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Oscar Jackman

Oscar Jackman

Los Angeles, California :: Father-son duo Hugh Jackman, 37, and Oscar Jackman, who turns six in exactly two weeks, were all smiles last night as they sat courtside during Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference first-round playoff series with the Phoenix Suns at Staples Center.  The Lakers defeated the Suns 99-98 to lead the best-of-seven series 3-1.  More pictures in the gallery!

Hugh Jackman‘s son, Oscar, chats courtside with David Arquette.
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  • Russell Crowe

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow, somebody give that kid Ridlin.Does anyone know what ethnicity Oscar is? He looks biracial.Is it any coincidence these stars adopt really gorgeous kids?Oscar looks part black.

  • Emma

    I believe he is Aborigine. Regardless, he’s adorable.

  • samsam

    Is the son adopted? – who cares!It brings a warm feeling to the heart to see such genuine beautiful father-son picturesThat child knows he’s loved, as each and every child deserves , but sadly as the world is today, is not guaranteed to get

  • FanOfHugh

    Oscar is not Aborigine, he is multi-racial, born in Los Angeles. Indeed he is much-loved, as is his adorable 9-month old baby sister.

  • cutenessss

    i have a soft spot for dads who love their kids and act all cute with them.

  • melissa

    So adorable to see Hugh and Oscar just being father and son. Can’t wait to see Hugh is X3!!!

  • wildviolette

    I normally hate Hugh Jackman, but seeing him being a daddy to his cute kid kinda warms my cold, dead heart. And the kid doesn’t need Ridlin. That’s how 5 year olds act.

  • Jude

    Woooow. Oh so cute. He seems like such a great dad and not always up to no good like so many other Hollywood babydaddies. And that’s hot.

  • Ridlin

    Oscar looks half black and half Asian or half black and half Latino. definitely some black there.

  • FanOfHugh2

    SO? What difference does it make what Oscar’s heritage is? He’s a cute kid who is fortunate to have been adopted by two loving parents who wanted him very much. All kids should be so lucky.Thanks jared for the great photos.

  • Fae

    Hahaha, I was totally hyper yesterday because of the Laker game, just like Oscar. GO LAKERS!Anyway, great pics.

  • Prozac

    Geez. Just wondering what heritage he is because he is quite strkiking looking and clearly not white.You people are all sensitive when the "E" word gets brought up – ethnicity.Plz, get over yourselves. I still say he is black and latino.

  • Fan

    Hugh and Deb have said publicly that Oscar is bi-racial. And what great pictures of Daddy and his little boy!

  • Fan

    Hugh and Deb have said publicly that Oscar is bi-racial. And what great pictures of Daddy and his little boy!

  • Nicki

    #12 Prozac….maybe you need some. Who cares, he is Hugh and his wifes kid, and obviousily loved. Shouldn’t that be enough. He looks so happy and so does his dad, that is enough for me. Hopefully we can get rid of the "adopoted kids of" soon. I can’t stand Tom Cruise, but does his 12 or 13 yr old daughter and her younger brother ,Connor, deserve to still be called that before the mention (usually) of thier names, adopted. I think we all klnow that by now, and even if we don’t, do they still deserve to be labeled like that after all this time, or even after say 1 year,ok we get it. Just let them be thier kids like all the rest of regular America who adopt. And by the way never say"this is my adopted kid so and so."

  • truedat

    I agree Nicki, theres no need to refer as the children as adopted, we can clearly see that. and in anycase who cares?

  • Duude

    Kid’s adopted big deal, most celeb babies are!Hugh & Oscar look so happy. Seriously he can do no wrong – hot, talented and loves his family! Go Wolverine!

  • Black girl

    Oscar doesn’t look aborigine.He look half african-american half white.And he is

  • Black girl

    Oscar doesn’t look aborigine.He look half african-american half white.And he is

  • Black girl

    Oscar doesn’t look aborigine.He look half african-american half white.And he is

  • Eve

    Hugh jackman is pretty much a good bloke. Oscar likes his dad as well as loves him. Hugh is a happy and loving dad who not just loves but also likes his kids. Liking is as important as loving. There’s a lot of down to earth people in Oz. It’s still a ‘lucky country’ in most ways. Even "celebrities" can laugh, not just at themselves but with others. We reckon it’s a necessity, not just advantageous. After all, any place where footballers think it’s an asset to learn some ballet must have a strong line to a good laugh. Goodonya Hughie.

  • ror

    nicki, you are right on the money. once they’re adopted there’s no need to keep bringing it up. sometimes when peeps mention it, it’s as if they’re trying to say like he’s a lesser child of… y’know what i mean?anyways, i love hugh jackman and he seems like such a sweet dad. in general i think he’s one of the friendlier celebs around.

  • Jane Doe

    Colour coordination. Like father, like son. Cute.

  • Special K

    It’s ritalin, guys.

  • learner

    There are not many pics of them in public. However everytime I see their family photos I can tell Hugh and his wife are good parents and they love their children very very much. Good OZ family.

  • Rachel

    i love hugh jackman! i agree. NZ celebs are somehow different compared to others. they have a very likeable quality about them.

  • YEAH!


  • k.c.

    #27 that is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard….. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER THE CHILD IS BLACK, WHITE, BI-RACIAL, LATINO, ASIAN OR WHATEVER!adopting children, contrary to what some dumbasses might think, is not a fad or a fashion statement its a freakin gruelling process and i hate hearing stupid people say stupid s*** like that.seriously, get a god damn clue……

  • jannho

    this is the most adorable dad-and-son!! forget that brangelina and their kids.. too much publicity!

  • chanelconspiracy

    YEAH! is obviously a troll, ignore them.His little boy is very cute and they seem to have a genuine affection for each other. Also, he doesn’t need Ritalin, he’s five, that’s what five year olds do. Yeesh.

  • sing_chic

    Enough already about the kid and what his ethnicity is. Who’s the guy sitting next to David Arquette?

  • Babykinder

    Great to see a dad take is child out to a high profile & costly game & give mom a night off! Looks loike his is showing Oscar the ropes in watching great basketball. Hugh has Been on a very schedule as well and deserves the time off too! His family life is precious to him as well as their privacy. Who cares what race or other stuff? Good & loving parents are hard to find. They are lucky to have a great marriage, great careers and a good life. Can we all say the same????? Go X-3!!!!

  • jaycee

    Wow! Just to sit in the side seats of a such a close score & great game would be wonderful! Heavn would be sitting next to Hugh Jackman! He has always seemed to be a very down to earth fellow and obviously loves his kid & nationality etc doesn’t matter to him at all. I look forward to his next movies!There should be more good people in the world.

  • babybear

    They look like ther are having such fun! Natural and not pretentious (look at the shoes!) My dad was hard pressed to ever see one of my games let alone such joy in being there! Lucky kid and a lucky dad!

  • Anon

    To yeah! – Yes, why don’t the stars ever adopt the dark skin black kids? -always the ones that are acceptable to white people, half hal half. I agree Angelina adopts the kids with the most need not the ones that are more acceptable to society.That said, this kid is stunning and seems wonderful so hopefully his dad adopted him because he loved him not because he was light skin.

  • lol

    Sometimes kids who were adopted grew up to have some resemblance to the parents although there is no biological link. It’s cuteThey have similar smiles and pouts.

  • learner

    #28 l K.C lWell said. I watched an interview of Hugh’s wife in Australia. She loves her son very much. His colour never was a reason that they adopted him. They are a very nice couple and just wanted a child whom they would be able to give their love to.

  • Duude

    Rachel – Hugh is an Aussie not a New Zealander.Yeah! – Obviously one of those delusional Bamz freaks huh? How could you even say something like that? Harsh! YOu and anon nee dto get your heads read. They addopted him because he was avialble and they loved him. Nothing to do with freaking race!

  • anonymous

    # 38 | Duudethose arent regular [true] bamz, cuz they(us) don’t degrade. I believe they are just stirring you guys..just let those immature supposedly bamz get to u guys. Heck they may be JA ppls.

  • anonymous

    # 39 | anonymous correction: just ldon’t let those immature supposedly bamz get to u guys. Heck they may be JA ppls.

  • Black girl

    I’ve kinda notice that nicole kidman also adopted a multi-racial kid and shes Aussie aswell.some celebs just as ignorant .People can cover for them as much as they want celebs are ignorant people too.Who aren’t color blind.

  • Megha

    Hugh & Oscar great to see u guys havin a real good time, these days its hard to see dad-son havin fun & such a good time. Love their pure smiles its hard to see on celeb’s face. Debora woman u r a real lucky i’m envy of u. I pray i could b Hugh’s wife. Love u Hugh my sweet Wolf

  • mary

    hey anon, i hardly doubt he adopted his son bc he is "light skinned".. i cant stand it when people say things like that.. just because someone isnt adopting a kid whos blacker than midnight doesnt mean theyre prejudice… the only way to end racial differences is to stop pointing them out every time something happens.. (ie adopting a kid)

  • anon

    he is not aborgine i knew his bio mom may she rest in peace. he is a beautiful child and that is all that matters

  • K

    What’s up with the gay twinset outfit they have the kid in? Worse stil it matches dad’s outfit.Looks goofy.

  • dan_dool

    so cute how their clothing match

  • kendra

    Have you given the possibility that your gorgeous angel may be on the spectrum? This comment is only out of concern. RITALIN??? If a picture paints a thousand words, look at the eyes, they are a portal to the soul. PLEASE help him.

  • angie

    i am the love your live

  • truthteller

    Hugh Jackman son’s Oscar’s birthmom is white and the father is black. I know her, she lives in Iowa.

  • Fan from czech

    Hi I´m from czech republic and I love Hugh he is so beautiful!! If you have some posters with Hugh please can you post it!! Thanks