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Katie's Holmes' First Appearance Back

Katie's Holmes' First Appearance Back

Los Angeles, CA :: Tom Cruise, 43, allowed fiancée Katie Holmes, 27, out of the house to attend the Mission Impossible 3 premiere in Hollywood last night. The couple had the crowd going crazy at the star-studded event held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. This marks Katie‘s first public appearance since giving birth to the couple’s daughter Suri (born April 18). No picture has been published of baby Suri Cruise yet, but there are rumors that Tom may sell photos for up to $1 million to OK! Magazine — and donate the money to charity.  Is anyone feelin’ Katie‘s outfit?  You gotta admit she stills looks good though.  As does Tom.  Many more pictures in the gallery!

Maggie Q
, 26, and Lost‘s Ian Somerhalder, 27,
attend the Mission Impossible 3 red carpet event.
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  • Ann

    Katie is looking pretty cute up in the face. That dress isn’t at all flattering, but she did just give birth less than a few weeks ago (…or did she?), so who can blame her for trying to hide it a little? Maggie is also looking pretty freaking hot, but no woman could ever be prettier than the unreal entity that is Ian Somerhalder.

  • msguidedmama

    wow she really does look postpartum, I had my doubts if she would!

  • fembot curious

    woohoo! first! let the jokes begin! And she does look good, she looks older now (guess ’cause of the baby) which suits her better, makes them look a little less master-and-servant-ish. He’s still creepy. And I’m in Europe and got dragged to the movie on Wednesday and I think he’s more believable in the movie than he is in real life… and no Jared, I don’t really dig the outfit. But then she hasn’t really been spectacular sartorially-speaking so no surprise there.

  • fifi

    You’d think with all that money she would at least have her hair restyled. Bangs all over her face hardly befits a "child-bearing woman" that is KATE HOLMES. Surprised GMD allowed her out.

  • fembot curious

    oh well not first, I’ll live.

  • april

    Katie looks good for a woman who just downloaded. Jerry McGuire was on TV last night, and something has happened to him between then and now. In Jerry McGuire, although not loin quivering, he was cute and adorable. His face now or smile is totally on the freaky side. There is no sex appeal, whatsoever.

  • Huxley

    For god sakes people, she has just given birth (and judging by these photos, i believe she did – she looks a lot fatter than before she was pregnant, so it couldnt have been a pillow up there) and i think she looks fine. She was huuuuge when she was pregnant, and i know that when i eventually drop a sprog, i will look like crap for ages after! she looks fine to me.

  • Paola

    Tom and Katie look GREAT! LOVE THEM!

  • Iena

    His hair is looking much better lately.

  • nanny

    OMG are there people who actually think she gave birth at all? She probably ate tons of junk food when she was in HIDING. Tommy boy probably told her. "ok sweetie I need you to look like you just gave birth for the premiere so eat as much junk food as you want and I’ll let you know when I think you look like you just gave birth." Please I’ll never believe she actually gave birth to a kid. It’s nice to see that the fake belly and pillows have been put to rest for now. Oh yeah no offense, but I hope his movie never makes alot and it bombs in the box office. I wouldn’t waste my money to see Tommy boy.

  • k_kody

    is the Veyron his?

  • pampam

    She looks exhausted ….and shorter.

  • JJ

    They both look fantastic and I wish them all the best.

  • KellyMichele

    Why do u still think Katie is faking the pregnancy/baby? I’m 8 weeks post partum and know by looking at her she just had a baby! Just give it a rest!

  • KellyMichele

    Being 8 weeks post partum myself, I know that Katie Holmes looks like she jus had a baby. She looks fantastic though. Why don’t you all give her a break?

  • Dea

    KellyMicheleWe know it is fake because NO ONE is pregnant for a year! All Katie did was eat like a pig, gain weight and adopted a baby with her Cult Leader!

  • Dea

    And besides we all know Tom is part of the Brokeback Hollywood Crew with Will Smith, Travolta, Eddie Murphy, etc.! As they said on South Park, ‘Come out of the closet, Tom’

  • lauren

    She wasn’t pregnant for a year. And honestly, given how common it is for some female celebs to barely gain weight and/or loose it within weeks of having a baby, there would have been no reason for Katie to fake gaining baby weight. Plus, no woman purposefully wants to put on weight (and look like it) for that many cameras. lol That’s just not logical.Anyway, Katie looks good for just two-weeks post partum.

  • what??

    Katie looks lost. She seems to have this strange look on her face. Maybe she has PPD. This is such a bogus couple. Whatever.. now they had, paid, bought, stole, whatever… their kid…, his stupid movie isout.. I HOPE THEY GO AWAY!! Live on a hill or spaceship. NOBODY CARES NOW!!!! TC is gay, Katie is a B actress paid to play a part. She looks like she is just getting it tough. To little to late sweetie. Oh well, atleast she gets 15 million for her role!!! Not bad for a beard!!!

  • bing

    something has happened to her face… it look severly different, any ideas why?I wonder what vitamins he’s feeding her…

  • yummymummy

    I’m trying to figure out if all you people who think she faked her pregnancy are just trying to be funny or are just plain stupid??

  • Xenu’s daughter

    Obviously it is her, he would not let a double out that close for scrutiny…but she does look odd. and suprisingly "looks" postpartum…but I don’t trust just my eyes. Something is odd here. She looks happy though. Maybe she got her first paycheck finally!

  • Xenu’s daughter

    ok I know what it is that bugs me.1. on the close ups here eyes look like that smug look TC normally has when he does not have the lost look2. what happened to the weight loss/exercise program TC was going to put her on?3. That is not a KH smile in any of the pics. Normally she’s estatic and her tongue sticks out a lot!Something is odd here…Conspiracy Theorist out. :p

  • wafaa

    thank you "JJ" i love you i love you!! you make my day! you’re right they look beautiful! tom is sooooooooooohooooooooooooot!!!!!!!OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • mau

    Katie does look good, i wish i’ll look this good after having a baby. I think she looks good with her new "fat", she was way skinny before she got pregnant, as for people saying that she faked her pregnancy, that’s just way crazy. It’s not uncommon for someone her age to hook up with someone his age and have a baby, come on it basically happens everyday. As for Tom, he does look different, his smile does look a bit too much. I think it has something to do with him having those braces. I remember he had braces for awhile to fix his smile. So i think he ruined that. Oh well. But they do look better together now that she is a mom.

  • Xenu’s daughter

    I really want to put captions to all of these so badly! caption to bottom right corner: "Now Tom, I am expecting my second deposit tomorrow! Don’t forget! We have an agreement!"

  • Xenu’s daughter

    Caption for bottom left corner pic: "I just made $15 million, so there!"

  • Lena

    She needs orthodontic work. She looks sad.

  • gina

    you know first katie is never skinny before… she has always normal weight and she does look great now ı think she will be a great mom.when ı see these pic. her smiles is the same but ı agree with u guys her face is so much different than before…but it probably because of post partum…anyway they look great though…

  • gina

    you know first katie is never skinny before… she has always normal weight and she does look great now ı think she will be a great mom.when ı see these pic. her smiles is the same but ı agree with u guys her face is so much different than before…but it probably because of post partum…anyway they look great though…

  • AntiBamz

    If anyone had said shit about Angelina and Brad and their two ugly kids, the cult that is the BAMZ Cult would have come out fighting. At least these two give the press what they want. A nice photo

  • AntiBamz

    If anyone had said shit about Angelina and Brad and their two ugly kids, the cult that is the BAMZ Cult would have come out fighting. At least these two give the press what they want. A nice photo

  • Juno

    Katie’s dress is fine, but the shoes are so darn ugly. She also need to get a hairdresser to fix her hair. Geeeze, with all that money her husband have, can’t she at least get a nice hair barrett or hair clip or trim her bangs?!? She can look a lot better. As for TC, ‘don’t give a damn. But thanks Jared for the pics. :D

  • lauren

    Xenu’s daughter.There is at least one picture I’ve seen that has the tongue thing. It’s not a huge one, but it’s poking out a little.And absolutely no workout program could take off all of the weight Katie gained in under two weeks. Plus, I don’t recall Tom (or anyone) confirming that she was even on an exercise program. As with most stuff, it was tabloid fodder.

  • I a Mom

    Maybe the look we see on Kate is—I wish I had a little more time after the birth before my picture is seen all over the world..I would not wish that on any new mom. give her a break!

  • Raqchel

    Is it just me or does something seem off. I cant put my finger on it but , i dont know.

  • Poison_Cherry

    Gosh #32, does everything in Hollywood has to get back to Brad and Angie? I love BP/AJ, but when I want to comment on TC, it has nothing to do with them. You said that there is a BAMZ cult, but it seems to me that you’re the one who just can’t get over it. For the record, if it was a BAMZ thread, I would have jump over you for your stupid, close-minded, juvenile sorry comment. IMBECILE!!!Now, as for Katie and Tom, I really think that she looks great, she looks older and she seems happy. As for TC, I used to really like him as an actor. But, I think he messed up his career. Of course, movies like MI:III and War of the Worlds will always be huge box-office hit. TC has a lot of money now and it’s time for him to star in small movies but with really challenging roles. Let’s not forget that he used to be a really amazingly great actor. But now, I just can’t see him in a serious role anymore, I will always see the couch jumping freak, the crazy little Tom in Today Show, and so on. With movies like MI:III, which doesn’t require great acting but lot of special effects, Tom is great. But, I just don’t see him as an Oscar-material actor. Which is sad, because he once knew how to act.

  • Ugly twin

    Katie looks like the poor man’s Katharine McPheeKatharine is a finalist on American Idol and is a Scientologist!!!!. They could past for twins but McPhee is more beautiful. Holmes is now set for life financially. Tom, if only you could have waited a year, you would have found the perfect "Kate" for you.

  • anon

    Charity my a$$ The money will be going to the "Church" of Scientology. The organization that pays out the money better be careful. It may end up going to a cult.

  • anon9

    Her hair looks really stinky. With a new-born, it must be really hard to find time to take care herself.

  • Indie

    I cannot believe that women could be so mean to another woman that gave birth barely 2 weeks ago. Real women don’t lose all that fat in a week and those that do are setting bad examples. So back off Katie.To #32, what has BAMZ supporters have to do with this. I am a BAMZ supporter and would not like mean posts like these after she has her baby.

  • alys

    she is absolutly gorgeous!!!i dont understand why people tell all that about her, about them!!let them alone!!!i love her hair and her dress!

  • Xenu’s daughter

    The woman looks heavier now than she did when she was pregnant. It makes no sense and I don’t see her tongue sticking out any where. It’s just not the same KH. I think she’s been indoctrinated fully now.

  • alys

    i have a little girl and she waS MY FIRST CHILD! AND I CAN SAY THAT AFTER HER BIRTH I LOOKED FATER THAN DURING THE PREGNANCY!!!I KNOW KATIE HOLMES SINCE DAWSON AND HER TONGUE IS NOT ALWAYS STICKING OUT!!i think a lot of hater will find a reason to talk about them!!but it was always bad reason!!

  • Hmmmmm

    #32Jess is that you? Deny all you want but that sounds exactly like you. Very sad, you can’t over BAMZ that u bring them up on a thread for TC and his thing. Poor, sad Jess.

  • Meow

    Ian is so amazin-mazin’!

  • Charlotte

    I absolutely love Katie and Tom together and looooove these pix, thanks Jared, you rule!

  • Annie

    Ian is the hottest guy on the planet. *drools* Who cares about Katie and Tom? IAAAAAAAAAN! *drools buckets*

  • crybabyAniston

    I love Tom Cruise movies and that’s all that matter to me. It appears Katie and Tom are very happy and in love. Katie is wonderful to be two weeks postpartum. Also Tom Cruise been a superstar for 20 years and he is use this…Katie isn’t a superstar and she did the smart thing…kept her mouth close in the media and let TC do his thing. I’m not going to talk about their religion because in the USA you have freedom of religion and with the 650 different kind in this country and nobody seem to care about that. Plus when did Tom become a "Serial Killer"…he’s acting like a lot of men who think they "know it all" and they don’t…hahahaI’m going to see MI3 because TC make entertaining movies and I rather see this movie than the Break_up.

  • whatever!!

    Blah blah blah.. yeah he is a GREAT actor… MAYBE HE should just shut his mouth and do that huh? Nobody gives a crap about his religion #49.. he started this crap by telling Matt Lauer he was GLIB. TC is A LOSER who thinks he is a the best at everything. Umm… giving KH an ultra sound because he could read the directions. Grow the FU TC, you are a paid monkey…. read your lines and shut your F’ing mouth. You are GAY GAY GAY GAY… you don’t like it, than GO AWAY!! TC thinks he is gods gift, maybe on the planet he lives on. Takea poll people. I would say 9 out of 10 think TC is A LOSER!!! KH is less than a B actress. Yeah Dawson Creek. WOW such a Hollywood super Star stud TC is… he could only get a night time soap little girl to date him.