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Madonna W Magazine

Madonna W Magazine

Who’s that girl? Madonna‘s multiple personalities collide in the upcoming issue of W magazine, on stands in New York Friday (nationwide on May 19). The singer’s proper English horsewoman meets the sexy Material Girl and Boy Toy in a 58-page photo spread. The singer, 47, joined six stallions on a Hollywood soundstage for a shoot with photographer Steven Klein, their second collaboration for W. Just eight months ago, Madonna was injured when she was thrown from a horse.

As any equestrian worth her jodhpurs can tell you, the relationship between a woman and her horse transcends the boundaries of sport. There’s often lovesick devotion involved (witness the bedroom walls of many twelve-year-old girls, where photos of Arabians crowd out the boy-band posters) and at times even a touch of the erotic (Lady Godiva, anyone?). When the woman in question is Madonna, one can expect the dynamic to get even more complicated. Unafraid, leather-clad and in the best shape of her life, the material girl, whose Confessions tour kicks off in Los Angeles on May 21, was ready to take the reins.

UPDATE :: Added almost 30 new images from Madonna‘s W Magazine spread in the gallery!  Hit refresh.

Among the images: a topless Madonna in fishnet stockings,
long leather gloves and riding crop; the singer dressed in black,
cavorting with a horse on the sand; Madonna pulling a horse’s tail.
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  • anon

    LOL!!!!Madonna continues to remain Madonna. Seems like W is the magazine to get these days.

  • Enigma

    Her back is fucking gross. She’s a he

  • Marc X

    There is nothing attractive abou that back, only a bisexual husband would get turn on by it.

  • hmmm

    i think she’s attactive, in an androgynous sort of way

  • Lohan Roberto

    I don’t like her no more.

  • chachados

    please feed her. like really, lay her down and force feed her. she is like scary old. very hard and i can imagine guy trying to hit that and just losing and eye or something with her pointy man bones. yech. i liked when she was a little juicier.

  • marla


  • meme

    I get x’s for pictures

  • j4r3d

    Fixed, meme! Thanks for the heads up.

  • curtis

    if i were her, i wouldn’t let them publish the pic of my back.

  • Jenn Lee

    HELLO STUPID PPL. Let’s see your back at 48 for W magazine. SHUT tha F%^K UP. DEAL Cheers!

  • suck it up bitch

    Hey – can you change the title to "Madonna WHORES around"? It would be more accurate.

  • april

    I think she looks fabulous. She got a lot of years on me, and I wish my back was so well defined.

  • Lena

    She is gross. Her back looks like the raodmap of Paris.

  • coffeegod

    Ewww and ewww. Does she not realize her 15 minutes were up loooong ago? Sweetie, as one in her mid 40s as well, even skinny it ain’t pretty. Get your clothes back on girl and keep them that way.

  • suk this up bitch

    look in the mirror sweetie. Ewwww is right.

  • Shannon

    Well…..the horses are gorgeous. Her back is revolting. She looks like an anorexic body builder.

  • june

    Yegods, what the hell is going on with her back? That’s not normal. And it’s not because of her age, because my mother is 62 and her back still looks normal. I mean, she hasn’t worn a bikini in a while, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t look like THAT.

  • Paulie

    "Does she not realize her 15 minutes were up loooong ago? "Madonna and the term "15 minutes" should NEVER be used together. Hell, she’s a legend, icon and THE Queen of Pop. She has a proven track record so she can’t just simply be dismissed as a "15=minute" celebrity. Ridiculous!

  • Steve

    Hmm out of like 40 pictures 2 of which show he back and that is all we can talk about. Very sad. I think the pictures are artistic and amazingly well done. I think she is great and to those who think she is not relevant . . . take a look at the comments. Looks like she still create dialog after all these years. Pretty relevant to me.

  • Steve

    Hmm out of like 40 pictures 2 of which show he back and that is all we can talk about. Very sad. I think the pictures are artistic and amazingly well done. I think she is great and to those who think she is not relevant . . . take a look at the comments. Looks like she still create dialog after all these years. Pretty relevant to me.

  • Ale Ferro

    she looks amazin! the pics are incredible!

  • Nyla

    Does anyone else think of THE RING when you see these photos

  • Info for all

    Interestingly – Madonna in an interview some 10 years ago said her back was her favorite part of her body because it was so well-defined. She chose these shots because she loves the definition.Not that I agree – its just what i remember her saying.

  • Carla

    Forget her back–what’s up with white women/girls and the sexualization/fetishization of horses? Where’s that come from? Artist Deborah Bright did a series, "Being and Riding," about it., I’m really curious.

  • Traci

    Why is it that each and every time there is an article on Madonna, I feel like I should flush it? She is self absorbed and indecent. I understand that this is an image that has gotten her very far in her life HOWEVER she is in her late forties now and there is or should be some sense of decency. Does she have a great body for a woman her age? Absolutley, but sometimes more is better and personally I think it would have been far more attractive to have a bit more than less clothing. The whips, chains and black leather are getting old and tiring and so is she. Could anyone honestly say that it would not have been better not to mention classier if she had dressed more appropriately for this photo shoot? A horsewoman myself, the Andalusians are a strikingly beautiful, majestic and very expensive breed. They add more class than the human does in this photo shoot.

  • Duke

    Thanks to all of you who have enough intelligent perspective to recognize an icon when you see one. These pictures prove just how amazing an artist Madonna truly is. 20 or so years after coming onto the scene, she is just as relevant, brilliant, beautiful, and able to make a statement as she ever has been. That deserves respect.

  • JoJo

    What is that she is grabbing hold of on the horse. She probably has grabbed hold of more than that.

  • anon y mous

    has anyone ever read the play Equus by Peter Schafer?

  • anon y mous

    because thats exactly what this shit is.

  • design_officer

    i wish my back looked like that. then again i’m a guy.

  • Mimi

    Wow Amazing! She Looks So Young and Sexy!!I love this Pics!

  • Bega

    I Think this Photo is HOT.She’s Queen of Pop:)I can’t wait her Tour:)

  • Say What?


  • WOW

    I can’t Belive she’s almost 50! She’s Beautiful.Just Beautiful!!Wow!!wow!!Wow!

  • GZ

    Ok, so she has muscles in her back from all that f-ing yoga. Out of all those pics, you’re looking at the back? Anyone ewwwed out about the bridle on the face and the "I-wanna-f**k-my-horse" stuff. Ick. I don’t know which bothers me more, the ewe factor in the pics, or the lack of what’s really gross.


    i love Madonna…and i’ll be at Confession Tour in Rome on 6 august….Great……bye from Italy

  • traci

    Way to go GZ, very well said.It takes a great deal of training, respect and trust to teach a horse to accept human contact in this manner. We are talking hours and hours of training here people. To see this trust used in such a way cheapens the entire process.To those of you that consider this to be art, I feel for you. What really is the difference between this and something one may see in a beastiality flick? Exactly what statement is she making here Duke? Since you are so much more intelligent than the rest of us, I would love to hear your spin on this. What exactly is so brilliant about this? I would imagine in every closet, dark corner or lonely motel room there is some totally uneducated pervert with these images dancing in his head. It doesn’t take a brilliant, beautiful person to come up with trash like this, I would argue it takes the opposite. The vast majority of our population would find something very wrong with this. Maybe, just maybe if there is any decency left in this world that we share, this will be viewed for what it is worth.

  • tanner

    her dedication to her physical form amazes me. self disipline and being so intune with ones body must bring some form of enlightenment. though i can’t say that madonna displays any. the pictorial is entirely predictable, and nothing shocking or suprising coming from her, just another attention grab. though in all fairness, how much does one really change with age, the way one sees themselves, what they enjoy, or find sexy probably doesn’t change that much. as to if it’s decent or apropriate, i think is a sociatal mind set, which i feel no one is obligated to adhere to.

  • Jane

    Those who are turning this photo shoot into some kind of endorsement of beastiality? Well, I guess that says more about your mind than anything.

  • MY EYES!!!

    EW! For Christ’s sake MADONNA! (what an oxy moron). Her back and butt look HORRID! Her butt looks like an old lady’s butt! Please STOP! Stop showing us your friggin butt! I like the photos of her with the white horse. But the topless one…. okay…. guy ritchie must be sleeping with a man every night.

  • Poor Lourdes

    First of all, regarding the beastiality bit. OF COURSE, IT LOOKS LIKE BEASTIALITY! What the hell did you think people were going to say? You think the photog & Madonna weren’t insinuating that or atleast KNEW it?? Art, my a**. This is what you call art? It looks HORRIBLE! Madonna looks like a man. Not only is her acting bad but she doesn’t even know how to pose or model without looking fake! Lourdes must be embarassed. Do these celebrities even know that they have kids who might be seeing this? These photos look ridiculous!

  • Love

    Well, the horses are beautiful! Her back is freaking crazy! Being naked in a horse stall is a bit weird, but what else would you expect from madge?

  • Rainy Night

    She’s hiding her face. The pics are touched up. There is no way her butt cheeks are that cut from her thigh. Whatever. I wish I had her intuition and talent. What a life she’s had. She’s cool. I saw her on Ellen at the Grammy’s and she was really down to earth. I have always been loved her.

  • traci

    For anyone that has seen her lately, it is very obvious that these pics are touched up. She has just as many crow feet and facial wrinkles as any other 48 year old woman. Knowing that, it makes me wonder how much retouching they did with the rest of the photos. If she wants to look like a man, I guess that is her perogative. I just wonder why you would want to look like a man and then sell yourself as a female whore.

  • banesa

    She’s still get peoples attention!! It’s Rock!Look at the all the replies!! It’s Amazing~! How many People still interesing about MADONNA and Posting reply!It’s Amazing.:)

  • Mary

    PLEASE RETIRE MADONNA! Never have I seen someone who needs forever attention to feel complete. So sad. Your time has passed, and quite frankly, sooo sick of you!!!


    Plastic surgery and man arms, madonna has already retired.Why won’t lame fashion magazine stop photographing her?

  • Love

    you guys are crazy to think her time has past. She’s still awesome even if she is an old lady. People still pay attention to her lno matter what she does.

  • We all love her

    Because We all Love her!That’s FACT!!!We Love her!!:)