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Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Protesting

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Protesting

Illegal immigrants and their allies took to streets across America Monday to take part in "Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes" — "A Day Without Immigrants" — in an effort to show their economic importance to the country. Many are protesting proposed moves by the federal government to further criminalize being in the United States illegally and to restrict the number of undocumented aliens in the country. There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States.

Los Angeles, CA :: This past Monday, May 1st, politically aware couple Ryan Gosling, 25, and Rachel McAdams, 29, took to the streets to march in the "A Day Without Immigrants".  The pair met on the set of The Notebook and have been dating for almost two years.  And just a fun fact — Ryan and Rachel were born in the same hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario.  Fascinating stuff, eh?  Bigger pictures in the gallery!

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  • anon85

    Rachel McAdam’s 29? wow I didn’t know that, thought she would be 23-25ish

  • maichan

    A politically conscious pair *sigh* As if I needed another reason to love this couple.

  • 88

    So sweet of them..

  • apple

    Gosh I adore them. My third fav. couple.In love the Darfur’s shirt her once wore. Angelina invited him to participate in one of her mission.

  • apple

    Correction:In love the Darfur’s shirt he once wore. Angelina invited him to participate in one of her mission.Good for him and Rachel for stepping up and doing what they believe is right.

  • tongt0ng

    aww i loved them since the mtv movie awards and they did that kiss after winning =)

  • Okitter

    Wow!!! What a life they are leading!!! Can’t believe celebrities would do that… They are one of the cutest coples :) Ryan is so hot in the picture… Grrr….

  • Illegal is not OK

    Surely they do not realize they are supporting people who are here because they broke the law. They have selfishly jumped ahead of their countrymen who are waiting to gain LEGAL entrance into this wonderful country, because they apparently feel laws do not apply to them. Do we need more people like that? That IS what this is about…a very misguided sense of entitlement. Please, Rachel and Ryan, stop and think about what you are supporting. These are not the good guys…the good guys are still waiting their turn in Mexico, hoping to one day EARN the rights they will LEGALLY receive as honest citizens.

  • ivy

    I agree with #8. Immigrants I have no problem with, Illegal, I do. You know us Legal citizens couldnt march like that without a permit.

  • Jem

    I’m against illegal immigration and all but #8 I don’t think you get the real meaning for this march. The protest wasnt against sronger border control, it was mostly about not labeling these people and those who help them as criminals. A majority of them have been here for 10+ years and have made themselves decent living and have contributed to us as a country, but they are getting treated as criminals and that’s why they are marching to at least be treated with some decency.

  • Jo

    Sure, it’s wrong to break laws. But not all laws are just.Many places have laws that violate human rights and common decency, and discriminate and harm the innocent. Are you going to tell people to follow along simply b/c "it’s the law"?

  • fools

    For G sakes! They are Canadian what are they doing? They got in legally///this is ridiculous…please either go into polictics or stick to acting/….totally lame

  • jennifer

    Your the fool if you think that those that you dont agree with should be your punching bag. They are here legally. Havee been since day one. As immigrants they understand what is going on here. Perhaps more than you. They are entitled to support whatever cause. If they were walking in support AGAINST this situation I’m pretty sure you would applaude them. Americans have to stop acting so ugly. I fully support these immigrants. 100% ALL OF THEM.

  • Steph

    Last I heard, the definition of a criminal was one who engaged in unlawful, read Illegal, acts. Immigration laws are in place for a reason you know, and it’s not to "opress" immigrants. I realize that a great deal of these illegals have contributed a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean that they’re entitled to all the benefits of a legal immigrant, b/c guess what, they CHOSE to forgo it. It’s a CHOICE to decide to run across the border instead of waiting for your papers to clear. There are exceptions to any situation, but in large part, it is a CHOICE, based on economics or ambition or what have you. And as a result, you have to bear the consequences of that choice. This sort of nonsense just invalidates what legal immigrants have to go through. And they go through quite a lot.

  • d.c.

    traitors to celebrate may day.. idiots.. what they are doing will not help these people, if not done by the law..

  • Emma

    It’s within these people’s right to protest and it’s within our rights to oppose illegal immigration that saps funds from our country. I have many friends who are legal immigrants and I personally have helped people get visas. That said, billions of our tax money is spent feeding, clothing and care for people here illegally. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but a nation of immigrants built on the rule of law. All we are asking for is for peopl e to respect our laws, as we are asked to do in other countries.

  • smokey

    i think, if any of you knew how hard it was to get a visa, you’d shut your mouths. i find it ridiculous and blatantly a lie that someone has "helped" someone else get a visa or aided in the process in anyway. it’s near impossible to get into the united states. and i don’t support illegal immigrants, because for the MILLIONS in countries that aren’t bordering the US, it’s ridiculous and incredibly unfair. there are ukranian prostitutes, sierra leonian cave excavators, and the rest of the gambut – ok, stereotypes, but whatever. but we have refugee quotas and visa LOTTERIES. if we’re a country of immigrants, than you’d think we’d be open to them. but no. 9/11 made every non-american an enemy.

  • pamp

    You do understand that part of the protest is against the civil injustice that is the bill that is being proposed in congress. It would be a felony offense to help any illegal immigrant. If an illegal immigrant were in a life threatening situation and had to be treated by a doctor…the doctor could be charged with aiding the person. Or even to a lesser extreme…by just giving someone a ride would be cause for a charge. There is no black or white in this situation. You may not like to hear it but illegal immigrants do make up part of the work force in this country that makes it go round. They take the jobs that you would never want to have. They do the dirty deeds that you would find beneath you, while sitting on your high horse saying that all illegal immigrants should be deported. What say you about the illegal immigrant that has made a decent living in this country for 10 or more years, has families and children here. (most of the children being citizens themselves) and having them stripped of that and thrown back to the the impoverishment that they were fleeing in the first place. what would you say to that person that only wanted to do right by their family, by their loved one. They are only trying to live the american dream. I just believe there can be no definitive right or wrong when it comes to these immigration issues.

  • joanne

    What the hell? Just because they’re actors they can’t support a political cause? That’s like saying any teacher or banker or doctor or any LIVING, BREATHING HUMAN BEING can’t support a cause they believe in JUST because they’re not in politics or whatever it is the cause supports. Jesus. Give me a break. Any person who trumps ANYONE for standing up for what they believe in, whether it’s justified or not, should be the ones to get deported out of this country.

  • joanne

    EXACTLY, pamp. The march was to protest against House Resolution bill 4337. The bill basically makes it ridiculously easy to deport ANY immigrant for trivial offenses. If you look up said bill, the title is to "amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to strengthen enforcement of the immigration laws, to enhance border security, and for other purposes." Well, okay. That sounds harmless. Wrong. READ: "FOR OTHER PURPOSES." The bill effectively gives law enforcement the power to BREAK UP families by deporting illegal immigrants and the ability to threaten people with LEGITIMATE immigration status with deportation. This affects ALL immigrants in America. True, as it stood for years, any felony offense is subject to deportation, BUT what HR4337 does is lower the bar. And I do mean LOWER. Something as trivial as unpaid parking tickets could get you kicked out of the country. What’s more is that any citizen found helping an illegal immigrant, like pamp has pointed out, would be considered a criminal offense and is subject to SEVERE penalties. (Here’s the part where you can’t even trust your neighbors anymore. Talk about divide and conquer! ‘SUP, FACISIM?) Dozens upon dozens of families would be torn apart, such as parents of children who were born in this country who would lose them based upon this bill. FURTHERMORE, it also gives law enforecements the ability to harass you for identification/proof that you are not an illegal immigrant in America. Whether you are a legal citizen or not, how does being harassed not violate human rights?

  • joanne


  • ivy

    "gives law enforecements the ability to harass you for identification/proof that you are not an illegal immigrant in America."I dont consider being asked to show identification, harrassment. If so, i was just harrassed today at a traffic stop. Oh the humanity! Do you know if someone tries to sneak into the southern end of Mexico, they are shot? We must protect our borders and we must have our laws respected. Otherwise instead of being a country that people who honor our laws can come to and prosper, we will just become another corrupt country such as Mexico is today. I am not heartless, my ancestors came to this country as immigrants. They did it legally and came to become an American citizen. they learned the language of this country. Too many today want the advantages without the responsibility. I know for a fact because I have relatives who dont want to assimilate, they just want benefits like free medical care, while sending their money to family still in mexico. Are all illegal immigrants doing this? NO, but too many are. And it is dangerous what this is doing to this country. Insurance costs and medical costs are rising. Hospitals are having to close down. I have heard many say that the west of the usa belongs to mexico anyway.. blah blah… you know what? if it still did belong to mexico, it would just mean thousands of people from calif-texas, would be trying to still come north. It is because of the corrupt Mexican Govt. Mexican people are good and hardworking people by and large. But any group who finds that they can get things for free will grow accustomed to that, and believe it is a right for them to continue to have. But nothing in this world is free people. Nothing. someone must eventually pay. And it is the honest law abiding citizens who are feeling the pinch. Illegal means just that:against the law. I would prefer new citizens who come to this country to be ones who RESPECT our laws, for I fear if we allow those who don t respect these laws to enter, why should we expect them to respect any other of our laws?

  • Jen

    It’s stated that in the USA Patriot Act that it is an crime as an American to help someone illegally enter the United States. But this can also be found in the Immigration and Naturalization Act.My mother is a Canadian citizen, but she is a legal resident of the United States and believe it or not, she didn’t go through too much to get her registered alien card. All it took was driving up to Calgary at the time, taking a picture and simply putting a finger print on her ID card. It doesn’t take that much.And I think it’s absolutely silly to ask people to support illegal non-citizens when they can’t even support our laws.

  • Dani

    If we all went to Mexico… would we be treated as humans??1. Try driving around as a Gringo in Mexico with noliability insurance, and have an accident.2. Enter MEXICO illegally – never mind immigration quotas,visas, international law, or any of that nonsense.3. Once there, demand that the local government providefree medical care for you and your entire family.4. Demand bilingual nurses and doctors.5. Demand free bilingual local government forms,bulletins, etc.6. Speak only English at home and in public and insistthat your children do likewise.7. Demand classes on American culture in the Mexicanschool system.8. Demand a local Mexican driver’s license. This willafford you other legal rights and will go far to legitimize yourunauthorized, illegal, presence in Mexico.9. Insist that local Mexican law enforcement teach Englishto all its officers.Good luck!It will not happen in Mexico nor any other countryin the world…except right here in the United States…Land of those who want to take care of everyone,except American Citizens!These "student" protesters, haven’t the slightest clue as to what the hell is really going on. They just want an excuse to leave school. What a disgrace to AMERICA, our country!If you’re going to wave a Mexican flag to support your heritage, fine… Just make sure there is an American one next to it…the land that gives to all of its immigrants, and you. If Mexico is SOOOOO great – Why leave it and come to America?Oh and the whole thing with America treating you unfairly… there is a reason we call it ILLEGAL immigration… we can’t let the whole damn world over here so stop complaining.

  • Johnny Digital

    If you are here illegally, get the hell out. None of this rationalization by you bleeding heart liberals. End of story.

  • Emma

    Try travelling in Asia. You are asked for ID just to check in to a hotel. Caught with an expired visa, welcome to jail.Re: helping people get visas…I will clarfy that to say I have hired immigration lawyers, filed paperwork, etc. to get people work visas. Yes, it was difficult, but doing things the right way sometimes can be.Dani, right on. I’m gonna steal that list from you if you don’t mind?

  • crystal GONZALEZ

    Is he holding a Mexican flag? Good for them. They are too cute.

  • Kelly

    Ignorant. That the best way to describe people that think who ever is not American is the enemy. These people don’t come to America to rob bank, or to hurt anyone, they came to work. They work harder them most of us and they get paid crap. Even though they are getting paid crap they are happy that they are making more then they will ever make in their own country. It’s sad that history is repeating it self, before American discriminated the Africans not they are discriminating central America. It’s not about politic it is personal because these contribute to this country, they pay their taxes and is a big part of the economy! All they want is to give their children a good education for a better life…is that so bad that we have to treat them like they are animals?

  • fredcjester

    #9 they had a permit.

  • Delia

    I am a second-generation citizen, and I grew up close to the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego. I am sympathetic to the desires of Mexican immigrants to obtain a better life, to just have a chance at it (because my parents did and succeeeded after going through the process of applying for citzenship), yet I don’t think the solution is to illegally cross the border. Refusing to recognize the illegality of their actions only means that more people will cross the border illegally, and more people will continue to get exploited by immoral American employers because they aren’t citizens and therefore don’t exist on paper. Why help perpetuate exploitation? First, we must strengthen border control to the point or almost to the point where border-crossing is impossible or undesirable; then we can talk about legally recognizing those that have been illegally here for years.

  • Isela

    i say everyone in this world should be able to live where they want, god did not put restrictions on where we could live, he did not say mexicans over hear and black over there or white over in this corner, he put us on this earth and said multiply, we are all different, but we were created in his image therfore we are equal and should have equal rights, and all he wants us to do is get along, he said, become many!!!! if we had any love in our hearts, not just for your family and friends, but for everyone, no matter who they or what they have done, this would not be an issue….everyone should just follow the rules of each country that they visit, or decide to live in. register when coming or leaving each country to be able to keep accurate count or census….now criminals are criminals no matter what country they live in, im talking about true criminals (muderers, rapist, molesters,terorists, etc) and they should also be treated as they are, and punished… but we should not lable everyone as such, because of race or birth place, we should not limit who can go into a country, it is not there fault their country is poor, or that they were born there, im sure some feel that americans are so rich or have lavish lifestyles (there is actually only about 400 really rich americans out of about 6 million people in the u.s), more education and they want a piece of it. we should all work together, maybe if we could do something to help make their country a little better, they would not be trying to come to ours, we should stop thinking mine, mine, mine all the time!!!!!! thats what i love about this couple and brangelina…..they see no color, they don’t feel they are better than anyone, they realize we are all equal……and thats all god wants, find your purpose here on earth, cuz there is one, not necessarily by funding refugees or marching in rallies, but if you have an open mind, it will lead you to your purpose….:)

  • Elbib Dratsab

    What I’d like to know is why is he carrying a Mexican flag. They both should be grateful that they are in this country and that they are able to do what the do and are making great money to boot. American Movie fans have made them popular.If they feel so strongly against immigration reform then go back to Canada. What’s Canada’s policies on immigration? What people don’t know is that immigration policies are far more strict in other countries than here. Sorry but it’s time for reform. Besides, Americans are not afforded the same luxuries in other countries that immigrants are afforded here. Working in America is not something that foreigners are entitled to it is a privilege. Put the time in, do it legally and earn it.They should both sit their asses down and Say Thanks America!

  • Mark

    He’s not carrying a Mexican flag. For the May 1st Day of Action people were encouraged to wear white with a green band or ribbon. The green symbolizes a "Green Card". You can’t fault immigrants for coming to this country illegally. Especially when we are the cause for many of their countries being in poor conditions. We should have also built a secure border ages ago, but again, they talk about this shit now because the people in power are wildly unpopular and need to deflect attention.Also, there are millions of American’s here who just milk the system and do nothing with them selves. They were born American’s and contribute NOTHING. I hate how people are bashing this cause that has many points to argue and NO ONE is right. This country is and forever will be in trouble if we always attack things in a divisive way.I applaud them for even taking the time to support this cause publicly. They also show a lack of fear and the fact that they are not racists as well, since media outlets like Fox News are trying to protray this movement as being full of Latino thugs.

  • Carolina

    I am luckey enough to have been born here but my parents and brother werent. They came here illegaly but now are Citizens. They work very hard, more than most natural born Americans Ive met. I think most people would gladly come here legally if there was a better way of getting in. Many Americans say the immigrants should "wait in line" like our fellow countrymen, well if they was a line, Im sure more people would wait in in rather than come here illegally. I dont believe people should just come here illegally but I do belive that there should be a reform of our system instead of a reform of border patrol. I dont have children, but if I did and lived in a another country completely currupt like others surrounding ours, I would do what ever it takes to get them the hell out of there. Or if I couldnt provide for my family and couldnt find a job, I would also do whatever it takes to make sure they eat. Not that its America’s fault. I guess there really isnt a way to fix the immigration laws but deporting them is not the answer. They should give them work permits and after a period of time of having lived and worked here, legal residency should be considered. BTW, Im not Mexican, not all the hispanics supporting Immigrants are Mexicans, how ignorant can some of you be? Anyway, I loved this since they the Notebook and now I love them more.

  • Alejandra

    A sincere hug to Rachel, Ryan and Joanne (#20), for your support and knowlegde of the immigration issue. I personally would never be an immigrant, i would prefer to die of starvation in México, with my people , than not wanted and reject in other country. But i hurt for the discrimination of my people. Its sad that some american citizens only think in their well being, that they live in their bubble of comfort and are not sensitive to the suffering in other countries. To me USA is a great nation, but with a cold heart.(Apologies for my english, iam learning because i live in a city that depends of tourism and to Dani #24, i don´t know what happen to you , but you need to travel some more and open your mind.) Saludooooos.

  • taffy

    I don’t care what anybody says…they are still by far the hottest, most interesting couple to hit Hollywood in years!!!! I’m not sure which one I love more :)

  • Jake

    You do realize that Rachel and Ryan are CANADIANS. They are NOT AMERICANS, of course they are going to offer their support because they are FOREIGNERS in America as WELL DUH!!!

  • Lola

    um…this is just jared….wouldn’t it be more appropriate to comment on their clothing then the issues of immigration in the US? Heck, but what do i know – my opinion should be dismissed. I am Canadian afterall.

  • Rachel

    i think they’re so cute together! the age difference is weird though!

  • sarah

    key word : ILLEGAL. there’s too much traffic in los angeles already with the legal ones.

  • Dani

    lol to # 35 | Alejandra…that’s all I have to say. It’s not about going to another country and traveling, but going to another country and living off of what other people work for. Educate yourself before you try and argue a point.And to #26 Emma, of course you can have this list. I found it somewhere else and would love for people to spread it around. It might make people realize how silly this whole thing is!

  • Observer

    I dont think Dani realizes who built his/her house. #35, alejandra, "die with my people" is exactly what divides us. I believe there should be better ways for people to enter this country, but if they do, they should conform to US culture without loosing thier own. Just because people come here, doesnt mean they are leaving thier culture behind. They are just adapting to a new one.

  • GQtaste

    They should just stick to acting and improving their own country! If they want to get in politics then why dont’ they go back to their country and run for office there? I’ll tell you why b/c their making too damn much money benefitting from the United States of America!

  • Damn Celebrities

    #43 is right, and Brangelina should stop being such attention whores. If they really want to help, they should go back to thier country and help there. They are making thier money benefitting from the USA but they go spend it all in Africa.

  • Agent

    I support the cause, and I have nothing against politically aware stars usually. I like Brangelina, Sean Penn, Gael Garcia Bernal,Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. But those two are so irritating and smug they both have faces I would never tire of slapping… sorry I know it’s irrational but they just bug me.

  • fernanda

    listen u gringooss.. ok make ur self a question who works at mc donalds, who cleans ur house,ur shit ur fukin taco bell, the fukin disneyland.. and u don`t think what u come to do in mexico: destroy allthe beaches.. im from cabo and the ones that do all the messing with no education are the gringos.. because of illlegal mexican in the united states ur mom or ur dad dont hve to work as the lowest jobs there not saying to support the cause but dont be discrimative to the people that work so they can have a better life they were not born with the same opportunities that i did and most fo you…

  • Helena

    Yet another reason to love them!!!

  • Lou

    The notebook sucked so much this is the only decent thing they have done together.

  • joanne

    "I dont consider being asked to show identification, harrassment. If so, i was just harrassed today at a traffic stop."I don’t care if I’m stopped due to a traffic violation because everyone is subject to that, but I don’t want to be stopped because I’m brown and some law enforcer thinks I’m here illegally. That’s a form of racial discrimination and in turn, harassment. Do I need to carry my birth certificate around to prove I was born here and that I am a citizen; that I belong in this country?"It’s stated that in the USA Patriot Act that it is an crime as an American to help someone illegally enter the United States. But this can also be found in the Immigration and Naturalization Act."Yes, but what HR4437 does is expand the definition of helping someone with no valid standing. A person could be bleeding to death on the sidewalk and someone who walks by could simply turn the other way. Why? Because s/he doesn’t want to be charged for a criminal offense since the person who is bleeding could be an illegal immigrant."…she didn’t go through too much to get her registered alien card… It doesn’t take that much."I take it this was before 09/11/01.I don’t disagree that some items on the bill are good, but others are just way over extreme that it needs to be rewritten in order for it to work."But those two are so irritating and smug they both have faces I would never tire of slapping"I hope you’re talking about Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Ryan and Rachel are not imposing anything on you, in fact, you wouldn’t have known they were participating in the march if it hadn’t been for some random person walking next to them with a camera. Otherwise, they would just be another face in the crowd. I don’t know how you can call them "smug" if they’re not acting all holier-than-thou and preaching their political views on you. They were JUST walking, on their own time. They didn’t invite ET or E! or Access Hollywood to document their marching; they never said anything on the subject so you don’t even know the real reasons why they were there; they weren’t asking you to believe in what they believe in.

  • Anonymous

    Jeez people…RELAX…whether or not you agree w/ what they are protesting about is irrelevant…they are using their constitutional right to peacefully assemble and protest. they’re showing support for what they believe in…if you don’t agree w/ then that’s fine…you’re allowed to. That’s the beautiful thing about America. I don’t agree w/ em but i’m not gonna waste my time tryin to justify anything especially not on this website…if i wanted to really make an impact and address my opinions on a controversial topic i’d do it elsewhere…you all are just takin it WAAY to seriouslyon that note…ya’ll have very valid points…on both sides….consider writing to your congressman or congresswoman!I