruth

    Why is he hiding his face? See that girl next to him? She’s only 13 years old and it’s his date. No wonder he’s hiding….jailbate anyone?

  • IF

    Actors are human beings too. But, their lives are hashed about 24/7 without their permission or control just because they happen to have a high-profile career. They shouldn’t have to suffer harrassment every other minute of their private lives just because the general public has seen their films. Tobey is NOT a media whore like Paris Hilton. He doesn’t want attention outside of his career. When off camera, he just wants to go about his business like normal folks do. I, for one, am very glad he’s not some "look at me" What conveniently can’t be seen in these pics is the rudeness of the trash talking shits taking the pics. Tobey has described these folks, how they often yell obscenities at him. Rather than cuss back at them or make obscene gestures, Tobey sometimes does this face-hiding thing just to screw with the over obknoxious ones, not give them anything good to use. Tobey’s not shy. He’s pretty bold if you ask me because he’s willing to accept the consequences of photos like these being circulated all for the purpose of giving those asswipes some grief for trying to make his life as miserable as possible. I say Go Tobey. Give em Hell. Dude spends countless hours behind a lens for publication. That should be enough.

  • dm

    I’m sure he had a good reason to hide his face. And since no one really knows why he did, people shouldn’t be such assholes about it. He has every right to hide his face when he wants and where he wants. Also, no one could ever play a good Spiderman like Tobey can.

  • wwhhyy

    she is 29 not 13, but am sure she’d like to be :D I think it’s normal to hide his face..Nothing wrong with that..I think you want to make baloon comments about him..huh..

  • trueblue

    I think Tobey has mental problems, and his celebrity which forces him to be noticed by a lot of people, especially paparazzi; doesn’t help his illness. I wish he’d get some help if he’s not getting any because there is help out there. I love the actor anyway.

  • ilovetobeyandleo

    You can’t blame Tobey, I mean he get chased all day and night by photographers. I think that he deals with it pretty well, for all of the stupid, loser papparazzi

  • mercedes

    Tobey! you poor thing…those people who wanna know what you do in private must have a lot of time on their hands…love you!

  • Blue_rosf

    Tobey is a good man so i always love him