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Wentworth Miller on Ellen

Wentworth Miller on Ellen

Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday morning.  Only three more episodes left of Prison Break :: Season 1 starting this Monday. More screen caps in the gallery, watch the video below!

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wentworth miller ellen degeneres show01
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show02
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show03
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show04
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show05
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show06
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show07
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show08
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show09
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show10
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show11
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show12
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show13
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show14
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show15
wentworth miller ellen degeneres show16

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  • chrissy

    MMHMMMMMMMMMM I really really want to see him naked

  • saram23

    Oh my god…he is true hotness. And he doesn’t know it. mmmmmmmmm Thank you!

  • Nic

    Chrissy that makes two of us

  • gem

    3 of us

  • alwm

    Wentworth Miller is absolute love. He goes down as the most gorgeous guy in my book.

  • Cinnabana

    I think I am in love. He is sizzling hot.

  • Lauren

    Panty liner alert!

  • Sun

    He’s soooo pretty! Thanks Jared.

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ…I really like this actor/man/hunk….

  • Raqs

    Oh JJ…… *swoon*

  • ErinMarie79

    He was so awesome/sweet/shy on the show. He is a perfect 10. I wonder if Ellen got BBTP? Thanks Jared, yet again for the Went goodness.

  • aurora

    He was on for literally 5 minutes!!… He’s too gorgeous, I swear he’s not even human.

  • louveciennes

    Wow. Ignorant, bigoted, AND homophobic "GAY". Congrats on hitting the trifecta! *golfclap* …That’s really Perez Hilton, isn’t it?Thank you for hunting up the video, Jared! Mmm, I love to watch his hands when he talks.

  • ror

    chrissy you have the right idea!oh god, jared this wentworth overload is making me crazy! how am i eva gonna leave your site?

  • ALWM

    Louveciennes…haha it must be Perez Hilton because according to perez…every hot guy who is single must be gay…Perez is just jealous that he will never come anywhere close to looking like the hotness that is Wentworth.

  • Meow

    Hottie, hottie, hottie! And he’s so calm, I love that!!!

  • Tom Cruise

    He is Gay. What is the big deal?Did you see how feminine he was on Ellen?

  • abc

    Tom Cruise…haha why would you use such a name…the real Tom Cruise is absolutely nuts. And how exactly was he feminine on Ellen?

  • alwm

    I love how people misconstrue intelligence and well-spokenness as feminine.

  • Ms Saffy

    What a sweet, humble, beautifully spoken man. Don’t think he’s gay, personally, but even if he what? It’s just a pleasure to see such an attractive and intelligent person having some well-deserved success. Thanks Jared.

  • Sara

    For those Aussie Wentworth fans this episode of Ellen with the gorgeous Wentworth will be on Arena on Monday 1st May at 4pm or on Arena+2 at 6pm

  • angelina mmm

    prrrrrrrrrrretty :)

  • Annea

    Does anyone know if he is in People’s magazine as one of the most beautiful? ‘Cause if not, then that’s just unforgivable…perfection he is for sure

  • Hello

    I looked at People for that very reason, and he is NOT listed! I was horrified.

  • Momma

    God, I’m so obsessed! What a Babe!


    I wuv him. First saw him in ‘The Human Stain,’ where he played a black man passing as white – Anthony Hopkins played him older – Nicole Kidman starred too…he was wonderful. I learned later that he too is black.

  • Jackie

    hawt damn! that man is so sexy it hurts! thanks for the clip

  • anon


  • Prisonback Mountain

    How was he feminine? – girl if you have Gaydar you know. That boy was batting his eyelashes and swinging his little hand and moving his little pinky like a drag queen at a Madonna concert.I actually heard him say to Ellen "I can’t quit you Vin Diesel" and then he realized he was on Ellen and oops!You girls better accept it – he will never be interested in you unless you have a 6 inch.

  • stelvill

    Prisonback Mountain admit it ur just jealous…He’s so not gay…period. His ways are so gentlemanly, he talks so intellectually, very educated and he was kinda conscious and shy on the ellen show (scratching). Moy guapo!!! Tall too.

  • angelina mmm

    I was trying to listen what he was saying but all I heard was "sex".

  • ALWM

    Prisonback Mountain…well considering I live in NYC, I would say I have a decent good sense of who is gay or not…and oh i’m sorry i didn’t know someone blinking meant that he was batting his eyelashes…you do realize he was brought up by 2 parents who strongly emphasized academics so why are you miscontruing intelligence as being feminine.

  • Mink

    Comments that refer to Wentworth as ‘feminine’ make me holla with laughter. The boy talks with his hands and has naturally looong, thick eyelashes that emphasise his blinks. Other than that, he is just beauty, sexiness and quiet masculinity personified. And having gotten THAT out of the way… Thanks JJ for yet more gorgeous Wentworth. Can never get enough!Oh, and what Angelina said. LOL

  • Azure Sky

    I have a question for the ppl that like to suggest Went is gay. If he were, would he really be so obviously embarrassed by all the extreme female attention? I would have thought not, because surely then he could just disassociate himself from it much more readily. JMPO of course, but his reaction seems indicative to me of a shy, straight guy.

  • Prisonback Mountain

    Girlfriends, let me give you a lesson in Closet Gay 101: Look at the eyebrows, look at the clothes, the hands, the eyelashes. Yes, the intelligence too. Girls plz. Straight men don’t have time for all that depth. This man is gayer than Kenneth Lane at a George Michael concert. Gayer than Tom Cruise at a John Travolta beach party. Gayer than Eddie Murphy at a drag queen walkathon! 2 snaps!!

  • Mink

    *Doubling over laughing* PB Mountain, hang on…"the clothes"??? Went couldn’t dress his way out of a paper bag without help from a stylist. (Do you actually know ANYTHING about this guy?) And…"the intelligence"? Do you actually even KNOW anyone who went to an Ivy League school? ‘Cos I went to an IL equiv in Europe and I know several guys who talk with this sort of intelligence and depth who have a wife and two kids (and, no, they’re not all ‘closeted’ – Jeeze!). I’m gonna go with the eyebrows being the result of ‘helpful’ grooming from the occasional makeup artist, and the hands and eyelashes being, erm, genetic. Bring me some REAL evidence if you want to put an end to my laughing fit…

  • RustY

    Why are people so quick to SLAM A LABEL ON SOMEONE???? Does it really matter? Does it make them a lesser or more person? NO!!! It doesn’t matter!. You wouldn’t want it done to you so what gives you the right to do it to others.Why can’t you just accept people for WHO they are and not WHAT they are!!!!!Why don’t you say something nice about a person rather than labelling them and picking them to pieces about everything they do. If your bitter on the world go cry about it to someone else (mommy maybe?), no one here wants to listen to it. One simple question to ask yourself…. DOES IT REALLY MATTER??? (Think about this long and hard!!!!Intelligence…. Looks from the above comments fewer and fewer are born with it.

  • b/w miller

    Jared, you did it again. Great Job. The more of Went you can get us, the better. He’s Too Hot. People Mag. needs to revise their top 100 issue, cause Went is too Hot!!

  • Lotuspad

    Wentie is so gorgeous, gay or otherwise. I dont’ care which. Altho, I doubt he’s gay. As for the metro-ness of him, he’s in hollywood, all men get groomed. It’s a standard. I doubt he’d be so clean cut looking if he’s not on a steady job right now. Studios pay for all his grooming, so why not?

  • Hello

    I definitely think he now has a stylist helping him. Does anyone remember the Regis and Kelly appearance. I was apalled anyone allowed him to hit the stage in the schlumpy sweater. He is also more polished in his general presentation. His posture is better. I think he definitely had coaching.

  • Prisonback Mounta

    Girls, you are right. Wenty cannot dress so you would think this would take away his gay card – BUT remember, I said he is CLOSET GAY. Closet Gays do anything to not seem gay but then the obvious comes out.I am going with the eyebrows, hand mannerisms and vague love life (a cute guy like that should have a special sweetie). Before you say Jake Gyllenhaal, let me answer some of the above comments: Calling him Gay is not an insult thank you very much. It is a compliment. Two snaps again.I heard Wenty was gayer than robert smigel saturday night live cartoon when he was in Princeton. Whatever! I am not trying to gossip or anything.He is gorgeous but I don’t think he is spectacular. Give me Brad Pitt any day. Or Jake Gyllenhaal. I can’t quit you Jake!And when you girls want to know who is gay, you should ask the experts, a flaming homo like me. Holla! Ten snaps. Watch Will & Grace these last 2 weeks. It’s coming to an end Boohoo. My mascara’s running.Bye girls!

  • Lotuspad

    LOL, Prisonback. I hear ya. In any case, gay or otherwise, he’s great eyecandy. If he’s gay, yea we girls would love to convert him. LOL. We’ll die trying but we’d have a great time trying. Right girls?

  • brittany

    damn i wish i was at that show.

  • Nandi

    Oh my word!!!! It sure is a damn sin to look that good. Once again Jared, you did it…. The man is too sexy for words, but guys plz stop speculating on his sexuality. Does it really matter if he is gay or not – he sure has got my attention. But either way i would not be suprised if he is not gay, not that it would be a sin to be gay, but that’s just my opinion. I really love the way he carries himself, you just can’t help but want to be in his presence. I’m based in South Africa, and i sure am glad that even though we are behind with a few episodes of PB – I still get to see him on my screen. And he sure sizzles it up!!!!! :-)

  • Michelle

    This guy is grounded. Not only is he smart, intelligent but he sure is sexy as hell! He has such a nice presence. He seems humble and sweet. I wish the interview was longer.

  • kit

    that half-smile smirk just melts me. *sigh

  • sweetface


  • lawyer

    i’m a lawyer in turkey!i’m sorry cause my english is very bad.i love wenty!! but i’m not sure he is straight man!cause i read everywhere "he is gay!!!" especially on!!sluisga(his e-mail adress is a gay who said "i’ve had his(wenty’s ) ass" on! please check his comment!

  • 安乔


  • 安乔