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People Magazine 100 Most Beautiful

People Magazine 100 Most Beautiful

Angelina Jolie Tops Most Beautiful List :: She’s got that pregnant glow, but it is Angelina Jolie‘s humanitarian efforts that make her most radiant, according to People magazine. The pillow-lipped actress graces the cover of People‘s "100 Most Beautiful People" issue, on newsstands Friday. It’s her fourth time on the list, but first as cover girl. "She looks the most beautiful when she’s in the field — natural, no makeup, nothing," the magazine quotes musician Wyclef Jean, who worked with Jolie on a relief effort in Haiti. "Because you see Angelina, the angel. It doesn’t get any better than that." The magazine didn’t forget her boyfriend Brad Pitt, or her two children, either. People named the globe-trotting Jolie-Pitt clan the "World’s Most Beautiful Family." The world may have to wait several more weeks for the arrival of the Brangelina offspring: Jolie told NBC News that she is shy of eight months pregnant, according to MSNBC’s web site. In the interview, which was set to air on Thursday’s "Today" and on "Dateline" Sunday, Jolie also said she knows the baby’s gender but did not disclose it, according to MSNBC. The actress, interviewed in Namibia, is awaiting the birth at an African resort. Also making the "Beautiful People" list, which until this year was limited to 50: Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Kirstie Alley, Ryan Seacrest and University of Southern California quarterback Matt Leinart. All 26 spokesmodels of the NBC game show "Deal or No Deal" were also chosen.

Angelina Jolie takes the cover People Magazine’s ’100 Most Beautiful’ issue, hitting newsstands tomorrow.  Not 50 this time. 100!!  This special double issue contains all of the same photos of Brad, Angelina, Maddox, and Zahara in the Namibian desert that UK’s Hello Magazine published earlier this week. I also received word that Jennifer Aniston isn’t mentioned in this issue AT ALL.  Now is it time to throw that pity party?

WATCH :: Ann Curry interviews Angelina Jolie in Namibia on The Today Show this morning @ 7AM ET/PT.

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  • remember the truth

    #308 I’m not Malibumom and I will not speak for her because she is one sharp cookie and can speak for herself, but I want to respond because I have a similar way of dealing with all the trash that comes out of the woodwork. I can understand that a dissenting opinion is part of life and part of growth, as well, to hear something other than your own thoughts parroted back to you. So just the run of hte mill anger, racism, insecurity, and homophobia that Angelina Jolie brings out in the dregs of society I leave on the blog and even respond at times. However, when there is foul language (not that I’m a prude, I have a mouth like a sailor but there is a time and a place and this is neither), or disgusting crudity, there is no place for it here and I don’t want to leave it here. I don’t read all the negative posts, because they are so redundant and foolish and as Passing Through has said, it’s so old. People reveal what their own problems are when they are trashing Angelina on here, adn their own fears. The woman who went on about how her husband wouldn’t kiss Angie’s thick lips and now she knows her husband loves her was just sad, it was so pathetic. Besides the racist overtones, it just showed how simple-minded and fearful of the world these people are, and people like B&A will never be understood by them because they are so not on their level that they just can’t comprehend them. I wouldn’t flag a comment like that. But the vile coming out of politecat and its ilk is indicative of someone who has an inability to function in society at all, who cannot handle anyone else’s happiness or have a conversation. There is no purpose for people like that in my life, or anyone else’s, even for the few seconds it takes to scan the post and determine it’s not worth reading. Those I flag. And yes, Rudedog, I flagged a few of yours, as you got down in the mud with these putrid posters who are so far beneath you that you didn’t have to respond as you did. No doubt, Jared doesn’t want that kind of language on here, and his advertisers don’t want that kind of atmosphere. Rudedog, you are too smart and too kind and you don’t have to put up with that on here, either. I know you are a good watchdog, and your heart is in the right place, but these people are like skunks — they are too stinky and harmless to bother with, and best for dogs to steer clear of! It’s too easy to post just like they do. I would much rather have you use your talents where they are appreciated, so you can continue to tickle our brains as well as our funny bones.

  • Haters give it up!!!

    People get a life!!!*Brad cheated…*Brad is a dog…*Brad doesn’t have personality…*Angelina is a man eater….*Angelina is psycho…*Angelina doesn’t have personality…Geez people…you’re arguments are soooo OLD they don’t even make sense anymore…if you don’t like her don’t read about her, don’t watch anything with her on it…don’t pay any attention to her at all…and if your response to this is…"oh, she’s a media whore"…the woman doesn’t even have a PR person. GIVE IT UP! And so some of you know…Angelina is famous on her own right the woman is AWESOME. If YOU didn’t know about her before Brad Pitt then YOU are the one with the blinders on. GET A LIFE!

  • BAMZ spastic school

    # 251 | politecatMr politecat, your name really is a misnomer isn’t it? Why do you speak of such foul things all the time? Come, join us in our talks about education! What are you views? Everyone deserves an education don’t you think? Cats and Dogs. # 257 | politecat goes to school What kind of school should politecat go to? The school that teaches you to worship BAMZ and drool over their every moves and words. The school that teaches you that good looks and superficial acts are above basic morals and integrity? The school that instructs you through BAMZ forums and tacky tabloids? And graduate as BAMZ vulture scholars who specialise in insulting chins, composing bratty bunch ditties, fat lips and pussy whipped dick appreciation. BAMZ scholars are so highly educated with brains lodged in their asses.

  • Be sane

    rudedog:Gosh, I was busy all day and just catching my breath to all these new threads. I saw some early trolls and freaks, but oh boy I see you had a stalker, "courteous pussy"? What does she mean by that? Does she bow three times and Kowtow before sex? Jeez.


    This is nothing new. We all know how beautiful Angelina Jolie is.I bet if Angelina Jolie captured Osama Bin Laden, people would STILL give her shit.I’ve liked her since GIA, and will continue to do so………

  • remember the truth

    #313 BAMZ spastic schoolNo, the schooling for all the underprivileged children who will continue the cycle of AIDS and poverty and misuse of resources if not helped by education. You do know that’s what other BAMZ fans were talking about while you were going on about who had sex with whom when and who doesn’t really love whom and who is mean to whom and so on, right? So, join the discussion, or better yet, join the cause, adn help people learn about all kinds of subjects by listening, reading, and opening minds.

  • Remember where U are

    #316 remember the truthJust some posts here and there about the topic qualifies you as scholars on the topic? Puhleez…spare us the torture of having to see pea brained rose coloured eyed BAMZisers morph into scholars in an attempt to worship their idol. This aint the place to pea brain storm about the cyle of AIDS and underprivileged children. Take your asses to Nambla coz thats where your fat lipped principal is.

  • Andrómeda

    Hi African Girl. It´s true what you said. I´m okay, how are you?. Yes, Angie is the most beatiful woman. Angie rocks. Love her, Brad and the children.

  • African Girl

    #317We are scholars because we are being educated on the topic. See, we’ve never claimed to be EXPERTS but we are willing to learn. I don’t get the point of your post…other than to insult but I just wanted to clearify that issue. Some of us are willing to learnt and others aren’t Different strokes for different folks.

  • ntt

    CNN has a clip on AJ.

  • Original Curious

    # 313 | BAMZ spastic school GO AWAY you apparently have nothing to add to any conversation here.Rudedog: I want to commend you for not killing the pussy who was chasing you. You have much more patience than I

  • ntt

    I meant CNN website

  • remember the truth

    #317 Are you trying to say Namibia? Go open a book, please.You can’t even follow a conversation. You asked a question about what school and I told you what the discussion of schooling was about. Why so angry? Chill out. If watching people learn about things is torture for you, don’t come here, because we happen to think this is a very good place to talk about issues that interest the person at the top of the blog and learn about them. Why don’t you go to a blog where you don’t have to think if that’s what you prefer?

  • Original Curious

    # 317 | Remember where U are: I think your tag should be addressed to you. Why are YOU here? did you forget where you were?There is no law currently on the books that anyone has to like/admire BAMZ – however, just to go to a thread to put them and people who DO like them down requires a bit more in the nutter department. So……explain, why are you here? I know why I am.

  • schaudenfraude

    Are you lonely? Friendless? Got no job and no money? Can’t sleep? Do you have nothing better to do than study celebrities you "hate" and antagonize their fans? Then Professional Trolling is for you! Just follow these simple guidelines:1) Monitor celebrity gossip sites for the latest pictures and posts–fans will flock to these threads and it’s here that your fun can begin!2) Make a comment expressing your negative feelings–you’ll have dozens of responses in no time.3) Don’t bother with spelling.4) Make prolific use of name-calling and four-letter words to demonstrate how mature, morally superior and intelligent you are.5) Accuse fans who retaliate of being idol worshippers, uneducated sheep, and if that doesn’t work, comment on their hygiene. Use words like pathetic, fat, ugly–it doesn’t matter that you don’t know anything about them.6) Always make sure you sound like 14-year old.7) Wish death to the celebrity and their family and friends.8) Wish death to the celebrity’s fans.9) Always respond as if you are winning the argument.10) Remember, the purpose of trolling is to get as many angry responses as possible. Not only are you fulfilling your higher purpose on earth, you are showing the depths of hypocrisy, humanity at its worst and proving to the world that your life is empty, soulless, and you are so desperately in need of human attention that you’ll do absolutely anything to get it.

  • Original Curious

    # 325 | schaudenfraude! You must get together with Moi Jade and start publishing a newspaper. She can do the articles, and you can write up the ads. That was PRICELESS! Thanks for the giggles.

  • Silly

    All you haters are such a fool she give that interview to bring awareness and that is her main goal! the relationship to brad is just part of the interview not the main point!and so if she giggled like it such a big deal!she’s human she can do what ever she want to do!

  • hype

    She deserve it not just beautiful outside but also inside! im so happy for them! i wish them all the best!

  • AddictedtoBAMZ+1

    #300…Hey, I resent that. I really do. It would hurt a lot more, though, if you hadn’t read 299 posts from those of us who don’t qualify as "higher life forms" just to be able to say it. This site is addictive…better be careful. It could happen to you, too. (and just wait until our Rude Dog reads what you said!)

  • cindy2

    # 233 | African GirlWhat’s even more ignorant than this showering as an AIDS preventative is the vile, mistaken belief that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. In one African country, even babies aren’t spared of this reprehensible sexual violation. Certainly there is sexism entrenched in many societies, but even traditionally patriarchial ones in Asia have shown that through education, women become empowered. Empowered to work outside the home, empowered to make family planning decisions, empowered to her sexuality. Just look at Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan – all predominantly Chinese societies that had roots in Confucian values of producing as many children as possible and the father as the ruler of the house. If you tried to tell those Chinese women what to do, you better be prepared for a tongue-lashing cause homies don’t play that. The dynamics between men and women have changed for equality. # 294 | EstellePsst, Estelle, want to join the investigation team? Jared is no dummy. He’s going to dodge and weave like Muhammed Ali to rope-a-dope us. So, the more brains, the better our chances to pin him down.# 300 | To Non-Fans of BAMZ Yet, you’ve been leading that pack of trolls to stir up the shiet all day. My, how well-evolved you are to lack that coping skill of avoidance of that which is repugnant. # 308 | to malimom I’ve actually talked to Jared about my criteria for flagging abusive comments. And he was in complete agreement to restrict reporting to posts that are spam, racist and calls for death or injuries. Anyone can flag any post that s/he feels offensive, but it will ultimately be Jared’s decision to delete or…not to delete. Deal or no deal. # 325 | schaudenfraudeWonderful and dead-on summation of trolls. It should be an addendum to the thread about haters posted on the wretched site.

  • cindy2

    # 84 "I have a brain that is not ruled by celebrity figureheads – Yay Me!!"That’s highly speculative as it seems the Scarecrow was ahead of you in the line and got it first. But I hear he’ll gladly give you his straw filler to you instead, seeing as you love that strawman argument. I can’t believe anyone would admit to watching morning shows on a daily basis. You minus well admit to watching cartoons without children. # 144 | Passing ThroughThanks Passing Through for the info. I know some may feel that Brad and Angie shouldn’t co-star in anymore films as the may wear out their chemistry. But I feel that when they got it, they got it. Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward and Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn never had the smoldering chemistry that Brad and Angie has. Spencer and Katherine had their genre of the battle of the sexes, which was bolstered by the great filmwriting of those times. Still, even in their last film of "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner," there’s a sweetness (perhaps bittersweet) in their appearance together in the film. With Paul and Joanne, they are always sweet and endearing with each other. Their work together is still much acclaimed as with "Mr. & Mrs. Bridge." # 133 "I asked him dont you wish my lips were more full like hers.and he said" if i wanted a black person I WOULDA MARRIED ONE.and hes not one to say bad things about anyone."No, but in one full swoop he stereotypes full lips as being an African characteristic. Fact of the matter, even Asian men have full lips. It’s more of a curiosity from the pages of Ripley’s Believe or Not of people who don’t have lips. Here we get an endorsement for the Thin Lips of America, whose members post their missing lips on the back of milk cartons in search of full lips. # 150 | lylianI think what Jennifer had actually said was her going through DIVORCE was the catalyst for trying to understand what her mother went through. It wasn’t anybody’s husband cheating. As far as I know, Jennifer’s father didn’t cheat. The fact that this so-called truth-teller (who forgot to take her truth serum) bungled a Jennifer quote can at least remove any speculation she is Jennifer or one of Huvane’s hacks. Then again, Huvane is capable of anything if he can get Jennifer selected as GQ’s Man of the Year for merely having working tear ducts.

  • SR

    Who’s the girl sitting near AJ in the desert. Do you think BP is rooting her? I do.

  • Andrómeda

    Hi. April: I think that girl is Holly (Angie´s personal assistant, and also her friend). I can´t believe some people here… Please if you don´t like Angie and Brad then stop writing about them, stop postings things about them, stop reading about them….is as simple as that…and you will be happy. Respect the ones who admire Angie and Brad (me, and a lot of people, by the way).This site is like the blog of Us magazine, full of haters. I don´t get it: I repeat if you don´t like Angie or Brad stop posting about them… Love BAMZ+1

  • apple

    Aniston and her man did not make the list of People 100 Most Beautiful.Maybe next yr.

  • lylian

    321 Cindy2, yeah that’s what I thought too. I mean, if JA had actually came out clearly and unequivocally to say it, or even, if she had come out half way clearly to say that Brad cheated, we’d all know about it coz it would be all over the tabs.

  • Cookie

    jjoy… still searching for that elusive answer about JJ’s background? I’ll give u a hint… look southeast for the clue. Cindy2"I can’t believe anyone would admit to watching morning shows on a daily basis. You minus well admit to watching cartoons without children. " Cindy2, I resent that. Take it back! LOL . Well I do admit to enjoying cartoons without the children. Is that bad? If it seems childish, I guess i am. Its better than sniffing drugs, waxing myself to death or plucking my eyebrows to death, or worst watching another pity party or reading about it. Just my thought. Heads up to all fans of this beautiful family, and these beautiful individuals. If I could I would put AJ on Time magazine as Person of the Year just for her works alone.

  • To remember thetruth

    #301..Thanks for your explanition on what you report. That is what I that was to be reported. Maybe malimom meant that too. I just thought when she said she just reports the negative ones, was kind of general. I totally agree with you on the polecat loser……….I can’t put the wrod polite in there,lol. Thanks for your answer.

  • melissa

    Who’s the girl sitting near AJ in the desert. Do you think BP is rooting her? I do. # 322 | SR | April 28, 2006 01:52 AM Kinda nasty, ain’t it? Implying that Brad is "doing" Holly, Angie’s personal assistant and friend, practically right in front of Angie herself. And Holly is a married woman!!! Even JA said that Brad would never intentionally do anything to hurt her — why do the haters keep on harping about their perception of Brad cheating, while JenJen herself and CCox said that HE DIDN’T. Sheesh, this is so 2005 – could we just leave it in the past and forget that BP and JA were ever involved? After all, they both have moved along nicely.

  • remember the truth

    #321 Cindy2I’m one who would prefer them not working together. It’s the chemistry on-screen that burns out, not in real life. And yes, Newman/Woodward and Tracy/Hepburn lasted for the very reason you state — it was sweet, not smoldering. It’s the smoking chemistry that is so evident as they are falling in love, and then in subsequent movies, doesn’t quite work for some reason, even though you can tell there is such a comfort level between them and the two stars are still rocking and rolling at home.

  • to Melissa

    # 328 | melissa Perhaps Melissa should familiarze herself with the definition of emotional cheating. Considered by many experts as the greater of the two evils commonly assigned to cheating spouses the world over.

  • The real lou

    #330 to Melissa,maybe you should familiarze yourself with the term "Happy Home."If Brad and Jen had a happy home life,other woman/men would not have been a factor to begin with.Thus no emotional cheating.

  • cynthia

    # 330 | to Melissa If emotinal cheater was a sin, then we all have sin. move on girl. this story is last year so old and boring.

  • cynthia

    # 330 | to Melissa If emotinal cheater was a sin, then we all have sin. move on girl. this story is last year so old and boring.

  • cynthia

    # 330 | to Melissa If emotinal cheater was a sin, then we all have sin. move on girl. this story is last year so old and boring.

  • cynthia

    # 330 | to Melissa If emotinal cheater was a sin, then we all have sin. move on girl. this story is last year so old and boring.

  • Rizos

    #330 tO Melissa Are you human? We all are, and we are here to try to be happyand along the way we will make all kind of things to be happy, you may hurt somebody or may not. Just because you are married doesn’t mean that is going to last for ever. Wake up and get out of the bubble that you are living baby, because, IF Brad cheated, he is not the first ine to do so. I hope nobody breaks your heart, that person might be find at the bottom of the Hudson river. Brad and Angie sitting in the tree.K-I-S-S-I-N-GFirst come love,then come marriage,then a baby in a carriage.Que Viva La BAMZ+1!

  • Estelle

    # 320 | cindy2 -(whisper with excitment) yes, I would please…but I need all the info. from you first…what do you have on JJ so far?…details please?…lol.

  • becky

    RIZOS!!!!!!! You got it wrong first comes baby then comes marriage with them……….duh

  • Rizos

    #338 becky Or so you know? duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If is no marriage, they still have a baby in a carriage, !!!!!!!!! DUH ;p

  • cindy2

    # 325 | lylianHere are her exact quotes carried by the AP: "Yeah, it’s been really nice," she said of the reconciliation after nine years of estrangement, according to the AP. "I learned by example of what not to do by watching my parents. I watched my mother be very bitter and very angry throughout a divorce and never let it go and waste the whole second half of her life."I thank her for that unconscious sacrifice of what not to do. You’ve got to be accountable and take responsibility, because it’s so easy to blame, to point, to be victimised. That’s just a waste of time." usual, the hater can’t even get her facts straight. Hmmm, come to think of it, she would be a shoo-in to be a Bush appointee.# 326 | Cookie | April 28, 2006 06:57 AM"You minus well admit to watching cartoons without children."Cindy2, I resent that. Take it back!Okay, okay, Cookie, just for you, I’ll make an exception and take it back: ".nerdlihc tuohtiw snootrac gnihctaw ot timda llew sunim uoY" There, might I add, it’s not easy to type the words backwards. And a mirror won’t help either, contrary to what Dan Brown spins. Have you ever tried spelling backwards? It’s pretty tricky with long words. Anyway, I’ll send you the DVD collector’s edition of the Looney Tunes cartoons, specializing in Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Road Runner, Porky Pig and others to make amends. "That’s all folks!" (See, I wasn’t completely isolated from cartoons even as I was growing up.)# 330 | to MelissaPerhaps you should bone up on the street term of "checking out," considered by many practicing spouses to be the #1 killer in a marriage. Jennifer CHECKED OUT! # 337 | EstelleWait a minute, I thought you were going to bring something new to the table. Shouldn’t you tell me what you know? Okay, forget this Inspector Clouseau moment. So far, from what I could glean from the OC thread a few pages back, Jared is…Asian. He confirmed as such, so we’re still at square 1. All of AG’s flirting with him isn’t getting us anywhere either. But he’s keeping jjoy busy cooking up lumpias. We may just have to give up our quest for something easier…as maybe the due date of the Jolie-Pitt baby.

  • Passing Through

    3313 oRIGINAL cURIOUSI think you got it the other way round. Rudedog’s prick got butchered. Thumbs up for politecat!

  • Passing Through

    # 341 | Passing Through Hey…jerkwad…stop using my name?!!! For the record, folks…I didn’t post this. You guys know I am one of Rudedog’s bitches!Am I going to have to go the route of Original Curious and Original JPF and become "Original Passing Through"?!

  • think positive!

    #342 |Passing Through|Ha! after that i think you sould.

  • Be sane

    # 340 | cindy2Re: FFIt was like shooting an automatic rifle there. I did it and now I’ll go take a shower. :)

  • Estelle

    # 340 | cindy2- Asian huh?…Ok JJ my turn ( take out my spy note book)Can I have answer to these 3 questions please:1) what are your childhood favorites foods that your mother or grandmother usually prepared for you or the family?2) When you were a youngster ( I don’t know, you still might be very young, but I am talking about elementary young), what were your favorite subjects in school?3) Which Asian community here in the US that you feel is closest to represent your Asian Culture/Nationality? Korean? Chinese?Vietnamse?Japanese?Thai?…etc…Thank you in advance for your prompt response to these questions…;)

  • carlos

    Really love Angelina!

  • Carlos’ Pal

    Me too my Man. Me too.

  • kyle


  • janusz

    for me the girl number 100 is the most beautifull

  • angelah