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Prison Break Go

Prison Break Go

SPOILERS (via geniass) :: Michael (wearing Bellick’s jacket above) leads the escape across some high wires (inset).  A total of five will die before the season ends. Whether they make it out of prison in a body bag or not is another story. In the last two episodes, three people will die; one of them being Westmoreland. But not before he reveals where DB’s money is hidden. A woman is dying too. Can’t be sexist on television, yo. And no, it’s not Sara. The prison break will happen and season two will focus on the manhunt for the escapees.  Prison Break starring Wentworth Miller returns with all-new episode "Go" this Monday, May 8 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Kit

    yay i post first.. episode 20 was fantastic. Why do they have to put so much tension into one episode. Curse you, Fox!! *waves fist in angry fasion*

  • Kit

    yay i post first.. episode 20 was fantastic. Why do they have to put so much tension into one episode. Curse you, Fox!! *waves fist in angry fashion*

  • Lohan Roberto

    I’d hit it!!!

  • Lohan Roberto

    But i still won’t watch the show!

  • kit

    eww.. double, triple post.. i’m so sad

  • Nikki

    I know i feel for you. I screamed so loud every minute i think my neighbors thought i was being murdered .

  • kit

    Hey, look what I just found.. I’m fallen even more in love with this *fine* specimen. rawrrrrr!!! go watch this video someone made of him:

  • kit

    As Dora the Explorer would say: "Es muy delicioso" =)

  • Freeway

    Wow this show is sooo great. I wish the final 2 episodes would just leak!!!!!!!

  • Cute?

    Don’t hate me people, but for the life of me I do not find him that attractive.He is weird looking. He looks like a robot or looks kinda creepy like a skinhead or something.I know that is mean but I don’t get it. he seems nice though. And smart. So maybe that is what women like.

  • LazYOne

    well if a chick dies, and its not sara it could be the real estate chick, micheals wife, vice president which i doubt… hmm who else…i dunno someone help me out

  • Jason420

    i betcha the VP gets cut from The Company or whatever and shes the one that gets blasted not veronica…….. and the three that make it out… Micheal & his bro and the third is a toss up between the wigga and the metal crazy dude

  • stelvill

    Good for you CUTE? I can have him if you don’t want him…Moy bonito and sexy too!

  • stelvill

    Good for you CUTE? I can have him if you don’t want him…Moy bonito and sexy too!

  • saram23

    Oooh Wentie! You’re so hot. I can’t wait for the next episode, last night was so tense!

  • Chrissy

    Ok 5 are gonna die? Does that mean that it as to be inmates or can it be anybody? VP, Greasy Slimey Guy T Bag, Nick, Westmoreland, then someone totally unexpected like a gaurd maybe bellick. GODD i love this show I missed the first half bc of traffic thanks for this post lol now i undestand.

  • YouKnowIt

    I just can’t stand it anymore. I love this show too damn much. its taken over my life. i can’t get enough went and prison break. more more more please

  • Tim

    sara can’t die! who cares about wentworth, it’s all about sarah. I need an insulin shot!

  • nancyspancy25love

    I did NOT think Sara would ever die. I am so excited to hear about this. I thought that if Sara did die it would be remarkably the stupidest thing the writers could ever do. I love this show.

  • K

    I think Nika def dies, and maybe the VP ..

  • Too Qute

    ooooo I LOVE WENTWORTH..Hes the sexiest man ALIVE … Love the show too way too addicting ….MORE MORE MORE

  • wassup

    omg, how brill is this show?!!! me mum n i were screamin @ tv! thrillin stuff. they’re out, wonder exactly who will get on the plane.I less than three wentworth

  • krataina

    can you get more pictures about wentworth miller?

  • yasmin

    OMG not fair i have 2 wait even longer 2 c prison break coz i live in england and we dnt ave FOX here WENTWORTH MILLER IS SOO SEXY yummy *licking my lips*

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  • cha

    i really loved all the episodes of prison break especially season 3 when they were in sona. ’twas a hell of a scene. twas terrific and outstanding!