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The O.C. Koreans

The O.C. Koreans

"You know who I’m going with?  Sungho.  We totally found each other at the sweatshirt party.  He’s got this wonderfully hairless body.  It’s like hooking up with a seal.  His cousin, Young Nam, is visting from Seoul. His English is a little "kujok kure" (not very good). But Sungho said he’s huge on the K-pop (Korean pop) scene.  And his band is Big Korea. He’s a model too.  They actually based a couple of anime characters on him." — Taylor (Autumn Reeser)

In last night’s episode of The O.C. ("The Party Favor"), the Korean pop star, Young Nam, at The O.C. senior prom was played by Justin Chon (he also played an Asian wannabe gangster in a few T-Mobile commericals).  FYI :: The little Koreans girls (pictured) screamed for BIG KOREA yelling "OPPA!!!!!!"  More screen caps from this episode in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Justin Chon is not a real Korean pop star.  Wake up, people!  He’s an actor just like the rest of The O.C. cast.

After kisssing her date, the Korean pop star, a drunk Summer
 (Rachel Bilson) falls off the senior prom pirate ship.

Blood bath!  In this episode’s final scene, Ryan (Benjamin
) beats the snot out of Volchok (Cam Gigandet).
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  • Asians & Whites

    If one of the OC girls brought a black man to the prom – this would turn into a much publicized "interracial" story line. But bring a Korean to the prom and it’s ok.I don’t know who this offends more the blacks who don’t get to be incorporated in such a storyline or the Koreans for being seen as a blendable race of people who cannot by their presence presumably challenge our ideas of race.Interesting. Hollywood is screwed up

  • Steph

    It does seem to be more acceptable. On TV I’ll constantly see commercials with asian/white couples, but never, or at least VERY rarely, white/black. I think it’s more due to inbred racial tensions what with the white-black history and whatnot. So there’s a lot of resentment on both sides. Asia and America never really collided until close to the 20th C., and so there’s less bad blood on both sides, and as a result, pple of these races are more open to dating members of the opposite race.

  • Danny

    So did Ryan kill Volheck?!

  • ML

    I hope Volheck is gone! I can’t stand that bastard. He’s annoying like psycho Oliver. WTF?!? Why in the f_cking world did they bring in a GIRLY looking asian dude? I don’t care if he’s a popular pop star in Korea. UGH girly asian guy turn me off. EWw eww eww!!!

  • Anon

    #2 Steph: Well said. Asians were never enslaved and did not go though Jim Crow so there is this illusion that Asians and whites can get along better.Whites and Blacks together brings up a lot of old history. I agree with #1. An OC girl with a Black man would anger a lot of folks who still don’t like to see black men and white women together.I know a lot of Asians who don’t like whites and vice versa. So this idea that they are hunky dory with whites is a myth.Remember the South Koreans right now have the power to eliminate us from the earth. They are a bigger threat some say then the Terrorrists.

  • you idiot

    #5 Remember the South Koreans right now have the power to eliminate us from the earth. They are a bigger threat some say then the TerrorristsWTF? You mean "North Koreans" isn’t it?lol


    Hmmm, He doesn’t Looks like a Korean Pop star. He looks like a HongKong pop star. Look at the his Shirt! LAMO! Korean Pop star don’t wearing Like that.

  • barbarazi

    that korean pop star boy is ugly ugly ugly!

  • geniass

    Bahahah! I caught bits of this episode and to be Korean-ly correct, the name is actually spelled as Sungho.

  • j4r3d

    Thanks for being a stickler, geniass. (; Love it.

  • lovelove

    i hate how some people turn everything into race. btw asians were enslaved during the califorina gold rush along with native americans before the civil war. japanese people were taken fromt heir homes and forced to live in camps b/c the gov thought they were conspirators. but i think the only reason they put koreans in the oc is b/c in reality koreans are everywhere in socal.

  • My 2 Cents

    lovelove: 4 years in camps during WW2 and the gold rush "enslavement" of Chinese railroad workers is hardly equal to the legalization and centuries old enslavement, torture and systematic selling of black people. Black people were sold on auction blocks, their kids torn from their mothers, women raped, men lynched and kept in chains. then after that another 100+ years of Jim Crow which forbade them from voting, using same facilities as Whites, etc.Hardly the same thing in terms of amount of years, the number of Blacks who died, etc. Remember, it was part of our legal doctrine to enslave blacks.God, the American education system does such a poor job of teaching about slavery as it happened.Anyway, I actually resent that Asians are always used as these pawns for Whites. You know Asian women are cast as the white man’s lover but never anything else. Asians are used as part of the wallpaper but never have any real storylines or any real weight on screen. And Hollywood does not give them any real storylines because like the above posters say, they just have bland Asian characters that blend into the White people’s lives.Asians have very interesting cultures that have nothing to do with White people – why doesn’t Hollywood show that? Why must every Asian chick be screwing the White guy on a show? Why can’t she have an Asian man?

  • Anni

    My 2 cents: You should watch Lost. There’s an Asian couple and they have an interesting storyline.

  • chewie


  • audrey

    why do people make a big deal out of this episode? for god’s sake it’s only a show! big deal! i believe they cast these asians in the show because i am asian and a real resident of newport beach and trust me there’s tons of asians in here! so that make sense!

  • blah

    My 2 cents: gasp, there are minorities on the O.C.???

  • Anon

    Charles S. Kim is credited as Seung Ho, not Sungho.

  • Steph

    Nah. Not a Hong Kong popstar. He’s way too fruity looking for that. More like Taiwanese pop star. That hair is classic F4.

  • Veg

    Hehe , I can’t wait to see this episode, It looks funny . In Aus we still have a fare few episodes to catch up on. . I luv how his band is called "Big Korea" ripping off Adam Brody’s real life band "Big Japan" .

  • David

    First of all, when has an asian MAN ever been paired with a white WOMAN! That never happens! So bravo to the OC. But what the fug is up with his hair? I watch Korean soaps. That hair is bizzare in any country.

  • liz

    GO KOREAAAA~i think alot of people should start getting into K-pop.. it is the hottest stuff.. im korean.. a proud korean~ im soo happy a korean came out on O.C… yayyy

  • donkey kong

    Koreans were comparably oppressed by the japanese. Pregnant women were dissemboweled in the middle of the street to prove a point. Tongues were severed if the native language was even uttered . hundreds of thousands of korean men were drafted against their will to fight in china and the phillipines. In reality it is much more common for white chicks to go for african americans rather than asians. I’m tellin’ you asian men are constantly overlooked by even their own women so I think it’s about time an asian guy gets any girl. It’s always been the white guy with the fine asian woman, or the black guy with the asian woman. What about asian men? Are we being eliminated through natural selection.

  • Ruppa

    Omg the baby was adorable! :D

    Can clearly see where he gets hes looks ;)


  • justsomegirl

    i feel happy because you see a lot more asians being exposed into the media…yes, i can understand racial problems with this episode, but i’m happy more asians are being familiarized with the media…you hardly see them…so for those offended with the episode, sorry about it…i agree with “love love” and “my2cents” and everyone else saying their view out, but aren’t we here to posts on the show? not on races? i mean common people…

  • beck

    I think that Marissa and Volchok are one HOT couple!

  • Kris

    Nooo!!! I hate that episode!!! MY poor Volchok !!!!!!!!!!!! :’( My man!