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Prison Break Recaps

Prison Break episode "The Key" recap is finally here courtesy of geniass!!  Almost 100 screencaps in the gallery!  … Previously on Prison Break, T-Bag slit Abruzzi’s throat and left his fate to Jesus. Before Lincoln’s execution, he swears he saw his father. Nick might have a secret agenda; Michael and Sara had a moment in the infirmary; Tweener’s new cellie is Avocado, and Lincoln was on his way to see LJ when his van went on a collision course.

The scene opens up with Lincoln thrown out from the overturned van, lying on the grass, dried blood all over his face and gasping for air. His vision is blurred as Kellerman comes over and begins to suffocate Lincoln with a leather glove, while Lincoln struggles under him. Another driver stops by to offer his help hindering Kellerman’s plan at murdering the death row inmate. Kellerman tries to get rid of him, but is one step behind as the driver whips him with a fire extinguisher. Lincoln’s vision is still blurred as this mystery man drags him away.

Back at Fox River, Sucre is released from Ad-Seg, and reunites with the gang. Michael informs the break out crew that the map is complete. The new plan involves them walking above ground directly to the infirmary. Anyone else sees a problem with this? The missing piece however is getting the key to the infirmary. C-Note thinks it will be another “bump and swipe” but Michael says it won’t be that easy since only the medical staff have the keys. The boys continue to chatter when Westmoreland breathes out in disbelief, “Jesus, Mary Joseph,” as they all turn to notice Abruzzi sporting a brand-new scar on his neck, a new hair-do and T-Bag looks like he’s about to piss in his pants.  (continued after the jump)

(continued before the jump)

Abruzzi is found reading passages from the Bible while holding a cross in the cafeteria. Michael greets him, while he’s still spouting mumbo jumbo. Abruzzi is surprised that the gang hasn’t broken out yet while Michael wonders if his newfound faith is willing to provide the original transportation out of the country. Abruzzi tells him he is. And in the first scene that made me chuckle, Abruzzi gets Michael to pray with him before their meal. T-Bag looks on from another table nervously as he knows that Abruzzi isn’t going to forget this easily.

The Pope is furious at the turn of events and that Lincoln is gone. He’s ready to call the DOC (Department of Corrections) to report the incident when Bellick warns him that doing so will get everyone fired. The Pope doesn’t want to be remembered this way when he retires and tells Bellick to find Burrows.

Lincoln and the mystery man drive up to a junk yard and into a garage.

Back in Chicago, Veronica and Nick are still going over Quinn’s phone records. Nick thinks that they’re wasting time and that maybe the phone records aren’t connected to Lincoln and Steadman. What are you trying to hide Nick? Veronica asks Nick if he’s giving up, he says no, and she dumps a pile of papers in front of him, “then let’s get to it.”

Outside of the infirmary, Nurse Katie is finishing up with a patient and exiting the exam room when she tells Michael that Dr. Tancredi is coming. Michael stops the door from closing and purposely locks it. Dr. Sara comes around and they exchange pleasantries. Sara finding the door locked, reaches for her keys and ushers Michael in.

Bellick is at the scene of the crime trying to get information from the sheriff. Kellerman is sitting in an ambulance holding an ice pack to his head. Poor guy, first he gets shot at, and then he gets hit in the head. Kellerman, take my advice and just sell jerky and be content. Bellick tries to question Kellerman but he brushes him off and gives him a fake story. He gets in his car and we see that he also has access to the police band.

Back in the infirmary, Sara uses the privacy curtain to shield a shirtless Michael from pesky eyes. Michael’s eyes are on the infirmary key which happens to be sticking out of her pocket. She cleans up his burn while he winces in pain. When Sara turns back to look at Michael, he leans forward and kisses her passionately. Sara looks surprised but responds before pulling away. She stares back at him, her expression neutral before releasing a nervous chuckle while still holding his face. Michael gazes back at her with sleepy eyes as she asks in exasperation, “What do you want from me, Michael?” Michael seems to be torn by her question and continues to glance back at the key before deciding to go with the plan and tells her that he needs her to do something for him. Upon hearing her soft response, he looks even more conflicted as he realizes that he can’t do it and instead asks her to “Wait for me.” Sara looks shocked. Michael whispers in her hair that they can have a future together, that “it won’t always be like this,” but Sara tearfully pulls away and tells him that until then, she can’t. Sara, it’s only 2.5 years if he has good behavior! Their moment is interrupted when an orderly comes in. Sara tells Michael that they can’t have a relationship and walks away. Michael actually looks hurt.

Tweener nervously walks back into his cell as it closes and tries to work out a deal with Avocado, his new burly cellie. Avocado says there’s only one thing he needs from Tweener and skillfully hangs a sheet. Something tells me that they aren’t making guacamole back there. After his demise, he’s out in the yard looking pretty miserable when Michael walks over and asks for a favor. He needs another “bump and swipe” since he couldn’t get the key from Sara. Tweener snits that the last time he did a favor for Michael, he ended up with Avocado and the only way he’ll do something for Michael is if he does something for him. The camera continues to pan to Avocado who is (shield your eyes!) lying around like a Playboy bunny as Tweener tells Michael to kill him. Michael tells him he can’t as Tweener tearfully reveals how he ended up at Fox River. Apparently he stole a baseball card worth $300,000 – qualified as grand larceny. Poor Tweener! Apparently Michael thinks so too. How in the world can Tweener and Michael be serving the same time for crimes that are clearly on different levels?

Lincoln awakens in the abandoned garage and sees the mystery man. As he looms closer, his vision clears and he recognizes that he’s his father! Lincoln asks what he’s doing here. Turns out that Lincoln’s misfortune has all been the work of his father, well indirectly. Daddy Burrows used to work for The Company, a group that calls all the shots in the country. He wanted to rise in the company to gain access to top secret information, but in exchange had to give up his family. It seems like Mommy Burrows did the right thing in telling the kids that their father was an abusive drunk. How do you tell your kids that your Dad would rather rule the world than be with them? Lincoln finds all of this hard to believe. Daddy Burrows regrets his decision but by then, he was in The Company too deep already. And now they want to do everything in their power to stop him.

Michael is out in the yard calling his wife Nika for a favor. Tsk, tsk, Michael, you can’t send your wife in to do a man’s job! She wants to know what’s going on but he refuses to tell her. She says that their deal was finished, “green card in exchange for credit card.” Michael insists that they can make a new deal. She’s reluctant to help him and tells him to “stop fighting. It’ll only make things worse.” He tells her to think about it but she says no and hangs up. Who are you going to call now?

Through more research, Veronica discovers that all these numbers spanning across the country are all calling a number in Montana.

Back in Montana, Steadman picks up the phone to call his sister. She’s annoyed that he’s calling her since apparently they can only talk at home through a private meeting. Who do you think you are? You’re only the Vice-President! Steadman sneers that her numbers in the polls are going south and that he thought it was almost over—for Burrows or for her candidacy? She reminds him that she’s the only reason he’s still alive. He counterattacks by musing that with all the setbacks, why they haven’t killed her. He’s hit a sore point and she quickly hangs up.

Michael’s by the fence thinking of another way to get the keys when he sees Sara and Nurse Katie exiting the prison. Somehow Sara feels Michael staring at her and they make eye contact but she looks away, clearly uncomfortable. Sucre witnesses this exchange and wonders if he has the key yet. Michael looks dejected and says no. Sucre asks if he’s working a game on the doc. Sara looks back and smiles at Michael while he looks torn and mutters, “I don’t know.”

T-Bag is shaving in his cell when Abruzzi appears, leaning at the entryway. He tells him that he comes in peace and isn’t looking for revenge. He offers T-Bag his hand in truce. T-Bag is reluctant because he can’t see his other hand while Abruzzi insists that he gives him the benefit of a doubt since he’s been saved by Jesus. As T-Bag takes his clasps his hand, Abruzzi kids, “Does not a warm hand feel better than a cold shank?” They declare a truce; however I have a feeling this isn’t over.

The Pope curses to Bellick that in two and a half hours, they still haven’t found Lincoln yet. Bellick tries to reassure him and ends up with another two hours to do so before the press needs to be notified. The Pope reminds him that there’s an escaped killer on the loose and that’s more important than their careers. Bellick looks determined. On his way out, he’s stopped by Tweener who is begging him to do something about his living situation. Bellick has enough problems to worry about.

Back in the Love Shack, Avocado is napping as Tweener sits below waiting. Avocado awakens and come down to Tweener for some afternoon nookie. Tweener asks that they do the tryst in the upper bunk. Avocado complies and as he’s tidying the upper bunk, Tweener shanks him where it really hurts. I mean, really.

Sara is on her way to her car, when she’s stopped by Nika. Nika tells her that she’s worried that Michael has got himself into some trouble and needs to talk to her. Any one else finding Nika looking quite haggard in this episode? Too many late nights at the strip club? Back at the diner where wife and mistress finally meet, and Nika tells her sob story of how she and Michael met. Apparently she was bought to this country under false pretense and was supposed to be sold off but Michael, with his overwhelming need to help others, bought her freedom. Come on, Nika, we all know via the flashback episode that you were a mail order bride! Sara, hearing this story and Michael’s deeming qualities, comments, “He’s a good man.” When Sara presses Nika for more information, she clamps up, and attempts to hightail it out of there. She drops her bag and Sara bends down to help her out and she rushes out telling her to watch out for Michael.

Daddy Burrows is ready to make Lincoln disappear, so then The Company will only have to deal with him. However Lincoln is still very much injured and has some trouble moving. He questions his father, “How could killing me stop you?” Looks like Daddy Burrows is the one who blew the whistle on Terrance Steadman’s company and using Lincoln as the patsy was the only way to “flush him out” of hiding. But Daddy Burrows is heartless and selfish and would rather save the millions of lives from the wars that can be averted, than save his 2 sons and 1 grandchild. Here’s hoping you can sleep tonight, Daddy Burrows. Lincoln is furious that his father has caused so much heartache in his life and the many lives that went down because of him. Daddy Burrows is regretful and feels that there’s still a chance to make things right. Too bad a civilian spots their getaway car.

Walking freely out of his cell, another inmate passes a shank to T-Bag who makes his away over to Abruzzi. Just when he’s about to make his move, C-Note grabs him from behind. He warns him to remember what Abruzzi’s role in the escape is, and that he isn’t going to let T-Bag ruin his chances of seeing his family. He gets the shank from T-Bag. It also looks like Abruzzi might have been heard the entire exchange.

Sara is having trouble finding her keys and another orderly opens her door.

In the visitation room, Michael is surprised to see Nika. He starts apologizing for even asking her the favor when Nika slips him Sara’s keys. She tells him that they’re even now and bids him goodbye. As she kisses his cheek and she tells him that Sara cares for him. More conflicted emotions flit across Michael’s face.

Bellick is pacing around when C.O Patterson runs in telling him that the getaway car has been spotted. He’s on his way. Kellerman hears the same information from his radio feed and quickly drives over to finish the job first.

Daddy Burrows hands Lincoln a stack of maps and asks if he’s ready to go. Lincoln realizes he has no choice and has to go with him. He’s worried that they’ll be spotted but Daddy Burrows has found deserted roads for them to travel on. Before they can even step into the car, Lincoln spots Kellerman. Father and son exit the garage and scurry across the deserted lot while Kellerman is hot on their trail. The two hide behind some cars trying to decide where to go next when squad cars come up on both sides. Kellerman sees this and quickly puts a silencer on his pistol. Add to the hunt, Bellick and his rifle. Daddy Burrows finds a way out but Lincoln doesn’t move fast enough and is spotted by Kellerman. Lincoln urges his father to leave. Thankfully, at this moment, Lincoln spots Bellick and his team gets his attention. That was truly one of Lincoln’s smarter moments. He’s better off alive with Bellick than a slab on the morgue with Kellerman. He surrenders himself over to Bellick and Kellerman backs away in defeat. Foiled again! As Lincoln is being taken in by the authorities, he watches his father walk away.

Back in the cell, Michael is making a copy of Sara’s key, when Sucre comes in to deliver the news that Avocado had his little friend sliced. Michael is incredulous that Tweener was the culprit and even more so that Avocado lied. “Why?” asks Michael, and Sucre replies that with Tweener in the SHU, Avocado won’t be able to get him. Sucre laments that the second that Avocado gets out of the infirmary, “Tweener’s a dead man.” Michael looks worried.
Sara and Katie are making a mess looking for the missing keys. When Katie urges Sara to retrace her steps, she remembers that they were missing after lunch and envisions that Nika must have taken her keys when Sara was bent down helping her with her bag. Sara slams her drawer shut and storms over to check the visitation logs. Her suspicions are somewhat confirmed.

Michael is walking across the yard when Abruzzi stops him. He wants to know where Fibonacci is because he wants to make peace with him. It’s all a part of his “conversion.” Michael isn’t buying it. Abruzzi tries to convince him that he’s changed and that needs to reach out to Fibonacci so that “they can heal.” Michael smirks that it’s a good story but the answer is still no. Abruzzi says he understands and that he’ll be patient.

Or not, since Abruzzi is on the phone calling the one and only…Nick! Abruzzi tells him that “he’s officially on standby” that he has to have her there. And as soon as he calls, he wants the “bitch ready and waiting.” Nick hangs up while the clueless Veronica works in the background. Guess the picture of Veronica did come in handy, after all.

By the bleachers, Michael approaches Tweener, who knows his days are numbered. Michael recommends that he get himself into Ad-Seg but he’s not ready to admit what he did and add another twenty years to his ticket. Either way it doesn’t look good for our prison rapping friend. Michael muses that there might be another way out. “Yeah, in a body bag,” Tweener retorts. But Michael needs to know that he can really trust Tweener before he lets him in.

In the infirmary, Michael is rolling up his own sleeve (he won’t take 20 minutes!) when Sara comes in with her tray. He looks over at her and manpurrs, “How are you?” Sara politely answers his question and starts taking his blood sample. I’m surprised that Michael didn’t seem to notice how much chillier it became in the room or Sara’s cold stares in his direction. Katie comes in with some files and finds Sara’s keys in her inbox. Michael continues to look down until Katie wants to know if Sara wants to call off the maintenance guy who’s waiting outside. He looks up almost expecting her to say yes. Sara, never breaking eye contact, says no. At this point Michael definitely knows she’s angry as she reverts back to behavior she displayed right after he lied to her about his wife. Sara picks up on his silence and asks if there’s anything wrong. Michael apprehensively says no and takes a cheap shot when he asks if she wants to talk about what happened this morning. Sara dismisses him by telling him that she has a pretty good idea. Michael scowls and leaves the infirmary, never taking his eyes off the locks being changed. Sara notices him looking.

Lincoln is back at Fox River, and the Pope is not too pleased. He wants him under 24-hour surveillance. Lincoln tries to tell the Pope that someone was trying to kill him, but when he can’t give up his accomplice, the Pope’s orders remain the same. Oh Lincoln, for a few hours, you were actually out!

The next morning, Bellick is humming over his coffee when he’s stopped by Tweener who has information to give him in exchange for protection from Avocado and a few years off his sentence. Bellick gives him one last chance to provide him some real intel. Tweener reveals that Michael and the PI crew are escaping! In the newly finished break room, Bellick overturns a table and chairs and proceeds to take a sledgehammer to find a weak spot on the floor. He lifts the carpeting and proceeds to break away the surface and finds the hole! How will the team escape now?!?!

Next week on Prison Break, Michael point blanks tells Sara that he’s breaking his brother out and that he’ll need her help. Sucre has a mini meltdown right before the escape while Michael tells him that there’s no going back. The boys are in the pipes wearing the Whack Shack outfits. Michael tells someone in the infirmary to uncuff his brother. Westmoreland tells him them to go and not to turn back. The cons are on the loose as the alarm sounds. The Prison Break is finally here!! Stay tuned!!

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  • ILWM

    Oh what I would give to be in Dr. Tancredi’s position…next week should be exciting as they finally attempt their escape.

  • Abby

    Hey, is it ok if you don’t put spoilers in the main picture for posts? It’s easy to scroll past the text-spoilers, but picture spoilers are a little harder to ignore ;). I’m a huge Prison Break fan and we’re kinda behind on episodes in Australia. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • Betsy

    good work geniass. LOVED the scene with abruzzi and t-bag…I don’t think its over by a longshot. Also, loved when tancredi let michael know she was serious and the locksmith could carry on changing the lock. good acting by both SWC and WM. I am so bummed about the preview next week though–excited that "the escape begins" but it looks like things might not be so good for a certain character :(

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    I love Sucre! The "released from AdSeg" hug with Michael was so SQUEE. More Sucre! More Sucre! Sara/Michael kiss was also very squee…even though I like Michael/Sucre better. :-P

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    Thanks JJ, I was at school so I misses the whole episode. It’s like a chapter in a novel plus pictures too….you are the greatest JJ…

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    why dont u just download the episode from last night it has been online for like 2 weeks now someone leaked it

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    Does anyone know if there’s a leaked episode 20 online and where to download it? Thanks!

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    Nice job on the recap geniass!

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    I downloaded episode 20 but it was apparently bogus and password protected so i was quite upset although im happy becuz the show is much better if u have to wait a week . It seems to add some suspense. Anyways who is all excited for next week you think Dr. Sara will help him out? plus when are they going to get at it again . I have been waiting all season to vicariously live through her character.

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    #7 – you can see bits of it at You Tube – the only bit i have seen though is the kiss between Sara and Michael

  • Nikki email me anyone needs help finding last night or any of the episodes from before to download.

  • Nikki

    also im so excited about season two there out of bars. I read that the shows executives are thinking of changing the name of the show since they will be out of bars, but i doubt that. Also revealed that three characters will die in the final two episodes of the current season, including one of the core eight prisoners. aghh scary I know it isnt wentworth

  • Belle

    Hot hot hot kiss! Yum!

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    Great recap and screencaps! Thanks Jared! Oh Nika, how you annoy me. Loved the WM and SWC moments. Avocado is just. . . *shudder*. I felt bad for Tweener for a bit.