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Breakout Team is Cooking?

Prison Break episode "Tonight" recap via geniass with almost 100 screencaps in the gallery!!  Previously on Prison Break, Lincoln is put on 24-hr surveillance by the Pope. Sara talks to her father about looking over Lincoln’s case. Steadman wonders why The Company hasn’t killed the VP yet for her screwups. Tweener and C-Note go at it and Avocodo loses a part of Mr. Balls Johnson. The Trumpets beat C-Note with socks stuffed with batteries. T-Bag attempts to shank Abruzzi. Nika gives Michael Sara’s keys while she has the locks changed when she finds out the truth. Tweener tells Bellick that the team is escaping and Bellick finds the hole!

Bellick glees over the hole he finds but not for long as Westmoreland comes out of no where and takes a shovel to his face. The two scuffle before Bellick throws down Westmoreland over a table breaking glass in the process. But Westmoreland gets the last word when he takes a thermos and knocks Bellick out. Score one for Marilyn! As he looks over at the carnage, he lifts his jacket and we see a piece of broken glass wedged into his flesh and he slowly and shakily removes it.

The rest of the gang is out in the yard noticing the dogs that are coming into the prison. T-Bag informs them that every time he’s eluded the authorities, the dogs always found him. Dogs can sniff out anyone so they need to scrub down their cells and change their “stink.” Now they have three days until Abruzzi can get them back on PI in the guard’s room—the same time they have left until they break out. Manche is charge of getting their uniforms, C-Note needs to get peroxide and Michael will work on getting the key and his brother. Westmoreland joins them and tells them that they need to speed up their timetable because Bellick has found the hole. He’s not sure how but he’s taken care of him temporarily and that means tying him up, gagging him and throwing him into the hole. C-Note reminds them that people will notice if Bellick is missing. Michael amends the plans. They have to break out tonight through Michael and Sucre’s cell during tier time. They’ll have one hour to get as far as they can away from the prison. The gang isn’t sure that with this change of events that they will be able to escape. Michael yells back, “then stay!” (continued after the jump)

(continued before the jump) As Sucre and Michael walk back to their cells, Sucre brings up how they didn’t talk about Lincoln in their new arrangements and that even if they can’t get him out, they have to go. Michael knows this and looks rather sad. As they enter their cell, Michael looks across at Tweener—busted! He’s got you now!

Lincoln tries to get a CO to pass a message to Michael since he has no idea about his accident. He gets brutally rebuffed.

Veronica Mars, I mean Veronica Donovan (what was I thinking?!?!) finds out that the house in Montana was paid for by Steadman’s trust fund. Now she and Nick have to go there and smoke him out.

Bellick awakens in the hole. He starts squirming but it’s a lost cause. Anyone else wanted to pet him? Just me? Ok.

C.O.’s Stolte and Patterson are wondering where Bellick is since he’s never late while Michael and C-Note are overhearing this conversation on the lunch line. Michael asks C-Note if he’ll be able to get the peroxide before yard time; C-Note’s working on it. Even Michael looks unsure of himself. Segue to T-Bag asking another inmate if he wants his nasty brussel sprouts. Negative, so T-Note puts them into his pocket. Oh…if only they were tater tots! Michael walks over to Tweener who’s sitting by himself and looking rather guilty, and tells him, “Tonight” and to ask Sucre for the details.

The Company is rather pissed that the POTUS has changed his mind on vetoing the Energy bill. They threaten VP Reynolds to do something about it, because if she doesn’t, they’ll find someone that will.

Michael is already waiting for Sara when she comes into the infirmary. She’s wary and keeps her defenses up. He tries to talk to her but she doesn’t really want to hear any more of his lies. She tells him that she knows what he did but “are you man enough it admit it?” Oh, she owns you, Michael! He tells her he did try to take her keys; she questions if this is the first or second time he’s been truthful. He regretfully tells her that he never wanted to involve her in it. Before you know it, he lays out it out for her: he’s breaking his brother out tonight and he needs her help. Sara is shocked at what she’s heard and as realization sinks in, she’s already shaking her head that she doesn’t want to hear anymore. She thinks that he’s making a mistake and she is obligated to report this sort of thing. Michael reminds her that Lincoln is innocent. That she’s the only one who can help since he knows she wants to be a part of the solution. I don’t know Sara, any guy that can quote you is a keeper in my book. She tells him that she already tried talking to her father. He implies that this might be a conspiracy. Sara is baffled and when she finds out that Michael wants her to aid them. He doesn’t want her to break the law, but to make a mistake. Forget to lock up and leave the door open in the infirmary tonight when she leaves. Sara looks around and you can see the wheels turning in her head as she realizes that they are breaking out of her infirmary and that she was a part of his plan all along. He tells her that she was at first but later on, “I wanted to be here with you.” Sara rolls her eyes at this. And that it kills him that she’ll never believe him. Michael urges Sara “whatever you may think of me, this is about Lincoln. Don’t make him pay for my mistakes.” Sara balks off.

DiMaggio is on the El platform when he gets a call from Abruzzi. He wants a plane ready by tonight. DiMaggio confirms that a van will be waiting for them by Fitz St. behind the old mill and asks if he’ll need a larger plane since this one only seats three. Abruzzi tells him that “not everyone has a ticket,” and the only ones with seats are “the three of us still breathing.”

Nick gets a call from Abruzzi while Veronica is running around like a chicken without a head trying to book plane tickets to Montana while packing. Abruzzi tells him that he needs Veronica at the airstrip tonight. Nick warns that things could get messy. Abruzzi snaps, “so wear a smock!”

Michael watches from the yard as two C.O.’s enter the break room and they gossip about Patterson and Becky, the secretary. Bellick hears them and tries to make some noise. But because he’s so far below, no one can hear him.

Tweener asks C.O. Patterson about Bellick’s whereabouts. Westmoreland overhears this and calls him over. Tweener notices the older man’s discomfort while he answers that he’s just sore. Abruzzi opens a bag of dirt and grabs two fistfuls and puts it in his pocket. C-Note shows Michael the shank that T-Bag was going to use on Abruzzi and tells him that he needs to step it up and that there can’t be any complications. The boys shake on it while slipping Michael the shank.

Sara is staring out the window of the infirmary. Maybe she’s looking at the wire, when Nurse Katie comes in with some files for her. Sara tells her to take care of them since she’s leaving.

In the PI locker room, Michael tells them to wear their prison blues over their PI uniforms in case there isn’t enough time to get the Whack Shack ones. The gang is furious that Michael is letting Tweener onto the “guest list.” Michael snits that he owes Tweener (for the first bump and swipe) and that he’s calling the shots. Tweener looks bewildered while Michael reassures him.

The PI crew exits the locker room in a single line formation. What are they, in grade school? A C.O. stops them, informing them that he found blood on the floor of the locker room and wants that person to fess up. Michael and Westmoreland share a look before Michael pricks his finger with the shank that C-Note gave him earlier and confesses. After the C.O. walks away, Michael asks Westmoreland if he’s ok. Westmoreland assures Michael that he’ll be ready for the escape.

Sara is seen somewhere in Chicago sitting in her car. She seems to be chanting a mantra, “Drugs are bad, I don’t do drugs.” Or not. She picks up her phone and calls Shelly, her N.A. sponsor. It looks like she might be on the verge of a relapse. While leaving Shelly voicemail, she catches sight of a pub across the street. Sara exits her car and heads toward it. Junkie and an alcoholic? Michael sure knows how to pick ‘em.

Michael is finishing up the Taj when he takes a part of the support out of it. The Pope is amazed at the finished product and we learn that their anniversary is tonight. The Pope expresses his gratitude to Michael for the work that he’s done and that he’s a “decent young man.” As of now, the Pope owes him one. Michael takes him up on that.

The brothers are sitting in Lincoln’s cell. Michael isn’t even listening as Lincoln tells him about their father and the truth. Michael is too busy staring at the walls, looking for a way out. He tells his brother that they have to go tonight or they won’t get a chance to. Michael sounding very much like a child tells his older brother, “I can do this.” Lincoln tells him to go, and to leave him behind. He won’t be able to escape since he’s chained to the wall. The brothers sit together in silence and despair.

C-Note is wrapping bags filled with peroxide around his ankles when Trumpet catches him. He’s still upset that C-Note is helping the “Wonder Breads,” and the two end up fighting before C-Note throws the bag of peroxide at his face.

Sara is sitting at the bar staring at her drink and contemplating. Just as she picks it up, the Fox News reporter announces that Governor Tancredi is included to possibly be the VP’s running mate in the upcoming campaign. Sara puts down her untouched drink and leaves. The running mate can’t be from the same state! Do your research!

Back at Fox River, T-Bag is ridding his stink with brussels sprouts while Abruzzi is using dirt. C.O. Stolte comes back to visit Tweener informing him that C-Note was returning tonight. He questions Tweener about his earlier statement of seeing Bellick this morning. Under the watchful eyes of Michael, he amends what he says.

Over at Michael and Sucre’s cell, they are bleaching the uniforms with the peroxide that C-Note got them so they will resemble Whack Shack uniforms. Sucre goes about doing this with so much glee, it’s kind of dorky. Any one else thought it was gross that they’ll have to wear these after it’s been in their toilet? Why couldn’t they have used the sink?

Somewhere else, the VP is talking to the POTUS about why he changed his response on the energy bill. He tells her that he’s thinking of supporting someone else as his successor. She doesn’t understand why he’s doing this. He retorts that she’s everything that’s wrong with politics. She snaps that he only picked her for her gender. He still gets the final word. Looks like Caroline will have more problems to come.

The Pope is excited to be getting the Taj to his wife. We learn that C.O. Patterson has a wife too. What about Becky? The Pope has two C.O.s help him get it to his car. But the second that they pick it up, the top caves in. He needs Scofield, stat.

Sucre is almost done with bleaching the uniforms when they hear, “Open on 40!” Sucre quickly drops his pants and plants himself over the toilet seat. The Pope needs Michael, but it’s already 6:15, 45 minutes before the intended escape time. “Tick, tock, Pretty” as T-Bag would say.

In the hole, Bellick finds a nail and tries to cut himself through.

Sara interrupts her father at dinner. She congratulates him on being the VP’s running mate. He tells her it’s just a rumor. It also turns out that her mother was a drunk and might not be around anymore. He looks like he rather be anywhere else than with his daughter. She questions her father about whether or not he even looked at Lincoln Burrows’ file when she bought it to him. After much loitering, he confesses that he didn’t. Sara’s really upset but her father digs the nail in harder when he gripes, “that you’re willing to bend the law when it works in your direction” and reminds her of the times that he’s bailed her and her junkie boyfriends out of jail. He calls her an addict and a thief and tells her to grow up. If Sara just went for the nice guys, she wouldn’t have trouble staying clean.

C.O. Stolte and Patterson continue discussing Bellick’s disappearance. They’re ready to tell the Pope. Abruzzi overhears.

Nick tries to convince Veronica not to go to Montana, but she tells him that she’s going with or without him. He has no choice and pulls a gun on her. She looks hurt and asks if he’s “one of them?” She tries to guilt trip him but when he won’t look at her, “I want you to remember my face,” and calls him a coward.

Michael is waiting for the Pope when C.O. Patterson exits the office.  The Pope has Becky call Bellick’s home—his Mom will pick up! Bellick did go to work today since he called his mother when he got in that morning. What’s more pathetic? Bellick taking his dates to Red Lobster or that he still lives at home with his Mama? He’s a Mama’s boy!

Cue Prison Break montage set to Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” very fitting if I do say so myself. Sucre looks at a picture of Maricruz, Abruzzi remembers his new allegiance to the Lord and how he wants Fibonacci, T-Bag is holding a piece of paper with Susan Hollander’s address on it, C-Note thinks about his wife and daughter, Tweener thinks about C-Note and Westmoreland about his daughter. He grips his side while gasping in pain and reveals his nasty gash in all its glory. It doesn’t look good for our cat lover. Lincoln remembers his nightmare about the chair, Katie locks up the infirmary while Sara is walking along the river, contemplating again. Sara, get back to Fox River and unlock that door! If your father did it for you, surely you can do it for Michael!

Pope’s voiceover comes in on Sara’s scene, about how the changes in the colors of the Taj “depict the emotions of a woman.” Hmmm…double entendre? Michael shows the Pope the support he removed. He tells him he’s sorry, pulls a shank on him and tells him that he’s breaking out and he’ll make sure that his brother goes with him. Whoa, Michael, pulling all stops on desperation. The Pope is shocked.

Next time on Prison Break, Michael continues to threaten the Pope. Veronica pleads with Nick that they’ll kill her but Nick only needs for her to have Michael give up Fibonacci. The escape is on the way as the cons slowly cross the wire with Michael last. Not even halfway through, the wire snaps (must have been Manche!) and Lincoln struggles to get his brother up. Stay tuned for the last two episodes of the season!

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