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Madonna Coachella Video

Madonna Coachella Video

Madonna made her festival debut at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in southern California, performing six songs Sunday in front of one of the largest crowds ever to witness an artist at the two-day event. The pop singer was more than 20 minutes late starting, and her delayed set drew several rounds of booing from the sea of humanity packed into and around the Sahara Tent at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, about 120 miles east of Los Angeles. But she oozed personality once taking the stage, at one point shouting at a fan who had thrown water onto the stage and then wiping it up herself, and later asking the audience, "Everybody, does my ass look okay?"

The set featured Madonna‘s latest hit single "Hung Up," "Get Together," "I Love New York," "Ray of Light," "Let It Will Be" and the vintage "Everybody."  This show served as a warm-up for the May 21 kick-off of her Confessions tour in Los Angeles. Watch the video of Madonna performing "Ray of Light" at Coachella below!   More pictures in the gallery including back-up dancer Daniel Cloud Campos (in the white pants).

Looks like most of Madonna‘s back-up dancers have taken up the
same faith as she has, sporting matching Kabbalah red bracelets!


:: More Madonna @ Coachella video footage [via WOW]

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31 Responses to “Madonna Coachella Video”

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  1. 1
    Aretha Franklyn Says:

    Tired of Madonna’s whole striptease thing. TIRED.Give us something new. Also, you know she lipsynched her way thru the performance. She’s great performer but AWFUL singer! She needs to take lessons from real singers.

  2. 2
    Barbra Streisand Says:

    Terrible set list. What happened to her hits: Like a virgin/Papa don’t Preach, etc?

  3. 3
    TJ Says:

    Who is the dancer in the white pants? I always see and me always like!

  4. 4
    Ok Says:

    Love her, but she should never play the guitar and just stick to Dancing.

  5. 5
    Karen Says:

    She is the ultimate best but why do these videos play 2 seconds and stop ??? Very annoying !!

  6. 6
    filipinaprncs Says:

    #3 His name is Daniel Cloud Campos, ethnicity, half white and filipino. As you know, anything mixed with Filipino comes out BEAUTIFUL, like Mr. Campos, Vanessa Minnillo, Enrique Iglesias, etc, etc.

  7. 7
    Rachel Says:

    yes, i think so too. like rocky the model! i think daniel cloud campos is gorgeous! in fact, all her backup dancers look so good!

  8. 8
    Traci Says:

    This woman is a wife and mother and may I add NOT aging well. It would serve her well to keep more clothes on and give up the whole strip tease image. It is NOT attractive.

  9. 9
    Ale Ferro Says:

    Madonna looks amazing! shes full of energy and she looks really great! shes a mother and a wife, but so what? she doesnt look bad at all…

  10. 10
    cj Says:

    I believe there is a rule to not wear mini skirts after 30. there should be a rule that includes stripping after 30 regardless to how great you look. she would look better if she kept her clothes on!

  11. 11
    LAWDY, LAWDY! Says:

    O M G, these photos do NOT look good at all! Those dancers all look gay… which I’m sure they are, but come on, how much more gay do ya have to get in a performance?? And Madonna, she looks like a horny old lady. It’s disgusting. She is just not doin it for me no mo’. Woman, please do somehting different with yourself! You’re turning into Celina Dion. Woa, wait, do I see botox in Madonna’s face ova there? Look at her squinty eyes. good Lord!

  12. 12
    No Good Sssweety Says:

    You would think, at the age of 50 or whatever, you’d have gotten OUT of the puberty stage! Where’s the fat! She looks awful. You are almost 50 years old, and you still look like a boy. puhleease, grow a more womanly figure! Muscles r great! But can u tone down a little? GUy Ritchie must be makin love to a man every night.

  13. 13
    cutie-patutie Says:

    Enrique Inglesias’ mother is Filipino. I didn’t know he was part filipino before until you just mentioned it and I looked it up. He does not look filipino at all. wow. I wonder if he’d go for Vanessa Minillo. She’s a cutie-patutie. I think they’d go great together.

  14. 14
    Henry Says:

    Madonna did not lipsynch the performance! Perhaps you didn´t think she could sing so well live, Miss Franklin! And her dancers look gay???? So what if they do? This is 2006, not 1805 – comments like this are just sad! Also, it´s not like she was naked on the stage – are women supposed to wear wintercoates on stage after a certain age? Iggy Pop still jumps around halfnaked and nobody seems to be so bothered about that. Setlist? Madonna does not have to perform 20 year old tracks – her current material is way better anyways. It is amazing how people feel they have the right to publically post harsh and negative comments, not ever stopping to think that people like Madonna just might have feelings. And don´t get me started on downright lies like the supposed lipsynch!

  15. 15
    Madonna Sucks! Says:

    Henry, you’re RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION is RIDICULOUS! You made up excuses to defend the woman. Of course it’s 2006 and no one has as much of a problem with gay lords. it’s how she’s using them too much in her show and it’s starting to look awful. not everyone is turned on by that s***! it’s a big turn off! And her being half naked was in reference to the fact that she’s NOT ATTRACTIVE ANYMORE THAT WAY! You said men do it too? UH HUH, AND THEY LOOK NASTY! You see how many people these days are making fun of Mick Jagger? Fans make fun of everyone. They make fun of George Michael, Whitney Houston, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt… And FEELINGS? TELL THEM TO GET OUT OF THIS PUBLIC BUSINESS OF FAME IF THEY CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THEIR FEEEELINGSS!! You don’t go into the entertainment business without being criticized in it. That’s what performance means. It means you perform for the people and get rated on it. if the people don’t like your performance they will say it loud and clear!

  16. 16
    David Says:

    Oh shut up will you. Go moan on a Cher article will you. You are not worth 1 muscle in Madonnas perfectly formed body. Die already

  17. 17
    melissa Says:

    take a closer look haters…madonna looks hawt! that woman is in her late 40s. if she weren’t famous and walked up to you on the street and told you her age then you would not believer her…think of all she has accomplished and she is a mother and she can do the splits…can you? thought so.

  18. 18
    Jodi Says:

    Madonna is HOT her performance was AMAZING as always! Even though I wish it would have been longer it was worth the 4 plane rides. I love her! Does anyone have video of it? I saw several people taping it but I was so excited I forgot to ask for a copy.

  19. 19
    filipinaprncs Says:

    #13, also Keanu Reeves, is mixed with Filipino.

  20. 20
    Claude Says:

    Madonna rocked!!!!!!! Her body and face looks amazing. 20 year of being on top!!! You are all jalous…. die and shut up and don’t watch her if you’re offended by her…

  21. 21
    cloud fan Says:

    dear sweet LORD almighty! that "Cloud" dancer is GORGEOUS! how i’d looooooovvvvve to jump inside those white trousers! *mmmmmmmmmm…*

  22. 22
    Diego Says:

    Guys how can you be so reactionary and boring? You don’t like Madonna? cool, you don’t have too. She is not the best singer in the world? Tell us something we don’t know. She puts on amazing shows? Oh God, The BEST!!!!And what is this pointless criticism about the way she looks? You don’t HAVE to be turned on by Madonna sexually, IT’S OK not to be turned on by her, but she has the body of an athlete and she does look really good. Only because she does not conform to the stereotype of a woman that you have in mind, it does not mean that she should change. As somebody has already pointed out, this kind of criticism is much less common when men are involved.Madonna has always been against easy stereotypes. Come on Madonna, you are a human being, you look good and if you want to show us your ass, you are welcome!!!

  23. 23
    Julia Says:

    Who’s the guy in the red jacket? He’s hot! Names anyone?

  24. 24
    tim Says:

    Man Madonna rocks! Concert was awesome!!!! Madonnas dancers are all the hot gay guys…she is in amazing shape…whoever thinks she does not look for for being 48….is smoking CRACK…her body is unbelievable…and people..the whole leotard thing goes with her 70s disco album…which is a huge HIT by the way…

  25. 25
    tim Says:

    Man Madonna rocks! Concert was awesome!!!! Madonnas dancers are all the hot gay guys…she is in amazing shape…whoever thinks she does not look for for being 48….is smoking CRACK…her body is unbelievable…and people..the whole leotard thing goes with her 70s disco album…which is a huge HIT by the way…

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