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American Idol 5 Top 5

American Idol 5 Top 5

Kellie Pickler, the 19-year-old aspiring singer from Albemarle, NC, was sent home last night during American Idol‘s results show.  The final five pictured above L-R: Chris Daughtry, Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin and Katherine McPhee. And just a little note… during Idol‘s performance show on Tuesday, all of the judges slammed Katherine McPhee‘s rendition of Whitney Houston‘s "I Have Nothing."  I completely disagreed with all of them and proceeded to vote for Katharine (many, many times).  I stuck to my guns and last night, Simon apologized and took back his harsh remarks having watched back Katharine‘s performance.  Watch the performance below, it’s fantastic!  Wow-wow-wee-waa-waa!

McPHEEver OUTBREAK!  I’ve definitely contracted the Katharine
Syndrome.  Have you caught the McPheever yet?

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  • Amy

    I love katharine. if you go to American you would not believe how many people hate her. She is VERY talented. She and Chris are my favorites.

  • southerngal

    Yes, miss kat was good in her performance on tuesday but most women singers bore me to tears. They don’t dance, they don’t jive, they don’t make me want to kick up my heels and boogie down. I know this week WAS love songs so no one really did a kick up your heels kind of performance but the girls really have not made me get chills all season. Mandisa came the closest. They guys – I love em all!! I love Taylor (the dude is just so entertaining and very handsome), I love Chris because I am a rocker at heart and I’d love to see a rocker win. And Elliott… well he is just so talented vocally and is just so darn sweet, you just want to give him a hug!Good Luck to all the contestants! They are all superstars now regardless!

  • Meow

    There are a lot of talented people in this world, but talent isn’t enough. And Katharine only has got talent. She has no personality, she’s boring, she’s a very simple american girl. No star quality there.

  • Betsy

    I just have to say I take back every bad thing I initially said about Elliot…he was soooo good doing Donny Hathaway’s "A Song for You". That is a tough song to sing because so many know it the way Donny Hathaway sings it but he did a respectable job.He’s also kinda cute. Growing on me I guess.

  • Lauren

    Did you see McPhee’s panties during the performance?

  • Erin Leigh

    I’ve heard too many people who went to school with Katherine say she is extremely stuck-up and conceited so even though I think she has great potential for becoming the next American Idol I will not be voting for her. I will however be voting for Taylor and Elliott which I think are sincerely humble and are all around good people, not to mention awesomely talented! Chris and Paris are great too they just don’t do it for me. At this point they are all very talented so good luck to all.

  • Mona

    I think Elliot is the best, he has the best vocals, but I think his looks can’t make him. I like him a lot and he is really good. We should give him a chance.

  • the real tita

    The thing I don’t like about Katherine is that she already knows she is beautiful, yet she is so concerned with looking cute everytime they do a closeup of her that she loses track of the song she is singing. She does not feel the song, so a lot of people can’t get into the song.She has talent for sure, but her performance is mediocre at best. In her last song, she was more animated than in any of her other performances. She should really think of this as a talent and performance competition and not a beauty pageant. That’s the way she acts. She thinks she’s a candidate for Miss America or something and this is the talent portion of the pageant. Her mother who is a singing coach should remind her daughter that this is all about the song and emoting first, personality too and beauty second. That is how you hook a crowd and make them pay to see you in a concert or buy your records.

  • Destiny

    Chris will make it even if he doesnt win AI, Paris has family members that can get her in, Katherine is boring and Taylor will make it in Las Vegas any time. But Elliott has the greatest voice, he is sweet but not hot that is why it is going to be harder for him to get into show biz. I love Elliott and I vote for him as much as I can. VOTE FOR ELLIOTT ;)

  • Angel

    Eh. I think she is all wrong for American Idol. Maybe if this was a sompetition for the next great Broadway star, but it’s not. She’s too over rehearsed and it comes off as fake. She knows every step, hair toss, shoulder shrug….name it, before she ever walks out. She leaves nothing to be improvised….well, except that button popping on her dress. She has a good, not great, voice and she is absolutely stunning….but so are many women. She just does nothing for me as a solo artist. I like the three guys that are left, and my money is on Chris. Elliott and Taylor are great, but I don’t think they can top Daughtry. He’s a ringer and has been the man to beat since the beginning. He’s sexy as hell too.

  • thefayth

    let’s just be real here…when the judges harshly criticize they do so because they know you’ll vote for that person more than not. watch enough idol, see how it works.

  • B.

    LOL, you guys are tone deaf, huh.That was horrible! :-D

  • funkybella

    Why is Katherine soooooooo AMAZING?? Because she’s pretty?? Come on… I think she’s good and should be in the top 3 at least but I don’t feel like she’s the next American Idol??Katherine’s mother is a vocal teacher and has a strong musical background as well. Paris’s Grandma and other relatives are musically talented as well, so I don’t get why everyone thinks Paris’s family can get her into the business? Don’t you think they would have done that by now? I give Paris credit for not relying on her family background to make it to the top. I love Taylor, Elliot sang his heart out and Paris is my Fav… Besides if you watch every idol when they have a musical guest who coaches them… THEY ALL SAY (Andrea, David Foster, Stevie, Queen, .etc) that Paris has most extraordinary voice/talent. She always gets the least amount criticism from the guest musical perfomers…and even though the Judges are a little harsh on her… She can hit any note and sing in any key. Vocally she has the BEST VOICE! So why is she always in the bottom 3 or 2 lately? If she doesn’t make it to the finally 3 or 2, I will never watch IDOL again… Then I know that America has no damn clue about what talent is… Look, they think Britney has talent and they picked Carrie Underwood to be the idol last year. Carrie should have been kicked off long ago but she kept getting saved and in turn, she got better. I was shocked that she was actually picked over Bo…. ANYHOO…Paris is always humble and even thanks the judges (Simon included) when they give her harsh criticism/feedback. She just has to pick better songs for her age. And come on…not even Paris was stupid enough to attempt singing a Whitney song… She’s smarter than that. GO PARIS!! YOU A STAR ANYWAYS

  • Rachel

    i think katharine is almost the perfect performer. she’s good-looking and a great performer. i love her! i was rather amused that her dress suddenly opened up during the performance to expose her leg. i think she and elliott make a great couple!

  • Rachel

    i think katharine is almost the perfect performer. she’s good-looking and a great performer. i love her! i was rather amused that her dress suddenly opened up during the performance to expose her leg. i think she and elliott make a great couple!

  • DeRex

    You should vot in out Kat McPhee Fat or PHAT poll! with a highlights of the Katherine McPhee yellow dress night vid too!

  • samantha

    I think that the singer and the most talented is chris but he got voted off .And i will not watch the show no more .Chris is the besssst!!!