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Kelly Clarkson Proactiv

Kelly Clarkson Proactiv

The thing about having TiVo is never having to watch commercials or infomercials but sometimes (just sometimes) you miss out!  Take this Proactiv commercial commercial by Kelly Clarkson for example.  Watch the video below, it’s an absolute must-see.  Get your Kelly Clarkson endorsed Proactiv solution now for FREE and zap those zits away!  More screencaps in the gallery!

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kelly clarkson proactiv01
kelly clarkson proactiv02
kelly clarkson proactiv03
kelly clarkson proactiv04
kelly clarkson proactiv05
kelly clarkson proactiv06
kelly clarkson proactiv07
kelly clarkson proactiv08
kelly clarkson proactiv09
kelly clarkson proactiv10
kelly clarkson proactiv11
kelly clarkson proactiv12
kelly clarkson proactiv13
kelly clarkson proactiv14

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  • kkayency

    First? And give me a break….is everyone for sale?

  • mamabella

    Now she joins the ranks of the classy Jessica. Who the hell wants to amit to the world they have an acne problem? Your right everyone has a price!

  • mamabella

    Now she joins the ranks of the classy Jessica. Who the hell wants to amit to the world they have an acne problem? Your right everyone has a price!

  • ??Classy Jessica??

    Jessica maybe a more known celeb, but classy, not sure. I must admit I don’t watch AI, but I have seen her. She is just new to the biz, think she is getting whatever money she can, while she can. If you need it and it works, and you actually use it, then endorse it. I don’t like the ones who endorse a product and don’t use it, drink it, eat it, or whatever. So phoney to me. But hey, if she uses it and it works for her then let her be. Nothing wrong, except if she is lying about using it, then I say go for it.

  • A.

    She looks like a disgusting little troll or a midget. I hate this bitch.

  • y’all are mean

    I SAW THIS! GO kelly~! She won american idol for a reason, you guys. She’s very approachable and down-to-earth. I love it that shes real too..she gets zits too! she uses proactive, so don’t be afraid to use it too if you need it. ok guys have a nice day!

  • mamabella

    The classy thing….total joke

  • kelly rules

    I can’t believe some idiot here couldn’t pick up on sarcasm (#4). How do people like that make it through life being that stupid?

  • Potnoodle

    she looks beautiful and seems so down to earth! x

  • Joe

    I think it’s great that celebrities admit they have skin problems like normal people. I respect them more for getting off their pedestal and showing they are human. Kelly is beautiful.

  • ruben

    proactive sux, don’t buy it


    i bet your ugly (#5) and (#11)

  • Steph

    She’s actually quite cute personality-wise in this commercial, but that close up shot seriously looks like Ms. Piggy from the Muppets.

  • merissa

    kelly clarkson is more nicer than you guys com on she’s a celeb ur not u guys just jeolous so hush you can’t judge her you don’t know her you just know her a a singer/actress so be quiet

  • heyheyall

    kelly clarkson is B.E.A.U tifuland jus bcuz shes a celeb doesnt mean shes a jerk or anything like thatproactive works

  • AH

    Well I used proactive and it DID NOTHING GOOD to my skin. the main problem with it is that their cleaning process includes exfoliation TWICE A DAY! that urges your skin to die faster coz you exfoliate the top layer of it and reduce its ability to ward itself, which it tries to compensate. You fasten the process you fight against! The daylight cream contains something that even this damaged “flat” skin cannot take in and it looks like it’s greasy. the night cream smells good btw. the lotion is nothing special it smells like it’s some germicide used in hospitals.
    I have mixed skin and it didn’t change anything in two months period.

    If you have mixed skin, lots of blackheads and wide pores, with huge red acne (doesn’t matter how much, on face and shoulders, on the back) give up with this skincare products that are advertised as something that can help.

    Use Roacuttan for about 6 months and your skin will change from inside. It’s a very heavy medication and cure, with lots of possible side effects, you should do it with a doctor informing you precisely and controlling the process monthly with blood tests etc. But that is the only thing stopping your facial skin getting thicker and your pores getting wider. I waited for years and have a friend who did the cure 5 years ago she has a skin like she never had any problems with it. And mine has been seriously damaged through the years of trying EVERY skin product (Vichy, Loreal, La Roche, Yves Rocher, Clinique, Garnier, Nivea, Proactive, etc.) and the damages, wide pores, pinches and scars will remain coz at the moment there’s nearly nothing to do that erase them.
    (Except plastic surgery maybe…)

    btw to one comment above, it’s not hard at all to talk about that.