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Justin Timberlake Pumping Gas

Justin Timberlake Pumping Gas

Hollywood, California :: Bad mood. I don’t know either. Singer / "Actor" Justin Timberlake, 25, stops to put gasoline in his BMW 760 LI ("the most luxurious, refined, and gifted of all production luxury sedans in the world") this past Thursday but is sure to flip the birdie to paparazzi before zooming off (pictured after the jump).  His upcoming film Alpha Dog co-starring Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Ben Foster, Emilie Hirsch and Olivia Wilde opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, May 12.  More pictures in the gallery!

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justin timberlake pumping gas01
justin timberlake pumping gas02
justin timberlake pumping gas03
justin timberlake pumping gas04
justin timberlake pumping gas05
justin timberlake pumping gas06
justin timberlake pumping gas07
justin timberlake pumping gas08
justin timberlake pumping gas09
justin timberlake pumping gas10
justin timberlake pumping gas11
justin timberlake pumping gas12
justin timberlake pumping gas13
justin timberlake pumping gas14
justin timberlake pumping gas15
justin timberlake pumping gas16
justin timberlake pumping gas17
justin timberlake pumping gas18
justin timberlake pumping gas19
justin timberlake pumping gas20
justin timberlake pumping gas21
justin timberlake pumping gas22

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  • uh-huh

    i’ll tell you why he’s so pissed, its cuz he’s sleeping with a man

  • Loser Alert!!!

    What an ass he is.He better not bite the hand that feeds him. GROW UP can sure spend the money you make off of the public. Nice ride… dosen’t your girlfriend drive a PRIUS??? Quick side note..whatcha paying in gas in CA now a days?

  • Diana

    I love Justin. I don’t care if he’s in a bad mood, he’s hot.

  • Smithey

    You know, regardless of the money he makes, how much do you think you’d like it if people followed you everywhere you went? All day, every day, someone’s there watching and taking pics of everything you do, with no privacy unless you’re locked up in your own home?Most of us, if we could get away with it, would be doing a lot worse than getting pissed off and giving them the finger. It doesn’t matter that he ‘chose’ this life, most of us have no idea what it will involve before we’re in it. It’s an unfortunate fact of a modern celebs life, one which is increasingly difficult to deal with in this age of instant everything.

  • KrungKrung

    i don’t blame JT, the papz deserved the finger, hihihi

  • Jen

    um jus because he flips off the paparazzi doesnt make him an ass…its not like hes physically hurting them and YOU would feel annoyed and violated if they followed all the time flashing their cameras at you

  • slj

    In San Diego gas was yesterday $4.00 in Beverly hills $3.19. But that was yesterday.Rude justin.

  • Pitchajarun

    I think all these celebs feel like they SHOULD despise the papps… i can’t even imagine JT being hounded to the point where he has to resort to rude gestures, its not like he’s brad pitt for gods sake… I think they feel like they have to hate the paparazzi cause it makes them feel more famous than they are, he’ll be begging for the attention in 5 more years when he becomes today’s lief garratt…

  • Christina

    Justin is white trash.

  • hed

    he loook soo hot..and no hez not white trash

  • Like I See It

    He reminds me of LambChop. Sheree whats-her-names puppet.

  • Too much time to was

    What does JT do now-a-days? he hasn’t had any records for the longest time.

  • Ella

    To Smithey and Krung Krung:I don’t see why the two of you are complaining. "The paps deserve it." lol…you wouldn’t be able to look at most of these wonderful pictures on this website if it weren’t for the paparazzi. They make a living off of people like us. lol.And yes…they chose the lifestyle so they deserve to have their lives put out there, because everybody knows the price of fame, and well…this is one of them.

  • bethy

    damn rite..justin did the right thing..yea, they’re celebs but dang..let them have a life too.

  • cjniqo

    Why the hate is so important for us? Why we pass a gross part of our life to hate other persons that don’t know too? The hate is necessary?I hope no, because when i fell the hate of the other people, i am sad!Good mornin everyone!

  • Enigma

    """""i’ll tell you why he’s so pissed, its cuz he’s sleeping with a man""""""tell me about it. I hope Cameron Diaz is not one of those celebs who preach about how much they don’t believe in plastic surgery because she is fugly. Halle Berry Demi Moore got 10 years on her and they both look 10 years younger than her

  • aussie girl

    #14 ‘damn rite..justin did the right thing..yea, they’re celebs but dang..let them have a life too.’damn right! most celebs dont mind photographers taking a few photos but a lot of the time the paparrazzi go way overboard such us stalking and putting others lives in danger almost running celebs off the road. i for one don’t feel much sympathy for the paps who get there ass kicked by celebs and then whine about it. good on ya justin.

  • jess

    Screw you justin and your ugly girlfriend too. Cameron has taught him well. I admire the celebrities that just ignore the paps.

  • kikii

    Hiaha – so true. He’s NOT Brad Pitt and even Brad can manage to look cool and calm around the paps. Check out what lainey says, and you know she’s always right."Big superstar with several other high end cars and lives in a gazillion dollar mansion supported by millions of fans with an appetite for candid photos gets all poo poo sulky if you don’t let him enjoy his high glam life in private." there’s more…

  • kiki

    Anyway – you and I and Jared: we are ALL the paps. That is what we are doing on celebrity gossip websites. don’t be hypocrits!!!

  • JC

    i agree Kiki. And besides, what if that was just a fan taking photos of him for his daughter or something? LOL. I agree the papz go too far. But unless there are laws, you can’t stop it. So, you might as well make lemonade out of lemons. Don’t be mean spirited to the papz because you’re coming off as an ass to your fans. Guess who’s on the other end when you’re making obscene gestures to the papz? Your fans. just ignore them. I really, really don’t see why stars gets so amped up over a few photogs? This is what they signed up for when becoming famous and living richly off of citizens’ millions of dollars. Are they royalty? No. Let Justin go flip the bird at us in his "most luxurious, refined, and gifted of all production luxury sedans in the world." I’m gonna go fart on his CD. That’s my sister’s money your driving a around in, buddy.

  • tess

    #4, Smithey – Are you a female? Have you ever lived in the city as a female or around hooligans on your street? Females have got to put up with the same type of a harassment everyday of their lives from creeps who hit on them, stare at them or make cat calls at them. Do you realize how icky and annoying it feels when low life ugly rotten men do that? It’s the same thing with papz. Papz treat celebs like their meat. And I understand what it’s like not wanting your photo taken. I’ve had my photo taken many times where I didn’t want people to do it. But unless there are laws preventing people, all people, from taking photos of ANYONE without their permission, we can’t help it. BUt as a celeb, I would think this is what you EXPECTED! If you don’t like the papz then why stay in this business? Get out! Nobody wants a celeb that badly. People’ll get over it. They have lives, ya know. Celebs, they think they’re god’s gift to mankind. They get away wth ALOT while the rest of us hardworking, suffering Americans deal with krap everyday of our lives. Atleast these celebs have luxuries to get away and unwind form th papz.

  • Aaron

    Ride in a limousine everywhere, if you don’t want the papz taking photos of you. You want your privacy? Get someone else to go pump your gas or do your grocer shopping. Celebs have the money to hire people to do these things for them, so they don’t have to. They can have assistants. Celebs think there’s a gold light around them and that if anyone gets near that light, it’s unholy. Puhleease! I don’t like papz as much as the next guy, really, but ACT CIVILIZED when they’re around. Take all that anger and use it for more serious causes or to get the government to place laws prohibitinng people from taking other people’s photos without their permission. I HATE my photograph being taken, and I’m not a celeb. So, what to do? I’m on the side of these celebs in regards to not wanting you’re picture taken, but I’m not going to flip the bird or attack or anything like that. That’s outrageous. There have been many times I wanted to break a friend’s camera for taking my photo, just cause I hate it. But then I’d be arrested. No, not a celeb though. They’re sacred.

  • Kristy

    I would do the same thing Justin did if I had someone following me around constantly! BTW… I live in sacramento and I paid 3.17 a gallon…. Pain in the ass if you ask me… I feel bad for SD people!

  • Lohan Roberto

    So cute!!!

  • Smithey

    I’m up here for the same reason as all of you. I enjoy the pictures and the stories that go along with them. My initial posting was not to dismiss the role of web sites such as this, or the photographers in question, it’s the world in which we live. My posting was in response to the first two postings from ‘uh-huh’ and ‘Loser Alert’ who are blaming JT for getting angry. (Ok, it was mostly to #2 because #1 was just stupid). Which one of you hasn’t become angry at something that someone else was doing to you. ‘The grass is always greener on the other side (or ‘over the septic tank’ – Erma Bombeck)…’ scenario applies.To Tess (#21) I am not female, but I have been stalked. It doesn’t feel good does it? I found myself starting to agree with you, but then you turn it around and basically state that since you have to put up with creeps, it’s ok that others do too. Wouldn’t it be better if no one had to? I know, it’s not possible. No, not all celebs think they’re gods gift (but yes, many certainly do).I’m not saying that celebs are blameless, far from it. It’s in the nature of the business to be an ‘attention whore’, and you can’t turn it on and off when you want to. Most want it only on their own terms, and that’s not a reality either. All I’m saying is that when your favorite (or least favorite) celebrity actually has a ‘human’ moment, there’s really no point to the name calling. Believe it or not, they really are just people, even if they don’t always act like it.

  • Jody Palmer.

    Right-On J.T.!! Someone should Do-Away with the Paparazzi Perminately, Like the Mafia!!

  • Christina

    Justin is still white trash to me.