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People Magazine 100 Most Beautiful

People Magazine 100 Most Beautiful

Angelina Jolie Tops Most Beautiful List :: She’s got that pregnant glow, but it is Angelina Jolie‘s humanitarian efforts that make her most radiant, according to People magazine. The pillow-lipped actress graces the cover of People‘s "100 Most Beautiful People" issue, on newsstands Friday. It’s her fourth time on the list, but first as cover girl. "She looks the most beautiful when she’s in the field — natural, no makeup, nothing," the magazine quotes musician Wyclef Jean, who worked with Jolie on a relief effort in Haiti. "Because you see Angelina, the angel. It doesn’t get any better than that." The magazine didn’t forget her boyfriend Brad Pitt, or her two children, either. People named the globe-trotting Jolie-Pitt clan the "World’s Most Beautiful Family." The world may have to wait several more weeks for the arrival of the Brangelina offspring: Jolie told NBC News that she is shy of eight months pregnant, according to MSNBC’s web site. In the interview, which was set to air on Thursday’s "Today" and on "Dateline" Sunday, Jolie also said she knows the baby’s gender but did not disclose it, according to MSNBC. The actress, interviewed in Namibia, is awaiting the birth at an African resort. Also making the "Beautiful People" list, which until this year was limited to 50: Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Kirstie Alley, Ryan Seacrest and University of Southern California quarterback Matt Leinart. All 26 spokesmodels of the NBC game show "Deal or No Deal" were also chosen.

Angelina Jolie takes the cover People Magazine’s ’100 Most Beautiful’ issue, hitting newsstands tomorrow.  Not 50 this time. 100!!  This special double issue contains all of the same photos of Brad, Angelina, Maddox, and Zahara in the Namibian desert that UK’s Hello Magazine published earlier this week. I also received word that Jennifer Aniston isn’t mentioned in this issue AT ALL.  Now is it time to throw that pity party?

WATCH :: Ann Curry interviews Angelina Jolie in Namibia on The Today Show this morning @ 7AM ET/PT.

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  1. 76
    piyutra Says:

    # 62 | Lynn CampbellThanks Lynn :D

  2. 77
    THE TRUTH Says:

    #74 SR:My point exactly! Geez, talk about goin through life with the blinders on…

  3. 78
    piyutra Says:


  4. 79
    creativegirl Says:

    The interview was great – but short. The full interview will be on Dateline this Sunday night. She did look beautiful, and she did say Brad’s name and if I am correct I remember her saying something referring to when or where she’ll have the baby like "we just hope it doesn’t happen when…or we are not sure where we will be when it happens". Does anyone else remember that? It was on just after the local news break after 7:30AM here and I was in the midst of trying to get my kids ready for school and watch the interview at the same time so I don’t know if I caught that right. I’m sure the full interview will be much more insightful.

  5. 80
    naise Says:


  6. 81
    naise Says:


  7. 82
    Be sane Says:

    # 73 | THE TRUTH If you don’t like Jolie why did you waste your time watching the interview? And you blindly believe the tabs M. Bertrand is on "death bed"? How did you get her medical record? For a Jolie hater you know suspiciously too much about her. You are a STALKER, a closet Jolie lover, I see.Oh right, you just LOVE to hate. Go on, marinate in your own filth. yikes! Happy hating, dear!

  8. 83
    pp Says:

    Does anyone know where/when/if this interview may be shown in Australia?I sure hope that this isn’t A & Bs only natural child together! Imagine the constant media pressure this child is going to face for years to come as it is watched & evaluated to see if it matches up to the ‘perfect’ genetic tag it has already been given! What pressure! And imagine the possible jealousy/insecurity between the adopted and natural children if it is not handled REALLY well!I really admire these two people – they have big hearts for people in general, & especially for children. I just pray that they also have the sensitivity and wisdom to help all their kids deal with this insanity in the years ahead.

  9. 84
    THE TRUTH Says:

    Oh yes…. gee now I’m a "hater". On this site a "hater" is defined as anyone who does not absolutely worship this CELEBRITY couple like they are GOD. If that’s the definition, then I am f-ing proud to be a so-called HATER for not thinking the way you do! I have a brain that is not ruled by celebrity figureheads – Yay Me!! Jim Jones would have LOVED you people!

  10. 85
    i CANT SLEEP Says:


  11. 86
    Simon Says:

    What an ironical *****! She could yak with Brad about his and JA’s relationship (she was the confidante, remember?!!!) and now when it comes to hers and Brad’s relationship, they dont discuss it at all…she just giggles..actually, she’s ******* laughing at all the BAMZisers who’s been fooled by her act. This woman is pure evil with a scheming mind and heart.

  12. 87
    THE TRUTH Says:

    #73 Hey Insane:FYI – I watch the Today show EVERY morning. Unfortunately, I was sitting in front of the TV when your slag came on and thought I watch to see what all the fuss was about. You moron, she is a person who happens to be beautiful, but will NOT always be beautiful as she gets older. Guess you will all have to find a new leader, huh? BTW, you didn’t answer about Wyclef AND her Mom is dying off ovarian cancer because I read about in People mag… ya know, the VERY mag you can’t wait to get your hands on?

  13. 88
    freida Says:

    68A giggle is a happy laugh. Not a sign of retardation of which you seem to have the symptom. Of course we all knew about celebrities doing the soup kitchens, manning the phones during a telethon, going to fashion gala for charity.Aj has done more than that. Why don’t you read what the people from UN are all saying about AJ. Her own money, time and even get her hands dirty digging dirt. please read,read, read.!!Get some light into that tunnel vision of yours .She is just happy for this moment inher life.LET HER BE!!!

  14. 89
    i CANT SLEEP Says:

    it is so funny how some of you change angies words around and say oh sje meant this she meant that…….omg.get a life……….how can anyone here say .oh when she put her foot in her mouth she meant something glad u know her so well. i agree with .the truth more and more……cant we like more than one person……god….damn fools,now im not bashin angie i never did but i am bashin the fools who are so hateful……….not angie.get ? got ? gooooooodddddddddd

  15. 90
    piyutra Says: Curry: What is the worst, in your mind, of that?Angelina Jolie: God, I mean, there’s just so many things. It’s really … it’s really that of those … of the potential of a human being … lack of education causes death. You know, more children die under the age of five when the parents are not educated. More people get AIDS when they haven’t had an education. There are statistics that prove that if every child was in school every year, 700,000 less people would get AIDS.Curry: It seems also, for you, kind of a personal thing. You have two children you’ve adopted, both of whom might have been in this same circumstance of not being able to get educated. And when you look at them and you realize that …Jolie: I look at, especially my daughter, and how many million kids are out of school in her country, and especially girls. And I know families with AIDS … when parents die of AIDS … how there’s no possible way the children can make a school fee.There’s no possible way she would have gone to school. And she’s like what we all think about our kids. But she is so smart and so strong. And her potential as a woman one day is great. To multiply her by thousands, and that is the thing I can so clearly see when I look at her.Maddox … the amount of street children in his country, the chances of him … in all probability, what would have happened to Maddox … he would have probably been one of the kids doing the garbage picking in the streets. And he would have been on his own.Curry: It must mean so much to you as a human being to be able to give them an opportunity that they would never have gotten. Jolie: You know, I’m happy for them that they’re gonna have all this education. And I hope with it they do some good things and they [laughter] they’re good people. But when I’d visit Cambodia and I’d see all those other moms. It’s the worst thing in the world not to be able to give your kids everything you know they deserve.Curry: Why should the American people push this when there are so many issues at home, including educational problems, at home? Why should they call their Congressman on this one?Jolie: Because if we just fix home and the neighborhoods around us fall apart, I mean, what kind of a place are we gonna live in? That doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t make any sense to just fix your own house when your neighbors are falling into chaos.Curry: There is another very famous person who talks a lot about education. And you sound a lot like her. Laura Bush, [laughter] actually. She talks a lot about this issue, specifically educating girls.Jolie: Well, she should nudge her husband. [laughter]Curry: Well, I think she does.Jolie: Yeah.Curry: And I think that it also could be said that the U.S. does spend …Jolie: They do.Curry: … a considerable amount of money …Jolie: They do.Curry: … helping poor people get educated. So what’s your message?Jolie: They do. But no child left behind means no child left behind. And that isn’t with what we feel we can give right now, but with whatever it takes. And Britain gives three times more than us right now. They’re not richer than us. So I don’t know what the great excuse is.Tune in to “Dateline,” Sunday, April 30 for more of this exclusive interview.© 2006 MSNBC Interactive

  16. 91
    Be sane Says:

    # 72 | African Girlhow can anyone listen to AJ speak about these issues and still doubt her intentions? Puzzling, very puzzling."That’s because these people are projecting their own issues and their own sad life by hating celebriies. Either that or they are JenJen fans and can’t absolutely stand their idol lost out in life BIG time. Either way, their hate is clouding their judgement– it’s sad for them, really.

  17. 92
    Betsy Says:

    So not going there today in this thread…does anyone know who got kicked off American Idol? Notice I am not saying any particular person should have gone home as to not kick up a &#*@storm of controversy :) Smart Betsy has learned from yesterday.

  18. 93
    THE TRUTH Says:

    #88 FriedaThe ONLY people here with tunnel vision is you and your followers, sweetheart! If you are so well-read, then why aren’t you going on and on about all of the other celebs that also get their hands dirty, give giant sums of money, etc. Admit it, you are all about the looks and the fantasy – nothing more. The fact that Angelina does PR/Charity work is only a bonus for you so you can justify your abnormal, yes ABNORMAL obsession with these people! Now, be a good girl and go drink your Kool-Aid…. gulp, gulp, gulp

  19. 94
    Original jpf Says:

    # 64 | SR I make sense, you just don’t understand. you say "a few years back", well that’s your answer. That was then, this is now, and now Angelina Jolie chooses not to devulge the details of her personal life, and I for one think it’s one of the smartest decisions she’s ever mad.jpf

  20. 95
    I cant sleep Says:

    its not angie or brad or jen i hate. its all you that snap and pick and say hateful things about one comment. YOU DONT LIKE……IM A HATER ALLRIGHT IF THATS WHAT YA’LL WANNA CALL IT BUT I DONT HATE THEM OR YOU ALL , but i sure dislike you not them……..grrrrrrrrrrrr……look at all the nasty stuff comin up about her and i do feel sorry for brad ok………youll seee y…..its just that the page hasnt been turned yet……………gessh. just wait……..

  21. 96
    creativegirl Says:

    Kellie got kicked off Betsy. It was her time to go for sure. Andrea Bocelli rocked by the way. I never have listened to him before, and opera is not my thing – but he was amazing.

  22. 97
    Brad forever Says:

    # 47 | Julia Adultery ??? this story is sooooo old and boring . You obviously was an Ansiton fan, why don’t you believe JA and Couteney Cox said there was no cheating!!!!! JA is with Vince, Brad and his new family, separate live ! move on !

  23. 98
    Original jpf Says:

    If we ignore them, no, they won’t go away, but the good thing is "they’ll only have each other to be idiots with", and that right there is reward enough, and so I’m suggesting that those of us who aren’t anti Angelinaites keep the talk amongst ourselves today……is that possible? I’m very willing to give it a shot.jpf

  24. 99
    rudedog Says:

    # 95 | I cant sleep jeesh go get laid, take some midol and shut you eyes along with some other orfices…

  25. 100
    I CANT SLEEP Says:

    WHO EVER ‘THE TRUTH’ IS……I guess you can leave me alone and jump there ass,hell, its probably jennifer aniston………she has a right to her opinion as does jolie, me and you.lmao

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