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Tom Cruise Drinks Olive Oil

Tom Cruise Drinks Olive Oil

Tom Cruise showed off his daredevil culinary skills on American TV when he joined celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and chat show king David Letterman in an oil drinking session. The movie star agreed to stick around for Oliver‘s Thai cookery demonstration after promoting his new film Mission: Impossible III on The Late Show and when Letterman started guzzling cooking oil, Cruise decided to join him. Game Brit Oliver decided to join the pair, letting the oil drizzle into his mouth and down his chin. Letterman then joked, "I don’t feel that good. I feel kinda bilious."

Another classic moment in TV history…  Tom Cruise guzzling olive oil!  Yes!  Good thing Tom is such a good sport… Mmm, olive oil.  More screencaps in the gallery including Tom‘s arrival to The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday afternoon.

WATCH :: Tom Cruise Guzzles Olive Oil on The Late Show (video)

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  • Xenu’s daughter

    FREAK!!!!!! Free Katie!

  • Paola

    Tom’s Letterman interview is AWESOME! Tom looks GREAT!

  • Xenu’s daughter

    Tom looked like a deer in headlights on Letterman. He looked lost and pretty much zoned like he usually does. He probably had a couple audit sessions before it…would explain it all.

  • Xenu

    The Theatans are coming to get you Tom. You cannot excape.

  • captainlou

    ugh. Letterman does this schtick EVERY time Jamie Oliver’s on his show. ANNOYING – it’s not even olive oil.

  • april

    I am usually a very positive person, but I so want this movie to perform below expectations. TomC is a MEDIA WHORE.

  • Xenu’s daughter
  • whatheF

    Tom is a train wreck! I hope MI3 BOMBS!!!! Four words sum him up!! TOM is a LOSER!!!!

  • Lohan Roberto


  • michel


  • kat

    That perma grin really is weird. And what stood out from this interview is how dumb Tom Cruise is. Kind of fascinating. A 40-something yr old man struggles with simple conversation, continually repeats himself – repeats simple words, struggles with simple language, speaks mostly in generalaties. The answer to most questions is "Great", "amazing", or "incredible". You can see how he momentarily struggles with processing the information after each question. Something that looks like panic briefly flashes across his face. It’s a bit nerve-racking watching it. It’s way too obvious he has stock/coached answers to particular subjects. Letterman asks how Katie is doing since the birth. Tom answers, she’s an amazing woman. What the hell? My theory on the constant perma-grin and laughing at inappropriate times, is he thinks if he laughs inccessantly it will a) endear him to the interviewer, and b) take up time so he doesn’t have say as much. I was almost feeling sorry for him. Funny moment when the 2nd guest, the somewhat effeminate British chef, told Tom, "Be a man, be proud." The audience laughed a little too hard. Tom looked confused.

  • Mad Pixie

    What i actually liked about the show was Jamie Oliver making tosser jokes towards Tom Cruise! (You guys over the other side of the Atlantic know what a tosser is, right?)

  • Xenu’s daughter

    If he dropped the whole act, got deprogramed he would be a happier man. He’s always trying too hard to convince us he’s happy when it is obvious he is not. shame, too. Yes, I know that "panic" look you are referring to #11 it is really sad, the whole thing does kind of make you have pity on him. Maybe if he gets out of the cult and just says "hey look, theses were force confessions" which they are, he’d be better off. Sad

  • free "kate"

    He’s just fueling up cause he’s a ROBOT!!! I’m on to you tombot and your little alien baby too…

  • kat

    I’m glad other people noticed the look of panic tom got before each question dave asked. He also looked like he was going to crawl out of his own skin.

  • LookMaNoHands!!

    I’m actually starting to like Tom Cruise!Apart from the "Katie/Kate" thing.

  • 88

    Love Tom Cruise! He’s so damn cute…

  • Yeah right

    #88 MUST be on TC payroll. Hahahaha saw him on Regis and Kelly…. the LOSER got such a WAKE UP CALL. People clapped more for Carrot TOP!! His jokes, timing, laugh were all off. Even Kelly, who is nutty, was like WTF!! VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for all three!! hehehehe… keep going Tom you are runing it all yourself. Love the TRAIN WRECK TOMCRUISESHIP!!!!

  • HughE2030

    The movie was great. It will do well. She knew what she was getting into. She wanted to be married to Tom Cruise her childhood crush.

  • Yeah right!!

    Yeah… 15 million will take you a long way. I guess Katie is just like the rest of the hollywood crowd. Anything PR and cash. Have fun with a gay guy sweetie. I think it gets old, and gross quick. At least she gets some cash for her role. Still less than Julia Roberts for a movie but not bad for a B actress anyway!!!

  • ginny

    I was struck by his inability to articulate. It’s almost like he’s struggling with a second language. And when all words fail him, he bursts out in maniacal laughter. Creepy and sad at the same time.

  • Xenu’s daughter

    Good point Ginny! It is a second language…cult’s require new lingo and thus he has been speaking Scientology-speak for 20 years he cannot bloody well call us all "SPs" without giving himself away. I would be sad for him if I were not so Bloody afraid of him!

  • keith Cohn

    What are you supposed to guzzle when you take their sauna cum drug rehab?Is it cooking oil?Probably not…but it doesnt really matter. I just remember reading about their Narconon front and their idiotic and dangerous cleansing ritual…Tom Cruise: "You too can get off drugs!!! Just follow uncle El-Ron’s magic cleansing process. I personally have helped millions get rid of their drug cravings, money, sanity, critical thought…"Ok, I lie…he didnt say that. At least, Im not in the only one who noticed in his last few interviews that he seems incapable to function in anything resembling unrehearsed banter involving or use more than the same 22 words in his vocabulary. I have to admit, he is a fascinating wreck, its impossible to not be sucked in his ‘reality’ show. Ever seen a drunkard or junkie slowly kill himself?You see then weering uncontrollably like a car spinning down and icy hill and you just know its gonna end badly.And if he does one day snap out of it and say to himself "Oh no! I actually and truly believed in Xenu". What do you think that realization will do to him? We wont find it funny then.But until he snaps, man, hes gonna make you bloggers live easy life.

  • whatheF

    #23 Keith well said. TC is a train wreck. I find myself, as well as many, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. This guy has built a fortress around himself and he is slowly imploding. Does he not have a PR person? This sad part is this guy is the laughing stock of our time right now. This guy is in need of some help. His interviews almost seem like he is just giving up. Like he is going to turn and rip his face off and this creature will appear. I think he is so deep into this cult he has lost his grip on reality. That interview where they asked him if he ate the placenta… I think it was an Access Hollywood producer? he started laughing like a nut. YOU KNOW HE DID!! He seemed so on the edge…like he just wanted to say YEAH SO it was yummy… Kate had a pacifier… we chant all day.. this cult has taken over him and now that is who he is. To bad it is going, and has for many, ruined him!~!!!

  • Xenu’s daughter

    What scares me are the people who are going to be suicidal because of his rantings about anti-depressants. I don’t think anyone "wishes" him harm, per se…it’s that train wreck though…you are spot on, guys!But, as long as he is shoving his beliefs down throats, whilst refusing to listen to other’s POVs, he is going to cause some kid to kill him/herself because "Tom Cruise" said these pills are evil and thus what happens then? No, until he changes…he’s going down the slope comepletey, I am afraid.

  • CoolWhip

    Aliens away! It may look like olive oil to unsuspecting people, but this is actually Hubbard’s own brand of Anti-Alien extract…with a hint of placenta