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Mary-Kate's Hairy Chest

Mary-Kate's Hairy Chest

New York, NY :: Hairy chests don’t typically make front page news here but when it involves one of Hollywood’s most famous twin sisters, I make an exception.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala came and went this past Monday but little did we notice the fuzzy hair (?!) on Mary-Kate Olsen‘s chest (she’s wearing a Badgley Mischka gown if you wanted to know). Mary-Kate, 19, is still rebounding after her stint in rehab aftering admitting to anorexia.  A side effect of anorexia is lanugo, aka fuzzy hair, growing on the skin as the body tries desperately to protect itself from cold.  You hear that Hollywood?  Shocker! Anorexia does have drawbacks!  Today’s lesson: Eat, so you don’t get a hairy chest.  Higher quality images in the gallery for the inquisitive…

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35 Responses to “Mary-Kate's Hairy Chest”

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  1. 1
    charlie Says:

    Lanugo A soft, downy body hair that develops on the chest and arms of anorexic women.

  2. 2
    j4r3d Says:

    Thanks, Charlie!!

  3. 3
    Shirls Says:

    EWW! i’m so glad i love to eat lol

  4. 4
    Wtf Says:

    OMG I’d rather have curves than a hairy chest.

  5. 5
    sharon Says:

    That is so wrong! Even for the tabloids. I can only imagine how embarrassing it will be for her when she hears about this photo.

  6. 6
    Kate Says:

    Do you think Mary-Kate would have worn a different dress if she knew she had hair? I feel bad for her. Does this mean she is still anorexic?

  7. 7
    Wendy Says:

    I seriously doubt she’d be out in public like that without waxing or shaving. I think the pic is BS.

  8. 8
    googoodoll Says:

    That is only a shadow. Look at the other photos. Her chest is clear and has no hair. This "news" is so bogus.

  9. 9
    me Says:

    the picture IS NOT BOGUS…everybody..well almost everybody has hair on the chest..even girls but is the "girly type of hair"…very fine and soft…it usually falls off when you grow boobs but as she doesn’t have any……THE PIC IS REAL!

  10. 10
    imeanreally Says:

    the fact that you all would believe that someone worth as much $$$ as MK would not have the sense and wherewithal to have hair removed from her chest (assuming any hair was there to begin with) prior to making a public appearance in a low-cut dress is just sad.

  11. 11
    creativegirl Says:

    My guess is she has the very soft fine hair there and someone put bronzer on her to make it look like she had some cleavage in the dress, but it just made the hair more pronounced and darker looking in that one photo. You don’t really see it in the others. It’s a trick that celebrities use all the time.

  12. 12
    hMM Says:

    I don’t know if its really hairy chest or not. But I think what we see is someone that tans too much. She is nat. pale and her hair is blonde. From what I can see she has tanned too dark and the hair on her chest-which you would see ONLY if zoomed in on- is blonde and so its showning up more. I’ve seen this look before. Her horrid tan is messing up with her natural skin color and hair color. Resulting in the mess you see. I can never remember which sister is which. If this is the one with the eating disorter and Lanugo is an actual side effect I applaud Jared for showing it. Let the public see the UGLY side of fame. I think it would be two faced to slash all the glam pics of celebrity and not the ugly reality. And hair on the cheast. Does it get any uglier then that?

  13. 13
    Lohan Roberto Says:


  14. 14
    Team Jolie-Pitt Says:

    She doesn’t have periods either. I wonder if she’s ever had a period. In college I dropped to skin and bones, and stopped having periods. A woman has to have a certain amount of body fat to cycle.

  15. 15
    Team Jolie-Pitt Says:

    She doesn’t have periods either. I wonder if she’s ever had a period. In college I dropped to skin and bones, and stopped having periods. A woman has to have a certain amount of body fat to cycle. I got hairy too.

  16. 16
    MORGAN Says:

    please that is make up to make it lookas if she has cleavage! this is why men shouldnt write blogs. even the gays! comeon, girls do that all the time. MK is just flat!

  17. 17
    omalley Says:

    its just a little peach fuzz — everyone has some, its just more pronounced b/c of her tan skin and probably a little bronzer like you guys have said. though i’m sure the anorexia has contributed to why she seems to have quite a bit of fuzz…

  18. 18
    lizzy Says:

    okay seriously people, give the poor girl a break, THAT IS a drawback to anorexia, but did she expect her chest to be magnified x100 today…i doubt it, she look a lot better than she did

  19. 19
    LookMaNoHands!! Says:

    It’s just make-up to accentuate her breasts.She’s still v. pretty, I’m glad she’s beating her disease.

  20. 20
    you Says:

    i agree with most people, if she did actually have chest hair from aneroxia she wouldnt go out wearing that dress withouting having it removed. its probably just the shading or maybe the tanner makes them look so obvious. she really tans too much, even like pink in her dumb stupid girls video. she really needs to stop, i like the darker hair but WAY too much tanning. on the other hand, the girl needs a break, everyone cant look perfect all the time and considering all the stuff she has to deal with, paparazzi, publicty, anorexia stuff etc, its really unfair to be so hard on her.

  21. 21
    Anno Says:

    Let’s see – she’s been photographed repeatedly with matted, unbrushed, filthy looking hair, dirty looking fingernails with nasty chipped polish and a disheveled bag-lady appearance. If she doen’t notice that, why would she notice the chest peach fuzz?

  22. 22
    Fab-girl Says:

    What I "love" with these twins, is the talent to repeat the same expression over and over w/o an inch of discrepancy. And why the hell do they do taht with their lips? Hideous! Boring!

  23. 23
    dm Says:

    i don’t know if she actually has chest hair there or not but if it is b/c of anorexia that’s her own fault. it’s extremely stupid to do that to yourself and there’s absolutely no reason to do it if you’re already skinny. she also needs to lay off all that makeup and tanning.

  24. 24
    tracie Says:

    She obviously has bronzer on…leave the poor(rich) girl alone, cant she get a break.

  25. 25
    tracie Says:

    She obviously has bronzer on…leave the poor(rich) girl alone, cant she get a break.

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