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Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless

Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless

He’s one of Britain’s highest paid football stars – and he’s on a dream break with a beautiful blonde. But Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t seem to know when he’s well off. The superfit winger looked more sulky than hunky as he and his mystery friend soaked up the sun. He didn’t crack a smile even when she rubbed sun-cream into his legs. One onlooker said: "He looked a bit glum. Maybe he just had other things on his mind." The 21-year-old winger was pictured as he relaxed with his tattooed companion at a five-star, £1,000-a-night hotel in a Mediterranean resort. He had to get special permission for the three-day vacation from manager Sir Alex Ferguson. The Portuguese whizkid was signed by United from Sporting Lisbon in 2003. Since then he has gained a love-hate reputation for his flamboyant, step-over dribbling technique. And, as our pictures show, he doesn’t smile a lot. Maybe he only gets his kicks on the field.

Said tatooed companion is 30-year-old Portugese TV presenter Merche Romero, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s girlfriend.  Merche is the center of a vicious Internet hate campaign with Cristiano‘s fans attacking her looks and age (some refer to her as a "tipdrill"). But friends insist the age gap is not an issue for the star couple. A friend said: "Merche likes younger men. There is a bit of an age gap but Cristiano is very mature. They don’t see the difference in ages as a problem."  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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  • Tanya

    OH MY WORD!!!! Thank you for these pictures…you have no idea how much I love this boy!

  • anon

    Is the football season in England over? BTW, care to know … who are the champions in the English Premier League?

  • Apolla

    Cristiano looks good. She is a little old for him — lol… The season isn’t yet over. It finished early May. BUT Chelsea are the closest to winning the Premier League and probably will.. Possibly this weekend even. ;)

  • Ivy

    Woohoo! Thanks for the pics. Luv him a lot. Don’t care who he’s with. He’s one hell of a good looking and hot fella. But why so glum???

  • ali

    ahhh!he’s hot!!! there are only 2 kinds of men : a younger man and an older man. A ypunger man would fancy an older woman but that younger man would become an older man someday and he would ventually fancy a younger woman.

  • lizzy

    wWOW….thank god for Manchester United, you just made my tuesday!!…WOW

  • cpk

    yes he’s very attractive, but i just wanted to comment that probably the reason he looks glum and has been for the last little while is that his father recently died and it affected him deeply. he rarely even smiles on the pitch anmore except in goal scoring situations.i feel bad for the poor kid and anyone who can help get him through this rough time has my support.go portugal!go england!

  • rachel

    to #2, the football season is NEARLY coming to a close. just two more weeks or so. and the champions of the premier league are probably chelsea who lead by like, 9 points. ooh! love ronaldo!

  • Lili

    Oh pls, oh can u all find him cute?! The only thing good about him is his body and the way he plays soccer. And I’m also from Portugal as he is, and here the way he dresses, the way he as his hair is so lame… I only like him when he plays for the Portugal Team, but anything else from him is just lame and cheesy.

  • Tina B.

    cristiano is HOTT.

  • EvaP

    Voila!! Awesome!!!!

  • ab

    looks very interesting !!!…from a portuguese soccer lover point of view…..

  • Seb

    Can I say "YOU LUCKY B*TCH!" Wowwwwy! He’s the most amazing human being i’ve ever seen!

  • Diana

    As a portuguese woman I must THANK you Jared! We still not have this pics on the mag! we know they´re dating for ages and Merche is one lucky bitch! OMG, I´m going to spam the pics to my friends! I will credit you!

  • Diana

    I must say that after rading the anti-Merche campain, those bitches are just jealous! He is totally in love with her as she is with him. She was already very famous and she has lots of money before him coming into the pic! She didn´t need anymore publicity. Besides he came to Portugal direstly fafter his MU game a few weeks ago just to see her in a TV show, they are not making a buzz out of their relationship and they´re avoiding beeing seen together though both already admitted they´re dating from some time

  • Diana

    # 9 | Lili Hey Lili maybe with Merche´s advices we will stop with those lame clothes and wearing those cheesy necklaces and earings which btw coast a fortune!

  • Lili

    #16 DianaAs we say here in Portugal once a "Azeiteiro" always a "Azeiteiro" ;P

  • jon

    She’s probably just another skag off the rank.

  • raquel

    CHEESY ………….CORNY ………..TACKY…….HUM….WHITE TRASH ? HE IS GROSS!!!! You are all insane, he is bad in every single possible way…AND Merche is with him only for the money … You can bet this!!!And I though she was much better, i can see flacid skin…her but is not that good.looool..No i´m not jealous… Just some interesting and realistic facts.

  • Raquel

    And Diana, she has already money I know, but I also know what kind of shops she uses to go, and I know that the salary she earns isnt good enough for her taste, if you know what I mean. Her salary is nothing compared with his…He has a fortune.By the way Diana, do you work for some magazine ? ?

  • anon

    Hey people, I am not Portuguese but I like Portugal to do well in the world cup this coming June. Do you think they will win it?

  • Jade

    Merche is a wonderfull girl. I don’t know Cristiano in person, but I do know her. And she is lovely. They make a cute couple, She is happy, amazingly happy with him. So I can only wish them all the best.@ anon : I don’t know if Portugal will win, but I certainly hope so. I think we have good chances, but who knows.

  • Sarah

    a man with shaved legs is so not sexy


    Ew, that woman’s gross! But, my god, this guy’s a hottie with a body! His face is really, really handsome. I like him. Go on wichya bad self, boy! You sexy european football player you…. yum… (lickin my lips). Put some honey on that boy’s abs! You know what I’d do with all that sweet goodness! Uh, huh! Thas right!LOLOLOL….. kidding, guysKissit, Whipit, Slapit & Lickit Gooood!

  • yuroshlav

    Vamos Cristian! Força ai… MERCHE sim senhora! è muito muito mesmo!Não aproveites e depois chora!?Abraço

  • pinhao7

    grande crque da bola..tu é que as comes…

  • ma


  • anon

    Is Cristiano still the model for Pepe jeans?

  • Diana

    #16 DianaAs we say here in Portugal once a "Azeiteiro" always a "Azeiteiro" ;PLol! That´s true! :P# 22 | Jade ITA: Not with the Merche part, but who cares! Let them live right! At least they are enjoying! And they have much more money than my entire city together, so they better be enjoying it!

  • Diana

    ooops my first comment was meant to 17 | Lili! ;P

  • Apolla

    #28 I don’t think so… Sienna Miller is now.. I checked the site.

  • no one

    Que dois desavergonhados

  • no one

    Que dois desavergonhados

  • Miguelito

    Just to say that Merche Romero is a TV presenter in Portugal, but Andorra-born! Leave Cristiano alone you old tart!

  • artolas firmino

    omg, merche romero is such a skanky biotch. and that ass… looks like a 50 yr old hag’s ass.

  • your mom

    He COULD be hot, but that boy has got disgusting skin AND he wears eyeliner. Google image search, first result.

  • Júlia Barrasco

    Ronaldo é parolo todos os dias. Todos os dias. Azeiteiro margem sul com jeito para a bola. Só. Tudo o resto é feira da malveira no seu melhor. Tão novo e tão parolão. Todos os dias. Todos. Quanto à Merche Romário, dá uns toques.



  • Helder

    Cambada de invejosos, em vez de criticarem o casal arranjem vocês uma loira explosiva destas!!Força Ronaldo, queremos a taça!

  • sofia carvalho

    hello,here i send you more information about Merche Romero.1st. – it´s a video, there we can see Merche eith a green top dancing: site with the face of Merche Romero:

  • Joanna Pinho

    Merche Romero Naked:

  • Joanna Pinho

    another site: More pictures

  • Fátima Baldé

    eu fui colega de ronaldo em telheiras e sei k ele é muito amigo e simpatico ,ele era devertido e gostava muito de brincar e de nos contar historias, passamos um bons momentos como amigos nessa altura ele tinha 15 anos e eu 14 foi no ano de 99/2000 .Ele é uma pessoa excelente nao tem nada aver com o ke demostra no ecra um ar um pouco antipatico e convencido .Eu devertia me muito com ele nas aulas .beij Baldé

  • carlos

    It’s normal to be glum in this world where pleasures are fleeting and hollow, he is just contemplating the miseries of his life, his fathers death etc., just working to get money to be buy goods that give a certain happiness but limited so he’s trying to find a happiness that is durable in an impermannet world. He hasn’t found the answer, but keep looking Ronaldo you’ll find it sooner or later but never give up. Try

  • Fátima Baldé

    as pessoas k estão a dizer coisas más a cerca do ronaldo estão com inveija dele e da linda namorada que ele tem . :) Fátima Baaldé

  • barao

    here in portugal we have a lot of blood in vains.we are latinos. we like it. understandwe must do a lot of love ervery dayda-lhe com forca ronaldo



  • anonimo

    Merche Romero, 29/30 years old