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Reena Hammer

Reena Hammer

Rome, Italy :: Actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, 27, and girlfriend Reena Hammer, 20, share a kiss on the red carpet of the world premiere of Mission Impossible IIIReena studies ancient Latin translations and Persian, her father owns beauty spas and her mother is a very famous make-up artist who has a cosmetics line. During an interview in the March/April 2006 issue of  Social & Personal magazine, JRM talked about his leading lady (see below).  More pictures in the gallery!

How long have you been going out with your current girlfriend, Reena Hammer? A year and two months. I live with her.

Is it still exciting? Yes, it is, but it’s difficult to keep it alive.

How do you cope when you’re away working?
Phone calls. I’ve learned how to deal with it over time, because I’ve been on the road for about nine years now.

Do you ever send her flowers or chocolates? She comes and visits. I’m not really the sending flowers type. I’m not very romantic. A nice box of chocolates once a month is always good when you can’t get there to shag your girlfriend, though!

Does distance ever make you insecure about your relationship? You have to have trust – and I have to trust her as much as she has to trust me. I go out with a girl who’s ten years my junior and very, very beautiful, so why shouldn’t I be insecure?

You must be able to sleep with whoever you want to, though? I prefer to be in a relationship with somebody that I love very much and that’s close and sensitive and comforting than to **** a different supermodel every week. That has no appeal whatsoever.

Does Reena ever get jealous of your love scenes? Yeah, I remember seeing Match Point at Cannes and I was sitting next to Scarlett while my girlfriend was in the row behind. When it got to that scene (where Jonathan rubs baby oil onto the back of Scarlett), she started kicking the back of my chair and saying, "I’ll ****ing kill you!"

What do you love about her? Lots of things, She’s very very smart. She’s very, very sensitive. She’s very, very beautiful. She’s very tough. I don’t fancy weak women, regardless of how really beautiful they are,

What does she do? She goes to university.

Do you think you would ever an actress? No – it would be too difficult, too competitive. I’m the only actress in my life!

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  • mandy

    too cute, i absolutely love them together. She’s adorable and he’s gorgeous and everything he says about the relationship sound like bullshit that he doesn’t know is bullshit yet (given his history) but i still love them together because i’m a sap.

  • Alex

    Haha, Reena has been 18 since 2004.

  • dig@colin?

    Was that a dig at Colin? The ‘fucking a supermodel every week,’ comment? Well, at least Colin dates grown women….and what this about I like sensitive, smart and strong women — uh, yeah OKAY Jonathan, but you like them as long as they’re TEENAGERS who just happen to be daughters of tycoons, so STFU.

  • Sheryl

    What nationality is Reena Hammer–she looks Asian to me and a little bit Hispanic maybe even Middle Eastern.Does anyone know? Just curious…

  • Nikki

    isnt he 28?

  • Adrian

    He said he’s been in the relationship with her for over a year now. So where exactly did he meet her? At her prom? Maybe we was a crazed fan or something. What scenario would put a 27 year old with a 19 year old together?

  • Aisling

    They kind of look like the coupling of his character ‘Joe’ and ‘Jess’ (Parminder Nagra) ‘ from ‘Bend it like Beckham’.×768.jpgHere's some more pics of them together…when they first started dating:

  • I Loved Him As Elvis

    He is very talented, made it big as Elvis last year, but yeah, what is a 27 year-old guy doing with a teen-ager? "living with her", no less!

  • gerrick

    please check out my new site http://ovenfreshgoodies.blogspot.comby the way i think he should dump her and produce a porn with jake g cause it would be hot….very very very hot.

  • Elsa

    What a lucky women !! They’re very cute together … ! :)

  • Anna

    Reena is Bangladeshi.

  • rachel

    damn! it’s not fair.

  • Betsy

    Can we say robbin’ the cradle?

  • Lana

    That’s odd. I read in an article right after the oscars were over, that his girlfriend was 25. I thought it said he was 31. They both look older than what that article states. I don’t believe everything I read. Especially when it comes to ages of Hollywood stars. She looks Persian or Asian Indian. They make a really lovely couple!

  • Kate

    ALex, I’m sure Jonathan wasn’t dissing Colin, as the two of them have been good friends for over ten years.

  • k.

    she looks like a child. groooossssss

  • TINA

    DIDN’T THEY BROKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie

    When I was 19, I met my boyfriend who was 26. We’ve been together ever since for the past 11 years. We got married 4 years ago & had our first child, a son, 3.5 months ago. Age doesn’t matter as long as you love & trust each other & make each other laugh, that’s what its all about! :)

  • Angie


    Sorry all, I wanna confess 2 u – my husband and I broke up. He was fkn’ otha girlz, and I was fkn’ 14 year oldz. Life’s a bitch and I’m the slut!

  • Haver flower garden

    amazing woman; smart, beautiful, talented, loved and loving. what a breath of fresh air! love her!

  • Lorna

    Yeah Reena is half Polish and half Bangladeshi.