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Prince William Shirtless

Prince William Shirtless

Stunning Kate Middleton showed off the figure that’s caught Prince William‘s eye on their romantic Caribbean holiday yesterday. Wearing a flattering aquamarine bikini, the millionaire’s daughter, 24, watched admiringly as Wills, 23, played on a rope swing on their yacht. The university sweethearts are staying with a group of friends in an £8,000-a-week mansion on Mustique, the playground of the rich and famous. Yesterday they spent their time relaxing on the boat. The future king had fun leaping into the water off a rope on the rigging. He later hosed himself down to cool off. The night before, Wills grabbed the microphone at a beach-front karaoke bar and serenaded Kate. An onlooker said: "They were all having a great time. All the lads were urging William to get up and sing. He agreed and seemed pretty cool about the whole thing." 

LOVE BOAT :: Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton soak up the sun and have some fun while yachting around the Caribbean on Monday. The couple have been staying at an exclusive resort on the island of Mustique during their weeklong romantic getaway. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Lena

    Kate… stunning *perplexed * look… surely you jest. She’s average at best. All that said, I wish them much happiness.

  • moonbeams

    Does he have an overbite???? Poor Wills! These aren’t very flattering. He looks a lot more like Charlie than Di!

  • Steph

    William is actually quite fug. Just imagine his prospects if he weren’t the prince of England.

  • stolidog

    i think i see willy’s wonka (or at least its outline)

  • Bob Smith

    nice IKEA towell price, just like mine…..

  • tara

    Good for them. I think they make a great looking couple.

  • jjsabs

    He was pretty cute as a teenager but now that he is older things are not working in his favor.

  • Nina

    They do seem to be genuinely happy with each other and I hope everything goes well for them

  • Lucy

    It lookslike he’s checking out that blonde and not his girlfriend!

  • SueY

    urm, yeah…i agree with lena.

  • Dennis

    Poor Wills. Diana’s genetics are losing the battle.

  • Eric

    He has a nice build. He requires a tan.I would rather see Prince HARRY shirtless!

  • LeeDC

    Uh-oh. He’s looking more like his dad.

  • anon9

    He is getting bold already?

  • Danicka

    He’s getting ULTRA bold. You can see that clearly @ pic #8

  • pp

    What’s happened to Wills? He looks like he’s really become a couch poato – hardly a muscle in sight!! And he looked so promising as a teenager!!As for Kate, she is probabaly a lovely girl, but good looking she aint!

  • Rachel

    kate is outshining prince william! his skin is so pale, he should get out more!

  • amelie


  • bb

    Wills Windsor (It’s true:)

  • Vania

    Will looks horrible!! He’s FAT !!! wac!!

  • Tilly

    I’ve never though Will was that good looking, and know he’s begining to look more and more like Charles. Kate looks average, but if they ever had children I hope they get her looks.



  • xyz

    He used to be handsome looking more like his mom, and now he’s begining to look more like his dad including balding at this young age.

  • remember da truth

    I cannot believe all the snotty comments on here. Are you people all so shallow that all you care about is what someone looks like? Actually, neither look bad, you all just want to say something snotty.For those ignorant fools talking about how white Prince William is, he is ENGLISH. They have very pale skin color there and don’t tan. Would you be talking about the dark skin of someone from Kenya? The fact that Wills found someone of an appropriate age who is a commoner and who shares his interests and he can have fun with and who gets along with his friends is a good thing. They have been together a long time now. Who cares if she’s not a supermodel — if she were, you would be trashing him for going out with only someone gorgeous. And as for him, he IS good looking, just not a movie star-looking guy, and maybe Kate likes him for who he is and his personality and his sense of fun and likes being with him, and doesn’t care if he is losing his hair or not? Maybe, just maybe, she isn’t as shallow as you all and at age 24 has more wisdom than many people on here and knows what’s important in life.

  • Varya

    Kate is NOT stunning, she is just average AT BEST!!!Also Wills should have worked out more, did some stomach crunches or something before going out on holiday.Also as for him being so pale, HELLO he lives in rainy ol’ England, what did you all expect?

  • alexandra

    I have always adored william, Im pretty much the only one in my entire high school though, I will always love him no matter what. As for his girlfriend, eeewww, shes….not right for him. That all Ill say. Although, I did love prince william when he was younger. So, william, if your looking for some younger, american blood, Ill always be waiting, except…. I doubt It’ll ever happen. Love you still.

  • teutonicprincess

    Prince William’s last name is NOT simply Winsdor. Like many English last names it’s completely made up to distance the English national identity from the German House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha a.k.a. Prince Albert. Royalty lack last names like "commoners." It’s what keeps them mysterious and therfore Royal. lol :D

  • Shelly

    Wow, Prince William IS balding. That’s so sad. He used to have a very attractive head of hair. Kate is all right. I don’t know what to say about her. She’s average looking at best.

  • Melena

    His last name is Mountbatten-Windsor

  • pckb

    this is a good thing that he is among everyone and doing what he feels is a good thing! your opinions mean nothing not even mine, but one thing is sure he is living and if he wants to have fun then this is what he is going to do, i grant him serenity over the things he wants to do because he is going to do them anyway and i hope that everyone understands and they should…..

  • shauna

    The kid is already starting to lose his hair thats quite awful!IT must be charles’s bad gene because if u all remember charles was beging to lose his hair young too and look at charles’s dad. dreadful. As for kate if he dates someone or rather marries someone of no royal blood he’ll be critizied by the parliment, if he dates someone with no royal blood but still with lots of money and fame like kate he’ll still be critized, if will dates a fellow princess or someone with fame and wealth like an actress or kate or an average 19 year old collage student that loved his mother and would do anything to marry him. he is still going to be either critizied or favored by others hes prince of wales and future king of england. HES still very young just a dumb struck college sort of kid as fun as it is to rag all over him hes got plenty of time to think about marrige later and hopefully she’ll be somebody just like diana.however i must agree im not that found of kate and will is getting a bit of a tire around his belly and despite the fact that he is english he looks gasly white. much luv will :):)

  • Ellie

    OMG! Why does Prince Wills look so bad? Like everyone else said, he was so cute wen he was younger, now he’s all old looking and pale and hairy and fat. aarrgghhh! Prince Harry is well hotter, and is probably betr topless, and his gf is gorgus! xx

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  • kevin fentress

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  • DeeDee

    @remember da truth: u do know he is PRINCE WILLIAM…NOT JOE SCHMOE OFF OF THE STREET…I do think it’s his status..She even said she had his posters hanging on her wall at the school before it’s definitely not his personality that grabbed his attention..she ain’t gonna give up on someone like this for Joe Schmoe off of the street. She is listening to her overbearing mother to hang in there with P.W.

  • DeeDee

    *I meant to say *HER ATTENTION*

  • Kaironnaysa


    I want to say ” I love you so much.”

    I just want to love you forever.

  • Kai Ron Naysa

    Whatever you are, I always love you. I want to know you. I need you.

  • Tasha1

    Wow everyone’s a critic. William is the Prince of England therefore he has stress overload, he’s going to be KING. You wouldn’t look so hot it you had to deal with just one day in his life, he may not be Johnny Depp, but i think he looks amazing!!!!!!!! And as for Kate she is beautiful, no matter what ya’ll think about her, ya’ll just mad cause she’s a Princess and none of you will ever be that lucky, so just get over yourselves.

  • Tasha1

    Prince of Wales i meant and future King of England

  • http://princewills tonia nwachuku

    kate makes will look like a qtip he is verry pale which =not attractive thank god he has money and position lol