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Tom Cruise in Rome

Tom Cruise in Rome

Rome, Italy :: Movie star Tom Cruise was in Rome to promote his latest blockbuster on Monday, but his main mission was to rush back home to his bride-to-be Katie Holmes and baby daughter and resume diaper duties. The 43-year-old told a news conference in Rome ahead of the world premiere of "Mission: Impossible III" that he would cut short the European promotional tour, which was also to have taken in Paris where he and Holmes were engaged 10 months ago. "It was everything that we wanted it to be and more," Cruise said of the birth last week of Suri. "It was really very spiritual." The Hollywood A-lister suggested that he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. "I changed her first," he said. "I change diapers all the time. I have to tell you I love it. We have a whole system worked out. It’s the ‘B and B’ – she does the breast feeding and I do the burping and changing the diapers. It’s teamwork. It’s fun." (continued after the jump, pictures in the gallery!)

Tom Cruise creeps up and very enthusiastically greets
Mission: Impossible 3 co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Holla atcha boy, Jay-ZTom Cruise shouted you out, throwing up
 the trademark Roc-a-fella Records hand sign. TEAM ROCAFELLA!

(continued before the jump) Cruise has two older children that he adopted during his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman — 13-year-old Isabella and 11-year-old Connor. Suri was his first biological child.

Cruise said he would be in Rome for eight hours, allowing him to attend the red carpet before the premiere, but would then fly back to the United States.

He was joined at the briefing by other stars from the film, including Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman who plays the arch-villain, a black-market arms dealer.

 Mission: Impossible III is an adrenaline-packed two hours of death-dodging that sees the action star leaping from Shanghai skyscrapers and breaking into Vatican City.

Part of the film was shot in Rome, but the eternal city also has personal history for Cruise.

Rome was the city where Cruise and Holmes, known in tabloid shorthand as "TomKat," first made their romance public in late April 2005, smiling for photographers during the David di Donatello awards.

The following month, the twice-divorced Cruise made a manic, couch-hopping profession of love for Holmes on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The couple got engaged in Paris in June.

His whirlwind romance and public discussions of his belief in Scientology, the church founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, have also made Cruise the butt of countless jokes. — Reuters

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  • pkc

    he used to be so much hotter when he never smiled.

  • aveeno1

    I try but its so so so hard to like him. He’s not believable anymore, he’s just creepy, there’s an unease even in his smile…. I wonder if he indeed likes himself. You know many people might appear happy but inside they are conflicted and depressed….. I wonder….but then I again I’m probably wrong…

  • spammy

    Keri Russel thought bubble "Jesus Christ, I dont think i can handle it im either going to laugh or shoot myself in the head if i listen to more of his alien loving, publisity seeking life..diaper changing my arse"

  • antof10

    You would think the other Scientologists would tell him to cool it a bit or even shut up. He is starting to make them all look bad, because people are starting to look at them in different views also. so, it can’t be "helping" them to recruit new followers

  • QQQQ

    Jared, U had me rolling when I read this..Holla atcha boy, Jay-Z! Tom Cruise shouted you out, throwing up the trademark Roc-a-fella Records hand sign. TEAM ROCAFELLA!

  • whattheF

    God I thought the birth,buying,or whatever they did to have their kid would have him locked away for a while..I guess that is Katie Holms… Fast forward 16 years.. you are a guy and you come to pick Suuuiiiieee up for a date. Have fun with that. I agreed with the free katie stuff but now she is one of them…. FREE SURI!!!

  • mickey

    That big, fake smile and laugh are so irritating. He so disgusts me with his insatiable appetite for attention.

  • Doll

    Gosh!! Does this guy ever stop to laugh? No one can be that happy all the time! It,s like is on drugs or something. Anyway, at least is very involved in the baby’s duty. But, maybe I’m wrong, I taught that after the birt the mother was to be kept away from the new-born for some time according to Scientology! If so, how could Katie be allowed to feed the baby?

  • YUCK!!

    GOD I can’t stand Tom Cruise… what a fake little GAY man. I bet he has Katie Holms in acting classes before he presents them to the public. God he makes my skin crawl… I heard people were laughing when he got beat up in MI3.. Bet that scene will disappear as well! What a pompas arrogant NUT CASE!!!

  • Annielee

    Cruise added: "It’s wonderful to be back in Rome…I have my newborn daughter. I didn’t want to leave her. I’ll be here for a few hours and then go back home." Didn’t he forget to mention ummm what’s that surrogates name again???? LOSER… WE KNOW YOU ARE GAY!!!

  • shirls

    wow, tom looks hot :), like first postive comment lol, but you know…

  • april

    Minus TomC, this cast is a good cast of actors. I will not be seeing this movie.

  • kk

    It is hard to deny that he is a good looking man when he isn’t smiling like a maniac. looking better than Brad Pitt these days!!!!!!

  • sonia


  • cecilie

    thanks jared for that pics!! tom real turns me on here!!! my fiancè is not here so………

  • Cybil is your name

    #13,#14 AND #15… We know you are all the same person… maybe even Katie if she is even allowed near a computer!! There is NO WAY that there could be three fans ,let alone, in a row saying how cute TC is. That is as believeable as his relationship with KH. Did he hire the same company to rig this blog like he did the Parade interview? Lets face it guys.. TC is a JOKE!! TC IS GLIB on the real world. His fake I am not a gay man paying KH to be my BEARD is so sad!!!!!!!!!

  • wafaa

    i agree with you "SONIA "he looks so hot!!!!! katie is lucky!!!

  • Cybil youare back.

    #17 and # 13,#14 and #15… your !!!! Give you away, stop posting how hot TC is, we know you are related to him. YUCK!!! TC is a dirty little man with evil looking eyes. Hey didn’t they say that the baby had blue eyes and black hair? Maybe they used John Travoltas SPERM.?. We know he doesn’t shoot blanks like TC does!!!

  • stargazerlily

    I don’t like Tom much now that he so goofy in love, if in fact he is… But have to agree with the post that he’s aging better that Pitt.They’re both equally annoying though.

  • Tiny Dancer

    Just looking at him makes me want to vomit. He reminds me of Hitler. Short, puffed up with his own importance and spouting and supporting a cult.

  • whatheF

    #19.. what do you mean he is aging better than BP?? I disagree 100%, however TC is GAY so he does not have a women in his life to nag him I guess. BP is a REAL man that gets dirty, plays with his kids, is a great versitile actor, unlike TC, has a passion about his causes. TC only cause is HIMSELF, and proving his is NOT GAY. Thankfully he pays people to care, and try to discredit anything negative about himself. I really believe he is a very sad and lonley guy!! Whoever said money can’t buy everything is wrong in TC case? He bought a BEARD, first NK now KH, a couple of kids, and now even a religion. Way to go TC.. you are truly a giving person. Keep giving things to yourself…. it shows how deep you are as a human being. So #19… my point… BP is better in all ways than TC.

  • BAMF 4rvrt

    I love coming here and laughing at almost every comment posted. But I must disagree that Tom and Brad are on two different wavelengths..Tom USED to be goodlooking until he went stark-raving mad…Brad continues to be a good looking man on the inside and outside. Sidenote: the cast looks good for MI:III, especially Lawrence Fishburne!!! It’s such a shame that Tom has to go ruin it for the rest of them that need the money

  • stargazerlily

    ok #21 and your twin #22 – I have waaayy too much information, true false or otherwise about either of them. But I’ll stick to my guns that Tom looks better than Brad. It’s my opinion and you don’t get to mess with it. The end.

  • whatheF

    # 23 | stargazerlily … I just can’t see where you are coming from. BP has a lot on his plate, 2 kids under 5, and one on the way. I think BP just looks like a guy who has a family and is doing what he needs to do. TC does NOTHING but promote himself and his fake relationship. Look at any father, CELEB or not, they look tired when they have kids.. NOT TC why is that? This whole thing is bogus and I can’t wait to see the truth come out!! #23.. I am not starting anything.. I respectyour opinion but I just disagree. Maybe compare TC to Danny Divito.. umm maybe DD is better looking!! LOL.:}

  • Knows better

    I don’t know who that actress is, but in the one picture she not only looks like Nicole the look on her face is priceless! It’s like she’s saying "What the f@#$ is he on?"

  • Charles

    Is Tom Cruise trying to be hip now? Wassup with the hand’s symbol. He’s ridiculous. A joke really. The guy is out of control. He’s no longer the cool, suave, male actor we all used to know. Now Tom is more like a clown than a serious actor. You’re old Tom, act your age. Are you in a middle-age crisis or something? Katie Holmes should dump his ass and get herself another man. This guy isn’t right for her. She needs to move on and get that baby far far away from Tom. Tom just might be the next Michael Jackson so Katie better stays clear of him and run back to her parents, back to her religion, and back to her first love Chris Klein. He was good to her. Why did she leave him?

  • cynthia

    Of course he look much better than Brad, He is on movie promotion, actors usually get clean and dressed up on this occasion. To choose between the the two, I would still prefer Brad.

  • Agnieszka

    I am sure his face hurts at the end of the day. Holmes sees no smiling Tom in bed, thats for sure. Unless the smile stays on it and he can’t undo it. That would be just funny…

  • rachel

    oh no! tom cruise overlaod! too much for me!

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  • ana

    he is gogeous,hot,cute!!!

  • Erik

    Does anyone know what kind of leather jacket he is wearing in his pics?

  • Lloyd

    Why on earth should TC be condemed because he’s supposedly gay?I’m sure that all his antagonists have some dirty secrets to protect.So,leave TC alone.I think TC is hot and sexy,gay or not.

  • kimberly

    She is gorgeous. I love how she’s not pretending to be a role model like most other stars her age. She just is who she is and she doesn’t apologize for acting older than her age. I love her style, too. Much better than a lot of young stars.