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Home Of The Brave Movie

Home Of The Brave Movie

Spokane, Washington :: Curtis James Jackson III, aka 50 Cent, and newcomer Ginger Ewing rehearse a scene this past Sunday during filming of the movie Home of the Brave, where 50 Cent, 30, plays a troubled veteran having difficulty readjusting to civilian life.  After the jump is actor Irwin Winkler, director of the film Home of the Brave discussing a scene with 50 Cent.

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19 Responses to “Home Of The Brave Movie”

  1. 1
    mj Says:

    first! and probably only.

  2. 2
    hdfh Says:

    50 looks like a real funny guy in those pics.

  3. 3
    Some guy Says:

    50 CENT CAN’T ACT. Didn’t anyone see that Simpsons episode with him in it? He mumbled all his lines and I couldn’t understand what the **** he was saying. Hopefully he’ll be better in person, because that was just appalling…

  4. 4
    Elaine Says:

    Does else anybody think that 50 looks like Cha-ka from Land of the Lost?

  5. 5

    His forehead is HUGE. I use to think he was cute, until I saw him smile here. His face looks like that short, long haired, alien creature with the buck teeth played by the brother of the red haired guy on Happy Days on that 50s or 60s or whateva star trek look-a-like show.

  6. 6
    HOMEY OUT! Says:

    OH, LOL, ELAINE, I didn’t see you’re post! LOL, yea, that’s the show I’m talking about! Exactly! He looks like THAT thingy!

  7. 7
    Charlie Says:

    I acually think 50 looks pretty cute here. I don’t usually dig him, but the clean-cut suits him well.

  8. 8
    natasha Says:

    dude i thought that 50cent was hott until i saw him with out all his bling on

  9. 9
    The Game Says:

    his 1 gooffy mofo

  10. 10
    john Says:

    u guyss gotz ta be kidinn i bet u look like tht thing frum da star trek this guy can sing and act and thaa boy got sum skills

  11. 11
    courtney Says:

    50 cent looks like chris rock in those pics which is really bad because he looks ugly.

  12. 12
    Devin Says:

    He looks just as hot and sexy as always… i love his smile it makes me wanna melt.

  13. 13
    King Says:

    wtf? anyway hes worth $500,000 which is more then all your entire families worth put together lol

  14. 14
    Ma$e Says:

    wtf? anyway hes worth $500,000,000 which is more then all your entire families worth put together lol haha u bunch of losers

  15. 15
    Ceasia Says:

    50 Cent iz the fucken best rapper alive. He knows how 2 act, u see he doin hiz second movie already right… Don’t hate!! He iz sexy and he iz my husband 4 life. Anybody tryna disrespect him, pleaz get at me. HOP OFF HIS ****

  16. 16
    Bru Says:

    Quit hatin on 50…you motha f*ckas probably ugly yourself

  17. 17
    BRITT Says:

    well f***all u B****50 CENT IS MOTHER ****** FINE!WIT A NICE BODY!!!SO **** ALL U HATERS!…

  18. 18
    Tyra Says:

    You all are so critical. How would you funny ass white devils look on camera without your make-up? And yes he has strong features but most African Americans do…that’s what makes us who we are and also what makes you skinny little white tramps stay at the plastic surgeeons office so F’ off all of ya! 50 got enough money to but a new face or even better…buy all you and still have some change left over


  19. 19

    com’on man this ain’t about looks here, I’m talking about the movie *******, there are other actors and one especially hot looking actress, now thats what i’m talking about!!! YEAH! OTHER THAN THAT THE MOVIE IS GOOD “MOVIE” PEOPLE, THE MOVIE!!

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