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Elijah Wood Bald

Elijah Wood Bald

Elijah Wood – with a clean pate – confers with costar Chris Klein on the New York City set of their film Day Zero recently. In the drama, Wood‘s one of three friends caught up in a military draft.

Since y’all had such a field day with the last Elijah Wood post (almost 200 comments!), I thought I’d share these recent Elijah Wood, 25, pictures and a hilarious quote made by him — "I was in [an elevator] with a stranger who was working up the courage to say something.  He goes, "Harry Potter?"  I said, "Nope."  That was all we aid for the rest of the ride."  If you missed the last episode of Punk’d, don’t sweat it, I’ve got you covered.  Watch the video of Elijah Wood getting Punk’d below!  More pictures in the gallery!

Some recent photoshoot pictures of Elijah Wood and stills from
his short film Paris Je T’aime debuting at Cannes Film Festival on
May 18.  Download the Paris Je T’aime psuedo-trailer below!
Check out the synopsis after the jump.  It’s a fascinating read.

:: Elijah Wood – Paris Je T’aime "trailer" [mov]

Paris, je t’aime

(Paris, I Love You)

Paris, je t’aime is about the plurality of cinema in one mythic location: Paris, the City of Love. Twenty filmmakers will bring their own personal touch, underlining the wide variety of styles, genres, encounters and the various atmospheres and lifestyles that prevail in the neighborhoods of Paris. Each director has been given five minutes of freedom, and we, as producers, carry the responsibility of weaving a single narrative unit out of those twenty moments. The 20 films will not appear in the order of the arrondissements, from one to twenty, but rather, in a pertinent narrative order, initially unknown to the audience. They will be fused together by transitional interstitial sequences, and also via the introduction and epilogue sequences of the feature film. Each transition will begin with the last shot of the previous film and will end with the first shot of the following film, and will have a threefold function: 1) The first is to extend the enchantment and the emotion of the previous segment, 2) The second is to prepare the audience for the surprise of the next segment, and 3) The third is to provide a general, comfortable and cohesive atmosphere to the feature film. The delightful and brief interludes of these transitions will enable the viewer to slide from one world to the next, featuring a recurring and unexpected character. This mysterious character is a witness to the Parisian life and helps create a continuous narration. It appears both in and in-between the films. In addition to the information these transitions will provide about the city and its people, their tone will be intentionally light often referring to famous scenes easily attributed to the history of Paris cinema. Similar specifications will be followed by the composer who will supervise the musical fusion between the films and the transitions as he creates the musical score of Paris, je t’aime. Considering the common theme of Paris and Love, the fusion between the films and the transitions, the fast pace of a fluid and complete storytelling, Paris, je t’aime will not be just another "anthology" picture. It will be a unique collective feature film that will constitute a two-hour cinematographic spectacle whose original structure will make for a dramatically different experience for its global audience.

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  • jess

    my friend filmed a scene for this movie last window…she said Elijah was *tiny* and cool, but Chris Klien was a huge stupid jackass. Literally stupid. Had a hard time following the simpilest direction…and made a lot of stupid jokes …

  • sarah

    LOL.. elijah wood is the sweetest little guy ever. i love how the sad sad full-house-after-school special music was playing in the background and he’s like "sir, i’m an honest man". what a precious angel he is.

  • phoenix

    is elijah wood gay? i saw him on punkd last monday and the way he acted..talked..his gestures…looks so gay. IS HE?

  • Frenchy

    I know one of the directors of this film. I can’t wait for this film to come out. Too bad Angelina isn’t in this. Elijah is so eccentric!

  • meme

    Is it wrong that I think he looks hot with his head shaved?

  • Lohan Roberto

    Elijah is so cute. I woudl totally be domestic partners with him any time… lol…

  • Jules

    aaw Elijah is soo cute when hes actin all Innocent on Punk’d

  • Jules

    aaw Elijah is soo cute when hes actin all Innocent on Punk’d

  • Jules

    aaw Elijah is soo cute when hes actin all Innocent on Punk’d

  • rachel

    Elijah is sooo damned cute, like a lost puppy.

  • mary

    wow!He will become a great actor.

  • LeeDC

    Elijaaaaaaaaaah!!! He’s looking better than ever. Hair or no hair.

  • Rachel

    the sincerity and genuinity he showed in the vid was really impressive! it was hilarious watching him apologising for something that wasn’t entirely his fault. and he had those pupppy eyes! haha.

  • dude

    he sounds like michael jackson

  • J

    Elijah wood is not Gay he himself has stated that. So end of that rumor okay.On Punk’d he mentions that they almost had him in tears. His hair…rather interesting, also for those who see the tattoo on his head…its not real its just painted on. He looks okay. But I’d rather see hair on him. He looks like he has some sort of cancer with no hair on. sorry.-J

  • dm

    why did he do that to his hair?! he’s still cute no matter what, but he’s so much hotter w/ hair. Who’s chris klein?

  • polly

    #16: Chris Klein = Katie Holmes’s ex-boyfriend. He played in American Pie.

  • blahahaha

    It’s called Metrosexuality, damn it! Stop using Gay, you Pat Robertson worshipers! Grrrr……!!!!

  • Ionara

    I love Elijah bald. He is so sexy.

  • Lilica

    So funny his comment about the stranger in the elevator! The same has happened to Daniel Radcliffe, the boy who plays Harry Potter: he has been called Frodo and asked for autographs in the name of Elijah in Australia, when he was there filming a movie last year! They really look alike, don’t you think? Anyways, love this site! Keep up the great work!

  • charlijah

    Elijah is sooooo HOT

  • me

    Elijah is hot to death!

  • me

    Elijah is hot to death!

  • Natz

    Oh I just Love Elijah Bald…He is so so hot…heheh….he´s still cute no matter what…He looks like a bad guy..I love it…Elijah is the hottest…sweetest guy ever…What a cute guy he is….I´m his fan…He is my life…I´ll gonna love him for the rest of time…I´m sure of it…So..That´s it…Elijah..I loved your hair…wait…You have no hair now…heheh..and love the tatoo 2…So that´s it angel…Kisses !!!Byee…

  • soudi

    elijah is one of the lovely actors…..i hope he will be successful in his life…

  • soudi

    elijah bald is so nice..isn,t he?…….take care elijah…..bye bye @};-

  • shima

    elija with hair is better how ever i love elijah and i wishhe would marry with everyone he love. good luck elijah

  • karol

    I love Elijah wood,his my favorite actor and his to stay in everybody the movies and photography,and yet to be crazy to saing that his is ugly!

  • karol

    I love Elijah wood,his my favorite actor and his to stay in everybody the movies and photography,and yet to be crazy to saing that his is ugly!

  • Hannah

    Elijah Wood is soooooooo GORGEOUS! I love him so much! He such a cutie!!!! Anyone that thinks he is ugly of gay are just stupid! Love ya Lij! XXXXXXXX

  • Michele

    I think Elijah Wood is a great person. He was really sincere on punk’d. And I love his puppy dog eyes. He looked so sweet, and so sorry even though it wasn’t his fault. I wish I could meet him. He’s amazing! And its cool cause he’s kinda short and everybody makes fun of me cause Im kinda short. So I can really relate to him. oh he’s soo sexy. I don’t see how anyone could think he was gay. He’s so HOT!! Yee-Haw! MicheleElijah’s Cowgirl

  • Cella

    Hello, I’m the biggest admire of Elijah Wood. Bigger than everyone else, who have been writing these messages. I think he’s the sweetest person in the world and I love his personality. I’m in love with him and my biggest wish it’s to meet him. I think we could be a great coupple in if I could get to know him better. I dream about him every night, sweet dreams. And I think that we are ment to be together. If only someone could give me a chance to meet him I would be very happy From Cella – Elijah’s only love. (The one and the only)

  • ladan

    Elijah is a wonder boy and actor.I Like him very much…

  • kym

    ohh! elijah is such a nice gay!!!! i love the way he acts, love elijah 4ever!!xDDD bye!

  • Maiy

    Oh..I just love Elijah..he’s so HOT, and Sexy..I think he looks better with hair, but without hair, he’s still charming, like an angel, he’s tiny, but he’s the sweetest guy ever..he’s a dream came true..his face..his body..he’s PERFECT..and he’s not gay..please..stop saying those stupids rumors..there aren’t true..come on..!Well..I’m from Argentina..!! veryone who loves me..!! I’m his fan..forever..!! I’ll love him till the end of my days..I LOVE YOU ELIJAH..!!Bye, I love this page..!!

  • gizem

    ı love you elijah ı love youseni çok seviyorum



  • FYI

    In this pics Elijah is weird, but funny. He and Chris klein are a good match for the film. Thanks jj for the screencaps and the pics.

  • Vânia

    I love Elijah Wood he is a great actor:P and he’s so BEAUTIFULL, sweet…my god………….No wordsssss:D i wish see him but that is so impossible=’( just see him meet is more impossible:S lololol i’m Portuguese (sorry for my inglish…) i hope Elijah know’s were is Portugal because many people in america doesn’t know were is…they think is spain:( these is truth….I will love Elijah for ever…muitos beijos desda tua grande fã:P (many kiss from these big fan)

  • louloumyae

    wawwww ilove elijah wooooooooooood kisssss

  • lover

    elijah is my only hope

  • http://aylin aylin

    elijah wood seni çok seviyorum mavi gözlerin çok güzel

  • http://aylin aylin

    waaaaaaaaaw çok tatlı

  • anindya

    i love you…… are very cute………i hope you coming to my country……indonesia………………………bye-bye

  • sam236

    he looks hot no matter what he does to himself id definetely do him lol

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