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Kristin Kreuk Arena Outtakes

Kristin Kreuk Arena Outtakes

"I think that I’m different from other actresses on WB. Partly because of my Asian side — my look — I don’t think I come across like Katie Holmes does on-screen… My dad’s Dutch and my mom’s Chinese, so she was responsible for being tough with me and with my sister. That’s the Asian part in my personality, being conservative. I couldn’t date until I was 16 and I wasn’t allowed to wear any make-up until that age and any grade at school under a B was a disaster. Everything is part of the education I got and the weight problems with girls I knew closely, because my little sister has a friend who was bulimic at age 12. It’s just terrible… I did karate when I was younger for like five years, and I couldn’t stand it…but that’s because I think it was regular karate… I think it was Shotokan karate so you like block block block, punch punch punch and so it wasn’t very much fun. But I do wanna go back into it." — Kristin Kreuk 

Some of you have been waiting patiently for almost four years but the day has finally come. Kristin Kreuk Arena Magazine outtakes!  The 23-year-old actress currently plays Lana Lang in WB’s Smallville and her upcoming film Partition is scheduled for release later this year. Thanks to Arelis!! There are 30+ Kristin Kreuk outtakes from Arena Magazine August 2002 in the gallery, so check ‘em out!

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kristin kreuk arena outtakes01
kristin kreuk arena outtakes02
kristin kreuk arena outtakes03
kristin kreuk arena outtakes04
kristin kreuk arena outtakes05
kristin kreuk arena outtakes06
kristin kreuk arena outtakes07
kristin kreuk arena outtakes08
kristin kreuk arena outtakes09
kristin kreuk arena outtakes10
kristin kreuk arena outtakes11
kristin kreuk arena outtakes12
kristin kreuk arena outtakes13
kristin kreuk arena outtakes14
kristin kreuk arena outtakes15
kristin kreuk arena outtakes16
kristin kreuk arena outtakes17
kristin kreuk arena outtakes18
kristin kreuk arena outtakes19
kristin kreuk arena outtakes20
kristin kreuk arena outtakes21
kristin kreuk arena outtakes22
kristin kreuk arena outtakes23
kristin kreuk arena outtakes24
kristin kreuk arena outtakes25
kristin kreuk arena outtakes26
kristin kreuk arena outtakes27
kristin kreuk arena outtakes28
kristin kreuk arena outtakes29
kristin kreuk arena outtakes30
kristin kreuk arena outtakes31
kristin kreuk arena outtakes32
kristin kreuk arena outtakes33
kristin kreuk arena outtakes34
kristin kreuk arena outtakes35
kristin kreuk arena outtakes36
kristin kreuk arena outtakes37
kristin kreuk arena outtakes38
kristin kreuk arena outtakes39
kristin kreuk arena outtakes40
kristin kreuk arena outtakes41
kristin kreuk arena outtakes42
kristin kreuk arena outtakes43

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  • D

    What the hell does the weight-issue come into place?! did she have weight problems and/or her friends and where/how does that fit into the rest of the issues she’s adressing? Strict upbringing causes/prevents bulimia?! Somebody give me an answer please! She’s beautiful though.

  • kelly

    she looks stunning there i’d kill to look like her! i never knew about her childhood i’d love to see the article seems she had it a little strict which suprises me as acting is about expression the pics are great thnx : )

  • Arelis

    Whoa…didn’t think you would actually post it. D here’s the full interview so you understand:Don’t you feel like you are one of those girls in the magazines now?Kristin: Being there as an actress is different than as a model. I believe the way I present myself and that’s an entirely different thing than another picture in the magazine. I also really don’t like the Hollywood approach that actors have to be as skinny as possible. People should see the beauty in a girl no matter how much she weighs and I hope that will change in time.Is this strong opinion part of the education you got at home?Kristin: Definitely. My dad’s Dutch and my mom’s Chinese, so she was responsible for being tough with me and with my sister. That’s the Asian part in my personality, being conservative. I couldn’t date until I was 16 and I wasn’t allowed to wear any make-up until that age and any grade at school under a B was a disaster. Everything is part of the education I got and the weight problems with girls I knew closely, because my little sister has a friend who was Bulimic at age 12. It’s just terrible.

  • J!NX

    Me happy.

  • Duude

    The girl is gorgeous. One of the most annoying characters ever but damn gorgeous, she puts the twigs Bilson & Barton to shame!

  • Adrian

    When I first saw the black and white pictures, I thought she was Mila Kunis. But I do love her beautiful hazel eyes. She looks Asians but her eyes set her apart.

  • E

    She looks sooo beautiful! I love this girl.

  • key

    shes ugly. i cant stand people who sell out there culture for tv. fuck her!

  • XtaC

    what’s up with the makeup? she’s totally hot except in these pictures

  • J

    God she sounds so stupid in the interview. Shut up with the "conservative asian" crap…. she only has her looks because she’s a mixed. Had her mom been white, she’d just be another white girl, or vice versa.

  • Truth

    Dag. You guys are haters. I’m sure she looks better than all of you!!!!!!!

  • Arelis

    Some of you guys need a cold shower… wash off some of that hating.

  • A

    Jealous much? And I agree with Truth…she probably does look infinitely better than most of you that have decided to hate on her.

  • audrey

    i so agree, so shut the fuck up bitches! isnt wrong to be conservative these days? bitch?

  • Jude

    Wow. She’s looking very beautiful in those shots. And I remember stuff like what she said, about growing up with a tough Asian upbringing–I used to get yelled at for getting even an A- instead of an A, and was so jealous of my friends whose parents were proud of them when they managed to get even a B.

  • d.c.

    looks like what Bjork oughta be..

  • Ian

    drop dead gorgeous.

  • D

    Thanx Arelis but I must be pretty retarded since I can’t understand what she meant with the weight-issue, seems it should be in the first paragraph where she’s adressing skinny actors and not the second…

  • Bagz

    The photoshoot isn’t that great. Kristin Kreuk is infinitly more beautiful than this. And what the hell with the black and white pictures.. everything is in her green eyes and they take off the color. Damn.

  • Carla

    HATERS! STFU…Anyways, Thanks Arelis! She’s absolutely stunning! Naturally beauty… *jealous*She’s seriously one in a million! I love you Kristin, even though you’re with Tom (im in deninal with the "real" one)… hahaha…. :P I wanna watch you make porn LMAO.Damn she’s so fuckin’ hot… There are no words!!!

  • Elyss

    ^^ LOL She’s gorgeous as always.

  • Jack

    WoW!! Who is this girl and where can I see her? Smallville? Anyway, she is absolutely gorgeous….really beautiful!!!! Thanks for the pictures……

  • Mike

    To the poster that said she looks asian but her eyes sets her apart: Full asians also have natural hazel/greenish eyes too and not just skittles like Kristin. Even some asians from Asia have natural blue eye/blonde hair. It’s also very common for eastern asians to have natural hazel/green eyes.Back to topic: Kristin = one of the most beautiful woman but I’ve seen better pics of her. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  • Sweetheart

    Beautiful Kristin…Thats what i’m talking about!

  • Allison

    She’s awesomely beautiful.But I agree that she doesn’t sound that smart.

  • Lex

    Kristin got very lovely breasts

  • The Kid

    While I think she’s lovely, I do find it kinda funny that she’s talking about being "conservative," yet she’s wearing the equivalent of a headband and in several pictures her nipples are clearly visible. Almost makes me look forward to Minister Harper’s next photo op. Rowr. :)

  • The Kid

    Sorry about the double post, I’m new to this "interweb" as the kids call it.

  • Saber

    All of you saying bad stuff about her can shut the FUCK up, you assholes. You don’t know a single think about her, you’ve never seen or read any of her interviews so don’t talk about her like you know what she’s all about from a single quote. Oh, and just so you know, yes, I do know a lot about her, a hell of a lot then you dumb asses. I’ve been a fan of her for almost 5 years. She looks like a goddess in some of these photos but not all of them show that.

  • me

    For those of you who are Kristin fan who have actually read interviews, held with the now 23 year old, know that this information posted are excerpts of conversations held with Kristin in the past. The individual making comments such as F this and F that and have no clue what she is about of course will just rant and rave about noting. You just have to wonder, if they are not fan then why are they here? Do you guys just sit browse the net all day and look for sites you can post your vial comments on. From interviews I have read and seen Kristin is pretty conservative and loves what is left of her anonymity. I give her credit for sating grounded and holding on to what she believes in. She has goals and aspirations other than the next Hollywood super star. In addition she is exceptionally intelligent and a major bookworm. Why demean her for what is rightfully her. She is a beautiful girl and as there are many beautify men and woman out there (hence Tom Welling). She/they are just more visible/publicized because they are of celebrity status. If you were to read her interviews you would see, for the most part she does not like the spotlight. You do not see her or Tom in the Inquirer. In fact you have to search for any up dated news, since they are so low key. She is getting older now and if she wants to step out in the spotlight every once in a while then I say good for her!

  • wellinton

    sem comentararias ,essa mulher é muito linda!!

  • Marcos

    This is my comment: I think Kristin is the most beautiful, wonderful and lovely girl in this planet, I will never change my mind about that… And this is for Kristin, I really love you so much, I hope you can see this comment, it’s just for you, but I have to write in here because I don’t have your personal e-mail, please, If you read this, send me a mail, and let me know about you, Internet is not enought for me, I want to visit Canada next year, maybe we can meet each other, te mando un beso, take care, bye.

  • melli

    shes awsome,like her

  • SadieLady


  • Bit of an ugly freak

    Hm. She’s really nothing but another miserable sad talentless anorexic pointless self-hating halfie to most ppl, outside the crazed fan base. lol

  • SuperMAN

    Kristin Kreuk is a SuperWoman, SuperWoman is a Lana Lang from Superman Beginnings (Smallville)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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